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Summer Times


Hello! Readers, this is Rakesh and it is a story about my experience with my neighbor, well! I can say a family friend. It was a warm summers evening. The clock struck seven and I peeped out the window just to see that the sky was still bright. There was nothing much that I could do for the rest of the evening, my friends had retired for the day and my parents had gone to spend the weekend at my sisters. I ran through the little library in my room but found nothing interesting so I curled up on the rocking chair in the far end of the room staring blindly at the TV screen.

My thoughts ran here and there thinking about things I’ve never thought before. Well! I thought about myself and I smiled at myself thinking I was only 24, quiet well built and an eligible bachelor. I thought about the few affairs I had in the past, I thought about my college days and all about the fun and frolic, I thought about my first affair and to my surprise, I found my thoughts run down and over our tenants living downstairs. The couple in their mid thirties lived with their only daughter. They were of the fun loving kind and for a moment I thought of visiting them but I was in no mood to climb downstairs, more over I never liked their formality of forcing me to have dinner with them. Ravi and Geeta have been living downstairs our apartment for almost four years now. They were a handsome couple with a daughter. Ravi a strong business man shown in his life climbing the ladder to success every other day and Geeta, a modern girl with all the glamour, style and hummer remained a house wife ever since the day she quit her job at a call centre. Their only daughter Renu, a pretty young girl, ever so beautiful and cute for her age did her schooling.

Now to talk about the young couple. Ravi must have been in the age group of mid Thirties, average looking but tall and Geeta, about 27 or so, 5’ 7” tall. They both come from sophisticated families and dressed and maintained themselves to the top notch. Ever so stylish and elegant. Geeta maintained a perfect body with all her curves so dashing. She had a perfect sized bottom and her breasts even though not oversized, stood prompt and firm attracting any man that would pass by. I have carefully scanned the whole of Geeta’s slim and sexy body when ever I was not noticed but never really had any sexual thoughts about her for she was only considered a friend and a friendly neighbor.

Lazily and windingly I turned to take a look at the clock on the wall and cursed myself seeing that the time was hardly passing by. I started to wonder what I would do next to kill time and slowly walked over to my fathers little bar. I poured myself a nice shot of scotch and as I fixed my drink I walked to the balcony staring out into the almost empty streets. From our balcony we could see Ravi’s balcony rather crystal clear and as I stood sipping my drink, I slowly turned to look at their balcony, it was to my surprise that the lights came sparkling on, in their balcony. I wondered who might come out but soon realized that it could be Ravi for he had this habit of walking on to the balcony for a smoke.

I waited impatiently to see who it would be and all to the blessings and my shier luck, I found that it was no one but beautiful Geeta. She was dressed in an angles white night gown with her hair wrapped in an almost wet towel. She looked fresh from her bath as she walked carrying a bucket with few cloths that needed to be aired out. I secretly enjoyed and cherished the elegance and her beauty as she aired out the cloths one by one. I have never before looked at Geeta with an eye for sex but this time I found something strange happening in me and I found myself trying to capture the curves of her body that became partly visible from the light that shown from the ceiling, in through her silky gown. I could feel a ticklish feeling build up my genitals and gently cupped my crotch and squeezed it tight. I started to feel nerves, I started to feel conscious about the surroundings and soon concentrated on my glass of scotch with my eyes still planted on beautiful Geeta.

I wondered what would be on Geeta’s mind and as I kept nursing on my whiskey I saw her unwrap the towel from her head and gently dry her hair. She swayed her head side by side drying her hair and to my shivers, I saw her look at me in surprise. I felt a kind of shame run through my bones but then, Geeta waved at me with a big bright smile. She gestured me asking something which I never understood so I quickly signaled to her saying I shall call her over the phone. Geeta smiled in return nodding her head and soon walked away into her living room locking the door to her balcony.

I walked back into our living room thinking about the heavenly body I was enjoying through the faint evening light and the light in her balcony, I thought about her beautiful face and as I reached for the phone, I started to become a kind of nerves not knowing what I would ask or say to her. I poured myself another drink and soon gathering my guts dialed Geeta’s number. The ring went on for a while with no answer and disconnected by itself with a message “No Answer from the phone you are calling from” I started to get more and more nerves wondering what had happened. My hands reached for the dial pad yet another time but with hesitation I declined from making the call. Sitting at the barstool I wondered why Geeta dint answer the call even though I had gestured, saying I will be calling. It was a disappointment but any way, I was not expecting anything to happen.

