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Subway Ride


She is a 26-year-old girl named Magdalena from Stockholm, Sweden. She is currently engaged. Her hair is the color of honey (every shade from nearly white to golden brown) and reaches half way down her back (it's a great source of vanity, I assure you). She has blue eyes (well, nearly gray), high cheekbones and a long neck. She is half-Finnish. She is quite tall, 1,77 meters, and more curvaceous than fashion allows, with very wide hips, a large bust and a waist that people comment on. The nicest feature of her legs is that they're very long- other than that she doesn't much care for them.

She got on the subway at the first station. She is standing up because it is so crowded, holding one of the bars.

Michael watched her enter the subway car. He has been waiting for someone like her all day. He had ridden this particular route four times today. I came up behind her, my cock hard, pushing against your ass.

She began to turn her head.

"Look forward, don't turn around unless I tell you to," I order her. My hands go down to her hips, grabbing them and I begin to pull you back onto my cock. "Arch your back, push your ass into me."

I have been wondering what to do, but at this point I have no thought of obeying. Who is this nut behind me, Magdalena thought.

You feel a prick on your neck. "I have a knife at your neck. Do not cry out or try to get away."

I feel a chill gripping me, competing with the heat that had started to rise in my body. I freeze completely, wondering what would happen if the train suddenly braked.

I push harder on the knife, a small trickle of blood running down your neck. "That is just a taste of what will happen to you. Now push your ass back now," my voice demanding.

I have trouble collecting my wits enough to obey, Magdalena's body still frozen in fear.

I move the knife down between your tits, your stomach and down your abdomen until I reach your pussy. I begin to push the knife into your pussy. "Are you going to obey now, or should I cut your pussy," the knife pushing in you.

I obey instantly and push my hips carefully backwards.

"That's a good slut. Now rub your ass against my cock," my knife begins to circle around your pussy.

Trembling, I move my hips, rubbing my ass against the hardness, wishing the knife wasn't there.

"Reach back and grab my cock with your hand." The knife moves up, resting under your big tits.

I reach back, hoping no one will see what I'm doing, until I find the hard cock under the fabric. It seems very large, and I have difficulties breathing.

"I'm going to fuck you in the ass. Have you ever had a cock in your asshole before, slut?"

I shake my head violently, forgetting not to draw attention to myself. He mustn't!

"I guess we will have to find something to stuff into your mouth. When I stick my cock into your asshole, you are going to start screaming."

I can't stop shaking my head, I can't let this happen. First chance I get, I must try to stop this.

My knife moves back down to your pussy, pushing in. "Ask me to fuck your asshole," I order you.

I just give a whining noise, then remembering what I have to do, I whisper "Fuck me."

"Ask me to fuck your asshole, slut."

"Fuck my asshole." Tears are beginning to come down my face. I feel entirely helpless.

"Ask me to fuck your asshole hard," my voice demanding.

"Fuck my asshole hard," your voice trembling.

The knife pushes harder against your cunt. "Louder."

Very softly, but a nuance louder, I repeat "Fuck my asshole hard".

"Say please."

I swallow. But what can I do? "Please."

"I think I can do that since you want me to." I reach into my pocket and pull out a pair of handcuffs. I hand them to you. "Put them on and run them over the bar on the top."

"But- someone will see!"

"It's dark, do it."

I submit, putting the cuffs on my wrists. They look so fragile within the circles of shiny metal.

I pull them tighter. The cuffs making a clicking noise as they tighten. There is a man a short distance away, watching us. I make sure they are tight on her wrists.

I notice someone watching us, and try to mouth "Help!" to him.

The knife moves into your cunt. "Be good, slut," I order.

I avert my eyes quickly, looking at the floor.

My hands move up, in front of your body and I grab your tits in my large hands.

I can't help moaning softly at the pain inflicted by the brutality of those big, strong hands.

"Your tits are built for abuse. They are so easy to grab." My fingers search out your nipples through your blouse and bra.

"Oh God, that hurts..."

