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It was a Friday. I had gone to my friend's house to exchange an adult video cassette. It was around 11.00 AM. My friend Shanker's house is away from the road, and access to the house is through a small three feet wide by-lane, which was almost 50 feet long. The house was pretty isolated from the surroundings. Just I had reached almost to his house, I saw Shanker coming out of the house. When he saw the video cassette kept covered in my hand, he was very happy. I saw that he is about to go somewhere. When I asked, he told me that he is going to his Uncle's house as his Uncle had called him for some urgent matter and that he will come back within an hour. As I wanted the cassette he was having and he also wanted to have the cassette which I was carrying, Shanker told me to wait in his room, which had a separate entrance from outside and he will come back as soon as possible. I asked him why can't he just hand over the tape then and there itself, but he told me he has kept it hidden in his room and can take it out after he comes back only.

He also told me to be quiet while sitting in his room, as his Father, a 50 year old Police Constable, has not gone for duty that day and is in the house. I knew Shanker was really afraid of his Father, who was a giant man and had a very bad reputation in the city as a cruel Police Constable and a drunkard. Shanker's Mother had died long back and Shanker and his elder Sister Seetha, an unemployed young woman, was staying in the house along with their Father. Shanker was 18, same as my age, and his elder Sister Seetha was 20, and married to a man since 3 years, who was working in a private factory at Bombay. He used to come only once every two years. His Sister Seetha had a child, a boy of 2 years.

I was also afraid to face Shanker's Father, so I got in his room quietly and locking the room, started to read a book. After some time, I heard some noise like someone crying from inside the house. I slowly got up and peeped through the curtain of the window, which looked into the house. I understood that the noise was coming inside from his Father's room, which was exactly opposite Shanker's room. The door was open and I could see inside very clearly. The scene inside the room was really shocking. Shanker's Father was holding his Daughter's hands together at her back with his left hand, and she was crying and telling something to him. Shanker's Sister Seetha had an above-average body, with well-stacked boobs, round thighs and a good-sized ass, but she could not release the grip of her Father, even though she struggled hard. First I could not hear properly, but soon I understood that she was pleading to her Father to leave her alone. She was wearing a black gown and her Father was wearing a pyjama only and I immediately understood that he is drunk. Shanker's Sister Seetha was crying and was telling her Father excuses, that Shanker will come soon, her sleeping Son will wake up, and to please leave her. The more she pleaded, the more angry her Father became. He slapped her on her face and roughly turned her round and gave several hard slaps on her ass also, the smacking sound of those hard slaps ringing in the room, then turning her again and still holding both her hands together at her back with his left hand, started squeezing both her breasts hard.

I watched with growing fascination and at the same time felt my cock becoming hard inside my pants. I had read vastly about Father-Daughter incest and had also heard that the same happened in India also. But this was my first experience seeing the same in real.

Inside, Shanker's Sister Seetha was pleading desperately and struggling hard to escape her Father's rough hands squeezing her breasts. Then I heard her Father speaking and I heard her telling her in a threatening voice that she better obey him like before, otherwise he will write anonymous letter to her husband about how she was fucked first when she was 16 years by one of her Cousins and when her Husband married her, she was not a virgin. That threat had immediate effect on Shanker's Sister Seetha. She stopped struggling, but still was crying. Her Father continued squeezing his Daughter's both breasts hard for some more time and then released her hands.

She stood there in front of her drunk Father, crying softly and her body trembled. Catching hold of her shoulders, her Father roughly pushed her down to the floor and she was on her knees in front of her Father. Her Father immediately took out his hard cock from inside his pyjamas and it jerked up and down in front of her face. His jerking cock was very large. It stuck out from his fly for almost 8 inches. On seeing her Father's large hard cock jerking close-up in front of her face, Shanker's Sister Seetha turned her face to one side, looking away. Her Father immediately became angry again. Steadying himself, he caught hold of his Daughter's hair and jerked her face back towards his cock. The cruel holding made her to cry out, but her Father immediately thrust his hard cock into her mouth, thereby silencing her cry.