I started to feel the scotch slowly get through me and soon poured me another drink calling it the last one. I walked to the rocking chair and as I cuddled myself up on the soft cushioning our phone bell rang. I jutted out of the chair and rushed to the phone wondering who it could be, I grabbed the receiver and as I hurriedly said “Rakesh” Who is it please? The voice on the other end sent shivers up my spine, it sounded so sweet and sexy as she said “Hi Rakesh this is Geeta, and continued saying “I am sorry I couldn’t answer when you called”. I took a deep breath filling my mind with happiness and soon said “Hi Geeta, is everything alright. “Yeah! She said and continued “Rakesh it is just that Ravi was on the verge of leaving and I was at the door seeing him off. I was chocked for a moment but soon asked “where is Ravibhai leaving for? In a faint voice Geeta said “He’s had a call from one of his suppliers in Bombay and had to leave on emergency. For how long is he gone Geeta? I asked not putting in too much of interest and she soon answered “for at least a week or two. I took a deep sigh and soon said “God! That’s a long time. “Yeah! Geeta said asking me what I was up to being all alone at home.

Not much Geeta I answered continuing to say that I was feeling bored watching the TV and so had a couple of drinks. Drinks! She repeated with a laugh that followed. “You drink Rrakesh she questioned with a lot of amusement in her voice and I quietly replied “A little occasionally. Before I could give her a chance to continue talking I quickly asked “Do you like wine Geeta, I’ve got some good imported wine. Geeta dint answer for a while but then she said, I would love to Rakesh but some other time. I dint say nothing in reply but soon asked what her daughter was doing. Geeta seemed to have felt good hearing me ask about her daughter and said “she has had a long day and is fast a sleep. I asked about Ravi’ flight and as she mentioned it was a 9Pm and he is already late for the flight, I asked if he would make it on time and if he would call upon getting the boarding pass. Geeta said he normally calls but being late I really don’t know. Our conversation went on for quiet a long time and in a faint volume I heard Geeta’s mobile phone ring. She put me on hold and as I stood hanging on to the line I heard her wish Ravi a safe journey wanting him to return as soon as possible. A few bye’s followed and soon Geeta was back on the line talking to me. She said Ravi has boarded the flight and continued saying many different things. Somewhere down in my mind I was feeling kind of good knowing Ravi has left but then again I was wondering why I was feeling kind of strange about Geeta.

Our conversation went on and to my surprise Geeta asked “have you had your dinner Rakesh? “Oh! No I replied as though I was waiting for her to ask. In fact I wanted her to. “Rakesh If you don’t have nothing better to do then why don’t you join me for dinner she said and in a thrill of excitement I said “yes I would love to have dinner with you Geeta, but how about the wine, shall I bring it across? Geeta dint answer for a while but I soon said “it is ok if you don’t feel like it. “Its not that Rakesh said Geeta, its just that I was wondering what Ravi would do if he came to know that we’ve had drinks together. Gathering all my guts I softly said “from my end, no one will know Geeta and I promise that if you want it to be confidential it will always be. I could sense a sign of relief in Geeta’s voice as she softly said “Well then, come on over Rakesh. I have some Chicken and Fried Rice. I disconnected the line promising to see her in just a few minutes and soon started to jump on all over the house with complete excitement. I quickly ran to the bathroom, I washed my self up, perfumed, gathered my pair of jeans, a T-shirt and soon got dressed. I picked up the bottle of chilled wine and soon climbed down the elevator eager to see Geeta stand close to my very naked eyes.

The door clicked open the moment I knocked and it seemed as though she was waiting at the door looking forward to my arrival. Slowly she opened the door to its full extant welcoming me with a broad smile. My eyes blanked and it blinked watching this young, gorgeous woman welcoming me over standing just inches away from me. I have seen and have been to Geeta’s place many times before but never did I get so close to her. She greeted me with a warm smile signaling me to make myself comfortable on the sofa and as I walked into the big living room, placing the bottle of wine on their dinning table my eyes scanned Geeta’s body. She was still dressed in that angles white house gown with her hair tied tight following a pony tail. She looked amazingly beautiful and I thanked my stars. I dint know what was in store for the rest of the evening but gently sat on the sofa as she walked into the kitchen nodding she will be back in a minute. My eyes gapped at her as she walked swaying her perfectly shaped bottoms and in through the light that shown through her almost transparent silky gown I could see the curves of her dynamic body. Her rounded thighs revealed itself through her gown making me feel kind of daisy. I knew I needed to control this sexy feelings I have been developing and soon picked up a magazine from over the tea table and started to look through.

