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RedTails: The Paddled Princess - Chapter 3  


Kennewick pays a visit to Master Toraq before going to school and gets a lesson in the facts of life
RedTails : Reckonings

The Paddled Princess



Chapter III: An Awakening

"Oh come on, Princess," Kennewick whined, "have a heart. I mean, I don't mind you making me wearing the girls' uniform to school, but this is going too far. What will the other boys think when they see me dressed in that?" He nodded his head towards his sister. Katella was sitting daintily on Amalie's bed, brushing her silky mane.

She arose to her feet, set the brush down, and smiled at her brother, "What will the other boys think?" she chirred and giggled, "Who cares? What they think don't matter. What matters is what our princess thinks. And she thinks that her paddle girls would look good together in these lovely outfits she had specially made for us."

As per the princess's instructions for dressdown day at school, the Skunkette was dressed in a cute little black and white dress with red lace trim, identical to those worn by cocktail waitresses or housemaids. The top half was sleeveless and fit snug around her torso, pushing up and supporting her small, but developing breasts and showing off the girl's modest cleavage. The lower half was quite short, almost immodestly so. The hem, even with the lace trim, just barely covered her in front; and in the back, it tantalizingly showed off the lower curve of her plush young bottom, which was clad in silky red panties trimmed with black lace.

That looks fine on you, sis," Kennewick argued, "But you're a girl. I'd never hear the end of it if I show up to school in this." He held up his maid's dress in front of him. It was identical to those Katella and Amalie were sporting. "It's just too girly. I would rather go naked."

"You should know better than to wish that," Princess Amalie reminded him. "I know it's been a couple years, but surely you haven't forgotten what happened the first and only time we all decided to go skyclad for dressdown day."

Kennewick put his dress back down on the bed, sighed, and rubbed his bottom, "Of course I remember, m'lady. No offense, but, I'm not an idiot."

Amalie smiled and nodded, "Go on then. Tell us what happened."

Even though they all remembered, Kennewick obliged his princess and refreshed her and Katella about that incident, "As soon as we arrived at school, we were sent to the headmaster's chambers. He paddled me and Katella ten swats each, then paddled us another five each as your punishment."

"Yes," Amalie replied, "You two took it quite well despite being younger and less experienced as my paddle girls. Now, carry on. What happened after that?"

"After we were paddled," Kennewick continued, "instead of being sent home to get dressed, the headmaster sent us on to class with a note to give to the teacher. The teacher spanked me and Katella for us being late, another ten each plus five each for you. And that was followed by an additional twenty each plus ten for total dress code violation."

"And was that all?"

"No, my princess. The note from the headmaster was passed on from teacher to teacher, and after roll call every class, me and Katella received another twenty and ten in front of everyone. And at the end of the day, we reported back to the headmaster for a final spanking before going home."

Katella giggled and rubbed her panty-clad bottom. "I don't think my butt had ever been that sore before or since that day. We sure got to experience a wide variety of spanking tools under our tails."

Amalie hugged Katella, kissed her on the cheek, and pated her rump, "You two became school legends that day. You set the record for the most swats received in a single day. But the story didn't end there either. Did it?"

Kennewick shook his head and finished the tale, "After coming home and delivering the report to your momma and daddy about how we each took a full three hundred strokes under our tails throughout the day, Regent Tormanin upheld the old house rule about getting in trouble at school."

"Which is?" the princess prodded.

"If you get spanked at school, you get spanked equally at home. So he took first me, then Katella over his lap and paddled us, giving us each half of your punishment of one hundred swats. After he was done with us, he sent us to go ask Master Toraq to give us the rest."

"That was the worst part," Katella chimed in, "having to personally ask Master Toraq to give my already hurting bottom another two hundred fifty swat paddling, instead of letting your daddy or Warden Arlin make the request for us."

"And asking him in front of his day shift crew and the prisoners they were working over too," Kennewick added, "that was so humiliating."

"Yes," Amalie agreed, "I can imagine what that must have been like. But, that was part of the punishment, you know. And I know that you don't want to have to go through that again."

"I know I don't," Katella agreed, "especially since the punishment would prolly be double this time around. I don't think my bottom could take that much spanking in such a short time."

Kennewick sighed again, and picked his dress back up, "Okay, you got your point across. I'll wear this today."

He unzipped the dress and pulled it up over his hips and furry chest. Katella fastened the zipper in back and helped thread her brother's bushy black and white tail through the hole at the point where the dress's bodice connected with the skirt. Amalie tossed his panties to him. He caught them in midair and pulled them up over his plush, girly bottom.

The princess then guided him over to the full length mirror so he could see just how sweet he looked. "There, you see? That isn't so bad after all now. You look absolutely adorable."

"I look like one of your mother's housemaids," he grumbled as he looked his reflection over."

"As if that was a bad thing," Katella replied, giving him a playful swat on his rump."

"Your sister is right," Amalie told him, "as am I. But then as my paddle girls should know by now, I'm always right. Now, one more thing before we go join daddy and momma for breakfast."

"Katella, fetch me the paddle hanging above the bed," The princess gripped the Furling boy by his upper arm and led him out to her private lounge with Katella following behind them, a lovely handcrafted paddle gripped tight in her paws. Amalie sat down on a large, overstuffed chair and pulled Kennewick over her lap. The lad closed his eyes and huffed a sigh of resignation as his princess folded the back of his dress up, exposing his tender rump. She gently ran her hands over the seat of his silky red panties and gave his upthrust furry cheeks a gentle pat and a squeeze.

"The paddle please," she ordered.

Katella handed the paddle to her princess, then took her place in front of the chair so that she could hold her brother's tail up out of the way. Amalie rested her left arm firmly across the middle of Kennewick's back and gave his trembling butt a pair of light, preparatory pats with the paddle.

"As I said before, love," she reminded him, "I am always right. And now, you are going to receive a small lesson that will serve as a reminder of this universal law."

Kennewick sighed again and whimpered in anticipation of the impending discipline that was about to be administered on his bottom. He didn't have long to wait either. Before he could even clench his nether cheeks together, Amalie landed the paddle solidly across the center of his rump, striking squarely on his sit spot. The impact stole the breath from his lungs, and before he could catch it again, his princess struck a second blow on the same spot, followed by a third and fourth on the right cheek then the left cheek.

After only the fifth swat, which again struck across both cheeks, but higher on the upper curve of his rump, the Furling boy felt like his ass was engulfed in flames. The silky panties he wore provided no protection or significant padding to lessen the intense pain of the hard wood impacting against his furry nether flesh. Tears trickled down his face, dampening his cheekfluff, and he began to squirm on Princess Amalie's lap. The Princess was hard pressed to hold the boy still so she could finish disciplining him, so Katella lent a paw. She pressed firmly on her brother's back between his shoulders, which was sufficient to hold him in place for the remainder of the paddling.

Amalie struck high again on Kennewick's butt, connecting mostly on the right flank, then again on the left. The seventh swat also struck the boy's left cheek, dead center, and keeping with the pattern, the eighth burned into the center of his right cheek. Kennewick was sobbing softly now; his jiggling bottom felt like it was in an inferno. The princess leaned over and purred reassuringly in his ear, "Only two more, tendercheeks."

