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She Always Knew by Phen52  


She was cleaning the kitchen, just straightening up, when she paused looking through the window toward the garage where he was going through his morning bushido exercises. It filled her with a sense of well being as she reveled in the sunlight that seemed to disperse like droplets of liquid among her garden’s various flowers. She glanced, for a moment, toward the front of the house and marveled at the complexity of the oriental arrangement with the meandering stream under the footbridge bisecting the lawn with its gently sloping hills and valleys. Thinking back to when they bought the property and how barren it looked she almost found it unbelievable that all this appeared so natural as if it were always here. It was his design with advice in feng shui from an oriental gardener who had worked for the Williams, during the nine months of construction on the main house before they moved in. She had thought privately that he was spending an awful lot of time with the gardener taking notes and helping him with his work. They were always together for the first couple of months until the Williams protested gently that their gardener would get more quality work done if he worked alone. With profuse apologies he left him alone and made arrangements to visit him, at his home, at his convenience. As if on cue he exited the garage and, as was his wont, began his weaponless khata smoothly flowing into it as naturally as walking from one discipline to another. As he worked through the khata he moved toward a seemingly natural rise in the landscape that placed him directly opposite her. He paused, deciding which style to practice next, and removed his shirt to allow his body to soak in the sun’s rays thereby energizing him for his next task. He is almost 6’ tall and unless he was exerting himself or flexing he didn’t appear muscular, he has the classic v-shaped abdomen with very muscular legs. People have called him handsome although he never believes them. Observing, she unconsciously caught her breath, he always affected her this way especially when she watched him without his being aware. She found that moisture was beginning to form in her nether regions, she looked away consciously to avoid touching herself. Finishing his exercises he ran from view, away from the house around the garage in a sprint and before she knew it he was walking through the backdoor. As he glided into the kitchen on almost silent feet, he found her there, still looking toward the garage; it was his turn to catch his breath. He stood there, thinking,” I am the luckiest man in the world.” He literally drank in the sight of her. Her long, thick, almost black hair hung almost to her waist. She was dressed in a short robe that allowed him to appreciate her dancers legs, well muscled and smooth as poured cream, tapering from the swell of her almost perfectly rounded bottom. As he lingered there he found himself becoming painfully aware of her affect on him. God! He loved her so! They’d met in college, she, a music and drama major and he an electrical engineering major. She saw him in the cafeteria trying to eat a stale sandwich and study a very thick textbook at the same time. She didn’t know whether the expression on his face was for the sandwich or the material he was reading. She never knew why or even how but she found herself standing in front of him, tray in hand. With a quizzical smile on her face, she stood there unnoticed and eventually asked, “Are you alone?” He looked up with an annoyed expression that quickly dissolved into awe and stammered, “Ah well, that is, uhm, I’m sorry. What? No, of course, I mean, please sit down. I’m not expecting anyone, and I’m not usually this thoungue-thighed.” He winced because he had actually bitten his tongue. The expression on his face was speaking volumes although he was unaware. She was unexpectedly stunning, though she thought that she was easy on the eyes but she didn’t consider herself classically beautiful. She smiled and said nothing, not wishing to further his embarrassment, and sat down with her salad. Her sudden appearance had surprised him because it hit him like an actual blow. He’d never felt quite this way before, he knew he loved her the moment he had looked up and he didn’t know anything about her. He’d been with beautiful girls/women before, but, there was something palpable in the air and he hoped she felt it too. He didn’t want to blow it, by saying something inane, but everything that came to mind sounded like an old pickup line to him. So, he said nothing and chose instead to bury himself in his book. Intuitively, she felt his discomfort and tried to think of a way to put him at ease. “I didn’t know anyone ate those things.” she nodded toward the sandwich and hoped she’d kept the tremor out of her voice as she spoke. She plunged ahead, “I’m called Joy but my name is Joy