Geeta returned a few moments later holding a tray with two crystal glasses and as I watched her completely astonished and unable to concentrate else ware she placed them gently over the tea table in the centre of the living room. My eyes stood gazed watching the sharp curves of her amazingly beautiful breasts, in through her gown, held so lovingly in her almost gray brazier. I sat speechless as she placed the glasses over the table and softly looked up into my eyes with a smile asking if she could offer me some snacks. I sat chocked for a while unable to answer as I was definitely sure that Geeta has noticed my eyes planted on her breasts. I quickly looked around the room in pretence of not hearing her and then quickly said “some French Fries would be perfect. Geeta proverbially noticed some kind of an uneasiness in my and she softly asked “is everything ok Rakesh? Oh! Yes I replied with a blunt smile and she soon walked away, into the kitchen gesturing me to go ahead pouring the wine.

My throat was kind of getting dry and I desperately wanted to have a sip of the cold wine. I quickly pulled the cork out of the bottle head and gently pored in both the glasses. The aroma of freshly fried French Fries clouded the air and as I waited impatiently for Geeta to return. A few seconds later, all to my surprises Geeta returned with a pallet filled with French Fries and Chicken Nuggets and as she placed them down on the tea table she sat on the sofa opposite me. She wore a pleasant smile all the while and this helped me gather all my strengths to hand over her glass of wine. We knocked our glasses calling on “Cheers and soon started nursing on the chilled read wine. A few sips and I got to make myself comfortable on the large three seater and I soon found Geeta herself making herself comfortable crossing her legs. I couldn’t help control my eyes and with a greed stared at her clean feet and a part of her legs exposed as she sat crossed legs. I found myself captivated, totally engrossed and as we continued talking literarily common talk I paused and softly asked “Why don’t you tell me something about Ravi. She looked at me stunt and in a fix asked “What exactly do you want to know Rakesh? I smiled and simply replied “Everything. I noticed Geeta getting to know what I was at as she quickly asked” What everything do you mean Rakesh?

Silence captured the room for a while and soon I replied I would love to know about your personal life, like How he is, How he treats you and may be about how he is………..leaving a big gap. Geeta extended her empty glass wanting me to serve her the second round and as I did, I asked “Geeta if you don’t mind may I ask you something? With surprises she looked into my eyes and I quickly asked “Can you tell me something about your sex life. Geeta looked at me with total surprises, she looked totally astonished and shocked for she never expected a question like that to arise from my end. For a moment I felt ashamed and scared for asking but then as I quickly said that I was sorry but Geeta, she immediately asked “Rakesh, what exactly do you want to know about our sex life. This triggered some guts into me so looking down at the floor below I softly said “I’m just curious enough to know for I have never made love to a woman in my life. I said I was sorry if I had made a mistake by asking but to be honest I’ve always thought you a good friend and that I could confide in you. Geeta remained silent, she placed her glass of wine bace on the tea table and as I sat looking down at the floor she quietly said “Rakesh I think you should leave now and I sure believe we should not be talking things like this.

I felt my nerves system break into a billion bits and pieces, I felt myself loose my foot and I started to feel shaky. Placing my glass of wine over the table I slowly got up to my feat and started to walk towards the door. Geeeta stood motionless with a face so expressionless. I felt my whole world twist and turn as my mind flooded with the fear of Geeta informing her Husband and my parents on their return. I shut the main door behind me delicately and soon walked to the elevator and back into my home where I threw myself on the bed hoping and praying that she never informs anybody about my question. I tried to catch sleep but my worries and fear over lapped me. All I could do was to lay on the bed facing the ceiling and hope for the best. I looked at the clock on the wall as it clicked second by second by minute by minute, the time never seemed to be passing by but then my heart stopped for a flying second as the telephone rang. I cursed my stars and ran to answer wondering who that might be, I hoped it would be my parents but to my surprise it was non other than Geeta. Hello! I answered my voice cuffed and Geeta on the other end said “Rakesh, have you gone to bed already? Her voice sounded as normal as ever with which I found a little comfort. “I’m sorry Rakesh, I believe I made a mistake, I invited you for dinner and I asked you to leave for no reason at all! I kept mum all the while as she spoke and at the end she said “if you don’t mind Please come over Rakesh, let us have dinner together.

