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Captain Fignolé had been watching Jessica through binoculars, catching her naked on the beach, or undressing in her bedroom. He had shot his cum on the grass around him as he imagined it was him stripping her naked. The Senator's aide had interrupted him at the airport search, unable to fuck her with his cock. It was only one more week until Jessica would be leaving, the Carnival taking place this weekend.

He spied her on the beach again; she had been going there almost everyday now. She stayed for at least three hours and then returned to her room. She was wearing a bikini that showed off her body, the top pushing up her breasts, the bottoms clinging to her hips, her butt barely encased in the red material. It was now or never. He could take her for at least four hours before she would be missed, more than enough time for what he had in mind.

"Sergeant, let's go; you know what to do," he ordered him. They were in two jeeps, the Captain driving one of them, two soldiers, young eighteen-year-old kids in the back. The Sergeant was driving the second one, three young soldiers with him. They sped off up the beach, the jeeps roaring, kicking up the sand as they bore down on the lone figure sleeping on the beach. Jessica picked her head up, the noise of engines racing becoming louder, waking her up from her nap. She caught the sight of two army jeeps fast approaching filled with soldiers. They came to a stop close to her, her eyes blinded by the sand they had kicked up, coughing and sputtering. "What--!" cut off when she felt someone grab her wrists, spinning her around before she had a chance to react, her eyes still watering from the sand.

"Cuff her," she heard someone yell, the voice sounding vaguely familiar. She felt her arms pulled behind her back, cold metal slapped on her wrists. She could hear a clicking sound as the cuffs were tightened until they fit snuggly against her wrist bones. She looked up, her eyes clearing, to be greeted by the smiling face of Captain Fignolé.

"Afternoon, Mademoiselle Jessica. We meet again."

Jessica tugged on her wrists, the cuffs banging noisily, digging into her flesh. She decided to play coy, Henri having explained how getting on the wrong side of the Captain was quite dangerous. He had at least six or seven other camouflaged soldiers with him. "Good to see you again, Captain Fignolé. What can I do for you?" She gave him her sexiest smile.

Captain Fignolé watched her tits giggle as she tried to get out of the cuffs. Her arms bound behind her forcing her breasts out, the skimpy bathing suit barely able to contain them. So she wants to play coy with me. Such a foolish child, he thought.

"We never finished our business, my sweet little girl. The Senator's aide interrupted us. I have been watching you for quite a long time, admiring that lovely body of yours, especially when it was naked. And you did deprive my men of their training in interrogation and searching of female prisoners..." he let his words trail off, taunting her.

She remembered the last time the Captain had her, at the airline terminal, her humiliation at being strip-searched, his men masturbating her until she came. She looked at the other men, all boys, teenagers, their eyes glued to her half-naked body, most probably never having seen a naked white girl. What was the Captain planning to do to her? "I will be missed if I'm not back soon," she threatened.

"It will be hours before they even think about you, my dear. If you behave and cooperate, you will be returned to this very spot in four hours. I don't fear your Master; Americans do not run this country, the military does. What will it be Jessica, will you come along quietly? I have a small military complex around the next bend. I think you'll be surprised like last time, I think you'll enjoy what happens to you."

She looked around, the beach empty for miles. She didn't have much choice. Even if she screamed, she doubted anyone would hear her, the house a long distance from the beach, the pounding waves muffling most of the sounds. "Yes, but please remove the handcuffs, they are not necessary."

"Remove them," the Captain ordered one of the men. "Please get in the front seat Jessica, you will ride with me."

He watched as she got into the front suit, her lovely tanned legs stretched out. "Here let me help you," moving over towards her to grab the seat belt from the other side, inhaling the sweet smell of her. She smelled of suntan lotion, coconut oil. He pulled the belt over her hips, his hand grabbing the other belt and connecting them. He pulled them tight. "Don't want you falling out," giving it another tug, his hand enjoying the caress of her silky skin."

She watched him as he belted her into the seat, afraid to move, his hands lightly brushing her skin, a strange tingle in her belly.

"The cuffs," he ordered the soldier in the back.

Before she could protest, the young soldier reached over and grabbed her wrists, pulling them behind the seat, her back pressed against the hot leather seats. She felt the familiar click of the cuffs, tugging on them, her wrists securely pinned behind her back. "Why the cuffs?"

"I think you like the control Jessica. Besides they do such a lovely job of highlighting your body." He turned to the soldiers in the back. "See the way her breasts are thrust out, pull her wrists back a little. Yes, like that," watching as she was pinned, her breasts forced upward.

He had begun again, just like before. Speaking to his soldiers as if she wasn't there, or didn't matter, describing what he was doing to her or going to do. She hated this, treating her like a slave.

He reached over to her, his hand cupping one of her breasts, the flesh fitting into his large palm as if it belonged there, his hand lightly squeezing it. "Jessica has such firm breasts. So beautiful." He let his hand slide down over the flat plane of her stomach, feeling her suck in her muscles as it touched the low cut bikini bottoms. "Spread your legs for us, Jessica; show these men your lovely thighs." He waited, when she did not respond, he forced his hand between her tightly clenched legs, pinching her delicate flesh between two fat fingers, hearing her squeal in pain. "I won't tell you again."

She screamed as his hands moved from pawing at her near naked breasts to slipping down between her legs to brutally pinch her inner thighs. It hurt, the pain radiating from the pinch as if his fingers were still grasping the sensitive flesh. She let her legs part, unable to stop him, afraid of the pain he would cause if she did try to prevent him. He wasn't Michael; his pain not as easily born. The Captain's hands rubbed up and down her sleek thighs, each time moving higher, but always pulling away before he touched her sex.

"A little pain is all that is necessary to get a female's cooperation. You must always stay in control of the situation, humiliation also works well, forcing them to strip naked and pose for you works extremely well. The larger the group participating in her degradation, the better. It has a tendency to make any efforts of theirs to stop their humiliation ineffective." He grabbed her crotch, digging between her pussy lips, two fingers pushing in deep, moving back and forth. "You will be surprised; you can also force them to get wet and even make them cum for you. Females crave submission, being forced to do things that they would not normally do. They need this rationalization to perform these acts"

Jessica looked over at the Captain as he turned the jeep around and head off down the beach. Glancing into the side mirror, she saw the house disappearing from sight as they rounded the corner of the beach. She squirmed in her seat as she felt a hand creep around her right side, sliding up her naked skin before reaching out for her breast. She turned and looked at the soldier, giving him a scowling glare.

"Turn around!" he ordered her, yanking on her cuffs, pulling her arms up, her breast pushed into his hand.

