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Silk and Velvet  


It’s just about sunset, you can hear the birds settling in for the night. The river’s rushing just below you, the trees are swaying back and forth swish swish.
You have just restocked your fire to begin dinner, as you add wood the fire crackles and orange flames shoot up.You’re thinking what a great day. Just you the forest and you’re thoughts.
The sun is setting over the mountains beautiful purple, pink, and orange red skies seem to reach out and wish you a magical evening. As you reach into the cooler for a cold one you see them.
They seem to have appeared from nowhere, you see the redhead first. She is a vision dressed in black flowing silk that clings to her every move, her long hair billowing down her back to just above her buttocks. As she comes closer you can see her green eyes flash with passion and you wonder will she devour you now or wait.
As your hormones rage the second makes her ascend to you dressed in white silk so sheer you can see her dark nipples and the small triangle of hair nestled between her thighs. She is breathtaking, her dark brown hair is full of curls that spiral down her back. She comes closer to your line of vision, you can see her deep blue eyes that invite you to get lost in them.
The two goddess who have come to pleasure you are within an arms reach, you’re manhood is throbbing with desire. The redhead introduces her self first, Master we come to you ready and wanton to please you. My companion’s name is Velvet and I am silk. How may we serve you?
Baffled and wondering what to say, they decide for you and take matters into their own hands, as you have yet to utter a word.
Silk turns to Velvet with a touch so gentle they seem to be as one. She lifts her hair up off her neck and slowly kisses the back of her neck, stopping only to nibble her shoulder’s. Velvet shudders under silks touch, her body seems to come alive with a glow. She runs her hands over the dress on velvet’s body, slowly caressing the underside of her breasts and teasing her nipples with her fingertips. She dips her hands into the folds of her dress which rest just below her upper thighs. Slowly she touches the outter lips of her vagania, velvet arches aching to be fulfilled, silk just smiles and continues her erotic torment.
In a surge of passion velvet turns to face silk firmly coaxing her mouth open with the tip of her tongue. Silk sticks her tongue out to dance with velvet’s before their lips meet with such desire you can almost see sparks. Velvet puts her arms around silk’s shoulder’s and slides her dress to the ground. Her creamy white skin is so beautiful it reminds you of a perfect white chocolate melting in your mouth. She stands next to the fire while velvet lays a blanket on the ground.
Silk is on her back, her breathing comes a little faster than before. One creamy leg is stretched out the other cocked up. Her thighs are parted and waiting. The excitement of it all has moisture forming on the hair of her vagania.
Velvet slowly flicks her tongue on silk’s neck, moving down to the tops of her breasts. She nips them with her teeth then moves to her nipple. She takes it into her mouth and sucks slowly at first, then applies more pressure until silk let’s out a moan of lust and desire. She moves to the other breast to suckle it as well and is once again rewarded with a moan and a thrust of her pelvis. Velvet comes up on her knees to remove her dress. Her skin is golden brown you lick you’re lips betting she tastes as good as brown sugar. Silk entangles her hands in velvet’s hair pulling her down for a dance of tongues. Their breasts touch and for a moment their legs are tangled as they decide who will dominate.
Silk wins and pins velvet by her upper arms, she slowly gyrates her pelvis to pelvis for a moment. She seeks velvet’s breasts with her tongue finding her nipples and sucking them. Velvet bucks her hips all the while crying out for more. Silk runs her hands between velvet’s thighs parting them so she can take her as she wishes. Silk runs her tongue from breast to bellybutton, stopping for a moment just above her hairline only to bypass her swollen womanhood and taste her inner thighs. She runs her tongue from thigh to ankle until velvet is thrashing below her begging for more.
Silk lays on her back placing velvet over her. Velvet kisses silk passionately sliding her tongue in and out of her mouth. She moves to her breasts to bite, kiss, and lick her nipples into a swollen bud. Silk is covered in a fine sheen of moisture from all the excitement. Velvet leans forward to adjust her position and as she does silk slips her middle finger inside velvet’s moist and swollen vagania. She gasps with pleasure, silk places another finger on her swollen clit and begins to tease her, all the while moving her finger in and out of velvet’s swollen womanhood. Velvet is moaning and moving her hips in time with silk. Suddenly without warning velvet moves off silk takes the finger that was inside her only seconds earlier into her mouth to lick the sweet juices off of it. She then straddles herself over silk’s swollen mouth and dips her tongue into silks moist vagania. As she tastes her sweet nectar silks muscles contract only turning velvet on more, pushing her to go deeper and taste more of the sweet nectar.