Kennewick gave a weak nod, closed his eyes again, and even thrust his sore, abused butt upwards a little to provide his princess with a nice clear target. Once more, the paddle connected hard against the Skunk's ass, striking dead center with a smack that echoed through the lounge. And this was followed by another right in the same spot, but even harder than any of the previous nine. Then save for the occasional lingering sobs and gasps from the Furling lad, silence reigned in the room. Kennewick had been properly disciplined by his Princess, the young lady to whom he owed his allegiance and service.

Amalie set the paddle down on the floor and ran her hands over Kennewick's bottom, feeling the fierce warmth that the spanking had created underneath his tail. Her touch caused him to moan softly, but his moans and whimpers were silenced by the loving press of his sister's mouth against his. While the two Skunks kissed, Princess Amalie peeled the boy's panties down to visually inspect her handiwork.

She smiled smugly at the sight before her. The normally pure white fur covering his butt along the inner half of Kennewick's cheeks from the tops of his thighs to the base of his tail now sported a hot, dark crimson glow. Pleased with her work, Amalie took a two-handed grip on the boy's tender ass, and gave it a firm squeeze, taking in his plushness and the heat emanating from his paddled flesh.

"Check it out, Kattie," she said, smiling proudly at the Skunkette who was still muzzle-locked with her brother.

Katella stood up, gently patted the last traces of moisture from Kennewick's face, and stepped around behind her brother to marvel at the princess's handiwork. She put a paw on Kennewick's butt and whistled admiringly, "Wow! You could fry an entire ham on these hams." She smiled at the princess, "For someone who has never taken a spanking herself, you sure know how to dish them out. I don't think even Arlin could do better than that."

Amalie returned the smile and shrugged, "Well, I learned by watching. And you should know good and well that I have watched way too many spankings to keep count."

Katella nodded understanding, then ran a finger down the crevasse between Kennewick's burning cheeks. She smirked and shook her head when her paw came to rest on a rubbery shaft that was nested and vibrating gently inside her brother's tailhole. "Are you planning on wearing your buzzplug to school today?"

Kennewick whimpered and nodded, "Why not? It's not like anyone is going to see it down there."

"What if you end up getting in trouble at school today?" Katella reminded him, "If you have to bend over for a spanking, everyone will see it."

"Whatever," the boy countered, "like you said last night, it's no big secret that I like having things stuffed up my butt. Everyone at school already knows this."

His sister shrugged and gave his bottom a firm, playful swat, causing him to yelp, "Ah well, it's your bottom, your choice."

Amalie pulled Kennewick's panties back up over his rump and helped him to his feet, "And I seriously doubt that either of you are going to get spanked at school today anyway, especially if Kennewick's work on my Ealockkniathian history report is as top quality as I expect it should be. How did it go, by the way?"

"I think you'll be pleased with the end result," Kennewick replied as he tried to rub some of the lingering paddle burn from his rump. "It's sitting in our shared data space if you want to check it out before turning it in."

"Nah, that's fine," Amalie returned, "I trust your work. I'm sure it will bring me a top-notch grade. Now let's go join daddy and the others for breakfast. I'm starving."

The three youngsters gathered up their books and datapads, stepped out into the corridor, and made their way to the palace's commons. As they passed the entrance to the dungeons, Kennewick stopped and bid his princess's leave for a short time.

"I'll catch up with you in a bit," he said, "I need to go talk about some personal things with Master Toraq if he isn't too busy."

"Very well," Amalie nodded, "We'll see you soon. Don't let Toraq keep you for too long. I saw on the schedule this morning that Arlin's going to be administering a public paddling to one of his Street Hunters."

"Oh?" Katella piped up, "Which one and why?"

Amalie shrugged and shook her head, "Your guess is as good as mine. The announcement didn't give any details, so I'm guessing that he wants it to be a total surprise to whoever the unfortunate girl or boy is."

She gave Kennewick a friendly kiss on the mouth and bid him farewell, "Go have your talk with the Dungeon Warden, love, but hurry back. I know that you wouldn't want to miss the morning show, considering how much you enjoyed watching your sister get spanked last night. And don't try to deny it either. You couldn't take your eyes off Katella's ass, and your dreamy smile throughout the entire paddling betrayed your thoughts." Before Kennewick could respond to Amalie's accusation, the princess sent him on his way with a friendly final swat under his skirt, then she, and a delightfully blushing Katella continued on to the commons.

The reception room was empty; it usually was in the mornings. Kennewick assumed that Skara-Bree and her night crew were all busy in the dungeon play room getting prisoners prepped for the upcoming auction this afternoon. He swiped his key card through the reader slot next to the inner door and stepped into a torch-lit stone corridor. As he neared the bend about half way through the corridor, the young Skunk encountered a Furling Leopard padding towards the exit. He was a striking young fellow, lithe and graceful in his movements, and with a subtle muscular build, not overly packed like Arlin.

"Good morning," Kennewick, the Leopard greeted him, "Cute dress this morning. Planning on helping Lady Tormanin's maids with their morning chores?"

Kennewick smirked and rolled his eyes, "Very funny, Elerie. No. It's dressdown day at school. And the princess requested me and Katella wear this silly outfit today."

Elerie put a friendly paw on the Skunk's shoulder and chuckled, "Aw, how sweet. And I wasn't trying to tease or anything. Besides, you really do look good all girled up like that."

"Well thanks. And what about you? What's up with the blue and white schoolgirl uniform this morning? I wouldna' ever thought you would ever dress up. Is the universe coming to an end or something?" Kennewick cocked his head to one side and blinked cutely up at the Leopard.

"Naw, nothing like that," Elerie replied, shaking his head and sighing, "This was supposed to just be a part of my punishment and discipline regimen to train me to report for my shift on time. But thanks to my big mouth, and Skara-Bree's quick agreement, Master Toraq has decreed that this is now the official uniform for all his employees."

"Ah, it's not like this is a bad thing," Kennewick assured him, "I think it looks good on you, and it's about time Toraq's crew had an actual uniform. Just imagine how sharp you are all going to look together when you guys show up at Neina's Retreat in a couple months for that pet show."

"Yeah," Elerie replied, "Master Toraq said the same thing last night. But just between you and me, I think he's just been wanting an excuse to feminize me and some of the other boys. Still, he the boss, and his word down here is law. So then, Kennewick, what brings you down here to the Redtail's lair this morning?"

Kennewick paused for a moment to recall why he came to the dungeon, "Ah yes. I have to talk to Master Toraq about a few guy things. Hopefully he's not too busy to see me, what with this being an auction day and all the preparations that entails."

"He is a little busy right now giving Beryl some training before his and Darlene's legal counsel show up," Elerie advised, "But you should know by now that Master Toraq always has time for you. Now, if you don't mind, I need to pad off and go gather up breakfast for our prisoners. Hafta keep them healthy, y'know."

