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the best of both worlds  


i'm a massage therapist and a master in the ancient oriental art of tantric sacred sexual massage which includes the yoni massage for women and the lingam massage for men. the words yoni and lingam refer to the female and male sexual organs. i usually work on couples, teaching them this wonderful old technique that was developed around the time of karma sutra in ancient india. typically, i meet them at their home where i set up my portable massage table, light some candles and incense, put on some easy listening background music and enjoy a drink or two as we talk and learn what their wants and desires are. i usually start with the male while the female watches and gets in the mood for her massage. i have found that lately, i have been having feelings of trying oral sex on a man. it seems like a small step, after all, i'm already stroking his lingam and bringing him to the brink of orgasm and sometimes over the top. for some hidden reason, i'm unable to make the next step. my fantasy, that has been popping up frequently, has it's origin from an x rated video that i saw a year or so ago. a man was kissing a beautiful young woman very passionately. he worked his way down her throat, then unbuttoned her blouse, revealing her fine tits and started to fondly, kiss and suck them one at a time. he then moved down her tummy and removed her panties to reveal a 8" hard cock and, without missing a stroke or taking a breath, he took her cock in his mouth and licked and sucked her cock and balls until she shot a big load of cum onto his face and into his eager mouth. that scene stuck in my mind and formed this fantasy that is played out frequently.
i'm contacted by a man who wanted to get his wife a tantric sacred sexual massage while he watches and learns. i arrive at their home and am greeted by the man who contacted me. we talk and then this very stunning woman comes into the room and he introduces me to his wife. we have a few drinks and talk, finally getting around to her massage. she is concerned about laying nude and exposed on the table and i told her that i would cover her with a towel, only exposing the part that i was going to massage next and by the time the massage was over, the towel would be removed completely. i excuse myself from the room while she disrobes and lays face down on the massage table and her husband covers her body with a towel from her neck to her knees. he comes into the next room to tell me she is ready. i lean down next to her ear and whisper, "this is a full body massage, if there is any part of your body you don't want me to see or touch, tell me now and i'll take care not to cross that boundary." she turns her head to the side and we are almost touching our lips together as she speaks, "i will let you know if i get uncomfortable with what you're doing, please proceed at your own pace and do the full tantric massage. even though i eventually uncover my massage partner by the end of the massage, i love to keep them covered and peel them like a grape before i eat it! i love blind dates and surprizes! as i work her backside, starting with her foot massage and ending with her scalp massage, stopping along the way to play with her ass, waist and neck, some very sensual spots of her body. i ask her to roll over onto her back while i hold the towel in front of me to give her privacy. i then lower the towel to cover her body and continue where i left off at her scalp and move directly into her facial massage then on to her neck, shoulders, arms and hands. without skipping a beat, i reach up and pull the towel down, exposing her magnificant breasts. i waste no time in applying some warm oil to her breasts and start working them thougherly with my hands, being very careful not to massage her nipples, i massage them with my lips and tongue. i lean down and take one of them into my mouth and lick, suck and nibble on it until it grows hard in my mouth. i then switch to the other nipple and do the same while my hand rubs the hard nipple with the palm of my hand...something that drives me crazy with lust. when i have paid sufficient homage to her tits, i massage her tummy down to her mons venus and tease my hands with the tingling of her fur on my hands. i break away and go down to her feet and slowly work my way toward the promised land, her yoni. as i reach the top of her thigh, my finger bumps into something very familair to me, the head of an erect cock. i pull the towel back and am pleasantly surprized to see this perfect cock looking me right in the eye. without any hesitation, i lean down and lick the tear from it's one eye and bring it into my mouth to savor the taste and slipery texture. i place my mouth on the head and use my tongue to coax more of this delicious precum from the tip, then i open my mouth and let more of her cock slide into my mouth. from here on the fantasy gets fuzzy because i have no real life experience at sucking a man's cock. here is where i would like to enlist your help. i would like to hear from women or men who have this experience and wouldn't mind sharing it with me, or, better yet, if you're a chick-with-a-dick, maybe you would like to show me in person what this would be like for real. i would love to hear from you

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:39 pm