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The Swim Meet  



I loved it when our high school swim coach had Sarah demonstrate the butterfly stroke for the team. Not only was she incredibly smooth in the water, but her demonstrations gave me, and all of the varsity boys, a chance to peruse her well-defined arms, her soft C-cup breasts, and her round, tight ass. She was perfectly proportioned for her 5'4" frame. Sarah was tan, like all the varsity girls, but her skin appeared exceptionally silky and dark against her platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, and radiant, white smile.

On our way to swim meets, the guys would take turns sharing fantasies about Sarah. It became our warm-up of sorts. There was one rule…we had to end our fantasy with the phrase, "and then I pulled out just in time to paint her face with my cum!" Every guy on the team, even the swimmers with girlfriends, admitted they dreamed of fucking Sarah. We all imagined that she loved to fuck and especially loved to have guys cum on her.

Well, at one of the last meets of the season, I was in for something special. Turns out our dramatic porn-star fantasies weren't quite accurate. After the team warm-up, I typically focused myself by listening to my discman in a quiet corner of the pool deck. The meet had just started, and I sat calmly in the corner watching the first race, when Sarah approached me and asked if I wanted to take a walk over to the locker rooms where we all left our belongings and snacks. I instantly agreed and we snuck off the pool deck. Under our parkas, we had nothing on but our swimsuits. Guys wore small, dark blue Speedos that were cut just above their butt and pubic line. Girls wore matching one-pieces. Sarah’s suit had a fairly conservative top that nicely supported her plump breasts and firm ass, but the bottom was high cut around her hips, exposing her strong, but feminine, upper thighs. The suit clung to her body so you could see her well-defined abs and inviting mons.

Just being alone with her made my cock start to swell. My speedo was so tight that any movement whatsoever down there was noticeable. Sarah and I made our way to the locker room, which was in a secluded part of campus. Because no one was around, Sarah giggled, grabbed my hand, and dragged me towards the girls’ locker room.

"What are you doing??" I playfully asked.
"You're helping me get my things! Trust's safe in here." My cheeks blushed because I new my cock was visibly hard and was beginning to poke out of the top corner of my suit. She pulled me in, winding me through a maze of lockers to the middle part of the room where there was a long table upon which the girl’s team had left their belongings. Sarah led me to the table, my hand in hers, and she turned around slowly. Her pea-size nipples were rock hard under her dark blue swimsuit. She smiled, looked up into my eyes and said, "I have been DYING to get you alone all season long." My heart melted. Her hands gently lifted my parka off my broad shoulders, and she slowly slid her hands down my well-defined arms, landing them on my waist. That's when she noticed my throbbing erection. It was protruding a full inch and a 1/2 above the top corner of my speedo. Sarah looked up to me and said, "All the girls say you've got the biggest cock on the team,” as she slowly pulled the drawstring apart, allowing my cock to spring up out of my suit. “Looks like they're right!” Staring hungrily at my cock, Sarah slid her hands around my waist and down under my suit onto my muscular, hairless ass. She hooked her thumbs over my suit and pushed it down off of my waist. “I've spent several nights dreaming about sucking it." She looked back up at me and grinned. She slid one hand onto my dick and pulled my mouth toward hers with the other. Her warm, moist tongue pierced my lips kissed passionately, and I pressed my body against hers. She kissed her way slowly down my neck, passing over my powerful hairless chest, stopping briefly to flick my nipples with her tongue, and continued south over washboard stomach. When she arrived at my crotch, she eagerly took my 7 inches into her mouth. Her tongue slid up and down my shaft while she firmly squeezed my smooth ass.

"Fuck yeah, Sarah!" I moaned as I gently pushed her head back and forth on my rod. My knees began to weaken as she brought me close to my limit. She lavished my pre-cum, but I pulled away so I could do what I, and all of my teammates, had fantasized about for the past 3 years. I removed her parka and pulled her suit down from her shoulders to her waist, revealing her full, round tits. I lowered my face into her cleavage and firmly bit her rose colored nipples. This sent lightning through her body and she helplessly cried out, "UUUUuugggghhh!!!" While I kissed and licked her soft breasts, she and I wiggled her suit down to her ankles. I grabbed her perfect, smooth ass and gave it a blistering slap. "MMMMmmm! Yeah!" She moaned. Moisture was dripping down her thigh. I lifted Sarah onto the table and marveled at her thin runway of blonde hair leading directly to the smoothest pussy I had ever laid eyes on. I kissed and caressed my way down her torso with my lips, softly stroking her arms, ass, and legs. Once I made it to her crotch, I teased her a little by licking her inner thigh and glistening pussy lips. I left her swollen clit and pussy alone for the moment. I gently lapped at her pussy like the flame of a candle, causing her to burn and writhe with anticipation. "Lick me NOW" She screamed, grabbing my head with both hands and thrusting my mouth onto her pussy. Her sweet juices began exploding in my mouth. My face became covered with her sweet wetness. I flicked her clit with my tongue as she seized with pleasure. Her thighs quivered as I slid my tongue in and out of her pussy. "Huuuhhhh uhhh!!!" She gasped for air as she came on my face.

I quickly responded by standing up and by sliding the head of my cock slowly into her pussy. "UUUUUuuuuggh!!! Yeeesss! Yess! Fuck me!!! I need your huge cock inside me!!" Perpetuating her full-body orgasm, I slammed my rock hard dick into her as fast as I could. Her warm, soaking wet pussy welcomed my cock. My head rammed deep against her pussy walls. My balls slammed against her tight asshole as I rapidly fucked her. Her cum lubricated my balls and dripped onto the table. Sarah squeezed her bouncing tits, pinching her nipples while I increased my tempo. I couldn't wait to live the dream that every guy on the team be able to "pull out just in time to paint her face with my cum." Her mouth was open and her tongue was dancing in the air, yearning to suck cock.

I leaned over her while I fucked her and said, "I'm gonna cum so hard! I'm gonna cum all over your face!!" I playfully slapped her face. Her hips shook with another orgasm. She could hardly talk, she was so wound up, but she managed to say, "!!!" Without hesitation, I pulled out just in time to place 4 inches of my throbbing cock in her mouth. My balls constricted and exploded a mouthful of hot cum deep into her throat.

"AAAAAAAArrrgggh!!! AAAAarrrgh!! Aaaargh!!!" I moaned as she grasped my cock and milked me for all I had. Sarah swallowed gulp after gulp of my cum as my sweaty body collapsed on top of hers.

We both managed to recover and make it back to the meet before our first event. We both had a relaxed grin on our face for the rest of the meet. I couldn't wait until the meet next week to tell the guys the REAL ending to their fantasies..."and then I pulled out just in time to coat her throat with my cum!" We’re both collegiate swimmers now and have incredible sex before and after every swim meet!

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:57 pm