My fears disappeared but the shame of facing her prevailed, I dint know how to face her but soon hung up the line saying “I’ll be there in a moment. I quickly pulled on my shoes and in a haste rushed to Geeta’s door where I found her open the door even before I could knock. She welcomed me with a big smile saying she was sorry and soon showed me to the sofa. She had already topped the two glasses of wine and as I sat on the large sofa she sat herself on the sofa next to mine and softly said “you are too timid and gentle aren’t you? I dint say a word but sat not making a move. Geeta understood my nervousness and soon helped me with my glass as she helped herself with hers. All my fears disappeared as the wine started to work on me. I started to feel comfortable and through the corner of my eyes I could see Geeta look at me very carefully as I turned around every now and then to take a look at her heavenly body that became partly visible through her gown. There was silence in the room but soon the silence was broken when Geeta suddenly broke up and asked “Rakesh, do you have any friends whom you think you can call and intimate girlfriend.

I shrugged and softly replied “No but I used to like someone but those likes ended when she got married. Geeta laughed aloud and said “so you never told her about your likes? Nop! I answered I was too scared. So tell me exactly Rakesh, what exactly do you want to know about my sex life? I shrugged again not knowing what to say but before I could continue, Geeta asked “have you had any encounters with any of your girlfriends or may a lady you’ve known? Nop! I answered saying that I have watched some adult movies but never liked them because they all looked so unnatural and mechanical and continued saying that all I wanted was to know what it is all about and how it all feels. Geeta wore a thin smile on her face as she looked into my eyes and as I found her build in her a kind of interest towards me I looked into her eyes expressing my desires and all my cravings for her. I told her that I had so much to tell her since the day she moved into this apartment but have been suppressing all that, worried about tomorrows. Look into my eyes said Geeta and as I did she said “tell me what you want Rakesh, I would love to hear it from you. I kept mum for a while and quietly said “I don’t know why Geeta, but you, you’ve always been on my mind like an angle. I’ve always loved you and have craved for you even though I knew, I should not. Your body has been a model and there have been nights when I have spent thinking and dreaming of you.

Geeta was all so silent listening to me and as I finished and bent down to see the floor below, I saw her slowly get out of the sofa and walk towards me. My heart started to pound and my eyes started to bluer as I lifted up my face and watched this young, gorgeous woman walk towards me. Her eyes looked expressionless and my bones shivered. She walked to me and gently sat besides me on the large sofa and softly asked “How good are you at keeping secrets Rakesh? My lips scantly shivering I quietly answered “all my friends trusted me. I could feel the warmth of Geeta’s body soothing me and I could smell the delicate aroma of her skin intoxicating me. I sat there speechless as Geeta gently placed her right hand over my left hand and gently held my fingers. You are so gentle and nice Rakesh said Geeta delicately caressing my fingers and softly whispered wanting me to look into her eyes. Trembling with fear and excitement I lifted my face and as I looked into her beautiful and calm eyes she smiled and softly said “I trust you Rakesh, so please don’t let me down. I promised Geeta and as my lips shivered partly she slowly raised her hands and placed her right hand fingers over my forehead. I started to tremble inside as this was the first time I was ever touched by a woman. Wearing a thin sexy smile on her face she gently slid her fingers down my face, over my nose, over my cheeks and over my trembling lips and over my chin. I was motionless not knowing what move to make, my eyes planted gaping into her eyes with the innocence of a child watered, feeling pampered and I herd her voice say “Rakesh, you are a handsome young man.

I dint utter a word but as I watched her, she bent forward like an angle and delicately kissed me over my forehead. Rakesh! She uttered in silence slowly lifting both my hands, she cupped my palms over her cheeks and whispered, please, please kiss me on my eyes. My heart beat galloped as my throat dried as I gently moved forward to kiss her on both her dreamy eyes. I kissed Geeta over both her eyes and as my breath feathered over her soft skin she moaned guiding her lips to mine. She parted her lips slightly allowing me to sandwich her lower lips between my lips. Adding no pressure I gently kissed her as my tongue knowingly or unknowingly played a delicate drama spreading her lips wider and wider allowing my tongue to enter and explore the depths of her sweet and warm mouth. Our fears and our reluctances vanished into thin air and we kissed on our mouths holding each other by our faces. Our kissing got instance as our tongue battled the war of love and lust caressing and sucking each others lips and tongue. We tasted and we relished the taste of our mouth enjoying the tenderness and the delicacy of our saliva. The pleasure of being with a woman so elegant with outstanding beauty enriched my thoughts and my dreams but somewhere in a corner of my mind the fear of not being able to proceed to the next step tarnished me imaginations. I needed to feel, touch and experience Geeta’s ever so soft and delicate body, I needed to touch her wonderful breasts and I needed to feel and taste her pussy which I wondered how hot, wet and delicious it would be but the fear in me and the lack of experience confused me not knowing how to go about it.