Sen Walker.” He couldn’t quite believe his ears, she had a melodious undertone when she spoke that made it seem as if she were almost singing, and she spoke to him! “My name is Steve, Steven Newsome. I haven’t seen you around campus and I surely would have noticed.” She had the grace to blush. He was berating himself for the lame comment when she said, “Thank you, I see that you’re busy studying am I interrupting?” “I can’t think of a better reason to stop. Joy Sen? That’s a melodious and exotic name.” He said that after taking a deep breath and finally gazing into her eyes. The depth of the green he found there, in the almond shaped face and caramel colored skin, made him feel as if he were on the edge of a deep mountain lake, he had to stave of the feeling of vertigo before she spoke. “My mother is Indonesian,” she said by way of explanation, “I can thank her for my name.” They soon felt comfortable with each other; almost as if they’d always been together and he almost missed the class he’d been studying for, so diligently. They were always together after that and moved off campus to live together within a month. He silently glided up behind her and gently encircled her waist with his arms before whispering, “Good morning, sunshine.” Stifling a startled yelp, she moved her hips back into him and slowly, sensuously revolved them against him and murmured, “Morning yourself, Calvin.” Calvin was the pool man, who visited twice a month and always found an excuse to linger whenever he found her there. Steve kidded her incessantly about her “relationship” with Cal, and this was her way of getting back at him. He slid his hands up to caress her breasts, felt the tremor through her body and whispered, “We’d better hurry before he gets home, by the way where is he?” Without missing a beat she answered, “I don’t know, he just disappeared around back of the garage. He may be gone for an hour or so, if he went for a jog, so we’ve got plenty of time.” At this he gave her bottom a whack that resounded off the walls, she jumped and spun around to place her arms around his neck. Nuzzling his cheek and still moving against him, “I love you, she whispered, and if you keep doing that I’ll never get to my dissertation.” The swat made her wetter than she already was, and that puzzled her. A stray thought entered her mind, did she enjoy that smack on her bottom? It still tingled and was pleasantly distracting adding to the already heightened atmosphere. Distressingly Steve pulled back and disengaged himself, throwing casually over his shoulder, “I need a shower, I reek!” As he headed for the upstairs bathroom, he tried to adjust himself nonchalantly. He was wearing an athletic supporter and it was confining a very urgent need. She sighed, and called after his retreating back, “You never reek, you smell manly like you should.” By that time he was already up the full flight of stairs and halfway to the bathroom leaving clothes in his wake. She stayed in the kitchen knowing that he would get the clothes once he’d showered, for some reason a she pictured herself picking up after him all the while complaining that she had to do it. It was a game they never got into because she thought it clich ; she dismissed it from her mind and thought about her plans for the day. It was summertime and she could work on her dissertation, but, there was a shop she’d noticed on the way up to the summer home, where they were, and it looked interesting filled with knickknacks and antiques that might put the finishing touches on this house. She had always thought that this would be a very nice home when she finished furnishing it. She’d already asked for two extensions from her faculty advisor Dr. Eddings, and gotten them because of her charm, yet she felt no sense of urgency to get it done. She’d lost the impetus and drive that she had when she decided to pursue her doctorate and that store was beckoning. Joy hurried up the stairs to their bedroom to change, upon entering she heard his rich baritone singing, “You are too beautiful, my dear to be true, And I am a fool for beauty, Who by a feeling that because I have found you, I could have bound you too.” So she decided to write a note instead of trying to be heard over the shower and his singing. She loved his singing and was tempted to join him in the shower, but that store was beckoning. Joy picked out the first thing she saw and threw them on, wrote the note and left, feeling a little guilty because she’d told Steve that she’d be working on the dissertation all day. Had he known then that she’d look for any excuse to not work on it? As she slid into the convertible her bottom tingled as if it knew something she didn’t. Thinking as she started the car of the knowing look he had given her when she told him of her plans to get back in gear, he all but said that he knew she wouldn’t be able to discipline herself and follow though on her task. Here she was doing exactly