They are tasting one another tongues sliding in and out of their womanhood, lips closed around one another’s clit to suck, moans are exchanged bodies are covered in a lustful sweat. Before that climax that stop and look at you and you’re throbbing manhood with passion and unspoken desire.
Slowly, they get on their hands and knees, in a trancelike state crawl to you hips and breasts swaying in time with one another.
In their eyes you see yourself. Broad shoulders , pecks that ripple with muscle with each movement of your well sculpted arms, a chest as beautiful and majestic as the castles of England. A stomach so smooth and lean it’s a wonder, your manhood is throbbing with desire. It is well built it’s thickness and length look sculpted . Your thighs are as well muscled and defined as those of a well trained race horse, your calves are defined as well, and those beautiful feet could only have been shaped and defined for a man as strong and beautiful as you the master.
It is then in that moment that you realize that they are truly there to worship you. You the man in all his glory. To once again discover the freedom of sexual pleasure, to please and be pleased.
They reach you simituationasly, velvet traces your lips with the tip of her tongue and finger. You take her finger into your mouth to suck on and teasingly graze your teeth over it. She moans and leans over to kiss you. You coax her mouth open with a nibble here and a little tongue there. She opens eagerly for you, as you’re tongues meet and dance, tasting one another she tastes like fresh honeydew.
Silk is flicking her tongue at the top of you’re 501 levis erotically and with her teeth she proceeds to undue all five buttons and expose you’re throbbing manhood. Together they remove you’re levis which land with a thud. Silk starts at the bottom of your ankle on the right leg, she has a feather light touch as she caress you. Velvet chooses to start at the top of your leg lazily nibbling and licking her way down. For their efforts they are rewarded with a rapid increase in breathing.
They meet over your penis and kiss, tongues flicking over the head of your aching loins. Velvet brushes her breasts over your chest and teases you by placing your penis between her breasts and squeezing them together while moving back and forth. Silk straddles herself above you’re ready tongue and cries out “oh master” as you insert your tongue into her ready vagania.
Velvet is so excited by this she positions herself to taste you’re silky smooth penis. She hungrily takes you into her warm moist mouth. She takes all of you into her letting her jaw drop to accommodate your size as you slide down the back of her throat. The excitement is building as you have all been waiting for the moment of release. When you can soar with the eagles to the heavens above and cry out in triumphant.
You release silk from your mouth and velvet from your penis and begin to suckle their nipples keeping them at maximum hardness. You kiss and bite each neck, erecting cries of pleasure from all and leaving them to beg for more. Silk moves down to taste your sweet precum . Your hips thrust forward and your bite becomes more possessive on velvet’s breast, the animal in you is unleashed. Gone are the gentle and slow teasing replaced with unleashed passion. You grab silk by her gorgeous hair and place her astride you, as you raise to enter her velvet places herself over your face to enjoy your magic tongue.
They scream in unison as you enter both at the same time. Silk is riding you almost flat against your feet with her back. Her breasts are bouncing, her body is covered in sweat as she’s crying out for more. Velvet is swollen with the need for release, but even in the throws of passion you keep her on the edge, as you will hear her cries of pleasure when you enter her also.
Cries, moans, and master are all silk can manage to say as she rides you to orgasm. You grab her nipples and pull while playing with her clit. Sparks ignite as you release her to fly. Her body shudders, shakes, and arches up when she releases. A full 60 seconds later as the last wave through her body she slides off of you looking as happy as a cat content to watch the show. Velvet meets you with an itch so primal it’s time for the hunted to do the hunting. You grad her hair, your tongues and lips meet with a bruising intensity. You thrust her on her back, she opens for you begging to feel you inside of her. She flexes her muscles around your penis making the sensation so intense that if you were to die at this moment you would be happy. She lifts her hips asking for more. You oblige her by taking you’re penis out to the head and thrusting in and out of her womanhood, until she lay below you screaming in pleasure. She digs her nails into you’re flesh driving you both to the brink. You grab her legs pushing her knees to the ground by her neck. With powerful thrusts and cries of pleasure she explodes into a world of stars and glory you follow with a growl so great the ground shakes.

You goddess kiss and caress you into a peaceful sleep with the promise that they will return for they have found their one and only master.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:04 pm