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Tabby Part 2  


Bounding down the stairs quickly, so very unlike a lady, I race no one to the phone. My whole body is tense with excitement. I call up my best friend Tracy, I hinted to her that something extra cool was going to happen today. She'll never expect this. I want Tracy to join with me today and show me how to do all the things I've missed out on. She started having sex back in the fourth grade so suffice it to say, she should be able to show me a thing or two.
"Tracy come over quick." I try to keep my voice even but I know she can hear my excitement.
"What's going on? You sound funny."
"Just get your ass over here - I have something important to tell you." I hang up before she can object. She only lives a block away so it doesn't give me much time to plan on how to tell her what we must do today. Not to mention what I want to do to her today. I'd been thinking about it since gym class the year before last. Now it has gotten to be too much - I so badly want to know what she feels like, even tastes like. A smile creeps across my face as I think this. A knock at the door breaks all my dirty thoughts. Tracy walks in without me even saying anything.
"What's so fucking important."
"An attitude like that will get you nothing." I watch Tracy flop into the sofa. She was dressed much like me and her skin was a warm dark brown.
"Just tell me already - it's to damn hot to mess around."
"But messing around is exactly what I want to do."
Tracy's full lips twist into a devilish grin, their painted in a trashy pink that makes me horny. "What do you mean?"
I can tell by the tone of her voice that she has a good idea what I mean. "I'm tired of being a good girl." I say quietly coming over to sit down next to her.
"Amen. It's about fucking time. So what's your plan?"
"Well I was thinking maybe you could give me a few pointers and maybe..." I let the sentence hang as I slowly pull off my shirt. I think I'll just go for the direct approach.
"Nice tits." Tracy reaches out and traces around my nipples with a delicate finger.
An electric charge races through my body as she touches me. My nipples seem to rise to meet her touch and my back arches just slightly. "I was hoping you would like them." I say shyly.
"So I take it you want to start this bad girl thing right now?"
I nod deeply. Our eyes lock for a fraction of a second and then before I can even contemplate what is going on, her mouth is on my nipples. One at a time she sucks them hard, raising them to pink nubs. My pussy turns instantly creamy. "Oh God Tracy I have wanted this for so long."
"Me too." Her voice is heady and full of passion as her mouth searches out mine. Her hands go to the buttons of my shorts and begin undoing them. I slide my hands up under her shirt and pinch at her nipples playfully as her tongue deeply explores my mouth. Her moans make me even wetter.
"Lets get undressed." I say, breaking from the kiss. My hands shake ever so slightly as I lift her shirt over her head. Then I stand up and remove my shorts as she removes hers. We were both pantyless. Tracy's body possessed no tan lines and was long and lean. I felt so eager to lick every inch of her.
Tracy pulls me to stand in front of her. She smiles before taking the tip of her tongue and running it from my bellybutton to the top of my very wet pussy's hairline. My breath catches in anticipation of what's to come. Suddenly her tongue enters between my pussy lips and flicks across my stiff clit sending me practically into convulsions. "Oh god, please don't stop doing that." I throw my head back and loose myself in the feeling as her tongue again enters the private space that she is the first to invade.
Pulling her face away she smiles up at me. I can see my juices glistening on her face. I watch her tongue slowly lick her mouth clean. "you taste so fucking sweet. I love the taste of virgin pussy."
I kneel down in front of her and lick off the juice she couldn't reach with her tongue. It does taste so sweet. It makes me long to taste hers. I push her knees apart and Tracy can tell what I want.
"Go ahead and explore Tab." Tracy says pulling her legs up and opening herself up to me.
I've never seen anything like it before. The insides of her pussy are bright red and dripping wet. First I run my finger from the very top over her clit and down to her entrance. The motion causes her whole body to tense up and a deep guttural moan to emit from her. I taste my finger but only a little at first. The tangy sweetness only makes me want more. I suck it all off my finger hungrily. Holding her pussy even wider open I move my mouth in to hover over her clit. The smell of my best friend fills my nose and drives me further. Finally my tongue is on her clit. It obvious she can't stand it any longer, she smashes her pussy up against my face, pushing my tongue hard against her clit. From the nose down my face becomes covered in her pussy juice. I begin to eagerly lick every creamy part of her. I want to eat all the pussy juice she can give me. My tongue explores every bit of her sweet little cunt. As I enter her she lets out a yelp of ecstasy. I begin to tongue fuck her and her hips raise up to meet my face. I've never been so hungry for anything in my life. My own hand goes down to my pussy that I can feel dripping on to my mothers rose colored carpet. My clit is even more swollen than it was during my strip show earlier. I want to make her cum in my mouth, I want it worse than anything.
I can feel tracy climaxing. Her moans and whimpers are getting more abundant and I can hardly keep up with the juices flowing from her. I press my face in hard and move it about, trying to cover myself in her pussy juice. I wish my whole body was covered in the smell and taste of her sex. Finally a scream rips from her trashy pink lips and her pussy begins to pump forth the sweetest juice yet. I cup my tongue and lapp it all up like a dog. I want her to finish me off now and I stand up to give her access, but just as she leans towards my hot throbbing cunt, there's a knock at the door. Tracy turns around and peeks out the window to see who it is. She looks so happy as she turns back to me.
"It's okay, it's just my brother. He's in town from college and I told him I would be over here."
I go to cover myself and she stops me.
"C'mon Tabby, this is the perfect chance to loose that pesky old virgin thing."
To be continued...

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:31 pm