"Keep rubbing your ass against my cock, cunt."

I hurry to obey this time.

"Do you like that, cunt. Your tits feel good." I find a nipple, two fingers grasping it. It must be big as I enclose it.

The shame at that comment engulfs me, and I can't help wondering what that spectator is thinking of the situation.

He is watching us, your tits being mauled by my hands, your ass pushing back against me. He must think you are a real slut, trying to fuck me in the subway. I find both of your nipples and begin to pinch them. "Stay quiet, slut."

I suddenly become aware that my emotional turmoil not only consists of fear, and my eyes widen with shock as I feel the burning heat between my legs. Is it possible I could get turned on by this? Only one thing is certain, I wish I had never got on this subway.

"You are mine." My hands move to the front of your blouse, slowly opening the buttons, all the way down to the bottom, I pull it from your skirt, and push it aside. The stranger is still watching, your bra now exposed, your big tits pushing out the top.

As I see him looking at me, I feel a shot of electricity through my cunt. He's enjoying this.

My hands reach up to your bra. Circling your tits again. I grasp them hard. "Tell me how much you like me playing with your tits."

Through a daze, I say "I love it when you play with my tits". My eyes don't stray from that stranger.

"Tell me to pinch your nipples hard. Say it loud so he can hear it.'

The thought of disobeying is now far from my mind. I say, "Please, will you pinch my nipples, please."

"Louder. Tell me hard."

Loud and clear, well enough for him to hear, "Pinch my nipples hard."

The subway pulls into a station. The rest of the passengers get off except the stranger. Another one gets on, standing close to the other stranger.

I breathe fast and anxiously, afraid of what will happen now.

My fingers search out your nipples. They are hard and erect. "You like this don't you cunt."

I shake my head vigorously.

The other stranger is talking to the new one. They are pointing at you. I push the knife against your pussy hard. "Keep rubbing against my cock. Is you pussy wet?"

Oh god, oh god, what have I got myself into... "yes, my pussy is very wet."

They watch as you fuck back against my cock. They must think you are a real slut

The fear and the heat between my legs make me want to cry.

I pull the knife up against your bra, the sharp blade slicing through your bra. I slit the straps and grab hold of it as it falls. Your naked tits fall from the bra.

Another shock of electricity runs through me as I see those two men looking intently at me. They would never help me now, I know that now.

"Open your mouth wide."

I obey, not knowing what's going to happen, but feeling hopeless. Whatever is going to happen, I brought it upon myself, and I can't alter it.

I take the bra and begin to stuff it into your mouth pushing it in, forcing it to the back of your throat. The strangers watch as your cheeks begin to bulge.

Now my tears are falling down my cheeks. I feel so humiliated.

"Mumble in your gag if you want me to squeeze your nipples.'

I mumble to squeeze my nipples. There's nothing else to do.

My fingers return to your nipples. They are big and hard. I grasp them with my fingers, twisting and pulling them from your chest. I love large nipples. They are so easy to abuse. The strangers watch as I pull on your nipples, pulling them out.

I can't watch them anymore, so let my chin drop.

I reach under your chin. "Stare at them. I want them to see your humiliation," my fingers searching out your nipples again, tearing at them.

I begin to sob with the pain and humiliation.

The subway pulls into the station again. A woman gets on. She sees you, hanging, handcuffed to the pole, your tits naked, my hands abusing them.

She quickly withdraws out onto the platform again, but not before I see the shocked and disgusted look in her eyes. I let out another sob as the two men grin to each other.

"They are enjoying you, aren't they. They see you as the slut you are." The knife moves up to your tits, the blade pushed against your nipple.

As the train rolls out from the station, I can see the two men starting to touch themselves outside their clothing. My situation is becoming increasingly hopeless.

I push the tip of the knife into your nipple, circling it, making tiny scratches in them.

I breathe hard now. Fear tears into my body.

I press the tip into your nipple, slowly entering it, blood beginning to run from it. I move to the other, the knife again making tiny slits, moving to the nipple again, pushing hard into it.