"Right then," Kennewick replied, "Seeya in a little bit."

With that, the Leopard took his leave and continued on his way topside, while Kennewick padded down the corridor, around the bend and out into a large natural cavern.

The playroom, as it was informally referred to, was buzzing with activity this morning. The air was awash with the heady mix of scents, fear and anguish, mingled with arousal, which caused a tingling to stir within the young Skunk's depths. It was a feeling he still did not quite comprehend, but one which he hoped to have explained to him before returning topside. To the left, near the door leading to the show pit, a pair of young Furling Bats were bound together face to face, and suspended from the ceiling in harnesses made of sturdy iron chains. Kennewick recognized these two. The girl was Yanna-Bree, one of his classmates, or at least she was until she transferred to the night schedule; the boy was her little brother, Terry-Bree. The older Furling Bat, who was dressed in the new Dungeoneers' uniform and pacing around the two while paddling their tender little bottoms was their big sister, the night shift Dungeon Warden, Skara-Bree. Judging by the yelps and strange moans coming from the two younger Brees each time the paddle connected with their tender nether flesh, it appeared that Skara was taking her task with them with utmost professionalism and seriousness. 'Looks like the Headmaster wasn't kidding when he declared their punishment for their little hacking caper,' Kennewick mused. 'Ah well, I tried to talk them out of it. But no, they had to try to steal those test questions anyway, instead of studying like everyone else does.'

In the far left corner, a Furling Mouse was busy securing a red-haired Elf lad, who looked to be about the same age as Princess Amalie, to one of the Lightning Seats. After adjusting his bindings, the Mouse then struggled to get a Furling Pony filly secured into the other Lightning Seat. Flurrie muttered a few choice curses about not having enough staff on hand, especially staff who had the muscle to handle such a healthy and spirited Ponygirl.

Kennewick had mixed feelings of pity and envy for these two slaves. He was intimately familiar himself with what was about to happen to them, and had long ago developed a love-hate relationship with this particularly insidious tool. He didn't fully understand why, but when Master Toraq determined that he and Katella needed a session on the Lightning Seat after one of Amalie's more impressive capers, he was overcome with a feeling of both deep dread and intense excitement. He had talked with his sister about these contradicting feelings, and she admitted that she felt the same way, but also did not understand why.

"Use the crop. Her kind nearly always submits to the sting of the crop. It's in their genes," Skara advised her, looking over her shoulder at the frustrated Mouse before returning her attention to her young siblings' well-punished bottoms.

Flurrie nodded and pulled a riding crop off the wall. Two swift smacks across the Pony's bottom, one on each cheek, did the trick. Warden Skara was right as always. The equine lass immediately relaxed and allowed herself to be placed in the chair, its wire mesh seat giving a little under her mass. "That's a good girl," The Mouse chirred as she secured the Pony's arms and legs in the seat's bindings then stood in front of her two charges, holding a small remote controller before them. "Struggling doesn't make sense, Tasha. We all know that you and Kaylie love the Lightning Seat." She touched a button on her controller, and a soft hum, combined with the gentle sound of well-lubricated metal on metal emanated from beneath the chairs the Elf and Pony were seated on.

"Like fuck, I do, Mistress Flurrie," the Elf lad blurted out, struggling in his bonds. "Tasha may be addicted to this, but there's no way in the infernal realms that I will ever..." His protests were cut short by a sharp gasp. His eyes closed tight, and his body tensed up, then he gave a soft moan, and his maleness hardened between his legs.

"Oh really, Kaylie?" the Mouse replied, her tone low and alluring. She smiled knowingly at the Elf as thick copper shafts rose from the floor beneath the Lightning Seats and penetrated the hapless slaves' southern stars. She smiled devilishly and turned a dial on her controller. The hum grew louder and an almost imperceptible blue-white halo formed over the surface of the shafts and the wire mesh the slaves' bottoms were pressed against. Both slaves whimpered and twitched. The Elf's cock stiffened to full erection, and the Pony's nipples stood out hard from her breasts.

"I know for a fact that you Elves are related to the Orniths, descended from a common avian ancestor," she lectured him as she padded over to a storage cabinet and picked up a pair of leather-wrapped iron bits, "And it is common knowledge that Birds are notorious pain sluts, especially when such pain is concentrated under the tailfeathers." She turned her gaze across the room where a Furling Gazelle and an Ornith Pheasant were busy attending to a number of prisoners trussed up on the dungeon's work tables. "Isn't that right, Kii?"

The Pheasant lass, who was busy making a Rabbit lad's bottom look like a pin cushion, looked up from her task and nodded emphatically back at the Mouse. "Can't argue with you there, Flurrie," she chirped, "Make our bottoms sore outside and in, and we're yours." She inserted the last few pins in the Lapine's rump then strutted over to the weapons rack to fetch a paddle. "And even though Elves don't have feathers or wings, they still have the same wiring deep inside that we inherited from our Aquillian ancestors." She walked over to another table that was occupied by an Elf girl, shackled face-down and spread eagle, and started reddening her pretty little bottom. The Elf cried out loudly with each smack of the paddle on her butt. Kii paused to run a talon between the girl's thighs. When she removed her hand, her fingers were glistening with moisture. She smiled and slipped her fingers in her beak to taste the girl's juices, "See what I mean? Even after having blessed punishment bestowed on her undertail, Tawna's body still translates the pain to pleasure." She left the Elf to squirm and quietly plead for more, and went about attending to the others.

"And that's enough of the biology lesson for today, Kaylie," Flurrie said, turning her attention back to the Elf lad, "Now, open." The boy obediently unclenched his jaw and opened his mouth. The Mouse inserted one of the bits and fastened its chain around the back of his head, holding it in place. She did the same with Tasha, then picked up her controller again. "Yes, it's in your wiring," she repeated, "And for many Elves, this trait remains dormant until it can be nurtured and coaxed forth to become an integral part of your makeup as it was in ancient times." She turned the dial up all the way to the right. The blue-white aura around the wire mesh of the seats, as well as the shafts impaling Kaylie and Tasha brightened and the electric hum grew louder. Elf and Pony went rigid in their seats and their eyes again closed tight. The muscles in their flanks and thighs twitched and quivered uncontrollably, and screams burst from their throats, muffled by the iron bits in their mouths. Flurrie gave a grim smile, satisfied with her work, then set the controller down on a table and took up a paddle to help Skara with her little sister and brother.

All but one of the work tables were occupied by assorted prisoners, trussed up with their aft ends vulnerably exposed in the air, either receiving punishment of some sort, undergoing cleansing, or awaiting either. Two members of the day crew had arrived early, Kii and Shanar, a Furling Gazelle buck. Like Elerie, they were both clad in sailorgirl style minidresses. They were both intently working on disciplining and training the prisoners/slaves assigned to them, oblivious to the rest of the world around them as they applied paddle, crop, whip, electro-rods, and other toys to their charges' backsides.