He grabbed harshly, not as a lover would do, but typical of a young boy, not knowing how to please a woman, only wanting some quick release. She sat there, suffering his fondling of her body, hoping they would quickly arrive at the Captain's destination. His finger pinched her nipple hard, her body shaking, trying to escape him, her wrists pulled again, her shoulders aching. She felt the hand slip down her side, moving down over her hip, rubbing her smooth skin; moving her leg hoping to escape.

The jeep pulled up to a small, metal building. The metal tarnished, the dirty, bars on the windows scaring her. Was this a prison? Jessica looked over at the Captain.

"Help her out of the jeep," he ordered the soldier who was fondling her body.

Her cuffs were briefly opened to bring her arms around front, but snapped back on, this time her wrists cuffed in front. The young soldier pushed her into the building, a sparsely furnished room, a desk, long table, a couple of straight back chairs and a bench, all wooden and worn from many years of service. Her fear was correct, it was a prison, or rather a jail, three cells covering the wall on one side of the room, black heavy iron bars running from the floor to ceiling, a heavy metal door guarding the entrance. A cot was in each cell, furnished with a cheap, skinny mattress, blanket and pillow. A toilet and sink was in the corner of each cell, no privacy afforded to those who would use it.

Captain Fignolé walked over to Jessica, a pair of leather straps in his hands. "Take off her cuffs." He watched Jessica rubbing her wrists, waiting until she was finished. "Having you bound is necessary, but I can make it more comfortable. Hold out your hands." He saw her comply, her wrists in front of him, waiting to be bound again. "These are fur-lined. They will not cut into your flesh as handcuffs would." He wrapped the first leather strap around her tiny wrists, the thick, three-inch leather strap covering her wrist before he pulled it tight. He did the same with the other.

Jessica looked down at her wrists, unable to stop him as he secured them with the ominous leather straps. They were soft, but she feared the two metal clips on each one of them intended to be secured to something. She tugged on them as one of the soldiers attached a rope to each. She looked up, the rope rising up to the ceiling, two large metal reels holding the unused rope.

"Raise her arms up, Private. Spread them open a little and high enough so she will be on her toes. She has such a lovely body and will be much better displayed when her muscles are taut." The Captain waited until her arms began to raise, her struggles doing no good as the mechanical winch easily won. He moved close to her. "Relax, Jessica. It wouldn't be so bad," he whispered in her ear so the others couldn't hear him. "Gather around here, men," he instructed the privates, the men clamoring to be as close to her as possible. They had never seen a white girl naked and the Captain had promised them they would. "See her how body is drawn taut by the rope. He moved his hands up to her breasts, cupping both of them in his palm, lifting them higher. "Her breasts are now accentuated by the stretch of her body, unprotected, her arms drawn up towards the ceiling," his hands moving up the inside of her arms, feeling her muscles tense. He moved his hands down to her hips, pushing them sideways, Jessica surprised that her body began to turn. "The suspension allows for 360 degree movement of the body, allowing for greater humiliation. It is important to keep the female sexually aroused at all times. You should be able to force them to cum numerous times while bound. Most women don't allow multiple orgasms, wanting their partner to stop after the first. But while bound tightly, they can offer no resistance and we have found that they respond to the continued stimulation in a relatively short amount of time."

Jessica felt the Captain move behind her again, his cock pressed up against her ass.

"Can you feel my hard cock, Jessica?" he whispered into her ear. "You are going to have to take it in your tight little body before you leave and make me cum."

Jessica shook her head in protest, but his hands slid down over her naked stomach, drawn in tight by the tight bondage, his hand playing with the edge of her bikini bottoms. "No, please don't," she begged him as his hand slipped under the waistband, his fingers slowly rubbing over her naked abdomen.

"See how they beg not to be touched?" his fingers sliding lower, his hand outlined to the soldiers as it slipped over her pussy. He felt her hips push backwards onto his cock, rubbing it sensuously as if she wanted to be fucked. She couldn't stop his hand, his fingers already finding her wetness, the bondage already arousing her. "But she is already wet with desire. Once we strip her naked, we will tie her legs spread open, denying her any movement. Then we will begin to force her to cum for us."

His fingers slipped up and down her slit, pushing aside her pussy lips, delving into the folds of her labia to force her to get wetter for them. She hated him for making her this way, putting her body on display, forcing her to get sexually aroused in front of them.

He pulled out of her bikini bottoms, his hands placed on her hips, turning her around so she was facing him, his hard cock pressed against her. "Can you feel that, Jessica?" making sure that his hard cock rubbed up and down her pussy, dry humping her as the soldiers watched her ass move back and forth. "Jessica has a very beautiful ass, look at how tight her muscles are," his hands smoothing over her butt, feeling the luxurious skin as her cheeks clenched tight, his fingers playing up and down her crack, pushing the flimsy garment between them, highlighting her to the soldiers. "Females hate for their ass to be displayed and especially humiliating is to make them spread their own cheeks, revealing their anus for your inspection. Probing of the anal tract is mandatory, making them take various objects inside. You can use such simple items as fingers and pencils or larger objects as billy clubs, batons, pipes and of course dildos and vibrators. Make sure they are forced to keep them inside for sustained periods of time. A little pain is helpful, large items stretch the anal passage and creates a feeling of fullness. Jessica was an anal virgin when she first arrived, though I doubt she is that way any longer."

Jessica blushed as he talked about her ass, not sure if he would be able to tell that she had been sodomized.

"I take your silence to be a no; you are no longer an anal virgin." He slapped her ass, "but I'm sure we will find her still to be very tight. An asshole is not like the vagina. Even once it has been stretched; it still seems to shrink back to size. It's almost like being a virgin over and over," everyone laughing at the crude comment.

"How are you doing, Jessica?"

"What do you mean, how am I doing? You have me strung up like a piece of meat and you're talking about me as if I'm not here and don't matter. Let me down!" She demanded, afraid almost immediately after the words poured out of her mouth. She shouldn't have pushed him so far.

"I think Jessica is a little too tense, I know what we can do to solve that problem." He moved behind her again, his hands encircling her waist. He let his hands slide down her stomach, her ass pushing back onto his cock again. "Yes, good girl Jessica, such a lovely ass," saying it loud enough for all to hear. He put his hand inside her bikini bottoms, his hands sliding over her bush, his finger pushing on her clit, causing her to push back onto his cock again. "Notice how she seems to fuck back on my cock. Just a gentle touch, not too hard, you just want to get them sexually aroused. Their resistance goes down quickly; you will be surprised what they will allow you to do to them or what you can make them perform."

God damn it, Jessica thought, it was already beginning to feel good. She didn't want her body to betray her like it this, her pussy already wet. She closed her eyes, not wanting to see the private's eyes on her, watching her get aroused while bound tightly. She began to move her hips gently back and forth, as two fingers slipped down between her pussy lips, one finger still rubbing her hard clit. "Ahhh," she moaned.

