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The Cafe


I was in my last year at a California college and this is about an indian girl in one of my classes. Her name was Manisha. She was very attractive with straight silky hair, a body to die for, about 5'7" with more than average tits. I had seen the tag on her jeans once; she was a slim size six. She took care of herself, and I saw her at the gym often.

One day I went to the student center to get something to eat. It was 10pm so there weren't too many people there. The cafe in the student center was big and the tables in the corners were blocked from view by some walls. I caught a glance of Manisha sitting alone at one of the corner tables working away on a bunch of papers.....We started talking and went off the subject of her work. Found out she was born in india but grew up here (same as me)..... Her boyfriend was also desi but he hated india so she wasn't too keen on him. But she didn't like guys fresh from India, but they were a bit rude with girls.

Then her pen rolled of the table and I reached down to get it. I was sitting beside her and got a great view of her sexy legs. She had on a thin yellow summer dress, which was about thigh length........She noticed me looking at her legs. I told her she was beautiful and was embarassed. We went back to talking and the subject of sex came up. We started asking the usual question of where was the strangest place we had sex. I moved in closer and just decided to give her a little kiss. She had no lipstick on so her lips were so soft. She was surpirsed but liked it......The kissing got heavier and I asked her if she wanted to keep going, she did.

There was hardly anybody in the cafe and I really wanted to eat her pussy then fuck her. Manisha was shy so she resisted, but I assured her no one would see us. I got under the table and put chairs behind to obstruct the view....I pushed her dress up, and played with her clit through her underwear until I could feel her juices come through. I slid off her underwear and spread her legs.....She had a well trimmed bush with hair only above her pussy lips. Slowly I put my finger inside her and she moaned. Then I spread her pussy lips apart to find a hard clit standing out......I stuck my tongue deep inside her, in and out jabbing back and forth until she came. She tasted sweet and salty. Then I grabbed her stiff clit with my mouth and started sucking on it. She pulled my hair as she started to get aroused again.....She had moved forward to the edge of the chair with her legs tucked up against her....By now Manisha was wet and dripping onto the wood chair.

We decided to go into a storage room next to the cafe so we could really get it on. I sat with my back against the wall and Manisha stood over me. I starting sucking on her clit and no matter how much she squirmed,
moaned or pulled my hair I didn't let go....I twirled her clit with my tongue......Then her legs went weak and she put her hands on my shoulders to support herself. She began to I started banging her with two fingers to finish her.......Her pussy was dripping and her cum ran down my hand.

Manisha grabbed me by my the belt, puts her hand down my pants and started playing with my dick.....She was surprised, she told me she never saw an uncircumcised cock and it turned her on.....Told her most guys from overseas aren't. She started sucking my dick......twirling her tongue around and around......She really loved sliding my foreskin back and forth. I told her to take my dick all the way down her throat. She'd never done it before so she gagged a bit but got the hang of it. I played with her stiff nipples while was squatted around my leg and rubbed her pussy against it.......I started to cum but held back. I wanted fuck her mouth so I told her not to use her hands anymore and put her head against the wall....I started pumping my cock in her mouth. Started to cum and shot several thick load after started streaming out of the side of her mouth.

She kept blowing me and slid my foreskin back and forth. She wanted me hard again so I could fuck her. I stood her up and she bent over placing one leg up on a box while she held on to a shelf with one hand and banged herself with the other. She reached between her legs and placed my dick in her pussy. It was a perfect tight cunt.......I pumped her so hard we knocked some things off the shelf. There was a table in the room and she layed on it stomach down. I got over her, pulled her dress up and fuck her from behind.....She wanted to taste her pussy so I pulled my dick out and she started sucking on it......She then stood with her back to the wall and I fucked her standing up. I wanted to cum again but she wanted more so I my held my urge. Asked if she wanted to have anal sex....She had never been fucked in the ass and wanted to try it. She got some vaseline lip balm out of her bag and put some on my cock and her asshole for lube....She then put one knee on a chair and the another knee on another so her ass was sticking out,waiting to get drilled. I slipped my dick inside her ass as she moaned in a little pain but then started ramming herself against my cock.....She told me to fuck her hard so I rammed her nearly off the chairs......I pulled my dick out and she started to give me a hand job. She stroked faster and faster. I grabbed her hair and tilted her head back a little. She opened her mouth and she jerked the cum right into her mouth. It slid right down her tongue. We had a few more flings, but lost track of each other after graduation.

Posted : 07/03/2011 7:48 am