what he knew she would, and feeling guilty. “Stop that,” she told herself, “the house needs to be comfortable for us both and I still have all the rest of the day to outline my thesis.” Driving into town, she was trying to remember exactly where the shop was, because Steve was driving she’d had time to look around. The drugstore, then a home electronics store, then a store that had a black curtain with red tassels. She couldn’t help wondering what they sold there, probably something to do with the occult. Then the antique store, she could lose herself in there and thought she had to be mindful of the time. She pulled into to the only available spot near the store and got out, barely noticing that she’d parked in front of the mysterious store. As she turned the store was right in front of her; curious she tried to peer in. It looked like another antique store, but she couldn’t place the furniture. The furniture looked odd, all dark, heavy wood with padding in places that didn’t make sense. The store drew her in. The interior was dark only lit by antique lamps on small round wooden tables seemingly placed haphazardly thoughout the store. An old chime announced her entrance and while she began browsing an older woman appeared from the rear. The tinkling of the beaded curtains told her that she was no longer alone and she hoped she’d be allowed to look around before being approached. The woman sat down and left her to peruse in quiet and it was she that invaded the silence. “Interesting design, but why are there two long cushions in the seat surely it can’t be a comfortable place to sit.” In a very low almost manly voice she answered, “Suppose they’re not for sitting?” Joy chuckled and said, “Why are there cushions on the back of the chair, and it can’t be comfortable when it’s that low can it? That’s an odd footrest? Two holes?” Smiling the women approached her and knelt on the cushions facing the back of the chair and placed her feet in the two holes while resting her shoulders delicately on the cushion on top of the back of the chair. In this position her bottom was forced upward as if awaiting punishment and the use of the chair became obvious. With this new prospective Joy looked around the shop. Everything made sense now and the woman was looking at her with a knowing smile. “Would you care to see how it feels?” she murmured. Without knowing why, Joy blushed and hurried out of the store into the almost too perfect day. The sky was so blue it almost hurt to look and the temperature couldn’t have been more comfortable if she had order it from a menu. A disturbing feeling had stolen over her when the women demonstrated the furniture’s use. She could almost see herself in place of the woman only she was bare bottomed. The more that she dwelled on it the more it excited her, and the more she felt embarrassed by her arousal. Joy entered the store where she had intended shop but while shopping couldn’t shake the image from her mind. She looked at one piece and while forming a picture of it in the house, and the former image returned unbidden. This time she let it play out in her mind. Steve was speaking very sternly at her, “I knew you wouldn’t follow through, you obviously need more direction.” At that he spanked her hard on her bare bottom, ten fast hard strokes, that left her almost breathless. In a small, pain filled voice she cried, “I –I ‘m sorry, (sniff) that I let you down. I promise I’ll do better!” Another five hard spanks and Steve’s voice almost seductively smooth and soft came from a place near her ear, “I am very disappointed in you and I think you need more self-discipline. Until you have it, I will gladly supply it to your bare bottom every time you need it.” “It’s a beautiful piece isn’t it?” so engrossed was she in her reverie that she hadn’t noticed his approach. She found that she was almost out of breath when she spoke and it came out in a husky whisper, “Oh, it is lovely, but it just wouldn’t fit.” Then she turned away from him to hide her heaving bosom and flushed face. As she walked away from the salesman, she felt his eyes on her and instead of her usual confident and graceful stride, she almost shuffled on to the next display of furniture. The power of the daydream had left her weak, and very aroused. She fought to control her breathing and regain her composure before the salesman caught up with her. Joy pretended to be absorbed in a display on the far side of the floor and hurried over to it. Only when she reached it did she slow and while pretending to size it up she finally regained control of her body. Her mind was in turmoil, why was that particular image so powerful? Her panties were soaked, her nipples were hard marbles and it was with great difficulty that she maintained her composure. It was as if she had had an orgasm. Usually it took physical contact to get there, sometime if she and Steve were going to make love it didn’t take long. But