"I have a finger inside her hot little pussy. She is still very tight. And extremely wet. She seems to be enjoying this very much, see the way her hips sway? She is rubbing her ass on my cock very sensuously.' The Captain could see that she wouldn't last much longer before she came. And he did not want her to, yet. He wanted her naked for her first orgasm. He wanted all his men to see her cum. He pulled his hands out of her bottoms, her eyes shooting open when he did. "Not yet, Jessica, not yet."

She came back to reality, the grinning young soldiers staring at her half-naked body, some of them gripping their cocks through their fatigues. She felt empty, the Captain's hand beginning to feel good.

"No!" Her protest ignored, the Captain behind her, unsnapping the hook at the back before he began untying the knot to her bikini top. He slowly lowered it, the top of her breasts being exposed.

The Captain let it fall to the floor, her breasts naked, her chest heaving from her rapid breathing. "Such a lovely pair of tits Jessica has." He put his hands underneath them, lifting them up slightly. "Very firm, and look at her areolas, very large for a girl her size, highlighting the lovely pink nipples." He let his fingers rub around the areolas, her nipples hardening, waiting for the touch of his fingers on them, teasing her, moving in closer and closer to the rubbery nipples, but refusing her. "Her nipples are begging to be touched. Tease them without touching them. Make them beg to be touched."

Jessica tried to arch her back, trying to force her nipples onto her fingers, but each time he backed away. She screamed when he relented, her nipples grabbed between his fingers and pinched hard, squeezing the blood into the tips painfully. He loosened his grip, letting his fingers gently play over the throbbing flesh. She began to push her breasts into his hands again, this time his fingers not refusing, stimulating them, arousing her again.

"See how she accepts the pain. The reward is the pleasure. You must continually service the female, masturbating her as you force your will on her." He began to pull on her nipples, stretching them out, giving them sharp little twists, her tits pulling out to cones as he did. "See how she consents to the rough treatment." He put his hand back in her bikini bottoms, his fingers begin the gentle masturbation of her pussy, one finger playing over her clit, brushing back and forth.

He waited until her body began to rock, her hips moving slightly, trying to hide her excitement.

It felt good, his masturbation of her pussy. She felt his hands slip out from her bikini bottoms again, disappointed again, her pussy wet with desire.

"Let's slip these off of Jessica and get her naked for us. You would like us to show your naked pussy to the boys, wouldn't you?" He teased her, grabbing her waistband of the bikini bottoms, sliding it down her hips slightly, stopping when the top of her bush was exposed first, running his fingers over the hair, letting her feel how exposed she was.

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She shivered when she felt her hairs on her pussy stand on end as his fingers glided over them, the slightest touch radiating into the follicles. His hand ran over her ass, his fingers touching the top of her crack, already partially naked. She looked back at him with pleading eyes, not wanting to be stripped naked and exhibited.

"Now, now, my men has never seen a white girls pussy before, you don't want them to be deprived of seeing such a sight, especially a nice hot, tight, pink pussy like yours." He let her bikini bottom slide lower down, her bush completely uncovered, the top of her pussy revealed. "Look at them Jessica, watch their eyes as they view your naked pussy," he ordered her. Lower he let them slide, pushing down in the back, his hand grazing over her naked ass, her body jerking from the touch.

He had them down below her crotch now, her legs pinned together at least, her pussy lips tightly closed. She looked down, humiliated, her bikini bottom tugged below her sex, her pussy naked to the eye, but the dangling bikini bottoms making her feel more exposed. It was as if she was a little girl, getting ready to be spanked for being naughty.

"Such a lovely pussy," he turned her around, her ass exposed to the soldiers, his voice continuing, "and looks at this cute, white ass." He let his hand run over the naked flesh, feeling her tighten her cheeks as he moved towards her crack, not wanting her anus exposed to the young soldiers. He slapped her ass, the crack ringing out in the room. "Look how it is already turning pink."

It hurt, his hand stinging her ass, sure he had left an imprint. She let her ass cheeks loosen, not wanting a repeat of the sharp pain.

"Yes, she learns well, see her cheeks are loose," pulling back her cheeks, letting her tiny anus be exposed briefly, not wanting her fully exposed to the men until she was tightly bound, legs spread wide. "A little physical pain is necessary to control the female subject." He let his finger move back to the front, the soldiers eyes staring as it spread apart her pussy lips, clasping tightly back around his finger as he began to masturbate her again. "But she is still wet; in fact I think she might be even wetter." His finger moved up and down her slit, her pussy lips pushed aside, as it slid along her juices. He played with her pussy for a few minutes until she became sexually aroused again, then he stopped.

"Put her in the spreader bar," he ordered two privates. They brought over a shiny, metal pole; it must have been over five feet long. On each end were two leather cuffs, fur lined like the wrist cuffs. The cuffs were clipped to the spreader bar, with an additional metal clip on the opposite side. In the center of the bar was a ratchet, allowing the bar to extend or contract, making the spread of the legs fully adjustable. They laid it down in front of Jessica, her eyes focused on the cuffs and the wide expanse of the bar.

"That's too wide for my legs," she already began to beg. It would split her up the middle if they spread her that wide. And leave her sex completely exposed and unprotected. "No," she cried out when she them fumbling her ankles. First, one was secured, the soft fur wrapped around her slim ankle. The bar rang out on the floor when she tried to pull her leg up, the heavy bar making it difficult to move.

Captain Fignolé moved down on the floor, looking at up her pussy, the hair slightly moist with her juices, glistening in the bright lights. His cock was so hard, the thought of her spread open, all of her holes available to his cock making him eager to get her in position. "We wouldn't start out that wide yet," moving the ratchet so the bar was only about three feet wide. It would leave her open, but would still allow to further humiliate her when he gradually ratchet it open. "The other leg now," Captain Fignolé grabbing her ankle, moving it outward, looking up at her face, seeing the resignation etched in her features as she felt her body slowly being exposed, unable to stop them.

Her crotch began to ache as her leg was pulled wider and wider, his hand tightening on her ankle as her muscles began to resist him. But he was stronger, his hands pulling her open as if she was a baby. She felt the fur lined cuff wrapped around her ankle, the leather strap pulled tight, her ankle trapped. She tugged on the cuff, feeling the clumsy bar holding her open banging up and down on the floor.

"Raise her up until her feet are off the floor." He watched as her body strained, her arms pulling tight as her weight was entirely supported by her spread arms and shoulders. She was almost in a perfect "X", her arms and legs now spread open, her body open and exposed. "Notice how nicely the female can be spread." He ran his hand up her naked thigh, feeling her muscles tightened, unable to stop his fondling of her body. "They fight like Jessica is now for a short time, but they soon tire."