Meanwhile, seeing this cruel act I was shocked, but my cock was responding well to this raw sexual assault happening in front of my own eyes, and that too by a Father on his own Daughter. I could not control my passion. I took out my cock and started jacking off, watching the scene. By this time, Shanker's Father has started mouth-fucking his Daughter, still holding her hair tight in his hands. His hard thrusts made her choke on his large cock, which by the looks, I understood was reaching her inner throat. He was squatting slightly, to allow himself to mouth-fuck his Daughter's mouth more conveniently. I heard him muttering something to her and upon receiving no response, jerked on her hair and immediately her hands came up, pulled out her Father's balls from inside his pyjamas and started to caress them with her hands.

By this time, I was jerking fast on my cock. This scene of the drunk Father raping his own Daughter orally was too much for my nerves. Shanker's Father was making wild noises and was thrusting hard into his Daughter's mouth or in other words right into her throat. Several times she made noises like she will throw up, but each time her Father's deep thrusting cock silenced her. Releasing his right hand, but still holding his Daughter's hair with his left hand and kneeling more, her Father again started roughly squeezing her breasts.

Seeing this I knew he was about to cum soon. His thrusts became more faster and stronger. With some more hard thrusts, Shanker's Father thrust one final thrust deep into his Daughter's mouth and held firm, making wild growling noises. I could see his ass and thighs shivering and jerking and understood he is cumming right into his Daughter's throat. I could also see Shanker's Sister Seetha's eyes bulge out as she tried not to choke on her Father's cock which was pumping hot cum direct into her stomach.

My jerking hand was flying up and down on my cock by this time. Before Shanker's Father finished cumming into his Daughter's throat, my cum jetted out, landing on the floor of Shanker's room. Panting, I again looked into Shanker's Father's room and saw that he had removed his cock and was making her lick off the remaining drops which was oozing out. I was really surprised to see that his cock had not lost its hardness, even after cumming hard. When his Daughter finished cleaning his cock completely of cum, he pulled his Daughter up to her feet by pulling on her hair.

She got up coughing slightly. I understood that the coughing was because of her Father's big cock reaching into her throat while cumming directly down her throat into her stomach. Her Father's cock, even after the first cum, was jutting out and jerking up and down. He told her something, which I could not hear. On hearing that Seetha went out of the room. Just when I thought that her Father had let her go, I saw Seetha coming back, bringing a bottle of water. Her Father took the bottle of water from her, took a bottle of whiskey from the cupboard, poured a shot of whiskey into a glass and then added water to that. He sat down on a chair and started sipping the whiskey. He then told something to his Daughter Seetha, who was standing there with fear in her face, watching her Father drink more. She stood there silently. That angered her Father. Reaching out with his right hand, he gave a stinging slap to her ass and the sound of his hand striking against her ass cheek echoed in the room. She cried out and immediately obeyed what her Father told her. She turned her back to her Father, bent down over the table and raised her black gown up over her hips, exposing her back to her Father. For the first time, I was also seeing my friend Shanker's sister Seetha half naked. She was wearing a red panties and her round, fleshy ass filled out the panties. Holding the table, she stood bent like that, with her gown up above her hips.

Her Father who was sitting and sipping whiskey liked what his Daughter was doing. It was obvious from the several jerks his big hard cock had. He reached out and squeezed his Daughter's both asscheeks roughly. His Daughter squirmed, but fearing more slaps, stood silently. The scene was having its effect on me also. My cock also reared its head up. Watching the scene silently, I jacked my hard cock slowly. Shanker's Father reached under his Daughter's ass and squeezed her cunt in the front. She had to spread her round thighs slightly to accommodate her Father's big hand. All this time he was sipping the whiskey in the glass. He then told her something and immediately his Daughter reached back and pushed her panties down to her knees. My cock jerked in my hand on seeing the big round ass of my friend Shanker's Sister naked. I could see her shaven cunt peeping out under her ass.