this was different! He was punishing her as if she were a naughty child! Joy was always in control, always in charge. Even their relationship was an equal partnership. They made decisions together and shared the cost of every purchase. Hell, they even paid their bills together. She never saw Steven out of control, he never raised his voice at her, and the most he ever exhibited was irritation when she was being particularly bitchy. Then she remembered the one time he had let himself lose his temper. She was supposed to have met him at the restaurant. She’d forgotten until an hour before she was to have arrived. Instead of calling him at his part-time job and telling him she would be a little late, she decided to try and make it. Rushing, she parked at the first available spot, which was about two blocks away in a very dark and dangerous neighborhood. Locking the car she hurried up the block toward the restaurant, trying to be there on time she wasn’t aware of her surroundings. It happened so fast that she only remembered bits and pieces of it. The mugger jumped out of the shadows and grabbed her around her shoulders with the other hand clamped on her windpipe. She gasped and immediately began to struggle, but to no avail. He was dragging her into a dark alley, and she had no choice but to go. She hadn’t felt the knife at her throat until he pressed it hard enough to draw blood, he told her to quiet down, relax, and try to enjoy it. If she hadn’t been so frightened she would have laughed, but all she could think about was how stupid to allow this to happen. Uncharacteristically, Steve had forgotten his parking ticket stub and was on his way back to his car. The valet wanted to get it but Steve insisted. The car was parked in the parking lot near the mugger and Joy. As he approached the car he heard the scuffle and looked up. Identifying Joy, he hopped over a six-foot fence to land just outside of the alley where they were headed. Joy found herself propelled against a parked car so hard that she couldn’t remain sanding. When she regained her feet she saw Steve confronting the mugger saying, “If she’s alright you can walk away, if not, god help you.” Joy tried to say something but all that came out was a choked sob. The mugger, brandishing his knife told Steve, “Gimme your wallet and I let you walk away, alive.” Joy again tried to speak and could only manage a squeak. Steve said, “Joy, are you okay?” This time she managed a shaky “Okay, I think.” The mugger chose this moment to charge Steve and the next thing Joy knew the mugger was on the ground, the knife was in the street and Steve was poised above him not even breathing hard. Then a look came over Steve that could only be described as pure hatred. He proceeded to strike the mugger with his fists, elbows, knees and openhanded slaps. They were coming so fast that Joy couldn’t distinguish one blow from another. The mugger’s face was a mask of blood and Steve seemed to be hitting him faster and with more power. Joy tried to speak, swallowed, and then spoke in a surprisingly loud, clear voice, “Steve, stop it, you’re killing him.” It had no effect, so she yelled, “STEVE YOU’RE KILLING HIM!” It was as if Steve was waking from a dream, he shook his head and tried to focus his eyes on Joy. He dropped the mugger and walked over to her and gathered her into his arms. He began examining her body and noted the wound on her neck was scabbing over. When he finally looked at her, she could see he was trembling. His voice was soft and quavering when he next spoke, “Are you sure you’re alright? You really scared me.” I’m okay. I scared you! What came over you, it was like you were possessed. What happened to you?” Joy was not sure she was with the right person. “I never wanted you to see me like that, I was going to kill him if you weren’t there.” Steve apologized. All though dinner he apologized, and tried to assure her that it would never happen again. She had wanted him to do just as he said, but, she could never live with herself if Steve had killed him. She knew he was embarrassed that he’d lost control and that it would never happen again, just as he’d promised. Joy stood there remembering, eyes unfocused in front of the furniture display. It was a particularly garish display that wouldn’t blend into any d cor that she could envision. So she moved on to the next one and spotted a clock. Was that the time! She looked at her watch to confirm it was four o’clock! They had planned to go to dinner and take in the community theater production of No Balm in Gilead, now it was too late to get anything done on her dissertation. She almost ran out of the store. As she was getting into the car she thought, Steve will be accepting and calm and she would feel guilty for making them rush. As she started the car another tableau unfolded. She was pulling into the driveway, the crunching of gravel beneath the wheels of her car alerting Steve of her