Oh God, I know I deserve this. I had it coming.

"When I fuck you, I am going to grab your nipples hard. The cuts will make it really hurt. I want you to feel the pain as I ass fuck you." I cut the remaining part of your blouse off, you are now naked from the waist up.

The strangers watch, one of them has taken his cock out and is stroking it.

When you told me about fucking my ass, you said it loud enough for them to hear, and now I'm wondering whether they will participate. I am also wondering at why I'm still hot between my legs, and ashamed to be such a whore.

y hands moved down to your skirt, the knife making short work of cutting if off, it falling to the floor. You now only have your panties covering your near naked body.

My eyes wildly scan the length of the train cart, but we seem to be alone- the four of us. No one to sound the alarm, no one who would help me.

"Spread your legs further."

I obey quickly now, wanting to make the degrading experience to be over as soon as possible.

My foot pushes between your legs, pushing out on the inside of your leg. "I said wider!!!!"

I spread my legs very wide, hoping that will be enough.

My hand slaps you ass hard, the loud slap ringing out in the subway car, even jolting the strangers. "MORE, WIDER."

Sobbing, I spread my legs even wider.

You are now spread wide, your panties pulled tightly over your ass. 'That's the way I like my cunts. Spread wide for a good ass fucking." The strangers stopped stroking their cocks when I slapped your ass.

I have only dimly registered.

I unzip my pants and pull out my cock. It is over ten inches long. I push it against your panty-covered asshole.

I'm sobbing hard now, wanting it to happen, if only to get it over with.

"Nod your head and groan if you want me to fuck your asshole," I command you, loud enough for the strangers to hear.

I nod my head quickly and groan, seeing the grin on the strange men's faces.

Their hands return to their cocks, the second stranger now pulling out his cock, stroking it, watching your face as you ask to be ass-fucked.

I slap you ass hard again, this time the strangers stroking their cocks harder. My knife moves behind you and it makes short work of your panties. I pull them from your body, the front of them soaked in your pussy juice.

I can't believe I'm standing naked in a subway train, being fucked... and experiencing the shame of being caught with a wet cunt. I'm such a whore.

My hands move to your wet pussy. I grab it with my big hand, slippery from your juices. 'You are such a slut. Ready to be ass fucked and hot and wet."

I hang my head as one of the men laughs. "The bitch is really hot for it, huh?"

I reach into my pocket, retrieving some of the toys I brought with me. I have been looking for a slut to ass fuck for a couple of days. I always took this subway route because it had only a few stops once it got going and it lasted over an hour.

I pulled out another cuff, almost like the handcuffs, but this one was bigger, built to circle an ankle. It had another cuff attached to it so it could be secured to another object. "Do you know what I am going to do with this slut?"

I make no sound, feeling so hopeless.

I take the soaked panties and begin to stuff them in your mouth. Your cheeks begin to bulge out, your mouth now full with your bra and now your panties. I push back, forcing them to the back of your throat, making you gag. "Nod, if you are comfortable slut."

Again, I nod vigorously, wanting to get the thing over with.

I kneel down behind you, my hot breath on your spread asshole. I grab one of your ankles, and snap the cuff on it, the loud noise ringing in the subway car. I could hear one of them say " What is he doing?"

I grab the cuff attached to your ankle, and pull your leg up by the cuff, pulling it up toward the top of the poll where your hands are attached.

I turn my head, not understanding what I'm expected to do.

I pull your leg higher, it is pulled straight up, you are now standing on only one leg, the other running up, parallel to your body. I attach the other end of the cuff to the top of the poll. Your asshole and pussy is now spread wide for my abuse. The strangers stroke their cocks harder, your pussy new spread open for them.

"How does that feel, slut. Groan for me."

I groan, feeling the wetness of my cunt increasing as I'm displayed for the pleasure of three strange men.

My hand reaches between your legs, pushing your pussy juice around your pussy. I draw my hand back and slap your spread pussy hard. "SLLLAPPP."

