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Some girls will do anything!  


Sandy was a large woman, about 250 pound, but she was tall and well shaped. She had very large saggy breasts that had plenty of room for breast implants. I met her at a bar
and we dated a couple of times. She was not the smartest girl I ever went out with and I liked that in a woman. After a few months she became my live in little whore and was the
center of attention when my friend would come over. They would take turns with her and she spent most of the night, in bed, servicing one guy after the other.
I told her that I would pay for her breast implants if she wanted them and she was very excited. I knew a doctor in Mexico that worked cheap, so we spent the weekend in
Mexico and went to his office. He told her to get undressed so he could see what size implants would fit her best. I talked to him on the phone a few days before and told him that
I wanted the biggest implants that could possible fit in her. After he looked at her saggy tits, he said she would need some custom made implants that he could fill with 2000cc of
silicone and they would be the size of basket balls. Sandy said that she did not want to go that big so we agreed on smaller ones but before I left the office I talked to the doctor in
private and told him to go ahead with the larger ones and made an appointment for the next weekend. If I was paying for these tits I wanted the big ones, and besides, this girl had
plenty of skin to fill.
The day of the surgery, the doctor showed me the implants, and they were HUGE! I got horny just looking at them. I paid him and went to the room where Sandy was waiting. I
was so horny, I had her suck a load out of me while we waited for the doctor. I was just about to cum when he opened the door and caught us. Sandy stopped but the doctor told
her to finish me and he was next. She was a good girl and went to work on both of us. After she was finished, I left the room and the surgery started, two hours later she was back
in the recovery room with the biggest tits I have ever seen. There were a lot of bandages holding them in place but the shape of them was perfect.
Back at home we let them heel for a few weeks before I invited my friends over to try them out. Sandy was not expecting them to be that big because she wanted the smaller ones
but I told her that they would get smaller after the swelling went down. I told her that and tried to keep a straight face because I knew that these all day suckers were here to stay.
The next thing she needed was her nipples pierced. I got her drunk and off to the piercer we went. I picked some big nipple rings out for her and told her to take all her cloths off.
When the piercer saw her tits he started to smile. He marked her nipples and I held her tit while he put a big clamp on her nipple. He then took a very large needle and poked it
right through the clamp and her fat nipple. He then pulled the nipple ring through with the needle. He clamped the next one and did it the same way, Sandy was passed out by this
time so I told the piercer I would leave her alone with him for awhile while I got something to eat. As I left his shop, he locked the door behind me and turned off the open sign.
About two hours later I returned and the door was open. He throw in a short chain between her nipple rings and her pierced her clitoris for free. I cleaned the cum that was
running down her leg, got her dressed and woke her up.
Her tits looked great and I had a big party that next weekend, Sandy’s tits got a real workout by the guys and we kept all three of her hole busy all night long. Man that girl can eat
a lot of cum............

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:19 pm