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The naughty nurse  


Im always hot. Im always wet. Im thirty three years old and have never been married.
Maybe because my sexuality is a bit wild. I love men, women and anything that can be
stuck inside my pussy. As a child i wanted to become a hooker or a stripper. I became a
nurse though. Which has its perks. I have worked at the hospital for at least ten years.
Enjoying the doctors and some of the nurses for some late night romps in the OR room.
After a sour relationship with a doctor I left the hospital.
Home health care seem to be a good business. Many of my friends were getting in to it
and encouraged me to try it. Home health was a diffrent pace from the fast hospital work i
was use too. I sat with old ladies who liked to knit and talked to old men about wild
younger days. Going into people homes was exciting, too bad half my clients were in their
A friend of mine had to take a leave. Her Mother had passed away and she couldnt find
anyone to cover a client of hers. After I accepted it I knew why nobody would cover that
Jude Green was a twenty year old guy who had been injured in a automobile accident. he
was bedridden. he was young, moody and mean. he never said thanks and always yelled.
After only being in his room for three minutes i was called every curse wortd I knew.
Jude loved orange juice. He always wanted a tall glass on his bedside table. As I was
filling his glass with juice i opened a cupboard to see what kind of snacks they had. Home
health is wonderful for all the free food you can get. I saw a large and not even opened
bottle of vodka.
Giggling slightly I opened the vodka and poured a good amount into the orange juice.
This will fix his bad temperment i thought. I gave him the juice and almost laughed out
loud as he drank down the whole glass in three gulps and ordered me to get another one.
Back in the kitchen I was full belly laughing as I made another orange juice for him. After
the second glass he smiled and called me ‘honey’ as he asked for just one more please.
The third was mostly vodka. i dont think he noticed. he was too busy laughing and telling
me I had the best ass he had ever seen. If someone complimetns my ass I usually get wet
I moved over closer to him to fix his covers. I loved the feel of his hot breath against my
breasts. I tucked and even moaned a bit. this was all very erotic for me. Suddenly jude’s
hand was on my left tit and he was squeezing my nipple like there was no tomarrow. That
was all it took. I was on the bed on top of him in no time. Jude looked a little worried. I
traced a finger down his jaw line.
“ relax...nurse Elizabeth will take care of everything.”
He was grinning ear to ear and I knew he hadnt been laid since before his accident. I had
on my nurse skirt and I hitched it up to my hips. I had on no panties that day, I loved the
feel of a skirt with no panties. I thrusted my pussy into his mouth and his tounge snaked its
way across my clit. It felt wonderful. I pushed it closer and grabbed ahold of one of the
“ yes, eat my pussy you little bastard.”
he ate my pussy and was moaning. I stuck it against his face so hard his head hit the
headboard. I slammed my pussy into him again and again enjoying the sound of his head
hitting the headboard. His hands inched up my stomach and to my breasts, i unbuttoned
the top and let them fall out into his hands. he pulled hard on my nipples and i yelped in
delight and pleasure. waves of pleasure were rolling through me. something strange
happened then.
I felt his hard dick poking through the blanket and right up against my tight asshole. I
leaned back from his mouth and sat heavily on his hard cock, enjoying the feel of it. In one
motion that comes from years of practice i ripped the blanket back and saw his hard cock
in the light. he was huge and veins ran across his shaft.
“ im gonna fuck your ass you slut.”
His voice was husky. I sat hard on it. enjoying the pleasure spiked with pain. his hands
found my hips and he slammed into me harder. he was pumping me hard and i was yelling
his name like there was no tomarrow. After only five minutes of him being in my ass he
shuddered and came into my tight ass. I tried to push my pussy back up to his face but he
turned his head.
“ easy, im tired.”
I glared at him.
“ you miserable not done yet!”
“ too bad, get off me.”
I got off and adjusted my clothes. i took a picture of water from the bedside table and
tossed it all over him.
“ tomarrow wait and see what you get.”
I bounced the picture off his head. he took it and hit my back with it.
“ If you ever are allowed to come back.”
I turned away with a smile. I think maybe I would take over him for my friend. She really
did need a break. I was just the type of nurse he needed anyway.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:09 pm