I yelp from the pain. This obviously pleases one of the men, the one who made a comment earlier.

I see the stranger is pleased. "Ever had your pussy spanked before, cunt? My hand pulled back again, this time hitting your spread pussy harder, your pussy juice spraying on the floor, my fingers striking your exposed clit.

The pain and pleasure is driving me crazy, I want nothing more than to make it stop, and I try to say so.

I see you nodding your head, "so you want more." I swing my hand back again, this time the flat of my hand smashing into your spread pussy.

I scream into the gag, trying to plead.

I grab your pussy lips, pulling them out, stretching them. My fingers scratch into your delicate pussy. I grab your clit, pinching it hard. My hand slaps again hard. "You are getting too much pleasure from this cunt. This is rape, not a fuck."

scream and I scream with the pain, begging through the gag.

I like the way you dance. My hands return to your cunt again. Grabbing your pussy lips, pulling them as far as I can, pulling you open. I flick my finger of your pea like clit, striking it hard hoping to elicit a muffled scream in your gag.

"Oh, please, please don't, please..." I scream into my gag, only producing groans.

"That's what I like to see, tears in your eyes." My hand slaps your pussy hard again, your ass pushing out against me trying to escape.

My hands reach into my pocket again. Out come two, two-inch metal clamps, the type with the screws to tighten. They are heavy. I rub them over your hard, erect nipples. "Do you want to feel these on your nipples, cunt?"

I yell "NO! NOOO! into my gag, trying to break the cuffs and get away somehow.

"You don't have to beg, I will put them on if you want." I take one clamp, circle your hard nipple with the clamp. My fingers slowly begin to tighten the clamp, the two metal circles, moving in on your nipples, slowly closing in on it, trapping it.


I thrash around, trying to escape the inevitable.

"Yes, it can do it tighter," my fingers tightening the clamp, your nipples pushed tightly between the brutal metal. I turn the handle more, your trapped nipple pushing out the sides of the clamp, crushed by the un-yeilding metal. "Do you want me to tighten it one more time?" The strangers stroking their cocks, they had never seen a slut with her nipples crushed.

I keep still, trying to plead with you not to hurt me.

I feel your body relax. I tighten the clamp one half turn more, your nipple almost flattened in the cruel clamp. I let the clamp go, it quickly falling toward the floor, pulling your crushed nipple down, pulling your tit down.

I scream into the gag, tears running down my face.

"Are you still having fun?" My hand returns to your other nipple, the other clamp ready to pinch your delicate nipple. I tighten it quickly, crushing it and release it to the floor. Your beautiful breasts are now stretched, hanging down towards the floor, the clamps biting deeply into your nipples.

I sob violently with the pain, oblivious to anything else.

My hand reaches into my pocket again. Out comes two four-inch clamps. "This is for your pussy," I say. I grab your pussy lips and begin to tighten the clamp to it, tightening until the skin is pressed tightly in it. I let the clamp fall to the floor, the almost 1/2 pound clamp pulling your pussy lips towards the floor. I do the same with the other, the two clamps now hanging down between your legs, pulling your cunt to the floor. "Still one more clamp for your clit."

I register the fresh pain with new sobs, but nothing more. I have ceased to care.

I pull the last clamp out, pinch your clit with my finger to get it hard and grab it with the clamp. I tighten it, feeling your body shudder, releasing it to the floor. "Now you are ready to ass fuck, bitch."

I barely register the words, my own sobs filling my ears.

"Hey you guys, you want to hear this bitch scream as I ass fuck her." They both nod their heads, their hands stroking their cocks. I move my fingers to your mouth, removing first the soaked panty, than the bra from your mouth.

"No please don't, please, please..." I start to mumble, awakening to reality now that the gag is lost.

"Ask me to ass fuck you. Loud enough for them to hear."

I raise my voice, continuing "No, please don't!!"

I move my hands to the front and begin to pull on the clamps attached to your tits and pussy. "Ask me nicely to ass fuck you."

I scream out loud with the pain, then cry out "Please ass fuck me!"