arrival. After opening the door and he stands there calmly looking at her, “I didn’t want to disturb you while you were working.” He says sarcastically. “Did you have fun?” She doesn’t dare say a word and instead tries to push past him only to be pinned by his hand on her wrist. Speaking softly he says, “I knew you wouldn’t have the discipline to work on your dissertation. How many extensions are you planning to con him into?” Anger at her self is translated to anger at Steve, “Let me go! It has nothing to do with you.” At this, Steve releases her and steps back allowing her to pass. However, she doesn’t move. Instead, she stands there, head bowed and whispers, “I- I’m sorry Steven, I lost track of the time. I know I told you I’d be working all day and I fully intended to, but I thought I had enough time to pick up a few things and still get some work done.” She says this last part in an almost uncharacteristic whine. Steve says nothing, just stands looking at her, disappointed. Then he gently takes her hand and leads he into the living room. She almost faints at the sight of that same chair that the woman had demonstrated in that store. At the entrance to the room Steve waits, looking at her with an unreadable expression. “How, what is that chair doing there? Surely, you don’t expect…? You wouldn’t…. Steve!” He gently guides her still stunned body to the couch and pulls her across his knees, as he sits. She is so surprised that she doesn’t react until she is on his lap. “No Steve, it was a mistake. What are you doing? Oh no Steve, don’t… OUCH” As she protested Steve had her dress up and delivered a stinging spank to her panty clad bottom. “Do I have your attention? You have used up your excuses and extensions, at least with me. You have no self-discipline and have broken a promise you made to me. Now, young lady I am going to apply some external discipline and this will happen until you acquire some, internally.” At that Steve begins to spank her with increasing intensity. Beginning with spanks that make her bottom bounce and her body squirm to get away. Joy imagines trying to withstand this onslaught silently, but eventually gives voice to the pain as Steve really lays it on. Then, he surprises her when he lowers her panties and she tries to get away. “You’re not going anywhere, until I am sure you’ve gotten an idea just how disappointed I am with you young lady!” And then he applies twenty very hard slaps across her buttocks. Joy is almost in tears and beside herself with excitement. Her mind is not in control of her body. She is at once, in agony and aroused beyond her widest dreams! As Steve begins to spank her in earnest she feels something growing in intensity and it definitely isn’t painful. Yet there is still pain, and she is letting him know at the top of her lungs. First in disbelief she yells, “What are you… oh Steve that hurt, this is not funny!” Then indignant shouting, “Who do you think you are? Owww.” Then with tears forming in her eyes, “Let go of me. Now!” She was trying to maintain a semblance of dignity and yet she found that she welcomed this spanking, needed this spanking, and wanted it in more ways than one. Joy is snapped back to reality by the honking of a car. She had veered into his lane, so caught in her daydream was she that she hadn’t been paying attention to her driving. She found that her body has reacted to the dream as if it were real. She tries to compose herself and thought herself strange. Was she a masochist? Or was it Steve spanking her that made the thought so sensual? While she gathers herself together, she realizes that her panties are uncomfortably wet and sticky, and the odor of arousal is strong. Rather than arrive at home like this she pulls the car to the shoulder of the road and stops. She checks the two-lane road for a break in traffic and for the first time she becomes aware of what she is wearing. An a-line skirt that hugs her hips and flows out from the waist and a peasant blouse that is slightly out of style. Her only concern at the moment was the skirt and how much access she has to her underwear. Without getting out of the car or being in the least bit conspicuous she lifts her skirt and removes her panties. She almost reaches her climax as she brushes the outside of her vagina and is tempted to finish herself off right there. She regains control and when it’s safe she steers the car back onto the highway. Concentrating, on her driving so as not to allow the seductive image to return, she drives home. As she pulls into the driveway and hears the gravel crunching, her body responds slightly until she sternly takes control. When Steve opens the door she feels almost faint, but he is smiling at her and the moment passes. As she approaches the door her knees threaten to give out and Steve rushes over to her with a look of concern asks, “Joy, what’s wrong?” “Nothing, I just lost my balance. You’re almost dressed and I haven’t