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the demons within part ii  


(first a message from the author of "the demons within. first i would like to apologize for the latness of this chapter. i have had to battle my own demons and the demon bitch that i use to be married to took everything includeing my pc, i am sorry to those who have read this story and i will do my best to continuee where i left off 8 months ago)

oh god damn, my head, what the hell. my vision blurred as i struggled to my feet.

it's monday, monday, monday and you sleepyheads have better get outta bed, this is jammin' jeff on magic 102.5 fm. the morning commute is hell and if you need to go out..don't, stay in and i'll keep you company with el debarge and the rythem of the night

what the fuck, i hate that friggin' song. oh man i need a smoke.

a smoke...i don' t smoke what the hell i mean...wait...wait...wait just a god damn minute. did jammin jeff just say that it was monday...that means.i have been out for 4 days!!! what the fuck..

i relized why my vision was so hazey, my hair, my hair hung loosely over my face, i had to take my forearm across my face to throw it up on top of my head. i went to the sink. the water hissed to life

your dreams, your reality, touch me.

as the mirror began to steam up, i managed to glance up before i put my hands in the water. between the fog and haze, was me, but, different...i still face...but my hair, my hair had grown red and full. it was at least 3 inches past my ears and touching the middle of my shoulders...then..then....

it appeared, through a watery mist, it was there.
a large horned scowling face, a face that was in place of mine, an inhuman face..a face that...

this is what you wanted, this is you reality, your dreams..look at the face of your new god, i am ociphourus, the demon lord of revenge. i have given you a gift, a chance at redemption, a chance at salvation, a chance to right the wrongs that have been done and undone, a chance to be my servant and explore the inner sanctum that is my reality, your fantasy. you are mine. you are my servant. change is upon you my child and when the moon rises to reveal it's full face, your new face will be born and your destiny will begin.

say wha!!??, fuck you mother fucker. with that i threw a punch that would have put butterbean, or mike tyson on their ass. as i hit the mirror, the demon disappeared and all that was left was shattered glass and the bloody mess that used to be my hand.

the water in the sink still hissed with a resounding snake like sound....

touch me...touch me....

without so much as a thought, i placed my hands under the water and almost immediatly, my once bloody completely and totally healed..along with broken bones and nails, now there was a perfectly and ...well..daintly manicured feminine hand!!??

my body began to tingle when there was a knock at the door....

(stay tuned for part 3, again i apologize for the lateness of this, since i have ben away for so long, i want you the readers to determine which way this story should go, you can contact me through my email, or post it on the message board, when i see something i like, i promise to post a longer part 3)

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:03 pm