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Tabby Part 3  


The whole idea of loosing my virginity to Tracy's brother was a little scary. I had every intention of loosing it today but to a total stranger, someone I would never ever see again. I'd see Mike again. Probably many times over. "What if he told my mom?" I hissed at Tracy right before she pulled open the door.
"Mikes not a snitch - are you mike?" Tracy asked of him with a big smile.
Mike's dark brown eyes nearly bug out of his head upon seeing both of us standing naked before him.
"Get in here fool, you are letting all the heat in." Tracy reached out and tugged on his wife beater.
Stealing a glance back at the empty street he quickly darted in and closed the door behind him. "What's going on?" He asked tentatively, as if he really didn't want to know.
"We were just having some fun. Tabby's tired of being mommy's good little girl."
"Really?" His response is casual but his stare is not. It's like his eyes are devouring me.
I feel self conscence under his gaze, so I go and sit down on the couch, pulling my knees up to cover some of my nakedness.
"Oh my god, you're getting shy. You don't have to be shy with Mike, he's known you since you were four." Tracy comes to sit next to me and leans in close to my ear. "Plus I remember when you use to have a thing for him."
A smile creeps across my face, along with a little flush of color. Tracy begins to caress my hair as she motions for her brother to come stand before us.
"Have you ever seen one before?" Tracy questions of me.
I shake my head and look at Mikes crotch. Even through his jeans I can tell that all this is exciting him.
"Give us a show Mike." Tracy seemed just as eager as me to see it.
"You sure?" He asked, making eye contact with me.
I finally find my voice. "Yes please."
"She even said please, now come on whip it out."
Mike smiles a crooked smile as he unzips his jeans. He pushes them, along with his boxers, to the floor, exposing a solid eight inches of excited cock.
My breath catches and my hand reaches out to touch it before I even think about what I'm doing. His cock jerks up a little as my fingers make contact with it. The skin feels silky and I can feel his heartbeat in the throbbing veins.
"Wrap your hand around it." Tracy says breathlessly.
I do as she says and Mike lets out a deep moan.
"Come closer Mike." Tracy once again pulls at his shirt and he gets close enough for his shins to hit the couch.
I put my legs down, letting one slide between his. His cock wasn't more than a few inches away from my face now. I could smell the sweat on his body from the summer heat.
"Now taste it." Tracy prods.
I lean in and slowly let my tongue run across the head of his cock. I can feel him shake a little in response.
"That's right, lick all around the head and then slowly work it down your throat." Tracy's hand comes up and starts to tickle at her brother's balls.
I stick the head of his cock into my mouth and swirl my tongue all around it and up under the little cleft. I even gently poke my tongue in and out of his small slit. Which tastes salty and tangy, kind of like pussy juice. Now I slowly begin to work it down my throat, an inch at a time. I can feel Tracy's fingers search out my clit, which causes me moan around his cock just as I get the whole eight inches buried down my throat.
"Oh jesus, she a natural." Mike says, placing his warm hands on either side of my head.
"Let me help you." Tracy whispers in my ear.
Sucking hard I slowly pull my mouth from his cock. It's wet and glistening with my saliva. Tracy is still slowly massaging my clit in small lazy circles that makes the pussy juice pour from my hot box. I can feel my climax building way down deep as I watch Tracy move in to lick her own brothers cock. I join in on the other side, our tongues meeting in the middle occasionally for a wonderfully sweet moment of simultaneous kissing and cock licking. I move to suck his head again and Tracy goes down to his balls, where she takes them both into her mouth and sucks them gently.
Mike's thighs begin to quiver and his breathing becomes faster. His cock seems to grow even longer in my mouth.
"I'm going to cum." Mike announces, his eyes closed and his voice barely above a whisper.
"Don't swallow it." Tracy directs me. "Just hold it in your mouth."
I nod and before I know it a groan rips from Mike and it feels like his cock is quivering. I'm not really sure he's cuming until my mouth is suddenly flooded with a salty tangy liquid. He's pumping so much into my mouth that I'm not sure I can hold it all. Finally he pulls his cock from my mouth and sits down on the floor in front of us.
His eyes are watching Tracy who's now turning my face towards her's. She goes to kiss me and begins sucking and licking all her brothers cum from my mouth. I let her take it all and she pushes me back to gain access to my throbbing pussy. She dives into it and I can feel her let the cum run from her mouth to my clit. Tracy then lets it run all the way down to my ass before licking it back up. The feeling of it running down me is pure ecstasy. Tracy crawls on top of me as if she herself is going to take my virginity, but instead we share a kiss full of cum and my pussy juice.
Tracy pulls away and looks at me tenderly. "Now I think you are ready to loose your cheery. I mean - you're not still feeling shy about Mike anymore - are you?"
I shake my head and we both turn to Mike who's still on the floor, only now he's jerking at his cock in anticipation....

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:56 pm