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Shannon Gets What She Needs  


Shannon Gets What She Needs

After dinner Mandy, Crystal and I took our wine and retired to the living room. I have known Mandy and Crystal for several years and was well aware that they were a very happy lesbian couple. The idea of making love to another woman was one that I had thought about but just never had the opportunity. Besides I was perfectly happy as a straight female who really enjoyed men and the wonderful things that men did to me. When we sat on the couch Mandy sat unusually close to me but I took no notice at first Crystal sat across from us in the recliner. We talked for a while swapping “wierd sex fantacies” a game that we played sometimes and as always it had gotten me a bit aroused as my pussy was more moist than usual. Mandy casually put her arm around me and began to tickle my cheek on the opposite side I giggled softly and turned to her, she was looking at me in a way that I had never seen before. Cupping the back of my head in her hand she leaned to me and kissed me softly on the lips at first I tried to back away but she held my head firmly looking into my eyes smiling, she says “It’s ok Shannon if you don’t want to we will understand but I promise you that you will have the time of your life as we have some plans for you.” I can only stare back as I am speechless with indecision, part of me says no but a larger part of me says “what the heck!” Mandy leans forward again and kisses me again but much more aggresivly this time. It is a sweet kiss, not like a man at all, I feel her tounge circling mine and I feel myself relax a bit. I feel her hand slip up my blouse and caress my ample breasts. She releases me from the kiss and pulls her hand back but lays it on my thigh. Crystal is stand near us now and reaches down and takes my hand in hers and helps me to my feet, she looks me up and down and then smiles sweetly at me. “Come on girls” she says leading me by the hand to the bedroom with Mandy following.

As we enter the bedroom I see that it is not a bedroom at all but a room with many devices, ropes, chains and a large bed in the middle of the floor. I am led to the middle of the room and quickly undressed by Mandy before both of them removed their clothes. I notice that all 4 walls are covered in mirrors and I get a giddy feeling as my arousal level grows. Mandy takes my hands and secures handcuffs to me then raising my hands above my head she attaches the handcuffs to a hook suspended above my head. They then back up a bit and look at me, “You have no idea how long Crystal and I have talked and dreamed about doing this, Shannon, I promise that you will not be harmed in any way but the safe word is “apple”, ok?”. I nod my consent. She smiles at me and walks around behind me, I feel her tits press against my back as her hands come around my waist and she begins fondling my breasts. She begins to lick and kiss my neck as I tilt my head to give better access, I moan softly enjoying this new experience and finding myself getting quite excited. Crystal comes and stands close to me in front and I feel her tits press against mine as she kisses me in a deep french kiss. I found that I was really enjoying this!

I didn’t notice until Crystal released me from the kiss that Mandy had left the room and was just now returning. She was followed into the room buy a guy, not just any guy but the most glorious male creature that I have ever seen. I let out a soft yelp in surprise and tried to cover myself but my restraints would not let me. Mandy chuckles and says “Realax , hon, we know how much you love a good fucking and Marcus here is for you once we get you properly prepared. Marcus meet Shannon.”. Marcus looks me up and down and after kissing my forehead he smiles at me and says “ Hi, babe you look fabulous in chains.” He then reaches down and lightly touches my pussy, I inhale sharply at his touch. He smiles at me again and begins to massage my right breast as he inserts a finger into me. He withdraws his finger sniffs it then sucks my juices from it with his mouth. He says “mmmm shes good but not quite ready yet. I’ll sit over there and watch while you girls get her good and wet.” I noticed that he was at least 6’2” and in perfect heart was pounding. Mandy releases my cuffs from the hook, points to a chair and I obediently sit. She stands in front of me and then kneels, her hands on my knees she spreads my legs and lightly kisses my labia. I have had my pussy eaten hundreds of times by men but this altogether different. I moan softly as she begins licking my cunt. I put my hands on her head and pull her to me. Crystal comes over and releases one hand from the cuffs but attaches another set to my free hand, she then takes each hand and attaches it to the respective leg of the chair. Then she takes my legs and puts my knees over the arms of the chair and secures them with a pieces of rope. While this was going on Mandy was doing a magnificent job on my pussy and I feel the first tinglings of orgasm, as if she could read my mind she suddenly stops leaving me breathless on the edge of an orgasm. “Sorry, sweatheart” she says, “but you can’t cum until Marcus makes you cum.” she and Crystal watch as I struggle trying to stimulate myself ghasping and struggling but firmly secured to my chair. They wait until I calm down some and then start the whole process over and over for what seemed like and eternity. At long last Mandy says “Marcus, babe, this cunts ready to fuck, she practically dripping.”