She felt her body being swung around, her back to them, knowing they were viewing her naked ass, ashamed at being so openly exposed. She tightened her ass cheeks when she felt his hand touching her, but then released them, remembering the spank on her ass he had given her before when she refused giving him access to her anus.

"Good girl, Jessica," he complimented her. "See how well she responds. She had tightened up on me, then obviously remembered the punishment she received last time she did that. You will notice how relaxed her cheeks are. I am able to pull back her cheeks and you can see her little pink anus." He pushed his fingers on the outside of her cheeks, peeling them back, her anus slowly stretched open. "Ah, you have had a good summer I see, Jessica," he taunted her. "Jessica doesn't have the cute little anus she had when she first arrived in Haiti. I think someone had their cock up her asshole and sodomized her. Is that right, Jessica?"

Her face turned red in shame. She wasn't sure if they would be able to tell, but obviously, they could. She was glad at least they couldn't see her face. "Owww," she yelled, his hand slapping her ass again, this time harder.

"I asked you a question?" He slapped her again.

"Yes, Yes!" she exclaimed, wanting to stop the sharp pain on her ass, the skin still tingling.

"We'll get back to that later Jessica, but first I think we should make Jessica cum for us." He swung her around again, her red face to the grinning young soldiers. "No need to blush Jessica, it's not like you have a lot to hide from us, hanging spread and naked." He reached down between her legs, fumbling with the spreader bar, grabbing the ratchet, allowing it to expand farther open. "I like it when the female is spread so that she almost tears up the middle. The pussy lips tend to spread back, you can almost see inside them, they are so open. And their anus tends to gape open. Leave them very open and vulnerable."

"MMMM," she moaned as her legs began to ache, her thighs aching from the wide expanse of her legs. "Please, no more," she pleaded with him to no avail, the noisy ratchet continuing to expand her ankles. She looked down, her legs over four feet wide. She knew her pussy must be obscenely exposed, the cool air in the room blowing on her wet inner pussy.

Captain Fignolé looked at her, her naked body spread wide, her inner muscles taunt, her skin covered with a thin sheen of sweat. She would make a good fuck. And he intended to find out how good later. For now it was time to make her cum. "It is very humiliating for the female to be bound and forced to cum by her captors. Now private, why don't you get on one side of Jessica and suck and play with one of her breasts. Now you have to be a little gentle with her at first. Get her aroused, wanting more of what you are doing. You can use your tongue and tease her areolas, rubbing around them without touching her nipples. Blow on her nipples; tease them into hardness before you even touch them. Once you get her highly aroused, then you can give her a little pain with the pleasure. You can suck on her nipples. You can use your tongue to run back and forth over the nipple. Then you can use your teeth to nip at her nipple, paying special attention to the tip. It is erogenous. And you, private, you do the other."

Jessica watched as they raced over to her, their hands already reaching out and grabbing her breasts tightly, compressing her tit flesh. She felt their fingers rubbing the areolas, listening to the Captains advice, encircling her nipple. She felt it swell, wanting to feel the touch of a finger on it, arching her back, trying to push her nipple into the waiting fingers.

"Now private, you get one of the best parts. I want you to play with her pussy. Start by running your finger up and down her slit, get it wet with her juices, which I am sure will not take long. Jessica is very sexual. Tease her clit, don't touch it yet, just tease it by running around it. Once you can feel her really beginning to crème', then you can touch her clit. She will arch her ass, trying to get you to do it. Let her wait; arousing her further. The others are already getting her breasts aroused; the rest of her body will follow. The clit is very tender, so be gentle at first. Pull her clit hood back and expose it. Blow on it, your warm breath will arouse it. When she is ready, suck her clit into your mouth, make sure your lips are tight around it. Use your tongue on it as you trap it in your mouth. Slap it back and forth with your tongue. The tongue is very rough, especially on a tender clitoris. Your lips will trap it, Jessica unable to stop you from whatever you desire to do to her. If it weren't for the bondage, she would begin to buck. You will be able to feel her beginning to enjoy it. It is then time to move onto her vagina. Let your tongue move up and down her slit. Make sure you continually run it over her clit each time, keep her on the edge. Run it around the edges of her vagina. Here you can enjoy the delicious taste of her nectar, the smell of her arousal. Use your tongue like a tiny cock. Force it inside her vagina. Fuck her with your tongue. If necessary, you can use a couple of fingers to open up her vagina so you can stick your tongue in deep. Once we get her moaning with desire, you can then give her a little pain with her pleasure. Give her pussy lips little bites. She has very puffy pussy lips so you can bite them rather hard. You will be the first to know when she is ready to cum. She will already have soaked your face and tongue. Move back to her clit, this time trap it with your teeth instead of your tongue. Not too hard, you don't want to bite it off, but pinch it tightly between your teeth while your tongue plays over the tip. Your teeth will drive all the blood to the engorged head of her clit; your tongue should do the trick of driving her over the edge into a very beautiful orgasm."

Jessica tried to flinch away from the young soldier moving between her bound and spread legs, his face smiling broadly with the delight of a child ready to eat his favorite candy. In this case, his candy was Jessica. He had listened to the Captain well, slowly beginning to arouse her, not like a normal teenager eager to cum, but genuinely eager to please her first.

"Feels good, doesn't it, Jessica? My soldiers will make your cum? Now the final one, the one to eat your asshole. I think you will really enjoy him rimming you. I think I could probably make you cum just by playing with your asshole," he laughed as he whispered in her ear.

"Private, you get to eat the best part, her asshole. The anus has many tiny nerve endings around the edges of it. In Jessica's case, she gets highly aroused when her anus is teased and penetrated. I think she enjoys being taken so ruthlessly in such a forbidden place. While bound, she cannot protest, her legs being spread leaves her open and unprotected. The smell is very intoxicating, the musk-like smell of the female. In this case, you may give her a little pain initially. She expects it and you wouldn't want to disappoint her. She has very nice ass cheeks, give them tiny love bites, moving closer and closer to her exposed anus. Let her feel your whole face jammed between her cheeks, it will be very humiliating for her to subject herself to your crude fondling of her ass. Use your tongue to rim her, running it around and around the brown puckered opening. I'll make her push out on her sphincter, letting your tongue enter into her rectum. You will have to keep your tongue very stiff, as her sphincter will fight your intrusion. Try to drive it as deep inside her as possible. If necessary, use your fingers on the outside of her anus to spread her open. She will fight you, this is natural and expected. Blow in her anus. If you can get enough air inside, you might force a small fart from her. The embarrassment should be enough to make her cum."