We kissed each other twisting and turning our tongue, we kissed softly biting each others lips and we kissed forgetting the whole world around. Geetas body trembled and shivered as we sat hugging each other, the warmth of our bodies crept into each other like a ghost in the forest of Eden. Geeta’s hands started to slowly move down my neck and over my shoulders. The excitement widened as my finger tips delicately played her earlobes and in a sudden Geeta grabbed me by my shoulders, she gestured me to help her stand and as I did she hugged me tight requesting me and begging me to hold her body pressed against mine. Love and the heat of lust clouded the room as her heavenly breasts pressed against my pronounced chest. Her perfectly sized breasts played magic over my chest and in a flint of a second I started to feel my already hard and heavy manhood press and rub against Geeta’s soft and tender body. Well! I should say Thanks to our height, I was 5’ 11” tall and Geeta, quiet a tall lady, she was almost 5’ 8” tall. We continued kissing hugging each other and I got fortunate enough to feel Geeta’s hands move gently down my shoulders. Down my arms ran her hands grabbing me by my waist and soon whispered softly into my ears “Rakesh, Please give me all that you have. Her words sounded like music to my ears, Her words erased my fears and made me feel like a man. I started to feel on cloud nine and soon grabbed her hugging her tighter than ever. Our kissing became more and more vigorous and I soon reached my hands for the buttons of her dreamy white gown.

One by one I undid the buttons as we kissed and hugged and in a fraction of a minute I undid all the four buttons letting her gown slip down her chest, her breasts, her waist line and down her thighs. The warm, smooth and soothing skin of Geeta sent waves of indefinable shocks through my body. I was feeling explosions in my mind as lust flooded my mind. I ran my palms over her bare skin all over her back, her curves, her belly and her hips, our bodies brushed against swaying left and right and soon, I felt Geeta’s fingers searching for the buttons of my shirt. I agreed and in total haste Geeta pulled open the buttons of my shirt, she pulled the shirt off my body and as she flung it over the sofa by the side she ran her finger over my chest piercing her nails on to my bare skin. I knew that Geeta is now engulfed in the heat of lust and is now ready for the real ride. I knew that she wanted it all but I dint know what move to make. Mild moans and heavy breathing erupted from the gorgeous woman who stood trembling and shivering glued to my body. Her beautiful firm breasts and my heavy hard cock sandwiched between the two of us waiting for liberty and as our moans echoed in the room I reached for the hooks of Geeta’s silky grey bra and unhooked them with ease. Holding on to the elastic straps I gently pulled her bras down her arms and then down her breasts letting them free to feel the warmth of my slightly hairy chest. My eyes blanked and watered, my eyes quenched its thirst seeing the heavenly size, texture and smoothness of her breasts. Her cherry sized dark brown nipples, completely erect stood hard like a jewel in the crown adorned in the middle of the two light brown circles. Her firm breasts stood facing slightly upward pointing her erect nipples. It looked as though they were waiting to be treated with my wet mouth.

I could hold no longer and like a beast put on starvation, I grabbed her beautiful breasts and started to feast on them one by one cupping my mouth, kissing, sucking and licking. Geeta moaned and she softly whispered “Please Rakesh, please go soft about it, I want you the whole night so please don’t hurry. This is the first time in my life that I am feeling and handling a woman and I sure dint know how to go about it all. I requested Geeta to guide me but she whispered saying “you are doing wonderful Rakesh, just keep doing it all night long. Her words encouraged me and made my imaginations go wild. I knew I could now handle a woman and I gently cuddled her lowering my hands down below her well shaped bottom. With one hand supporting her bottom and the other her back, I gently lifted Geeta’s beautiful body, I carried her and I gently walked into their guest bedroom (thank God they had a three bedroom apartment) I laid her softly over the edge of the large 6’ X 6’ bed. I stood besides the bed as Geeta laid on the bed with closed eyes and only in her dark grey silky panty. I thanked my stars for this wonderful day, I thanked my luck for this wonderful sight and gently climbed over her and laid beside her body not touching her. Softly and gently I laid my palm over her flat belly and delicately circled my finger in and around her belly button. Geeta’s beautiful breasts rose up and down keeping in phase with the deep breath she took. She moaned in ecstasy as my finger tips played magic over her soft belly. Geeta’s firm and full breasts with her ever so shinny nipples captivated my emotions and in a sense of starved senses I bent down over her and for the first time in my life and softly kissed her nipples. I saw a streak of passion filled current run through her body. I parted my wet lips a little, softly nested her nipples in between my lips and as I gently stroked my tongue over her nipples, Geeta grabbed my arms piercing her nails. Her body swayed and she stretched her neck bending her head back words, she parted her lips wanting more and in the bliss I planted my left hand middle finger into her hungry mouth. Geeta sucked and she softly bit my finger, she rolled her tongue around my finger and as my right hand fondled, cuddled and caressed her right breast my mouth sucked, licked and kissed her left breast. The sight of her fair body lying in front of my very eyes in just her panty enriched my sexual desires making me feel like a monster. I wanted to feel, touch and taste Geeta as a whole, I started to be impatient and in a flash ran my right hand down her neck, over her breasts and down her soft belly all the way squeezing and cuddling her.