Kennewick was impressed at how focused Shanar and Kii were on their tasks, leaving no slave under their care untouched for more than three seconds at most. And each touch of whatever tool they took up was expertly placed upon their subjects' aft ends with perfect precision, connecting where its kiss was most effective, eliciting just the right scream or moan from the hapless prisoners. Kennewick felt a tinge of sorrow for those the Gazelle and Pheasant were attending to. He knew all too well what they were experiencing from this pair's administrations, except for when Shanar inserted a long shaft up Tawna's bottom and Kii did the same to an Otter lad she was working on. The two dungeoneers looked at each other, gave a grim nod, then pressed on the base of the shafts they had inserted. Elf and Otter suddenly tensed up and gave a scream in stereo that echoed throughout the playroom, forcing the young Skunk to cover his ears, and causing everyone else, dungeoneers and slaves alike to turn their attention to the foursome.

"Shanar, Kii!" an Ornith Redtail Hawk shouted from near the back of the chamber, where he was hunched over another Ornith, a Crow whom Kennewick recognized as Beryl, one of the two that Denali had brought in for armed robbery, "Shut those two up, now!"

The Gazelle and Pheasant nodded and promptly moved around to the front of their charges' tables, where they probed beneath the edge until a blue-white glow surrounded the bound and writhing slaves, encasing them in blissful silence.

"Thank-you," Master Toraq said, as he extracted himself from Beryl's aft end. "Now, how about you two work on getting Beryl and Darlene cleaned up and groomed. I want them to look their best when their counsel arrives."

"By your command, Warden," Kii replied for the both of them. Her voice carried a gentle Midlands drawl that Kennewick found most endearing, and deceptive considering the vigor with which she carried out her duties down here. She gave the Hawk a polite curtsy, with her brown and white mottled wings splayed out behind her and her tailfeathers flirted up. She strutted over to Beryl's table, unlocked his shackles, helped him to his feet, and led him over to a suspension harness on the right end of the chamber. Shanar helped Kii put the Crow in the harness, then turned his attention to Darlene, Beryl's daughter, who was already trussed up in another suspension harness, arms and legs spread wide, awaiting cleansing and grooming.

"Be sure to give him an extended electrocleansing," Toraq advised Kii, "He just received a considerable filling." The Hawk smoothed out his plumage and adjusted his skirt. He scanned the room, taking note of all the activities going on in his playroom, and smiled, pleased with how his employees were keeping themselves and the prisoners occupied. Finally, his gaze landed on the young Furling Skunk standing quietly and patiently near the exit.

"Ah, Kennewick," Toraq said, "What brings you down here to my domain so early in the morning? Are you in trouble again? Well, out with it, lad. Don't just stand there like a deer in the spotlight."

Kennewick blinked a few times, then padded towards the Hawk, "Ah no, Master Toraq. I'm not in trouble. No, I just needed to talk to you about a few...things...feelings that are bothering me...feelings that I think you are best qualified to explain. That is, if you aren't too busy."

Toraq met the boy half way across the floor, gave him a warm, reassuring smile, and put an arm around his waist, one hand resting on the Skunk's right hip. "I always have time for you, sweet tail. And I suspect that I know what you are going to tell me. We can have the talk in my private chambers." He guided Kennewick over to the work table that, until a minute ago, had been occupied by Beryl.

"But first things first. As long as you are down here, I need you to spread your legs, place your paws on the table, and bend over."

"Why, Master Toraq?" Kennewick replied. He reflexively reached back and put his hands protectively over his butt, "Like I said, I'm not in trouble."

Toraq laughed and squeezed the boy's shoulder, then rummaged through a case on one of the shelves on the wall behind the table, "Silly boy. I'm not going to spank you." He pulled a a syringe, and a long thick needle, and a vial from the case.

Kennewick cocked his head to one side and curiously watched Toraq prepare the syringe, "Is that a vitamin formula, Master Toraq? I don't see the need since Lady Tormanin makes sure I eat a proper variety of stuff, y'know."

Toraq affixed the needle to the end of the syringe and poked it through the wax stopper sealing the vial. He pulled the plunger and drew out the contents of the vial. It was a translucent blue liquid, and thick too, more like a gel. "No, love," he corrected the Skunk, "Consider this more like a vaccine, one that will protect against transmitting life infection."

"I don't get it. Life infection? What's that supposed to mean?"

The Hawk tossed the now empty vial into a disposal bin and walked back to Kennewick's table, "This is called Peace of Mind. You, your sister, and Princess Amalie are getting to that age where you may start engaging in more adult oriented activities. And with that comes the risk of becoming parents before you are ready. This will counter that risk. You will learn more in a short while when we retire to my chambers for the talk. As per Regent Tormanin's orders, all three of you are to be started on weekly Peace of Mind shots immediately. Now, present your bottom."

Kennewick, now even more confused, stole one last wary glance at the big needle that the Hawk wanted to stab into his rump. He sighed, then turned nervously around so that he was facing away from Toraq. With his legs spread and his paws firmly gripping the edge of the table, he bent over as if he was presenting himself for a paddling. Toraq folded the back of the Skunk's skirt up and draped across his lower back, then his taloned hands took a firm grip on his hips and gently peeled the boy's silky panties down to his knees.

"Tail up, young lady," the Hawk ordered. Like a long, fluffy flap, Kennewick's tail rose, fully exposing his soft, tender bottom, which still showed a respectable crimson glow from the paddling Amalie had given him earlier in her suite. The insides of his ears reddened and the heady aroma of the boy's musk surrounded him as Toraq gently ran a hand over his butt, whistling appreciatively at the paddleblush highlighting his nether flesh.

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"Very lovely," he said, "Is this the Regent's work, or Lady Tormanin's?"

"Neither," the humiliated lad replied. A shiver rippled through his body at the Dungeon Warden's touch on his aft end, "The Princess paddled me shortly before I came down here to talk to you. You'd think she could show a little mercy after I had worked so hard to get her ancient history report done on time. She can be such an ingrate at times."

Toraq nodded thoughtfully and ran a talon down the crevasse of the boy's ass, teasingly swirling it around the rim of his tight little southern star. This caused another shiver to ripple through his body. "Really. What, if you don't mind my probing, might I ask did you do to deserve such abuse heaped on your sweet little bottom and the hands of her brattiness? Or did she spank you just because she could?"

Kennewick sighed and looked over his shoulder at the Ornith who was idly toying with his tailhole and questioning him on this morning's events, "She paddled me for disagreeing with her and Katella on what we should wear for dressdown day. As you can see by this silly housemaid uniform, I lost the argument."

Toraq nodded understanding, "And paid the penalty for arguing with your Princess." He gave the Skunk a friendly and reassuring slap on the rump, "but you shouldn't be embarrassed. You wear that uniform well. And really, it's not that much different from the schoolgirl uniform Amalie dresses you in, nothing no one around here hasn't seen many times before."

"Yeah, I know," Kennewick acknowledged, "Everyone keeps telling me that. But unlike the school uniform, the maid uniform really does look and feel too girly."

