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Schoolgirl plays the game  



The schoolgirls on the bus did it to him every night as a wind up. Sitting opposite him they would quickly open their legs, and flash their knickers, making out they didn`t know that he could quite clearly see their pantie gussets under their pleated skirts. He also tried to make out also that he didn`t notice their provocative actions.They knew they were safe, there was nothing he could do about it, it was a bus , a public place and he had to endure it.
Some nights it was unbearable, his poor penis would be as stiff as a poker from the start of the journey, and still be stiff when he got home to his flat. The poor guy had to go into his bedroom remove his trousers and pants then start masturbating his already sticky penis, sticky with his pre come fluid that had been oozing from the small eye hole in the tip of his glans head all the way home.
Tonight was different, one of the girls had got of the bus at his stop and seemed to be taking the same route home as he was.
He walked on pretending not to notice her,then a voice from behind said " Oi!, mister i think i`ve got something you want,".
The voice was Tina`s, one of the sluttiest young girls in the whole school. The situation on the bus had made her think that there may money to be made out of this poor frusrated man. After growing up with her mum on the council estate. She had seen first hand how her mum made good money by fucking strangers in their flat. So, being no stranger to sex with the local boys, she thought the time had come to stop doing it for free, and charge the horny bastards to use her body like mum did.
He stopped and turned, as she walked up to him she said " i`ll give you what you want,if you can pay for it".
She went on " Fifty quid to fuck me or a hundred to do anything you want for an hour ".
Although slightly shocked by her proposition he quickly regained his composure and they struck up a bargain.
Walking on together they headed for his flat.
The agreement was that Tina would allow him to tie her up as long as he didn`t hurt her. For agreeing to this she managed to extract another twenty quid out of him.
In the living room of his warm flat she stripped down to her bra and panties, while he went to fetch some of his ropes he used for his rock climbing.
He grabbed her and put her face first over the back of his heavy old low backed armchair and proceeded to tie her wrists to the front legs.This put her in a position with her arse uppermost.
Tina was a little bit discocerted by the roughness of his actions, but by this stage she could do little about it. His actions were a bit more urgent now and his lust as well as his frustrated penis was rising fast.
He tore down her thin white nylon panties.
She had a practically hairless slit, and as the white panties came off the smell of her gash was absolutely delicious. Her puffy little pussy lips would soon be doing the job they were made for. Perfectly designed to satiate the lust of this man.
Wasting no time and anxious not to give her chance to change her mind about the situation, he tied her ankles to the back feet of the armchair, slipping of his clothes he then went up to her.He studied her private parts up close, spat some saliva on his finger and poked it in her bum hole.
After five minutes of probing her with his fingers he stood up and placed his poker stiff penis at her anal entrance. He pushed a little at a time until her tight sphincter had yeilded to his blood engorged prong
His angry stiff tool was gripped tightly by the little brown anus ring, oh god he thought i`ve got so much sperm in my sac i must release it into her. In and out he pounded pushing his penis deep into the schoolgirls bottom. Oh lord, after so long i`m at last penetrating one of teasing little girls orofices.
"You little cows, you bitches, you little whores" he thought to himself. Now lost in his lustful fantasy he rather enjoyed pretending that this girl had been taken against her will, and it was his job to give them their just desserts. He picked up her little knickers off the floor just next to him and sniffed the inside on the stained gusset. His thrusting was relentless, in and out he went,oh the joy her teenage holes were giving him. His tortured penis just had to blow, for so long he`d watched their tight pussy pouches and their puffy little pussies in their knicker gussets. He`d looked longingly at where their female slits were with their knickers tightly stretched over them. He`d wanted to come so bad, needed to ejaculate so desperately, and they`d been laughing at him. Mocking him, well not now, it was his turn to enjoy their young bodies.
He pulled out his penis, and closely studied her bumhole. What a beautiful thing, a teenage girls arsehole, all puckered up in the middle of a patch of darker brown skin.
He sniffed from the top of her bum crack, across her tightly puckered anus and down to her almost hairless slit. The female aroma made his already rigid penis twitch, he needed badly to ejaculate his seed. He sniffed then licked her bumhole, probing it with his tongue. The schoolgirl was tied to the chair right where he wanted her, and her lovely rounded bum cheeks were pointing skyward. Her two little holes were right where he wanted them also and there was nothing she could do about it now.
Pulling her little cunt apart he licked at the opening. He laid his aching penis on her arse groove and slid it up and down, just on the outside for now, sweet release would come later when he entered her.
Backing of a little he caressed the beautiful mounds of her buttocks and her upper thighs.
Then suddenly the once confident and cocksure little slut farted, she had been holding on and being slightly nervous now about this sex charged man she could do so no more, and a second fart issued sharply from her little brown schoolgirl hole.
This was something that would be embarrasing for any woman to let slip in anothers company and something a young girl would only do in the privacy of a toilet. Watching the girl accidentally fart right in front of him took him too the edge. His huge penis, and big swollen balls wanted relief, he had to come.
He pressed the shiny tip of his penis to the tight little cunt, and the lips parted. In a little way then out again to spread the lubrication, he did this several times until he was embedded in the girl fully up to his pendulous ball bag. Sheer lust and desperation took over. The sight of her fat little bum, smell of her sweaty arse crack were beautiful, and he thrust and thrust and thrust again into her. Oh god he thought, at last i`m going to come, aaaarhgh ughh ughh uuhh. He nearly passed out as the orgasm ripped through his organ. Spurt after spurt of his boiling seed pumped furiosly from the tiny hole in his glans head into the girl. Jet after jet of thick relief filled sperm shot into her as the underside of his penis pulsed draining his balls. Oh the joy, it had been worth every penny.

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