Jessica could not believe the feelings running through her body all at one time. Four eager young men were subjecting her to the most intense oral treatment possible. Even if she wanted to, she would not be able to stop them from making her cum. And she didn't want them to stop. Her breasts were being manipulated by the two sets of mouths. One had already began biting her, the other still sucking the nipple painfully into his mouth, her swollen nipples being tortured by the rough tongue. Sharp pains radiating from one nipple as he gnawed on the base of the nipple, driving the blood to the tip. It felt as if it was as big as a ping pong ball. Hands encircled the base of her breasts, muscular fingers pressing into her white flesh, squeezing them into points, blood rushing to the end.

"OOH, God," she cried as she felt the tongue enter her vagina, the wet flesh curled into a rigid weapon, forcing her vagina to accept the tiny cock like flesh to fuck in and out of her clasping opening. Her pussy was drenched, tiny rivers of cum dripping down her thighs. Just when she was ready to cum, one of them would pinch or bite her hard, stopping the orgasm, driving her to a higher plane where she needed more stimulation, more pleasure and more pain.

She shifted her hips back, her bondage only allowing limited movement of her body, feeling the tongue running over her sensitive anus. No one had ever tried to make her climax while orally servicing her anus, not sure why, as she was enjoying the masochistic thrill of being forced to allow such perverse oral behavior.

"Push out with your anus, Jessica," Captain Fignolé ordered her, biting on her neck as he whispered in her ear. "Feel his tongue slip up inside your rectum. What a naughty thing you are doing Jessica. Giving him complete access to your asshole, letting him rim you so that you may cum."

She couldn't help herself, her nipples, clit and vagina being oral bathed by multiple tongues, teeth biting her sex organs as her body withered in pleasure, Captain Fignolé, grinning at her face as he saw the lust in her eyes. She pushed back on her anus, her pucker opening up, the tongue driving in deeper, her pussy clenching on the tongue fucking her opening as she did. It felt strange, her asshole clenching on the tongue, squeezing it as she did with Michael's cock when he sodomized her.

"She is ready men, give her your best, make her cum. Make her cum hard like she has never before. Let dear little Jessica remember the men of Haiti." That is all the encouragement they needed, each one paying a particular portion of her bound body, each eager to make her perform for them, each eager to be the one that made her cum.

"Cum for us Jessica," making sure everyone heard his command to her, "bath my men with your juices. Show them how much you are enjoying their oral ministration of your young body."

Jessica didn't need any further encouragement, her body unable to contain the fever pitch their tongues had done to her spread body. Her body began to shudder, sweat pouring to coat her naked breasts and stomach, the sheen highlighting her already sensuous body. She could feel her juices flow from her pussy, knowing that the private between her legs was getting a cum bath that he wasn't expecting. Not even Jessica could believe that she could cum so hard. She screamed as her body went through a series of gyrations, tongues and teeth dragging her orgasm on. She felt the gas inside her stomach, her orgasm letting her sphincter relax, two tiny farts escaping, ashamed at the thought of the privates mouth wrapped around her anus, his tongue inside her rectum as she passed the gas into his mouth. He didn't seem to mind; in fact his tongue began to move in and out at a faster pace, feeling like a tiny cock fucking her up her backside. She felt the orgasm begin to pass, her body slumping down when her clit was bit hard, her nipples pinched painfully between sharp teeth and a bite on her ass sent her up again, her body shivering as the feeling of pain began to mix with the tongue continuing to pleasure her abused body.

"Yes again, Jessica, cum for us again," Captain Fignolé told her. His tongue played in her ear, his hand caressing her face, "cum Jessica, cum again."

"YES!" she cried out as they drove another cum from her body, unable to stop them from their oral fondling of her bound and stretched body. "God, Yes!" She didn't think she had it in her, but they were doing it to her again. Making her cum for a second time, a feat she couldn't even do to herself.

The soldier between her legs eating her pussy lapped at the tasty nectar flowing from her body. He had never seen such much cum from a woman. White woman seemed to cum as much as a man. His face was glistening with her juices, his mouth filled with the slightly salty taste of her cum, his tongue lapping at her juices as she came again. If only his girlfriend was like Jessica. It always seemed so hard to force her to orgasm, her body pulling back just before she would cum. How he would love to tie her up, force his tongue inside her until she came. That would show her how good he was in bed.

Jessica's body began to slump down in exhaustion, her body no longer to function.

"Stop men, she is very sensitive now." Captain Fignolé looked at her body, covered in sweat and cum, her pussy and thighs coated with a thick layer of cum. He moved in front of her, lifting her face up, his fingers under her chin. His fingers moved down between her legs, slipping between her pussy lips, running gently up and down her drenched pussy. "Now you are going to make me cum Jessica. I want you to fuck me in front of my men. I'm going to sit on a chair and you are going to come over and sit on my cock and fuck me while my men watch you. If you make me lose face with my men, you will be punished severely. Make me a hero among my men and my country will forever be your country Jessica. Will you do that for me Jessica?" Captain Fignolé whispered in her ear as he began to masturbate her again.

Jessica nodded with her head yes, too weak to even mumble the words, her body too pleasure wracked. She felt his fingers again begin to masturbate her pussy again. She had cum so hard, yet she still desired his masturbating fingers. Maybe it was the thought of being forced to perform in front of his men, forced to sit on his cock and fuck him as they watched. And she knew that he would not be satisfied with a simple fuck. No, he would find some way to humiliate her. And she would accept it in order to please him.

"Pull her down," he ordered the privates. They took their time, Jessica's body fondled as they removed the bondage she was placed in. One held her to keep her from falling down, her legs not yet able to support her body, the tight bondage cutting off her circulation. "Over here Jessica," pulling her over to him, a large wooden chair situated by his chair. He placed her in it.

She was still weak, the blood still rushing into her limbs; the orgasms had sucked so much energy from her body. She was pushed into the chair, the cold wood hitting her back and butt as she sat down. She looked up, the soldiers close by, staring at her naked body, her breasts heaving up and down, her whole body covered in a sheen of sweat, making her look even sexier.

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Captain Fignolé stood up and moved next to her. "Jessica is going to fuck me soon, but she needs to get some energy back. She is going to have to do all the work, sitting on my cock and riding it. We can get her aroused again while she gains her strength. Sit up straight and put your hands behind your head Jessica." He watched as she complied, her breasts pulling upward, the hard nipples pointed outward as she performed for him again, showing off her naked body, making her pose her body so she would be openly exposed.

"Good girl, now put your legs up on the armrests and let them hang over the side," his hand grabbing her by the inside thigh, pulling her leg up and swinging it over the armrest, her legs dangling uselessly over the side. He did the same with the other, her legs now spread wide.

Jessica felt his hands on her pussy lips, fingers gripping the flesh and pulling them back. She was already exposed, her legs spread obscenely, Captain Fignolé exaggerated her nakedness.

