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The Electric Bill M/F  


I work in a large office building in the city, and I usually put in sixty to seventy hours of work every week. I also hold a position of one of the vice-presidents in a large corporation. So I am used to giving orders and having the employees do the work, otherwise, they are fired. I like to keep everything under control, and be informed about everything.

I make enough money that my wife doesn't have to work, and now our kids are grown and have left the house. Since I am not home a lot of the time, Janet, my wife, usually pays all of the bills. I review the bank statements every month, but Janet takes care of running the household.

A few days ago, I got a phone call from the electric company wondering why our bill hadn't been paid for three months. He said that he needed a check for $300.00 delivered to the electric company tomorrow, or else we would lose our power. I guaranteed him that he would get a check, and everything would be okay.

When I got home that day, I asked her about the electric bill and told her about the phone call. She thought that she had paid the bill, or it must have been an oversight on her part. I told her that I was very upset with her, but as long as the electric company got the check, everything would be just fine. If the electric company didn't get the check, she would be punished for it.

When I left for work the next morning, I reminded her that the check needed to go to the electric company. Janet assured me that the check would get to the electric company and everything would be fine. I worked a long day, as usual, and got home about seven o'clock. About two minutes after I entered the house, all of the lights went out. Janet must not of delivered a check to the electric company.

I grabbed Janet's shoulder in the dark and said, "I want you to light some candles so that we can see in here, and then prepare yourself for a good spanking."

"You aren't serious, are you!"

"I told you that you would be punished if you didn't get the check to the electric company, and apparently you forgot about it."

"I didn't mean to forget about it. I got caught up in a television show, and then I was talking on the telephone, and then you came home. I'm sorry!"

"Being sorry will not get you off the hook this time. You are going to be spanked. Hurry up and get those candles lit."

Janet lit a few candles around the house. Luckily, it was in the fall, so we didn't have to worry about the heat or air-conditioning. "Bring one of your wide hairbrushes, take off your jeans, and lay over my lap for your spanking."

"Is this really necessary?" She asked.

"I make a lot of money and the electric company should never turn off the electricity in this house, and it's all your fault. Get that hairbrush, drop those jeans, and get over my lap," I was seated on the couch and there was an end table nearby. She handed me the hairbrush, took off her jeans, and lay over my lap. Janet was wearing a pair of skimpy white panties.

"I really hate that I need to give you this spanking, but I need to make sure that this never happens again. I'm going to start you out with a hand spanking." Then I started to spank Janet. First one cheek then the other. Even after a few spanks, I could see her white skin turn pink outside of her panties. I continued to spank her until her skin felt warm under my hand.

"Now I am going to lower your panties and use the hairbrush on your naughty bottom. Please rise up so that I may take down your panties."

Janet raised herself off my lap and I slowly lowered her panties to her knees. Now I could see that Janet's whole ass had a nice pink color to it. "I feel like a naughty little girl being spanked. You've made your point; I won't do this again. Please quit spanking me."

"I want to make sure this never happens, again. And you should feel like a naughty little girl, because you haven't been acting like a responsible adult. Now be quiet and get ready to be spanked by your hairbrush."

Then I started to spank her with the hairbrush. It must of hurt her a lot more because she started to squirm about. "Stay still over my lap, or your spanking will last even longer," I said. Janet quit squirming so much and I continued to spank her.

Soon, her cheeks were a bright red and I laid down the hairbrush. Then I started to caress her red and burning bottom. "I'm sorry I had to spank you, but I need to make sure that this never happens, again."

"I'm sorry and I have learned my lesson." Janet said.

Her ass felt so warm and nice under my hands. I gave her a few more hand spanks, and then helped her up. After she stood up, I also stood up, and we had a nice long kiss while I kept my hands on her red and warm ass. That night, she really loved me up in the candlelight. I don't think Janet will ever forget to pay the electric bill, again.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:04 pm