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The Birthday Party  


The Birthday Party

It was a cold rainy night, and I had just made a fire when I saw headlights coming down the
driveway. It was Nikki, she was coming home from her night classes and was about four
hours late. I opened the door for her and helped her off with her wet coat. She said there
was a small birthday party for Kathy, one of the girls at school, and she stayed and partied
for a while. She walked into the family room and sat down by the fire to warm up. In the
light of the fire I noticed that her blouse was on inside out and she had definitely been
drinking at the party. And from the way she was sitting I could tell her panties, that I
remember seeing her put on that morning, were missing. I asked her about the party and she
said it was just small get together at a teachers house near the school. We had a few drinks
because I wanted to find out more about the party and I knew when Nikki gets drunk she
would tell me everything. I asked what happened to her panties and she said they were
playing strip poker and she lost ever hand, and the looser had to drink a shot. After five
hands she was naked and drunk, and the guys wanted to play her for her bra and panties, for
them to keep, and she lost them too.

Nikki went into the bedroom to freshen up and change her cloths and after about 20 minutes
she returned wearing a little see through teddy and a pair of 7 inch high heels we had just
bought the week before. She almost fell on the way back to the couch and she found me
naked under a blanket waiting for her. With a few more drinks in her she told me more
about the party. After Nikki lost her bra and panties, Kathy brought out a bowl with small
envelopes on it. Each envelope had a sex act in it that you had to perform if you lost a poker
hand. Most of the girls were naked by this time and the guys were down to their pants.
After loosing the next hand Nikki had to pick from the bowl. As her sex act she had to put a
blindfold on and lick whatever was put in front of her mouth. The first thing she had to lick
was Kathy's shaved pussy, then one of the guys stuck his cock in her mouth. After that went
on for a while she said she could hear other people having sex so she took off the blindfold
and the poker game was over and an orgy had started.

Kathy was getting fucked doggy style, two other girl were eating each other out, one guy
was fucking a girl while another girl was sitting on his face, and all this happened while Nikki
had her blindfold on. She told me she then worked her way under Kathy, who was getting
fucked doggy style, until she got to the guys balls and started licking anything she could get
her tongue on for about twenty minutes and then took his load in her mouth. While she was
laying there eating Kathy's swollen pussy another guy started fucking her. He was one of the
teachers she had at school, he was a black man and was very well endowed. Nikki is a
petite girl, about 5'3", 105 pounds, 30C, with very small hips and this guy wanted to stick
this monster of a cock in her. She asked him to go slow because she did not think she could
handle the whole thing. She stuck her fingers in her mouth and tried to get as much saliva as
she could to lube up her pussy. By this time Kathy was sucking on him and could only get
the head of his uncut cock in her mouth, she tried to lick the shaft to help Heather as much
as possible because even she knew it was going to be a tight fit. Kathy grabbed his cock
with both hands and tried to help it into Nikki's pussy. The head went in easy and he
pumped it a little bit while Kathy help guide it into Nikki.

By this time everyone else had stopped fucking and were gathered around Nikki, giving her
words of encouragement as the monster black cock went deeper and deeper into her very
tight pussy. Nikki said she was getting nervous by this time because he was only halfway in
and it was stating to hurt. Everyone put their hands on Nikki to try to calm her down so her
teacher could get all the way inside her. After about ten minute he was inside Nikki and
pumping her with full strokes, she said he was splitting her in half but she did not want him to
stop. His balls tightened up and he pulled out just in time to spray his cum all over Nikki's
tummy and boobs. The others were cheering as the cum squirted all over, and the girls help
Nikki lick the cum off of her body.

Nikki asked me if it would be all right if she just sucked me off tonight because she was not
going to be able to have sex for a couple of days. It did not take much sucking after that
because I was ready to cum right then. I hope I get invited to the next birthday

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:06 pm