"Now slide forward a bit, Jessica, I want your anus exposed," forcing her forward, her naked ass skidding along the dry chair, squeaking as it did. He cupped her under her cheeks, arching her hips forward, wanting the whole plane of her sex exposed. "That's so good, Jessica. See how she allows me to put her in whatever position I want. Her breasts are thrust out, as if she was begging us to manhandle the firm flesh again. Her nipples are still hard; it will not take much fondling to arouse them again. She has allowed me to open up her sex." He drew apart the folds, her little hole where his big cock would soon be sliding in and out, his fingers moving upward until the tip of her clitoris appeared. "She is still quite wet, the forced cum seemed to have drenched her sex." He let his fingers move back towards her anus, the deep cleft opened by the spread of her legs. "Her anus is still wet from the rimming she received. I want her well lubricated, please hand me that bottle over on the table."

Jessica saw the soldier grab a green plastic bottle. She saw the Captain push the squirt bottle between her legs, holding her breath as she waited for the feeling. She felt the nozzle of the bottle inserted into her pink rosette and squeezed. She felt a sudden rush of warm fluid filling her insides.

The Captain bent down to closely examine her entrance. He cupped her cheeks, raising her up even higher, fingers on each side of the wrinkled opening before slowly letting his thumb enter her rectum. He felt her rise up to escape the fat finger, his hand following her movement. "Don't push away!" He felt her body relax again, his thumb moving in again, entering her rectum.

Jessica felt the uncomfortable feeling again as they thumb entered her anus. She felt like she was going to the toilet, but backwards as it pushed up inside her. She clamped down on the finger, a need to go pee overcoming her. It pushed past her sphincter, past the muscle into her rectum. She felt it move deeper and deeper, her stomach tightening up as his calloused finger pressed against the walls of her anal tract and scratched her tender walls.

He began to finger fuck her asshole, letting his finger massage the oil into the ring of muscle, before moving deeper into the slick inner walls, coated with the lubricant he so liberally shot inside her. "Relax your ass," he ordered her as he pushed harder on his finger. He let his finger stay inside her as he whispered in her ear, "you're going to have to sit on my cock while it goes up your ass. Can you do that for me, Jessica? Can you drive your own tight asshole down on my cock?"

She knew there was more than fucking his cock, now he wanted her to fuck his cock with her asshole. It would hurt when she would be forced to take it inside her. With Michael, he had forced it up her ass, making her take it, stretching her open. It was painful, but she was bound, unable to prevent it. Now Captain Fignolé wanted her to inflict her own pain while the others watched. Would she be able to do it?" She looked at him, nodding, hoping that she could do it, afraid of making him look bad in front of his soldiers.

"Stand up, Jessica." He watched as she complied, spreading her legs, not needing to be told. She let her arms stay pinned behind her head, her breasts heaving up and down as she waited for his next order. "I want you men to get her ready. Finger fuck her pussy, but not more then two fingers. Then I want you to spread some of her juices back to her asshole and finger her there. But not more then one finger up the ass. I want her still tight when she fucks me. Each take your turn while I get undressed and ready for her."

Her eyes were closed, not wanting to see their faces as they penetrated her body while she stood there open. It didn't take long before she felt two fingers pushing inside her clenching opening. She gripped them tightly, feeling the knuckles rub harshly inside her, his fingers twisting and turning as they plunged in and out in haste. She felt them leave, a new set of fingers, these thicker, entered her. She bowed her legs out, accommodating the fatter fingers. They began to feel good, almost forgetting the other part. She felt fingers at her cheeks, spreading them apart, her brown lubricated opening glistening in the light. "OOOH," she moaned as it eased into her tight bottom, losing her breath as she felt the sudden fullness again. It pushed in past the tight muscle, deeper into her rectum before pushing into her colon. She could feel her colon spasm on the finger, knowing that it was gripping it tightly.

Captain Fignolé stripped off his clothes, his cock jutting out and stepped in front of Jessica, watching her hips gently move back and forth, as she was fingered front and back. "Open your eyes, see what is going inside your body next."

His cock was bigger than Michael's or Henri's; bigger than any she had ever taken inside her. She was expected to fuck herself on it, impale her own pussy and asshole on that huge, rigid cock. "It's going to hurt, it's too big," she implored, her pussy and asshole still speared by thick, calloused fingers arousing her again. Why won't they just make her cum now? A heavy, swollen set of balls beneath the giant cock gave her an answer: he would not be happy until he emptied his cum inside her body, either her pussy or up her asshole.

He brought a wooden chair over, a heavy structure with no arms. He sat down, fisting his cock, aiming it up into the air. "I think you're wet enough, Jessica. Time to sit on my cock and fuck me. Now do it good, I want my men to see your titties bounce up and down as you fuck me. I want them to see your pussy clasping tightly on my cock as you slide up and down it. Over here, now, girl. Spread your legs on both sides of the chair and put your pussy over my cock."

Embarrassed, dripping with juices, all of the soldiers having felt the tightness of her pussy and asshole, she moved over to the Captain and started to sit astride him.

"The other way, I want my men to see your face as you fuck me."

She turned head down, not wanting to see as they stared at her, the Captain's hands on her hips, urging her backwards. She stepped back, her legs spreading wider as they hit the chair, her crotch aching as she bowed her legs out to accommodate the shaft that would enter her. She stopped when she saw his cock popping up from between her legs, the purple head, swollen in lust, over two inches wide. He was holding it up with his hand, grabbing it tightly around the base, over four inches still standing out over his hand.

"Spread your pussy open for me, Jessica."

Her fingers moved down over her naked stomach, finding her pussy wet with her juices, ashamed that they had forced the powerful orgasms from her body. She peeled back her labia with two fingers, her other finger finding her hard clit and beginning to rub it.

"More Jessica, spread it wider. You're taking a big cock in there." He saw her vagina open, but he wanted it wider, he wanted his men to see her stretching herself open for her own violation.

She pulled wider with her fingers, her clit forgotten, four fingers needed to spread herself to please him. She felt the ache as the mouth of her cunt opened obscenely, the dark insides bathed in the light as the men watched her spread herself so shamefully open for him.

"Grab my cock and put it inside, I want to feel the heat of your hot pussy." He released his cock when she grabbed it, her small hand barely able to encircle the huge organ. He felt the head rubbing up and down her slit, her hand gliding it along, picking up her juices onto the head, getting it wet before pushing it inside her. He jerked his cock, feeling Jessica tighten her grip when it jumped in her hand. "Now!"

She bent slightly forward as she nestled his cockhead against her vaginal opening, looking down and seeing the giant head glistening as it pushed against her tight hole. She moaned as she let her weight slowly down, the cock held upright by her hand, her vagina slowly opening to accept the hot flesh. She felt hands on her hips, tightening on her flesh.