Marcus stands in front of me and says “Oh yes, I can see by the look in her eyes that shes ready. I want her tied to the bed spread eagle with a pillow under her pussy to raise it up some. I can get deeper penetration that way.” I am released from the chair and led to the bed where I am tied just as instructed, my legs are bound first to get them spread as far as possible then my arms are bound and pulled tight so that I could not move at all. Marcus stands next to the bed and I can see his magnificent cock a full 9 1/2 inches long, thick and throbing. Taking my left breast in his hand and squeezing it he say “I’m going to mount you now Shannon, are you ready?” I eagerly nod my consent, he moves around the bed and positions himself properly, he leans over me and kisses me as he enters me. I feel his cock slide in my pussy easily as I am soaked but he only goes in an inch or so and stops. He releases me from the kiss, holding his head close to mine he says, “ I like to watch my girls as I impale them” he then begins to very slowly slide his cock in deeper. As he does I try to arch my back reflexively but I am held fast, I cum almost immediately, squirting my fluids on his belly “Oh yeah, babe thats nice, I like that” he says smiling at me. He penetrates me far deeper than any man has before, taking my breath away and making speach all but impossible. I am filled completely by this man and loving every inch of him. I feel his cock press against the back part of my vagina as his hips touch my thigh, he leans down and kisses me, smiles and says “Gag the bitch!”. At first I felt insulted at being called a bitch but it was also exciting, nevermind that I was in no position to complain. Mandy puts a ball gag in my mouth and secures it around my head. Marcus then begins fucking me at a moderate rate at first, he felt so glorious!! I cum a second time moaning as loudly as I could, squirting him again. He laughs and says “Come on you little cunt do that again” as he quickens his pace. I cum yet again as I feel myself losing control of my body. He is fucking me HARD now, his cock thusting in and out of me, filling me over and over, I feel my tits bouncing around like mad from the force of his fucking. Mandy and Crystal are watching and cheering him on. I have never been fucked so hard and so long in my life....I am in exctacy!!! After what seemed like an eternity but also far too short of a period of time his pace slows back to a moderate rythem. God, his cock felt so good sliding back and forth in me, I didnt want him to ever stop. The only sound now was my breathing and the wet slurping sound of his cock in my pussy. He leans down, kisses my forhead and says “Remove her gag” Mandy quickly removes my gag and he kisses me again a long deep french kiss. “Shannon” he says, “you have squirted me many times over this past hour, now its your turn to be squirted”. At that moment he pushes himself as far as he can into my pussy, I inhale sharply as he explodes inside me. It felt like a firehose was turned on spewing hot fluid in the deepest reaches of my womanhood, he came in 4 distinct squirts each more powerful than the last. Then he lays on top of me breathing hard from the exertion. I feel his cock begin to relax inside me. He then withdraws his cock completely as I lay my head back trying to catch my breath. He dresses and comes over to me, he cups my left breats, kisses my forhead and says “Thanks, Shannon, you were terrific, honey”. He turns to leave as Mandy walks him to the door.

While Mandy was gone Crystal releases me from the bed but I just lay there, legs spread, arms outstretched trying to recover some. Mandy returns and the girls each kiss a cheek and giggle a bit and as if I enjoyed their little party. “Like you would not believe” I respond. They look at each other and Mandy says “Well then, would you like to be our “party girl” at other get togethers?” I can only smile and nod.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:03 pm