"Nonsense!" Toraq scolded, giving his butt another slap, harder than the first one. "Girliness suits you perfectly. Everyone around here would agree with that. What the Princess is making you wear is no worse than how I went out clubbing last night. And just ask Warden Arlin, I was a big hit at Up Yours, had the time of my life, and even earned a buttload of coin and cash, all the while girled up just as frillylike as you are now. Besides, why should the natural girls get all the nicest clothes?"

Kennewick sighed again and nodded his head, "But it still wasn't fair, Master Toraq. I just wanted to try to save myself a little bit of humiliation, and the Princess decided that was a spankable offense. She shouldn't even be able to spank me and Katella since she has never been spanked herself."

"I know," Toraq replied. His hand gently caressed Kennewick's soft rump, squeezing and kneading the reddened flesh, "It isn't fair. And just between you and me, I would love to have her brattiness down here and over my lap for a nice long session with the paddle on her sweet, smooth butt. It really would do a world of good for her rather feisty disposition. But until Regent Tormanin sees the light and declares otherwise, Princess Amalie's bottom is off limits as far as spanking goes."

"Yeah," the Skunk conceded, "She does need spanked real good. Too bad her daddy won't allow it. Then again, if that had been the case, me and Katella would have either still been living on the streets or have been retaken by slavers."

"That's the attitude I wanted to hear from you, dear girl," Toraq chirred in Kennewick's ear, "That's the positive and upbeat Kennewick everyone here has come to know and love over the past few years. Now brace yourself. We need to get this shot into you and go have our talk."

The Skunk closed his eyes, took in a deep breath, and tightened his grip on the edge of the table. His flanks tensed as the tip of the needle gently pressed against the center of his butt's right cheek.

"Untense," Toraq instructed the boy.

He exhaled, and his rear muscles relaxed.

"Now, on the count of three. One..."

Kennewick gasped as the Hawk expertly inserted the long, thick needle into his bottom, then whimpered as the thick gel was slowly transferred from the syringe into his body. The injection seemed to take forever, and the serum felt like boiling oil inside his rump. But finally, after half a minute, Kennewick felt another sharp pain in his rear as Toraq pulled the empty needle back out of his flesh.

The Hawk tossed the spent needle and syringe into a nearby disposal hole, pulled Kennewick's panties back up and gave his rump an affectionate pat, "There now, little lady, that wasn't so bad. Was it?"

"It was, actually," the Skunk disagreed, "It feels like you shot molten lava into my butt."

"But it's for the best, as I will explain soon," Toraq reassured him, "And the burn should fade away before you leave for school."

Kennewick nodded and started to get up, but the Dungeon Warden placed a hand firmly on his back to stop him. "Not yet, dear."

Kennewick resumed his position, then moaned in frustration as Toraq retrieved a paddle, much like the one that Arlin had used on him and Katella the previous night, from the wall.

"Aw, but Master Toraq," he whined, "I thought you said you weren't going to spank me."

The bird stood behind and to the left of the bent over lad, and gently tapped the paddle on his panty-covered rear, at the spot where the needle had been inserted. "This isn't a punishment spanking," he explained, "The paddling I am going to give you is only intended to help work the Peace of Mind serum into your system."

"Can't you just rub and knead it in?" Kennewick suggested.

"Sure, I can do it that way. But this is more enjoyable... For me at least."

The Hawk chuckled as Kennewick heaved a sigh of resignation, "So just like the Princess, your spanking me because you can. Plus, you actually like paddling my butt?" Confused, he shook his head and glanced over his shoulder again at Master Toraq. He didn't think he would ever understand the bird's quirky ways.

"Yes, and yes," Toraq admitted, "I really do enjoy spanking you and your sister, as well as my prisoners down here, my employees when they need it, and even the lovely Lady Tormanin herself. And eventually, you will learn to enjoy it as well, whether on the giving end or the receiving end."

"Well I do have to admit," the skunk confessed, I have always liked seeing Katella and other boys and girls at school get paddled, and I did feel something the times I've given my sister a spanking. But I still don't understand why, and I do doubt that I will ever enjoy getting my ass beat. After all, it's punishment; it's embarrassing, and it hurts."

"I will try to explain it to you soon," Toraq promised, "And believe me. I can pretty much guarantee that you will learn to like being spanked. Now shush up and hold still." He focused his attention on the lad's bottom and landed a dozen swats over his silky panties. These were not as hard as the paddings he received last night, but it still hurt anyway, and even though he didn't cry, he still whimpered loudly through clenched teeth. Another dozen were applied to the left side of Kennewick's south end after the first twelve were administered.

"Let me guess," he said, after the ordeal was over, "those other twelve, even though there was no serum injected in that side of my butt, was because you could?"

Toraq laughed and gave the boy's abused bottom a two-handed squeeze, affectionately kneading the tenderized flesh, "Yes, because I could." He pulled the back of Kennewick's skirt back down so it once again covered his panty-clad ass, took his hand, and helped him stand upright.

"Come now," he said, It's time to go have that little talk. Skara-Bree, you have the power here. I'll be back shortly."

The Bat looked up from where she was busy unshackling her little sister and brother and nodded her acknowledgment as the Hawk led the sore Skunk lad towards the middle passage, "By your command, Master Toraq."

Toraq's private suite down in the dungeon, his home, was comfortably appointed. The decor and setup was not lavish by any means, even though the warden could easily afford all the latest and greatest shinies, but he preferred simplicity and utility over extraneous fluff.

As the Hawk and Skunk stepped out of the small foyer and into the softly lit lounge, they were greeted by Arlin. The Tiger was sitting on the couch in front of a crackling fireplace. He was only half dressed, wearing only his tight leather pants. His powerful chest muscles and biceps flexed rhythmically as he sleepily groomed his upper half with a short-bristled, wide, wooden-backed brush. Despite not having had his morning coffee, Toraq and Kennewick's arrival did not escape his notice. He set the brush down on the low table in front of the couch, rose to his feet, yawned, and padded over to the pair.

"Ah, good morning Buttmaster, you too Kennewick," he growled, wrapping his arms around the Hawk and gave him a big, affectionate hug, while teasingly groping his panty-clad bottom beneath his tailfeathers and skirt. He repeated this with Kennewick, which caused the boy to wince as those powerful paws squeezed his sore, tender bottom.

Arlin took a step back, looked the Skunk over from head to toe, smiling approvingly at the sight before him, "Let me guess," he chuckled, "You are either going to work with Lady Tormanin's maids before school this morning, or this is the work of her Brattiness."

"It's Princess Amalie's order," Kennewick confirmed, "She decided the three of us should wear maid uniforms for dressdown day today. Frankly though, I'd rather go naked."

"Aw, don't feel so bad, young lady," Arlin purred reassuringly. He put an arm around the Skunk's waist and gently ran a claw over plush, exposed thigh, causing a ticklish shiver to ripple through his body, "This outfit looks absolutely adorable on you, no reason to be embarrassed."

Kennewick nodded, "That's what everyone keeps telling me."

"Well, they're right. And you most definitely don't want to attend classes naked. I find it hard to believe that you would forget what happened the first and only time Amalie interpreted dressdown so literally." His paw connected playfully on the boy's rump with a light swat that caused his bottom to jiggle cutely through his skirt.