Her Father squeezed his Daughter's naked ass displayed in front of him to his heart's content. He then wet his middle finger of his right hand in his mouth and then inserted the finger into his Daughter's cunt from the back. Seetha uttered some whimpering sounds, but accepted the invading finger of her Father into her cunt. He pushed his finger in and out of his Daughter's cunt several times. Then removing his finger from her cunt, he inserted the finger into her asshole. He inserted his finger almost half was and then fucked the finger in and out of her asshole real fast. Seetha cried out on this cruel assault on her asshole by her Father, but accepted the same. My jacking became fast on seeing the assault.

After a short finger fucking, Shanker's Father finished his drink and stood up from the chair. His big cock was jerking up and down. He took a jar of hair cream from the table and applied the cream liberally on his hard cock. Seetha, meanwhile looked back and on seeing this started crying and pleading to her Father. Her Father gave another hard slap on her naked ass and immediately his Daughter became silent. After applying cream on his cock, he stood just behind his Daughter and spreading her ass cheeks with both hands, put his big cock head at her asshole. His cock was jerking up and down and also he was more drunk, so his cock head could not be aimed correctly at her ass hole.

Then he told something to her and she brought both her hands to her back and spread her ass cheeks apart. I could see her ass hole clearly in between her spread ass cheeks. The spreading made things easy for her Father. Holding his hard cock in his right hand, he again positioned his cock head on his Daughter's asshole and pushed hard. Seetha uttered some grunts of pain, but nothing stopped her Father. His steady pushing opened up his Daughter's asshole and his big cock entered her asshole.

Her Father continued his thrust into his Daughter's asshole until his big cock was fully inserted into her asshole. I could see her hands gripping the sides of the table, trying to withstand the pain. Upon inserting his big cock fully into his Daughter's asshole, her Father started to fuck violently in and out of his Daughter's asshole. Every thrust brought his cock out of her asshole to the tip of his cock and then he violently thrust his cock fully back into her asshole in one thrust. The liberal application of hair cream made his thrusts easy after some time. By this time his Daughter Seetha's asshole opened up more to his violent thrusts.

I tuned the jerking of my cock to his thrusts. Several times I had to slow off my jerking for fear of cumming soon. The violent ass fucking which the Father was doing to his own Daughter was too much for my cock. I watched the scene with utmost interest. Inside, Shanker's Father was thrusting deep into his Daughter's asshole, with violent, hard thrusts of his hip. His Daughter Seetha uttered short cries of pain from time to time. But his Daughter's cries was intensifying the lust of her cruel Father.

While continuing the deep thrusts into his Daughter's asshole, her Father pulled his Daughter up by her hair and then with both hands started squeezing her breasts hard. His Daughter Seetha cried out more and turned her head from side to side. Her Father continued the violent jerking of his hips and fucking deep into his Daughter's now loose, well-fucked asshole. Both his hands roughly squeezed his Daughter's fleshy breasts. My jacking off was also simultaneous.

I could see that Seetha's asshole was now loose from the violent fucking and was now accommodating her Father's big cock more easily. The cream also helped and now a slight slurping sound was coming from her asshole on her Father's every thrust. Her Father's thrusts became more faster and I understood he was about to cum into his Daughter's asshole. I timed my jacking off in such a way that I shall also cum when he is cumming. Inside the room, the violent assfucking was about to finish. I saw Shanker's Father thrust quickly several times deep into his Daughter's asshole and with a final violent thrust buried his big cock deep into her asshole and held his hip against her ass. His big body jerked and shook all over and I knew his cock was cumming deep into his Daughter's asshole. My cum also jetted out at this time. Seetha, on feeling her Father's hot cum deep inside her ass, uttered a small cry (of relief, I think). Her Father held his cock fully inserted inside his Daughter's asshole till he finished pumping his cum fully and the removed his now shriveled cock from her asshole with an audible 'pop' sound. Thoroughly satisfied, her Father fell to his cot. I could see Seetha's asshole still open and her Father's cum oozing out.

On seeing that her Father left her, Seetha immediately pulled up her panties, lowered her gown and quickly left the room. I stayed back till my friend Shanker came back and collecting his video tape, came back to my house. Even though I never got another chance to see them fucking, the raw sexual scene which I saw in Shanker's room I cannot forget in my life.

Posted : 10/03/2011 6:10 am