even showered, do I have time?” Steve looks at her closely and senses that she is hiding something, but let’s the moment pass without comment. As Joy passes he smacks her bottom, and says, “I thought you were going to work on your thesis, what happened? Tell me as you’re getting ready, we have reservations you know.” It’s almost too much to bear and Joy rushes to the stairs and then turns around, “I’m sorry, Steven, I lost track of the time. I really meant to work on my dissertation.” As she turns to go she hears Steve say jokingly, “I’ll punish you later, hurry up.” Joy can barely make it up to the bedroom without telling Steve everything, He is right behind her when she reaches the bedroom and she is near panic. How will she ever explain her lack of underwear? She opts to undress in the bathroom and takes her bag into the bathroom as soon as Steve turns away. The moment the bathroom door closes she turns the shower on and sits on the commode to gather her tattered senses. She feels as if she had had an affair and is laden with guilt. She has to tell him or she feels she’ll lose her mind. Joy decides to unburden herself at dinner. When she emerges from the bathroom she is composed, she almost assumes her usual demeanor when Steve asks, “What’s bothering you sugar? Is it something I did or said?” Joy isn’t ready to let Steve know what she wants him to do, it’s not the first time either one of them had had an unusual desire, but this is going to take some time. Besides, it wasn’t the right moment. “I know it’s my fault, or will be, so let me apologize now so we can enjoy our evening.” Steve says, trying to lighten her mood. Joy rushes over to him, throws her arms around his neck, and buries her face in his chest before saying, “I am sorry, I really meant to work today and I lost…. Oh Steve!” He kisses her and murmurs, “Sweetheart, what’s wrong, what is bothering you. I heard you leave and knew you were shopping instead of working on your thesis, do you think I’m angry?” “You should be!” “I should be?” “Yes!” “Why” “You should expect more out of me. You shouldn’t be so accepting of my faults. You are always so calmly accepting of everything. How will I ever be the best person I can be, if you keep allowing me get away with everything?” “Where is all of this coming from? Faults? What faults? I love you. If you don’t want to finish your Ph.D. you’re still the best.” “Nevermind.” Joy, on the verge of tears of exasperation decides to let it drop. During dinner Steve watches her, aware that there is something seriously troubling her, but decides to patiently allow her to share when she is ready. He watches her trying to work it out and wants to help her, but instead, “Did you see anything you liked for the house?” Joy was deeply involved with her dilemma, trying to divine a way to include him in this decision, that she didn’t even hear him speak. She realized that this would change the very nature of their relationship, and she wasn’t even sure that the actuality would be as exciting as the fantasy. She was concerned because they were extremely happy with their situation as it existed. Would this revelation alter his perception of her? On the other hand, she knew that, as fulfilling as this relationship was there was something more. She had known since that time when they were wrestling in the bed in their first apartment off campus. It was a Sunday; clouds obscured the sunlight, dark threatening clouds. She had awakened before Steven and went to the window to assess the day’s weather. They’d planned to have a pick-nick and go riding, but now it looked like the promised storms were coming with a vengeance. She glanced over at him, peacefully sleeping and couldn’t fight the urge to wake him. Joy jumped onto the bed knees first and bounced up and down. Steve, who had been awakened by her the moment she had gotten out of bed, feigned sleep while she continued to bounce, however, once he was clearing the bed by inches he couldn’t maintain the pose. He snatched her on the rise clearing the covers away in one smooth motion while slipping his hands around her waist. He held her there off the bed seemingly without effort. This infuriated her for some reason and she grabbed a pillow, raised over her shoulder and hit him hard across the face with it. “You want to fight, do you?” Steve said, ominously. In answer Joy swung again but this time she hit nothing because Steve slipped from under her and magically appeared behind her with the other pillows in hand. As Joy fell to the bed and rolled over to face him he threw them one after the other, right into her face. They were gentle tosses, which seemed to fuel Joy’s anger. She sprung from the bed swinging wildly and preventing Steve from doing anything but catch her while ducking and dodging. “Let go of me!” she all but screamed. “Its all your fault.” She knew she was being irrational but they’d been trying to make some time for themselves and