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The Coach  


It was the start of my senior year of high school. Everything was going perfect. I had made the varsity cheer squad again for the fourth year. My boyfriend the starting QB on the football team. We were the perfect couple until his eyes started to wander. Sure I was almost perfect standing at 5'7 120 pounds, long brown hair, killer legs, and round pert 34c breasts, but there were other girls, at least one that were not virgins. Yes, my flaw if you call it that I was a virgin. Don't get me wrong I was no saint, I have pleasured myself many times and others in that fact but never have I felt a full pulsating cock inside of me. I was starting to think that I may never either because I mister QB and I had broke up just before the first home game.
I was a nervous wreak for the first game, I always have been. However, everything went off fine, we won the game and now it was time for all of the after parties, yeah. I figured that I should probably go to at least one of them. I decieded to clean up before I went, so I waited until all of the guys left the locker room and went in to take a shower. I went to my usually locker and started to undress. I got down to my lollypops and bra when I heard a noise. I turned around and saw a light on in the athletic director’s office. I thought nothing of it and got my shampoo and stuff around. When I went to turn around again I jumped and screamed because Coach Younger was standing in front of me. Coach Younger, Cole, was in his mid twenties, single and in college. He used to live down the road from me before he moved away for college. He was a little taller than me and built to a tee. He had muscles in all the right places.
“ Coach I am so sorry I thought nobody was in here.” I said as I slowly tried to cover a little with my hands.
“ Jesse, no its alright you don’t have to apologize, I was just finishing up. What are you doing in here?”
“I figured on taking a shower before I left to a party, but I can leave its alright.”
“No its alright”, he slowly looks up and down my body,” I’ll just be here in my office a little longer, you can finish cleaning up”, he suddenly realizes what he is doing and looks at the floor and blushes.
I scoop my stuff up and walk towards the showers, towards him. I give him a pleasant smile and say thank you, as I walk off to the showers. I quickly undress and get the shower running, nice and steamy water. I close my eyes and slowly let the water run over my body. I wash and rinse my hair and stand there a while longer. All of a sudden I get this prickly feeling on the back of my neck. I turn around and see Coach standing in the door way looking. Surprised, I spin back around loosing my balance and fall to the ground. I scream “ Cole, what the hell are you doing!!” just then the pain hits me, my ankle hurts so bad. I gasp in pain and reach for my ankle. Cole rushes in and asks if I am all right. Tears stream down my face as I grasp my ankle. His face looks pale white as he reaches down and picks me up. He takes me to his office and sits me on the couch. He sits on the edge of the couch facing my ankle and starts to examine it. I feel his strong hands move their way up and down my lower leg. Flattering myself a little I start to get turned on by his touch. Then, I am snapped back to reality when, he moves is slightly and asks if it hurts. I nod my head yes and say in a weak helpless voice, Just a little. I think you just twisted your ankle he tells me, after a couple minutes of examination, he says, he has to take me to the hospital to make sure.
“What, why you said it was just twisted.”
“ Yeah but it could be worse.” He said as he stands up to face me. He has a look of fear in his eyes. Then it hits me, I am sitting in his office on his couch, nude with a twisted ankle. Embarrassment takes over me as I suddenly try to hide my exposed body from his sight. He quickly tries to find something anything but no luck. He pulls his shirt off and holds it up in front of me. I grab it and slid into it. It is still wet from the shower and I instantly get angry. “Cole what the hell were you thinking, looking in on me like that.” He drops to one knee beside the couch. “ I am soooo sorry I don’t know what came over me.” He looks to the floor. I notice the color still hasn’t returned to his face and instantly feel bad for yelling at him. “Cole, I reach up and touch his hair, hey look I’m sorry, sorry for yelling at you. I am just upset about my ankle” He looks up into my eyes, “No it was my fault, I shouldn’t have well been looking in on you.” “No you shouldn’t have but, I am fine now, you saved me.” I slid my hand down to your shoulder and pull you towards me and give you a hug. “ You don’t have to worry Cole, it will be alright.” His strong arms wrap around me as he lets out a sigh. He pulls back and looks at me, the color slowly returning to his face, “ You scared the hell out of me for a minute there, I thought you were going to hit your head.” “ I’m ok Cole, really, just a little tender.” I wince as I try to move my foot. “Kate, we have to get this looked at.” “NO, it’s nothing, besides, it would only bring trouble.” “What do you