Kennewick nodded again, "I could never forget that incident. But I still think it would be worth the full day of paddlings, switchings, croppings, and whippings to not have to look so girly."

Toraq laughed and took the boy's paw in his hand, "Silly girl, don't you realize by now that no matter what you wear or don't wear, you are always going to look girly?"

"Yeah," Arlin agreed, "Genetically, you might be a boy, but in spirit there are no doubts in anyones' mind that you have a deep and strong feminine side. No wardrobe, no matter how masculine and non-girly as you call it, is going to hide your true nature. So, make the best of it, and enjoy it to its fullest."

"Oh, alright," Kennewick sighed, "I'll try not to fight it."

Arlin landed another swat on the Furling boy's rump, this time managing landing his paw underneath her skirt and giving the plush nether flesh a firm squeeze over her silkies, "That's my girl. Now, what did you or the Princess do this time to get you sent down here to Buttmaster Toraq's lair for a spanking so bright and early in the morning?"

Kennewick flashed a curious gaze over at the Hawk, "Buttmaster?"

Toraq laughed again, this time with a slight hint of embarrassment in his tone, "Ah, that's a little title that Arlin here so cleverly coined for me last night."

"Because you are so obsessed with butts?"

"Yes," he replied, "But it's also a pun on the way some of my slaves down here begin their protests when I make a decision for them they don't particularly like."

Kennewick giggled, "I get it. But Master, I thought you said you weren't going to spank me," he mockingly whined, using his own recent protest as an example.

"You catch on fast," Arlin chuckled, "So far, you are the only one, other than Toraq himself, who got it. Now again, what did you or the Princess do this morning to warrant being sent down here?"

The Hawk spoke up for the Skunk, "He's not down here for disciplining, kitten. He came to me for 'the talk', if you remember."

The Tiger nodded as he remembered, "Ah that's right. And don't forget to get him started on Peace of Mind."

Kennewick rubbed his rump, which still burned inside and out from the shot and the paddling, "The Buttmaster already took care of that just a few minutes ago."

"And I'll get Katella and Amalie started on PoM this evening," Toraq added.

"Good good," Arlin replied, "Nice to see you are on top of things as always."

The bird flashed the Tiger a sly, knowing wink, "Well, not always on top..."

Arlin laughed and planted a friendly swat on his friend's downy behind, "Heh, well, I will leave you two some privacy and go check out the prisoners in the playpit. Who knows? Perhaps I'll buy one this afternoon?"

"That would certainly be a another sign that the universe is coming to an end," Toraq laughed. "Now run along. And remember, if you do any sampling, it's one silver laurel per tail."

"Don't worry. I would never stiff your employees," Arlin replied, "At least not that way. Now, I'll see you soon. And please, be gentle with Kennewick." The Tiger gave them both another hug, then padded back out to the dungeon proper, leaving Toraq and Kennewick to have their talk.

Finally alone with the boy, Toraq led his guest over to the lounge area in front of the fireplace, sat down on the couch, and invitingly patted his feathery thigh. Kennewick sighed, pulled his panties back down around his knees, and and obediently placed himself over the Hawk's lap, tail raised. Toraq gave a soft chuckle, patted the Skunk's musky bottom and pulled the silkies back up so they were once more sitting snug around his hips.

"As much as I admire your submissiveness and compliance," Toraq giggled, "I prefer to talk to your face, not to your butt, despite that cute and saucy sass your sister and the Princess like to use. Now, get up and have a seat, young lady."

His ears flattened out to the side in embarrassment, and a soft blush showing through the white fluff on his cheeks, Kennewick stood back up, then perched daintily on the Hawk's lap. he squirmed a little to get comfortable what with the bird's maleness pressing stiffly against the boy's tender, and still sore bottom. Toraq placed one hand on the Skunk's rump, and with the other hand, caressed his plush thighs, talons teasingly stroking across the inner surface, causing a pleasant shiver to ripple through the boy's body. Hawk and Skunk sat silently for a minute, both collecting their thoughts to the crackle of the flames burning hot in the fireplace as it hungrily consumed the pine logs Arlin had fed it shortly before their arrival.

"Kennewick," Toraq began, "Do you know what Warden Arlin's little sister does to earn her living?"

"Of course I do," the boy replied, "Amanda does the same thing that Lady Tormanin did before the Regent took her away from Kiena to marry her. She's a whore."

"And do you know what whores actually do?"

"They keep people company, and cuddle with them, and do a lot of kissing and hugging in exchange for money."

Toraq giggled at the boy's surprising naivety. He playfully tickled Kennewick's inner thighs, causing him to squirm delightfully, "That's partially correct. But there's something that whores do that sets them apart from mere hired social companions." He thought for a moment, then, "Do you know how fledglings are made?"

Without hesitation, Kennewick confidently answered, "They come about when two people get married or live together for long enough."

"But what do those two people have to do to bring a baby into the world?"

"Doesn't it just happen?" the Skunk guessed. He was starting to become confused, evidenced by the puzzled look on his face as well as his scent, "What am I missing, Master Toraq?"

The Hawk gave him a firm but affectionate swat on the rump, then pulled him close so that the boy's head was resting against his feathery breast, "You never cease to amaze me, sweetling. I am truly shocked that what with blatant sexuality all around you here in Lovenmusk, you have no clue about mating. But fear not. That is why we are here. I will give you the basics now."

The bird's hand slid across Kennewick's thigh and came to rest on the soft bulge hidden beneath the front of his panties. "You said you have been experiencing some confusing feelings lately."

Kennewick nodded and squirmed a bit on Toraq's lap. The bird's touch on his intimates caused another pleasant shiver to run through him, "Yes. As I mentioned earlier, it happens a lot when I get to watch Katella, as well as other girls and boys get their bottoms spanked, and especially when I get to be the one spanking my sister."

"Right. Is there anything else that triggers this, or is it just the spankings?" Toraq pressed onwards, giving Kennewick's virgin maleness a gentle squeeze through the silky barrier.

"When I'm with the Princess, and she's naked, I feel it. We don't even have to be doing anything other than being around each other. Same with Katella. And when one of them is cuddling on my lap, it gets even more confusing..."

While the boy paused to regain his thoughts, the bird prodded him with another squeeze on his privates, and also slipped his other hand up under his panties, probing his nethers until his finger came to rest on the base of the buzzplug that was nested in the lad's rectal chamber.

"And whenever you have these feelings, your boy shaft gets stiff. Correct?"

Kennewick blushed and nodded. "Yeah. Why does it do that? To get it to go back down, I have to rub it until I feel a tickle run through my body. Though sometimes, either the Princess or Katella will rub it for me. And when they do that, the tickle feels even stronger. And recently, there's more. Now when the tickle hits, I get all sticky and messy down there..."

Toraq took a two-fingered grip on the base of the buzzplug and very gently pumped it inside Kennewick's ass as he explained to the boy what was happening to him. "You are starting down the road to adulthood and have experienced the first steps. Don't take this wrong, lad. You are by no means a grownup yet, and have a long way to go. But sexually, you have become mature."