My erection in its outburst stage stood crushed against my underwear trying hard to attain freedom. I felt like tearing my pants and my underwearletting my hood free, but I had better plans, I wanted Geeta to do it for me so I pressed my heavy cock hard against her hips and proceeded to kiss, hug, cuddle and caress her. My hands fondling every corner of her body reached down below her belly button and soon, my fingers felt the elastics of her silky panties. Geeta laid shivering and trembling as if she has never experienced sex before, she craved for more and as she whispered requesting for more pressing my mouth harder against her firm breasts, I slid my fingers in through her panty. My fingers felt the roughness of her closely shaved pubic bone and as the warm wetness of her oozing pussy moistened my fingertips I lowered my hands further down feeling the delicate softness of her hot and wet cunt. Geeta parted her legs gently allowing my hands move further down in between her thighs and my palm soon cupped the mount of her thriving pussy. It was all wet, moist, warm and oozing and I rubbed my fingers up and down her hot cunt. Geeta moaned, she cried in pleasure, she swayed her body and in the coziness of my body enveloping her she begged me to be rough on her. Like a monster at war I pulled her panties down her thighs and with my right leg toes I quickly tossed her panties down her legs and off her feat.

In total nudeness laid Geeta in front of my naked eyes feasting my hungry eyes as I kissed her and cuddled her. I ran my fingers down her body this time targeting her oozing cunt and soon arrived softly stimulating her clitoris. Geeta threw her legs wide apart as my fingers moved vigorously over her pussy and as I placed my middle finger softly in between the lips of her luscious pussy she moaned and whispered requesting me to push my finger deep in her. With all that fluids of love and lust she had already oozed, my finger slipped deep inside her soft cunt and Geeta quickly gripped my finger using her pussy mussels. Softly and gently I moved my finger in and out of her and as I kissed and I sucked her nipples, Twisting and turning my finger I pampered her inserting one more of my finger deep in her. Soft cry’s, moans and whispers increased the level of pressure and tension in my pants making me feel unbearable and I climbed over Geeta facing her throwing my legs on either sides of her heavenly body. I sat over her waist adding no pressure on her still delicately pushing and pulling my fingers in and out of her oozing cunt. I guided her hands to my pants and as I watched her, sparingly used body sitting above her she unbuttoned and unzipped my pants wearing a shy smile on her face. Her smile encouraged me to feel free and at ease and in moments I stretched out and pulled my pants off me flipping it to a corner of the room, In a second I threw away my underwear and there we were, we both completely naked.

We hugged and we cuddled each other rolling left and right on the bed and soon ended up with me lying flat on my back with my beautiful Geeta over me. She looked like a wonder goddess lying over me with her long black falling over my face and over the two sides of my face. I saw the reflection of my face in I her shinny black eyes and as I laid under her engrossed in the flame of love and lust Geeta bent forward and started to kiss me twisting and turning her tongue deep within my mouth. Her soft and tender breasts sandwiched between us massaged my chest as I played both my hands squeezing, cuddling and caressing her lower back and the soft cheeks of her bum. Geeta looked furious with all that vigor in her and she soon started to kiss and lick my neck, my ears and my cheeks. She moved her body down mine kissing and licking my chest, my breasts and my nipples, she clinched her finger nails into my flesh and started to move down words kissing and licking my belly, her breasts so juicy and mellow brushed and caressed my hard and throbbing cock and she started to lick and roll her wet and warm tongue in and out my belly button. This gave me utmost pleasure and I pressed her mouth hard against my belly. We moaned and we cried, we trembled and we shivered in the heat of passion and as Geeta’s firm breasts caressed my erect cock she reached her hands down under and gripped my shaft with both her hands. She squeezed the head of my cock with all her might and as I swayed my head feeling the pleasures I felt her breath over my pubic bone and soon over the hard head of my throbbing cock.