"Watch how her flower opens to accept my cock," he spoke to the men. "Down now, Jessica, I want it fully inside you. I want to feel how hot and tight you are." His hands pushed down on her hips, her knees bending to allow her to lower herself on his erection, her legs bowing out, trying to accommodate the fat cock.

She felt her vagina slip over the head, her slippery pussy unable to stop it, her pussy gripping tightly under the rim. "God, it's so big," she moaned as she spread her legs wider, hoping to alleviate the pressure from the fullness of his cock. She could actually feel the shape of his cock inside her, the mushroom head stretching her too wide. Hands forced her down more, the head moving deeper inside her, stretching her inner walls. If it wasn't for her wetness, she was sure she would have been torn by now.

He wanted so desperately to fuck her, fuck her hard, but he held back, wanting his men see her violate her own body with his cock. His hands moved back to her ass, fingers on each side of her cheeks, pulling them back, her tiny anus peeking out, glistening and red from the rough fingering by his men. He didn't know how his large cock was going to be able to be sheathed inside such a hot, tight place, but he knew it would. Even if she had to tear a little to accommodate his cock.

Jessica shifted back, her vaginal opening gripping the cock as it slowly pulled out; feeling like it was pulling her inside walls out with it. When she felt her vagina expand on the rim of his cock and then clamp down on the shaft below it, she stopped, clenching her pussy on the trapped head, squeezing it, feeling it jerking in pleasure.

"Jessica's pussy feels like a mouse trap, snapping shut on my cockhead. How does it feel having something so big inside you, Jessica?" He had to fight back the urge to moan as he felt her sliding back down again, easier this time, Jessica making whimpering sounds as she was slowly impaled again.

It felt good. The stretching and tearing of her vagina to accommodate the large piece of flesh was offset by the fullness that possessed her sex. She would never have believed she would be able to take the giant member inside her without tearing her open, but she had over half of it moving in and out, her hips beginning to ride him, each time making sure it went deeper.

"Tie her ankles to the chair legs," he ordered one of his men.

"Why?" Jessica was puzzled. Wasn't she pleasing him? She felt leather straps binding her ankles to the outside of the chair legs, yanking on the leather, feeling the leather dig into her flesh painfully.

Then a large mirror was brought in so Jessica could see herself, her reflection shooting back at her. Her face flushed, her body spread, her ankles bound, her vagina, shiny with her juices gripping the huge cock that sprouted from between her legs. The dark flesh of his cock contrasting with her white skin and her pink pussy, his brown hands on her hips, urging her up and down.

"Play with your clit while you fuck me, Jessica. I want all of my cock inside you. Sit down on it, now," his voice commanding her.

She pressed down, feeling the mushroom head, the veins on his shaft slide along her stretched walls. She had never felt so stuffed, his cock filling every nook and cranny of her pussy, the slightest bump or ridge on his cock sending such pleasurable sensations through her body. "God, it feels like it's going to come out my mouth," she exclaimed as she sat down on the fat cock, feeling it sliding deeper and deeper inside her, her pussy swallowing the huge flesh as her weight drove it deep inside until it banged painfully against her cervix.

"Good girl, Jessica. You have it all. Now I want you to begin fucking me. Make sure your titties bounce as you do. Show my men how well you can please me."

Jessica looked into the mirror again; her body arched slightly forward, her fingers keeping the bent cock from pulling out, the thick meat hitting parts of her pussy never before touched as she dragged it back up again, her fingers rubbing her clit as she did. When she gripped the head with her pussy she let her body slip back down, taking the huge cock deep inside her in one long fuck. Once inside, she rode it back up, hoping to please him, fucking him like a bitch in heat. Her breasts bouncing on her chest, her nipples swollen and hard, her hips moving back and forth as she fucked him.

Captain Fignolé's hands slid up her sides to grip her breasts from beneath, feeling the flesh bouncing back and forth as she fucked him. Her pussy felt like a furnace, her hot flesh clenching and unclenching on his cock, her vaginal opening a tight ring gripping his cock as it pushed and pulled inside her body. He slapped the bottoms of her breasts making them bounce even higher, his fingers grabbing her nipples and pinching them tightly, pulling them, twisting them, feeling Jessica's hips move in circles as the pain increased her pleasure.

She rubbed her clit faster, her fingers moving quickly back and forth over the swollen flesh. The pain of his pinching fingers on her nipples was all she needed; she began to cum. "Fuck me. Fuck me!" her hips driving back and forth, taking the hard cock in and out her pulsating pussy, covering him with a thick layer of her cum. She looked in the mirror, her face contoured in pleasure, the brown skin of his cock and hands on her white body, the fullness of his cock inside her pussy driving the orgasm from her body.

Captain Fignolé held her body tightly against his as her orgasm sapped the strength from her body, her body jerking as she came on his hard cock, pumping up and down on it. He kept his cock inside her pussy, fighting back the urge to fill her with his hot cum, wanting to sheath it in her tight asshole, filling her with a cum enema. "It seems our Jessica has spent again," seeing her wet pussy in the mirror, his hard cock still jutting out into her sex, covered with her juices. He let her rest for a minute, the feeling of her velvety pussy walls vibrating his cock making it difficult to keep still.

Jessica, still impaled on the hard cock inside her, felt it jerking and jumping around inside her as she slumped down. She felt his hands run over her sex, touching his own cock, feeling it inside her before moving back to her spread slit, moving up to touch her sensitive clit again. "No more, please," she whimpered, but she knew he wouldn't stop yet. His jerking cock inside her told her that he still had to cum. And she knew where. In her asshole. She felt fingers move back to her ass, fingers on each side of her anus, pulling apart the tiny wrinkled opening, stretching it wide. Her ankles still bound, unable to escape the further ravishment he had planned for her body. She let her shaky legs hit the floors, using her hands she began to pull her tired body up, her pussy tugging on the skin of his cock as it slowly dragged out of her vagina. "Ahhh," she moaned in pain as it popped out of her pussy.

"Yes, you know what I want, don't you, Jessica? You're going to take this up your ass now." The Captain knew that girls exhausted from continual orgasm were more able to take large cocks in their orifices. Her asshole would be somewhat relaxed, but his cock was so big, he knew it would still be painful for Jessica. He expected that. He wanted that. It would feel good when her asshole fought the rude intrusion of his hot flesh.

Jessica did as she was ordered, rising up again, grabbing his slick cock, covered with her juices in her hand, moving it back between her legs, gathering up as much juice she could, dragging the head up and down her slit before moving it back to her anus. She pushed it against the tiny hole, feeling the hard, rubbery head throbbing on her tiny opening. She bent forward so her bottom cheeks pulled further apart, the giant cock bending as she tried to force it in. She moved her fingers closer to her hole, pulling the tiny anus open, his cock jerking at the door to her back passage. She stretched harder on her anus, the pain radiating from the mouth of her ass as it was pulled open.