mean?” “Cole, think about it, you, bringing in a teenage girl who slipped and fell in the shower after a football game. This is how rumors start and neither one of us can afford that type of rumor.” “I don’t care what people think of me, you could be hurt and it’s my fault, I can’t let the school be sued for a stupid thing that shouldn’t have happen. If I wouldn’t have let my head get foggy with your looks I would have not been looking at you, and you wouldn’t have fell.” My heart lightens when I hear him speaking. “Hey, look at me.” I move my hand to his chin and lift it up so I can look him in the eyes. “I am not going to sue the school, and I am not going to the hospital.” “Oh Kate,” he moves in for a hug but turns my head and kisses me passionately on the lips. I struggle for a second then close my eyes and return the favor. “Kate, I have waited so long to kiss you like this.” He comes in again, our lips meet and part, our tongues intertwine probing at each other. He moves on to the couch and sits next to me, looking at me his arm wraps around me shoulder pulling me even closer to him. I pull back slightly, “Cole, we can’t.” “Why not”, he asks as he moves in to kiss me again. “Because you could get into a lot of trouble, you’re the coach you can’t do this.” “I was your neighbor before I was a coach, besides you are 18 and a legal adult.” “But I am still a student and you are basically the same as a teacher. It’s not right.” “ I don’t care if it isn’t right I have wanted you since you were 15. I have only wanted you since.” My heart swells, I have wanted him since I was little he were also so handsome and nice. A tear runs down my cheek and I smile. His hand sweeps my hair out of my face and you kiss the tear from my face. “Kate, trust me please, I love you.” My eyes meet his again, he lowers his body down on to of mine. Our lips meet in the most passionate kiss ever. His hands move to the lower part of the shirt I have on and with one swift movement, he brings the shirt up over my head, leaving me fully exposed to his stare. His hand roams my body and finds my left breast and gently caresses it rolling my nipple between his fingers. My hands move down his side to your back and finally rest on his tight ass, softly massaging it through his jeans. He rises up and starts to unbuckle his belt and slides his pants down. My eyes widen, fearing what is to come next but trusting him completely. I see his harden prick forming a tent to the front of his boxers. With undying courage, I move my hands to his hips hooking his boxers with my thumbs and slowly drag them down releasing his member form its constricting bindings. I let the shorts fall and stare at the magnificent sight in front of me. It is the biggest I have ever seen standing at 9 inches long and about 3 inches wide. I instantly begin to get frightened. I have never done this before and worry that I am going to get hurt. “Kate, Hun what’s the matter?” “Umm, I have umm never…” “Oh Kate, are you telling me that you are a virgin?” I lower my head in shame and nod yes. “Oh Kate, I love you more and more do not be ashamed of that. That is the best thing that I have ever heard. I hated imagining you with another guy. I am so glad that you have waited this long.” With that he moves next to me facing me on his side. I reach over and kiss him softly on the lips. He reaches over with his muscular arms and pulls me on top of him. I can feel his engorged member between my legs and it sends shock waves through my body. He quickly flips our position and presses his body weight on top of me. He looks at me lovingly as if to ask if I am ready. I close my eyes and relax my body, with him in charge I am ready for anything. He positions himself over my cunt and gently rubs his prick over it. I am so wet. He puts the head perfectly and gently starts to slide himself inside of me. He gets about what seems like inches into me and stops. The pressure is so intense. He moves in a little farther and whispers to me that it might hurt. I say ok and I reach up to kiss him just incase I scream out. He takes the hint and when our lips meet he pushes all the way inside of me. I scream, but his mouth around mine muffles it. When I calm down he releases the kiss and asks if I am alright. I catch my breath and barely whisper yes. He waits a few more minutes and then starts to slowly move his hips up and down. It hurts at first but then pain mixes with pleasure and I start to move my hips in unison with his. We move together for what seems like hours when my body and his starts to tighten up. I arch my back and let out a low moan as ecstasy sweeps over my body. He plunges into me as hard as he can as we both cum together. He collapses on top of me and gently turns us to our side holding himself inside of me still. “Katie, I love you so much are you all right?” I smile and reply, “Cole, I have never been better, I love you too but if you ever sneak up on me again you are going to have to sleep in the garage.” “What’s that mean?” “ It means you now have a new house mate and a new love.” “Darling you were my only love, as for house mates, I would love to have you all to myself.”

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:00 pm