It was all my first time experience and you could imagine how on earth I could be feeling. I’ve never experienced any thing like this and as I laid there with closed eyes wondering what she would do to me next, Geeta whispered my name and softly asked “do you love me Rakesh? And before I could answer, I threw my legs wide apart feeling her delicately kiss the hard head of my cock with her wet lips. Electric current ran through my spine as I realized how good a feeling it was to be treated by and woman’s wet mouth. Geeta was sensational and in a fraction of a second she spread open her mouth and began to suck my bare and erect cock in and out of her warm mouth. Her fluffy lips gripped my shaft as she moved her mouth up and down the whole length of my hard cock. Like a slave or a beaten up prisoner I laid on the bed trembling and shivering engulfed in the flame of lust. Geeta played her fingers over my genitals tickling and gently squeezing them and at times when she released my cock she sucked my balls one by one prior to resuming to sucking my throbbing cock. She rolled and circled her tongue hard around my hard head and gently bit the head every now and then.

I started to throw my legs wider and wider as the moments of her mouth increased causing pleasurable friction over my cock and in a matter of 5 to 7 minutes I started to feel my genitals harden up, my cock toughened up to its maximum and I started to breath heavier, I moaned and I shivered with total bliss and soon called out to Geeta saying that I was coming. I told her that I cant hold on any longer but she continued gesturing me to go on. With a burst, with a cry and a jolt, I splashed into Geeta’s warm mouth and as I threw my head up and down with each splash I saw her suck me harder and harder sucking into her mouth every drop of my hot cum. I laid shivering wishing and hoping her to give a break but Geeta continued and continued as my cock started to slowly drop down to its originals. Pressing and rubbing her evenly shaped round and firm breasts over my thighs, my cock, my pubic bone, my belly and my chest she climbed over me reaching for my lips. She planted her mouth over mine and soon inserted her tongue down my mouth exploring every corner of my mouth. She whispered requesting me to hold her and I gently placed my hands over her hugging her heavenly body. Geeta circled her pubic mount over my cock swaying her waist left and right and in a matter of few minutes I started to regain my entire manhood.

It was all new to me and it seemed to make me feel lost in the world of wild imaginations, I started to think if it is all a dream but then as her kissing got more and more instance and vigorous and as she lowered her hands down in between our body grabbing the head of my hard and erect cock I jolted and trembled with excitement. My cock harder than ever before turned red hot and in haste and greed I pushed Geeta down my body wanting her to suck my hard head all over again. Geeta started to suck me in and out pulling my foreskin all the way down but she soon climbed up my body and softly whispered “Rakesh, why don’t you give me your best? I dint know what she meant by those words but she soon guided my face down her body and in between her fleshy rounded thighs climbing over me. She reached her hot and oozing pussy over my face and whispered words I never understood. The musky smell of her wet and oozing cunt dazed me and I soon found my lips searching for her pussy in the dim bedroom light. Geeta rested her hands over the bed head and as her beautiful breasts floated in the air looking down at me I grabbed her by the soft and tender flush of her ass and forced her hot pussy over my mouth. There was a scream of ecstasy that followed from her as I stubbed my mouth over her wet cunt, delicately pushing my tongue in through the softness of her slit. The wetness of her cunt drenched my face and as I stroked the tip of my tongue up and down the length of her cunt she moaned and she cried pressing her pussy hard against my hungry mouth.

Caressing, cuddling, pinching and squeezing the soft cheeks of her rounded bottoms I continued eating Geeta’s pussy like I was starved for ages. The taste of her soft and juicy cunt blue my mind to new horizons. Geeta’s body trembled as I inserted my tongue deep into her cunt and as I stroked my tongue hard against her clitoris, she cried out calling my name. She sounded like it was the first time she is being licked up and it looked as though she was starved for sex all through her life. Feeling and experiencing the sensations of dedicated sex my cock gained rock hardness and stood facing the ceiling. I started to feel desperate wanting her to handle my manhood and soon cried our wanting her to hold on and tare my throbbing cock up. Geeta got the message and instantly turned around all over my body facing my legs. She pressed her pussy hard over my mouth with her thighs placed on either sides of my face and soon held my hard and throbbing cock. She stroked it gently but soon got at it real hard. She bent down over me and to my surprise she sucked and licked on my hard head powering her lips. Geeta swayed and circled her waist pressing her hot cunt over my mouth and in just a matter of 2 to 3 minutes she fell over my body crying out my name all the way trembling shivering and quivering. Her pussy was all wet and oozing, I believed she had just reached an orgasm and as she rested her body over mine breathing heavy she played gently with my balls. Her heavy breathing continued for a while and then she slowly slipped and fell over the bed by my side. She turned herself all the way around and laid gently placing her head over my shoulders and softly asked “are you enjoying your day with me Rakesh. I smiled at her with complete satisfaction and as I nodded she whispered, “I want more of you Rakesh, there is so much that I want from you. I wondered what it is all about, but having read so much and indeed having watched so many of those wild adult movies I knew what was to happen. But the lack of experience truly confused me not knowing whether I would be able to withstand the pressure and will be able to satisfy playing with my cock in her heavenly pussy.