Kennewick's bottom rhythmically flexed and relaxed on the Hawk's lap as the plug was teasingly worked around inside him. He nodded solemnly, "What does that mean, Master Toraq?"

"It means," the bird continued, "that if you are not careful, you could end up getting the Princess or your sister pregnant before they are ready. But don't worry. That is what the Peace of Mind shot I gave you is intended to prevent."

"So the girls could have become mommies by stroking me down there? If I had known..."

Toraq laughed and gave the Skunk's bottom a firm slap, then pulled the buzzplug from his tailhole, "No. That would not have done it. But, if you had ended up sticking it in one of them, like the Princess will most likely get you to do tonight, that could cause her to end up with a baby growing inside her. Or at least, it could if I had not given you the shot."

Kennewick blinked; his face betrayed his deepening confusion. He reached down between his legs and ran his fingers over the bulge in his panties, "I'm supposed to put my pokey inside the Princess?"

Toraq put a hand to the Skunk's face and turned the boy's head so that their gazes met, "If you were anyone else, I would say that you are just trying to play ignorant with me." His talons gently caressed Kennewick's cheek, from temple to chin, "But I can see in your eyes that you aren't just playing. You really do not know how to boink a girl."

The boy nodded his head, "And I take it that this is something I really do need to learn soon?"

"Yes," Toraq agreed, "And the sooner the better, considering Amalie is going to want to feel your maleness buried deep in her nethers tonight."

"Will you teach me?"


"Will you teach me how to mate, or boink, or whatever you call it? If the Princess wants me to serve her this way, I want to make sure I will know how to do it right."

Toraq was taken aback by the boy's earnestness and sincerity, by his desire to learn how to please his Princess in ways neither youngster had known before. He smiled and gently scooted the Skunk off his lap, "Very well. It will be different between you and the Princess, since she's a girl, and you, even though we treat you as a girl, are physically a boy. But the mechanics of the act are mostly the same." He gestured to the floorspace between the couch and the hearth.

"Get down on all fours," the Hawk instructed.

The Skunk obediently knelt down, facing the fireplace, and leaned forward so that his paws rested firmly on the floor and his backside thrust up and presented to Master Toraq. The Dungeon Warden knelt behind the boy. He lifted the thick, bushy, black and white striped tail up out of the way, draping the musky appendage over Kennewick's shoulder, folded his skirt up to lay across his lower back, and took a firm grip on the lad's plush, wide hips, taloned fingers slipping beneath the waistband of the silky red panties the Skunk sported.

With one quick and smooth motion, the Hawk peeled the boy's panties down to his knees, once more fully exposing the young Furling's furry assets. He took a moment to take in the delightful sight before him, running his fingers over the remarkably feminine curves of the lad's south end. If it wasn't for that hard shaft bobbing tantalizingly between the boy's thighs, Toraq could easily mistake Kennewick for his twin sister.

"You did have your electrocleansing this morning, I presume?" Toraq asked as he slipped his thumbs into the crevasse of the lad's bottom and gently parted his nether cheeks to expose his tight little southern star.

Kennewick nodded his head, "But of course. Me and the girls have cleansings daily. Why?" The boy gave a sharp gasp and a shudder rippled through his body as his question was answered by the press of the Hawk's hard, sharp beak into his tailhole. He whimpered like a little girl as the beak parted, stretching his opening, then moaned as he felt the bird's agile tongue probing around inside him. Though not rough like Arlin's, Toraq's tongue still tickled in his depths as it caressed the hot musky wall of his inner flesh. His paws kneaded the floor and back arched, causing his butt to thrust up a little more, pressing harder against the bird's face, and coaxing the hard, curved raptor beak deeper inside him.

After nearly a minute of Toraq's tongue expertly probing and tasting his naughty depths, Kennewick felt that all too familiar tickle between his legs. The boy's tailhole flexed and relaxed rhythmically around the Hawk's beak, and his hard shaft pulsed beneath him. He did not think he could withstand much more of the Dungeon Warden's taildiving without making a sweet sticky mess on the floor.

Toraq sensed that the young Skunk was nearing climax, and reluctantly removed his tongue and beak from the lad's aft chamber just in time. Kennewick heaved a sigh of relief as the tingling tickle inside him faded away. His pokey, as he and the girls called it, was still hard, but at least the danger of spilling his juices out on Toraq's floor had passed.

Kennewick felt the bird's taloned hands grip his hips again, and his hot feathery body press against his bottom and back. The boy's face and insides of his ears reddened as the Hawk softly declared his assessment of his assets.

"I must say, young lady, of all the bottoms I've tasted over the years, none has ever been so delightful as yours. Your unique flavor has always been, as far as I'm concerned, the finest first class delicacy in the entire known galaxy. And 'tis always a great pleasure and honor for me to properly lubricate your nethers whenever you come to me for assistance in the insertion of the many diverse objects that have had the pleasure of being nested deep inside your sweet depths."

The reddening in the boy's ears and beneath his white cheekfluff intensified. Master Toraq's critique of his rectal chamber, though embarrassingly exaggerated, was filled with the utmost sincerity, as the Hawk's next declaration revealed.

"Now now, don't be too embarrassed. Granted, when you are blushing like that, you are even more adorable and irresistible than normal. But you know that I do not engage in empty flattery. You do indeed have a bottom to be proud of, missy. I would not say such were it not the truth."

Kennewick smiled sheepishly and giggled, "Er, thank-you, Master Toraq. I am honored that my butt pleases you so much." He yelped out in surprise as the Hawk laughed and landed a firm swat on his bottom, then adjusted his position so that the tip of his cock was pressed against the lad's well-moistened tailhole.

"Now," Toraq continued the lesson, "since you have given your ass plenty of conditioning over the years with so many different objects, this shouldn't hurt much, if at all."

The boy nodded and took a deep breath. His aft end tensed up at the touch of Toraq's hard pokey on his southern star, but the tenseness lasted only for a few brief seconds. He reminded himself that this should be no different than having a buzzplug or an electrocleansing rod inserted into him.

Toraq patted and squeezed the Skunk's bottom, "Relaxed and ready now?"

Kennewick nodded. Although he thought he knew what to expect, the boy still gasped and whimpered as the bird's shaft penetrated his tailhole, sliding smoothly into his tight, hot rectum. Toraq moaned with the boy as he impaled his ass on his cock, gently pushing it in deep until the bird's groin was pressed firmly against the Skunk's furry bottom. Kennewick sighed contentedly. His ass flexed and clenched tight around Toraq's maleness, holding it firm inside him as it filled and stretched his nether passage. Yes, it was true that his rectum was no stranger to a countless variety of foreign objects. But this was the first time he had ever taken someone's pokey inside him. It shouldn't have been any different than any other object, and in fact, was even a little smaller around than the buzzplug he normally wore. But still, what Master Toraq was doing to, doing with him put everything else he had ever taken up his butt to shame. It felt like the ultimate act of naughtiness, but also the ultimate act of friendship, affection, and love. It felt absolutely wonderful. He once again felt the bird's hot body press against his back.