Captain Fignolé had an excellent view of her exertion as she tried to impale her asshole with his cock. He watched her tiny pink hole begin to open and the bulbous head of his cock begin to enter her.

Jessica felt her ass begin to give way and the cock began to slowly fill her up. Her face contoured in pain, screaming as the round mushroom head of his cock popped through the ring of muscle protecting her anus and sank into her rectum.

"Relax your asshole. It feels like you are going to tear the skin off my cock," his cockhead slowly sinking into the hot, buttery insides of her asshole, feeling her sphincter grabbing onto the head, trying to push it out rather than allowing it in.

She bowed her legs out farther, her bound ankles not allowing her to spread her legs wide enough to accommodate the huge piece of man-meat sliding up her asshole. She wanted it out but she knew she would be punished if she didn't continue. She felt herself break open as the hot and huge piece of flesh slid the wrong way in her asshole, moving deeper still. She pulled up and then back down, another inch of cock slowly being forced up into her guts. Her mouth was open, gasping for air as she was painfully filled, her bowels forced to take the huge cock. She bent over, the thick meat giving her awful cramps in her belly, the cock inside her bending and rubbing painfully against her inner walls.

Captain Fignolé watched his brown cock slide between her white cheeks, her anus, a tight ring of flesh that gripped his cock, moving back and forth over his shaft as it moved inside her. "More Jessica, I want more inside you. Take it deeper"

"God!" she cried out, tears rolling down her cheeks, the burning sensation increasing as she slowly sank her aching asshole onto the erect member. Two more inches entered her. As the head pressed deep inside her, she felt a need to urinate, gripping his cock with her sphincter, attempting to stop the urge. The Captain groaned in pleasure.

The Captain had to feel his cock embedded deep inside her sheath, now. He grabbed her hips in his powerful hands and pulled her down, her groans of pain bringing pleasure to his cock as he slowly sank into the creamy depths of her insides.

The pain was intense as she was violated by his cock, the huge flesh entering her colon. Her hands clutched in fists as the cock pushed into her guts, his hands guiding her down, the cramps continuing as it drove into her bowels. She arched her back up in pain, as his cock went rigid and drove full length into her, feeling like an iron bar forcing her to stand erect, her insides pushed aside. It twitched inside her, fully embedded in her tight asshole, his pubic hair scratching against her anus.

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"Don't move!" she cried out, the throbbing cock jerking in the hot, buttery confines of her asshole

"Fuck me, Jessica! Fuck me with your asshole!" He pulled her up by the hips, his cock slowly dragging her insides out as it retreated, her colon all around him, clinging to his meat, clenching on the bulbous head.

She couldn't help him, the pain too much for her. He raised her hips up and down on his cock, fucking her with short strokes, his cock banging painfully into her insides by the cruel angle of the thrusts. She gave out painful little yelps of pain as his cock speared her, her ass muscles gripping his thick cock, forcing her pussy to close as her stomach cramped from the pain.

"Use the big vibrator on her, make her take it in her pussy," he ordered the private.

"No!," she cried out when she saw the private move toward her, the large plastic vibrator already humming, the head turning round and round as he moved it between her bound legs. He pushed forcefully, her pussy spread painfully wide as she was stuffed front and back with big cocks. Her body jerked and throbbed as she was filled to overflowing, the private rubbing her clit as he pumped her stuffed pussy with the unyielding plastic dildo. The Captain was riding her ass, his thick, long cock spearing deep into her intestines, the clenching walls gripping his cock, jerking back and forth in pleasure. The private was too rough, the plastic vibrator scratching her insides as he fucked her with it, her insides on fire as they took her.

Captain Fignolé pulled Jessica up almost off his cock before letting her weight drive his weapon deep into her guts again in powerful strokes. He could feel the vibration of the plastic vibrator between the thin walls separating her pussy and asshole. He looked at her anus, sliding up and down on his meat, once again admiring the contrast of his brown flesh with the white skin of her ass.

Jessica moved her hand down, expecting to be able to feel the cock in her ass poke against her stomach as her asshole felt so full. She tried to ignore the pain, concentrating on the feeling of the cockhead as it dragged along her silky insides, massaging her anal walls as she was fucked on his cock, her body handled like a rag doll. She felt the ridge on his cockhead, the thick veins running up the sides, every jerk and twitch of his cock as the vibrator hummed along in her pussy. The finger was beginning to pleasure her clit, slapping the hard bud back and forth, never leaving it alone.

"Cum for us, Jessica. Cum with your asshole stuffed with my cock." He felt her grip his cock when he buried it in her bowels, clutching at it when he pulled it out.

Suddenly, it began to feel good. The cock in her ass splitting her open. The vibrator in her pussy, humming away, massaging the cock on the other side. The fingers slapping her sensitive clit. She was moaning now, her body filled like never before. She looked in the mirror, covered in sweat, glistening, looking sexier than ever before. Her breasts bounced up and down as she was fucked on the Captain's hard cock, the soldiers watching her, their cocks out, stroking the long, dark, skinny flesh up and down. They moved in as they saw her coming close to orgasm. She felt the familiar feeling deep inside her, her ass gripping him tightly as she exploded and began to cum. Just then she felt the Captain bury his cock deep inside her guts, shooting inside her, emptying his balls. The hot, burning cum stung her insides, the salty semen irritating her abraded anal tract, filling her stomach, feeling the wetness inside her. She came all over the vibrator, soaking the private's hand as he continued to fuck her with it. A ropey strand of hot cum hit her face, opening her eyes just in time to see the soldiers all cum on her face. Her mouth was open, filled unexpectedly with hot, salty cum as all six of them gave her a cum facial. She closed her mouth, the thick salty fluid mixing with her saliva. A finger at the corner of her mouth, forcing her to open again, a cock placed on her lips, a hand stroking up and down the shaft, as it shot out batches of thick, ropey cum into the hot confines of her mouth.

The Captain shot off inside her, her velvety insides massaging his cock as he filled her colon. He watched his men bathing her face with cum as she had another orgasm, her body shuddering, all of her orifices filled with cum, her mouth spread open, forced to take their cum inside. They all finally finished cumming, Jessica slumping down on his lap, his shrinking cock still buried inside her asshole, her muscles trying to force it out. They untied her ankles, allowing her to get off of him. She stood there, cum dripping from all her holes, her asshole, swollen and red, thick, milky fluids running down the back of her thighs. Her face was a blanket of cum, dripping from her nose, her lips covered with a thick layer of crème. She stuck her tongue out, licking her lips, sucking in the semen.

"You are forever welcome in my country, Jessica." He gave her the brief bathing suit, taking her back to the beach where she started. "Hope to see you before you leave, Jessica," waving as they drove off, leaving her slumped on the blanked, sexually exhausted.

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