The phase of Geetas breathing subsided and soon I found her massaging, caressing and cuddling my cock with more and more vigor. Her mouth reached for my throbbing cock all the way once again and in a fits she climbed over me throwing her legs over each side of my thighs. She bent down over me kissing me and sucking my tongue deep in her mouth and like a wild beast started to rub her pussy over my pubic bone, my thighs and all over my hard cock. I started to feel at the 7th heaven as her pubic bone with closely shaved hair rubbed against my hard head, I felt marvelous and as I watched her sparkling eyes water in the thin light she reached for my cock and gently placed her head over the opening of her wet cunt. She rubbed the head of my cock hard against the opening and with gentle thrusts she inserted the whole length of my large cock deep into her almost tight love hole. The feelings I was experiencing as my cock traveled the depths of her soft, juicy and silky cunt is hard to explain but I can definitely say…she was a pudding. So soft, yet so hard and tight. The mussels of her hot cunt gripped my shaft as she slowly and sturdily raised her body up and down pushing and pulling my cock in and out of her. She moved in rhythm and as I watched her with amusement she whispered wanting me to caress her firm breasts looking over me from above. I inserted my indeed finger into her mouth and as a highlight she started to lovingly suck and bit my finger. Her movement got faster and faster as I cuddled and caressed her beautiful breasts. She circled her waist round and round with my cock buried deep in her and soon fell over my body forcing me climb over her body.

With total haste I rushed over her heavenly body and as she threw her legs wide open she grabbed my cock and helped me push my cock deep in her and with just one single thrust. She screamed and she trembled as my shaft with my oversized head searched the depths of her love hole, she grabbed the cheeks of my ass and as she screamed and she shivered under me she pierced her nails into my flesh. Geeta called out my name repeatedly as I pushed and pulled my length in and out of her, she threw her legs left and right, she whispered words of love and called out to me wanting me never to stop. I don’t know how I was feeling but all I can say is that I was feeling like never before. Squeezing, cuddling and caressing her juicy and firm breasts I thrust my hard and erect cock in and out of her, we embraced each other kissing and sucking each others mouth and tongue. I kissed the skin under her neck and bit her lips. Geeta was like a wild beast and she reacted with sensations to every touch of mine. Our movements tensed as the cot rattled, I started to feel my cock harden like steel as Geetas warm and luscious cunt oozed and gripped my hard cock gripping her pussy lips around. We shivered and we trembled, we quivered and we gasped for breath and as we started to forget our surroundings, the world around us and every thing but the two of us we screamed together words of desperate cravings and in a splash we both reached our climax. I splashed multiple splashes of my cum into Geetas Hot pussy as she released in ecstasy the juices of her love . I continued my up and down strokes for as long as the last drop of my love was planted in her soft, juicy and warm cunt.

Totally excited and thrilled at the ultimate satisfaction and mind blowing sensations we provided each other, we laid hugging and cuddling each other. Our breath echoed the room and the sweet fragrance of freshly made love and our sweat crowned the room. We whispered promising we will be there forever to satisfy one another and soon fell a sleep holding on to each others tired body.

A little while from then I heard Geeta’s little baby girl cry and as I looked at Geeta tucked comfortably in my arms sleeping, I woke her up gently informing of her child’s Cry. Geeta jumped out of bed as she grabbed her gown from over the floor and as she slipped into it she rushed to her child. There were few words of love and concern exchanged between Geeta and her daughter and as the sounds got muffed and the silence of night overlapped, Geeta silently walked to me throwing herself over my naked body. We hugged and we kissed all over again and as early morning light broke open we made love once more and soon winded up. I took an early morning shower as Geeta fixed tea for me. I got dressed, had a few sips of tea and promising to see her later that day, quietly left for my home not disturbing the baby.

Our relation ship continued and still continues even though I am now married and settled in life. Geeta and I meet up when ever time permits us and if not we make it a point to yield an opportunity. Our friendship blossomed in time and we love each other to our hearts whole. Our families still live in the same apartment block and life as family friends with none other knowing what the relationship between me and Geeta was.

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