each time something like this happened. She knew she was being childish, but she couldn’t find an outlet for this impotent fury. The vehemence of her outburst surprised Steve and he let go, only to have to fend off another wild attack. He had had enough so as quickly as he could; he reversed her and pinned her across his lap. Joy fought with all her might but he had her pinned with one leg thrown over her legs and her arm behind her back. “Okay, okay calm down. What did I do while I slept?” The mocking tone did nothing but increase her irrational rage, so she didn’t reply. Steve smacked across her bottom firmly but, not enough to hurt and said, “Tell me, what have I done this time.” Joy stubbornly remained silent and refused to stop struggling. So Steve spanked her again, and said very softly, “I‘m gonna spank you until I get an answer.” At first they were just firm smacks but they gradually increased in strength and tempo until he got a vocal reaction. “Ah, I see that I’m having some effect. Now will you tell me what this is all about?” “NO! Goddammit let me up! You son of a bitch, I am walking out that door if you don’t stop this instant.” This gave him pause, but somehow he knew that she was bluffing and instead of stopping he increased his power and varied his tempo. Smack! “I’m not kidding.” Smack, smack. “You NEANDERTHAL!” SPANK. “Ouch, Steven that really hurt. Stop it, it’s not funny.” Smack, smack, smack…SPANK! “You fucking animal, son of a bitch that hurt.” Smack, “Its supposed to hurt, and that isn’t language that fits your mouth, now answer me.” “NEVER” Now Steve was getting irritated with her and he could be as stubborn as she, or even more so. So with a new determination he began spanking her in earnest, varying everything so that she could never predict how hard, when, or where on her bottom the blow would land. The walls echoed the sound of his smacks, first one cheek then the other. Then alternating only every third time, every second, every fifth until Joy didn’t know what to expect. Joy’s bottom was on fire and she found that acceptance and then desire were slowly replacing her anger! She couldn’t quite believe it, yet there it was. She felt Steve hardening under her hips and between spanks she tried to angle her self so that she could rub against it. “What did I do?’ “Nothing!” “Nothing? Then why…” “It’s not fair,” she was sobbing by now so Steve could barely understand her. “You didn’t do anything, but it’s just not fair. Every time we plan to do something together the weather doesn’t cooperate, I have to study, you have to study or SOMETHING!” Steve had stopped spanking her when she began answering him and was now rubbing her bottom gently, almost massaging her aching bottom. This was affecting Joy more now because her bottom was sensitive to the touch, after the long hard spanking. When Steve removed his leg she turned into his lap and curled up there as if she were a chastened child. This motion heightened her arousal and he wasn’t far behind her, but he told her, “Joy Sen, if I ever hear language like that coming out of your mouth that spanking will seem like a gentle massage. You are too intelligent and too much of a lady to have to resort to that.” “I-I’m so very sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I just got so angry at the storm I could have screamed.” While she was speaking she kept adjusting herself so as not to put too much pressure on the tender parts of her bottom. Steve was getting a different message and kissed her lightly, then with more urgency. They made love tenderly, then with all the passion of the moment before. Joy was preoccupied throughout the meal and Steve watched her with increasing concern. She had been gone all afternoon and part of the morning, yet she came back with nothing. His faith in her was absolute; she never gave him reason for doubt. Had he forgotten something or taken her for granted? He had been working on a new method of data storage and hadn’t been as attentive of late. But that was why he suggested the summer house and taken all of his accumulated vacation time to spend alone with her. The server interrupted both of their musings with an offer of dessert, after declining Joy realized that Steven had been watching her intently for some time. She reached across the table and gave his hand a squeeze, “I love you.” she said and smiled at him to quiet is fears. “Sweetheart, I know there something bothering you,” Steve tentatively said, “and I want you to know that your happiness is all that matters to me. So take your time and when you feel comfortable, tell me.” Joy’s eyes glistened and she found herself choked with emotion. Had the roles been reversed she knew she would have been demanding that he unburden himself and she knew she was putting him through exquisite torture. So she told him, “After the play I think I’ll be ready.” END CHAPTER 1

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