I place my cock on your tiny asshole. I begin to push, forcing it to open. My hands reach for the clit clamp and make it sway. "Say please ass fuck me hard."

"Please, please ass fuck me hard."

Push out on your asshole, so I can get my cock in. You're dry, but I want it to hurt. My hands moved to your nipples, pulling them by the clamps from your body. They want to hear you tell them how it feels.

cock begins to push into your defenseless asshole, the head stretching you wide to accept it.

"Oh god, no! No! You're hurting me! Aah!"

I push harder, the head now tightly in your asshole, entering your rectum. "Tell me what I am doing to you, bitch."

"Oh, god, you're... you're fucking my asshole, and it hurts so much..."

My cock pushed in further, opening you up, pushing deep inside of you. "Tell the others how my cock feels."

I see them jerking themselves off as I scream from the pain.

My cock pushes in deep into your colon, I can feel your body shudder from the cramps as my cock pulsates inside you. "How does it feel, bitch, to have a cock up your asshole."

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Oh god, it hurts so much..." it's so huge."

"I want you to squeeze my cock with your asshole when I pull out."

I obey.

I begin to pull my cock from your asshole.

I squeeze as hard as I can, willing you to cum as soon as possible.

I begin to pull on the clamps, especially the clit clamp. 'I am going to fuck you until you cum so you better soon or I will tear up your asshole.' I pushed my cock into your asshole hard, bottoming in your colon, your anus tearing from my painful fuck. 'Tell them you like it cunt.'

Impossibly, my cunt is getting wet again with the abuse. You are fucking me so hard, the friction making me so hot while you are telling me what a fucking whore I am, because only whores take it up the ass. "I love your cock up my ass." The words are out before I'm aware I've thought them.

"Hey you guys, come over here. Stick the hard cocks in the bitch's mouth. She can take both of you in there. It will be a little tight, but you can fill the sluts mouth with your cum."

I gratefully receive the erect cocks, turning from one to the other while the cock in my ass is hurting me unbearably, deliciously.

"Put them in deep, choke the fucker with them." My cock beginning to fuck your asshole faster and faster, burning up your anal tract. "You ready to cum slut," my fingers pulling on the clit clamp. "Cum for me cunt."

"Put both of your cocks into her mouth at once let her feel what it feels like to be truly stuffed."

Oh god. Oh god. I feel the utter humiliation as I am used by the three of you. I'm feeling my excitement mount.

My fingers pull and push on your clit, the cocks in your mouth going to the back, into your throat, making your gag as they both try to enter your throat at the same time. My cock is enjoying your asshole, your ass clamping down on my cock, ready to cum.

I am finally being used like the slut that I am. I can't believe I ever thought I was better than this.

I am ready to cum, the cum beginning to shoot up from my heavy balls. I push my cock deep into your colon, further than it ever was. I hear the others beginning to cum in your mouth, the sounds of your mouth being filled with hot cum.

"Cum now bitch, or I will beat your senseless."

"I'm cumming for you!"

I shoot your body full of cum, deep into you. I see cum shooting out the sides of your mouth and your nose as you cannot hold all of the cum shooting down your throat.

I feel your asshole trapping my cock, your pussy pulsating as you cum.

I scream and scream, louder than I did with the pain.

My cock empties its cum deep into you. It begins to shrink, still held tightly by your asshole. Your mouth is still filled with the two stranger's cocks.

"Don't take your cocks out of her mouth yet," I tell the strangers.

I'm still shaking with the orgasm, wondering what's to come.

"Piss in her mouth, show her what a piss slut is." My cock begins to give you your first piss enema, filling your colon with my hot piss, mixing with my cum. Their cocks began to fill your mouth with their hot piss.

"Swallow their piss, cunt."

I swallow, feeling I'm being treated the way I'm supposed to.

All of the cocks pull from your body, just as the subway enters the last station. All three of us hurriedly dress and rush out the station. "Take a taxi next time, cunt," we yell, leaving you hanging, naked, cum and piss running off your body.

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