"Yes, you take her slow and gentle at first," Toraq explained, "Once you are inside her and she is ready for more, you work her intimates with firm, smooth strokes."

Strong, feathery arms wrapped themselves around Kennewick's waist, holding him in place. Toraq's lap retracted from the boy's rump, and with it, the hard, warm shaft inside of him slid back an inch or two. A moment later however, the Hawk's hips again ground into Kennewick's bottom and the cock thrust back to full depth.

"Firm smooth strokes," Toraq repeated.

To illustrate, the Hawk tightened his grip on the Skunk and rhythmically worked his cock inside him, sliding in and out of his rectum like a fleshy piston. In response, Kennewick's aft end clenched and relaxed around the shaft pumping his depths, and he rocked back and forth under the bird in a counter rhythm to Toraq's thrusts. His own virgin cock pulsed practically in time with each push in his nethers; clear sticky juices coated the tip, and that mysterious but pleasant tickle in his tummy swelled to a passionate burn. He needed release soon, but vowed to himself to fight his desire and ride it out for as long as possible.

Sensing Kennewick's impending climax, Toraq's pace intensified. His body pounded against the Skunk's musky rump and his shaft pumped inside him hard and fast, "An important point to remember," he gasped, "is to try to hold off filling her with your seed until after she has been sent into the fires of bliss first. It is not always possible, especially when the boy is still inexperienced. But that is the goal you should try to achieve."

Kennewick whined and nodded, "The lady goes first." His hips bucked against Toraq and his paws kneaded on the floor before him.

"In this case," Toraq corrected the boy, managing a chuckle through his own gasps and moans, "the lady comes first." He practically had a death grip on the boy as his thrusts pounded hard and fast inside the hot, tight nether passage.

Finally, a full five minutes after the bird initially mounted him, Kennewick gave a final loud moan. His bottom clenched tight around Toraq's cock, holding it securely in his depths, and his own aching shaft pulsed and throbbed hard as his warm, sticky, creamy white juices spilled onto the floor beneath him. Mere seconds later, the Hawk holding him whined and moaned as well, and the boy felt hot sticky male juices pumping into his rectum. After another half minute, Toraq and Kennewick collapsed together on the floor in front of the hearth. Their labored breathing as they regained their senses, and the crackling of the fire being the only sounds in the bird's private suite for what seemed like a lifetime.

As they lay there together, the Skunk snug in the Hawk's arms and the Hawk's still semi hard shaft nested deep in the Skunk's tailhole, Kennewick gave a gentle sigh and smiled contentedly, "That was," he paused to collect his thoughts, "that was simply amazing, Master Toraq. Of all the things I've put up my butt, I never even thought that another guy's pokey might be something to try up there. No mere buzzplug could ever feel that nice, and at the end, your stuff that it shot into me was even better than the hottest enema Lady Tormanin or the Princess had ever given me."

Toraq chuckled and gently preened the boy's neck with his beak, "Ah, you might say that it is that personal touch that makes the real thing a thousandfold nicer than any mere toy. And I must say, dear girl, your bottom has tremendous untapped potential. You are literally sitting on a veritable gold mine."

"Do you mean that I could be a whore like Amanda or Lady Tormanin?" Kennewick asked.

"Oh without a doubt," the Hawk affirmed. He reluctantly extracted his cock from the Skunk's butt and sat up to kneel beside the lad, "You have the potential to be one of the greatest whores in the history of our galaxy, possibly even rivaling Neina himself. I know countless men and women who would pay a king's ransom for an evening with you." He stood up and moved towards the doorway at the far end of the lounge.

"Can you teach me?"

Toraq paused in his tracks and turned around to stare at the lad, "What?"

Kennewick stood up. The back of his skirt fell once more in place over his wide bottom, and he held the front up with one paw to prevent it from getting sticky from his juices, "Can you teach me to be a whore?" he clarified. With his other paw, he reached down to his knees and pulled his silky panties off, then padded across the room to join Toraq.

The Hawk took the boy's paw in his hand and led him through the door to the bathing chamber, "Hmmm. Can I teach you to be a whore? I train prisoners to be pleasure pets as you know, so I might be able to teach you a few tricks," he replied, "but a full-fledged course of training? That's something else. Truth be known, my girl, I would not be the most qualified to take on an apprentice whore. I mean, I've made some cash and coin with my tail over the years, but I don't have the extensive experience out on the streets that professionals have." He took a sponge from a wall shelf, dipped it in the hot spring that ran beneath the regency estate and through his lair, and cleaned his semi stiff cock as he pondered the boy's request.

"If you really do want to become a whore," he said, "I do know several ladies who would be happy to take you." He dipped the sponge again and rubbed it over Kennewick's cock, then took a long metal shaft off the shelf, "Turn around and present your ass."

The boy obediently faced away from Toraq, spread his legs, bent over, and lifted his tail, "What about Allisson or Amanda?" he suggested, "Do you think they could apprentice me?"

Toraq slid the shaft up Kennewick's butt and gave it a twist. A soft, muffled buzz emanated from within his depths as the electrocleanser did its work inside him. "Well, Amanda is still an apprentice herself," the Hawk reminded him, "but it is possible that Allisson might be willing to take on another apprentice; doubtful, but possible."

Kennewick chirred contentedly as the shaft inside him sent an electrical tingle coursing through his nether chamber, "Because she really has her paws full with Amanda?"

Toraq laughed and squeezed the boy's rump, "Partially," he replied, "but as of last night, she has already gained a second apprentice."

"Oh? Who's the lucky girl?"

"Boy," the bird corrected him, "Karlisle is going to follow in his sister's footsteps."

Kennewick stood up and turned around. His eyes were as wide as saucers, "No way. Karly, a whore?"

Toraq laughed again, reached behind the Skunk, extracted the electrocleanser from his ass, and put it back on the shelf, "Yes way. Seems that Allisson surprised herself with her persuasion skills last night. According to Warden Arlin, she had planned on only talking her little brother into ditching the Chastity Society and giving him a little sisterly love."

Kennewick nodded, "Ah yes, I remember last night when we were leaving Everett and Rhiana's place, Allisson and Amanda were coming in with Karlisle and some Dwarf in tow. So, Allisson got Karly to boink her?"

Toraq smiled and nodded, wrapping an arm around Kennewick's waist and leading him back out to the lounge, "For starters, yes. But it seems that the Ringtail woke up a sleeping beast within her brother, and he took to the naughty life a natural born fuck toy. Not only did he boink his sister, but he also did Amanda, Rhiana, and LiKressa. And after that, he even did some lap dances for several of the male clientèle there at Up Yours."

The Hawk sighed wistfully as he and Kennewick put their panties back on, "He has a very delightful bottom indeed. That boy is going to go far under his sister's guidance. Now come along. We've wasted too much time as it is. I have work to do and you need to go have a quick breakfast and head off to school with the others."

Together, Hawk and Skunk left the serenity of Toraq's private suite and returned to the playroom.


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