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RedTails : The Paddled Princess - Chapter 1  


Warden Arlin, A Street Hunter prowls the streets of Lovenmusk, searching for his elusive prey.

RedTails : Reckonings

The Paddled Princess



Chapter I: Street Sentence

Powerful muscles rippling beneath soft black leather pants and matching sleeveless top, a Furling Tiger, born and bred to hunt, stalked with grim determination through the busy streets of Lovenmusk. Warden Arlin paused as he neared the city's Techno-Leisure district and sniffed at the night air. His orange and black striped tail twitched with annoyance, and a disdainful snarl crossed his feline muzzle as he took in the nearly overpowering mix of aromas that permeated this part of town; a mix of beers, ales, and hard liquors from seedy bars and raucous clubs; cheap foods from the many sleazy diners and little hole-in-the-wall vendors; and most importantly, the people. The walks flanking the wide streets were an endlessly flowing river of flesh, fur, scales, and feathers. Nearly every species imaginable on Lockke, and many from off-world, was represented here, and their scents mingled together as one.

This part of town never slept. Business of all types was conducted at all hours. Street musicians and dancers performed for passersby, in hopes of receiving coins and scrip for their efforts. Grey merchants peddled their wares, ranging from gaudy jewelry, to high tech gadgets of questionable origin, sensory chips, assorted chemical substances, and even other people; pleasure pets, trained, ready, and willing to satisfy any desire a well-paying master or mistress may have. For those who did not care or were unable to afford the costs of actually owning a pet, but still wanted to satisfy primal urges; prostitutes, male and female of many diverse species were readily available for hire on the street corners and in high priced brothels. Indeed, most anything one might desire could be found in this section of town.

Arlin was not overly fond of this area. However, his excellency, Regent Tormanin, allowed this place to operate freely, provided the shady activities were confined to this sector only and some semblance of order and safety for the citizens could be maintained. Tormanin explained early on that the people needed a place where they could let their inner animal nature freely come forth without having to constantly look over their shoulders for the law coming down on their tails. However, the people understood that there was also a rigidly defined boundary as to what was acceptable behavior here, and crossing that line would result in severe punishments, some of them instantaneous.

As the Tiger neared the intersection that marked the boundary of the Techno-Leisure district, he was approached by a Furling Rabbit. She had large, liquid blue eyes, and a thick mane of sunny blonde hair which dropped in wavy curls down to just below her shoulders. Her fur was two toned; a golden brown, with a blue-white treasure trail that started at the lower half of her fluffy cheeks and muzzle; covered her neck, chest, and firm stomach, and continued down between her muscular thighs. She was wearing nothing but a tiny black vinyl thong, a black half shirt that dropped to just below her breasts, thigh-length black fishnet tights, and black sandals with low heels. She looked most tantalizing. Her eyes were half closed and her ears seductively laid back as she put a gentle paw on Arlin's shoulder.

Arlin cocked his head to one side and gave the Rabbit a look through squinted eyes, "Erm, may I help you, miss?" he politely asked.

She giggled and shook her head, "Well, actually, her voice was soft and wispy, I was going to ask you the same thing. Perhaps we can help each other?" She ran her fingers along his jawline and under his chin, then did a half turn and gazed at him over her shoulder with a look that Arlin knew all too well. She patted her wide, plush, gold and blue rump and twitched her tail invitingly.

"My rates are most reasonable, and I'm willing to submit to nearly anything that you might wish to do with me, within reason of course."

Arlin nodded thoughtfully and gave the girl a cool gaze that caused her to instantly realize that she had just made a major error here. He flashed her his i.d. and introduced himself, "Miss, you are attempting to sell your services to an officer of the Regency Court, and outside the boundaries of where prostitution and other grey activities are tolerated." He gestured to the other side of the street. "That is a class C offense, and I must now declare you under arrest. Please present your identification."

The Rabbit's expression promptly changed from one of sultry seductiveness to wide-eyed fear as she reached into her shoulder bag and extracted her i.d. card. As she surrendered her card to Arlin, she made a feeble attempt to talk her way out of her predicament.

"Please, sir, please. I didn't know. I'm new in town and was just hoping to earn a little extra spending money since me and my employer have had a streak of less than stellar contract jobs, and..."

Arlin looked over her i.d. and shushed her with a touch of his finger on her muzzle, "Miss Karma, of Arborvale; co-decker aboard the Shadowglider Silver Banshee, registered to one Firefly Hollebrange of Arborvale," he took a gentle grip on her shoulder and guided her over to a bench beside a hover train stop.

"We have regulations to uphold here that maintain a very fine balance between order and anarchy in this part of town," he explained. "Grey activities are to be confined to the Techno-Leisure sector, which begins across the street there. That helps to keep the peace for the rest of Lovenmusk, and we have zero tolerance for those carrying on such activities outside the prescribed boundaries."

Karma again pleaded for lenience, "But Warden, Arlin, I truly did not know. If you could just give me a warning, I'll hurry over to the other side of the street and never venture over here to conduct my business again. I give you my solemn word. Please? I don't want to get locked up in the dungeons."

The Tiger sniffed at the scent sample on the back of Karma's i.d., then gestured towards the long wooden seat, "Please face the bench and bend over, feet apart and paws on the back rest." Karma obediently complied, knowing better than to disobey a Street Hunter. She assumed a very tantalizing vulnerable position, with her back arched and her fluffy teardrop-shaped tail held straight up. Arlin then knelt behind the frightened spread-eagle Bunny, pulled aside the narrow strip of vinyl holding her thong in place, pressed his muzzle between the soft mounds of her delicious-looking bottom, and took a deep whiff of her intoxicating scent. Satisfied that everything on her i.d. was in order, he stood up again, and continued his explanation of how this town operated.

"So then, Miss Karma," he began. He placed a paw firmly on the middle of her back to keep her in place when she started to get up, "No, keep your position, girl. Remember, you are still under arrest. Now, as I said before, we have a zero tolerance policy for grey activities outside the prescribed boundaries, and you are guilty of violating that regulation."

"But I didn't know," Karma repeated.

Arlin gave her a firm smack on her upturned rump with his open paw, "Shush, please and listen. We can not allow ignorance as an excuse to let violators get off free and clear. If we started making exceptions, then others will start pushing beyond the limits we set here since they saw someone else go unpunished. That would cause this fragile balance we painstakingly maintain to ultimately break down into chaos."

Karma sighed and sniffled, "Then...then what's going to happen to me, Warden?" she asked, "Am I going to be locked away in the dungeons now?"

"That is one possible outcome," he growled, "or you can accept a street sentence instead. Look at me." Karma turned her head and blinked nervously as Arlin removed a narrow rod from his belt and gave it a squeeze. The rod extended into a full-length riding crop, which hummed softly with energy.

The Rabbit swallowed hard and her tail dropped down over the crevasse of her ass like a protective flap, "A lightning crop? So you are going to give me an electrified spanking?"

Arlin nodded his head, his expression most serious and grave, "Yes, Karma of Arborvale. Ten strokes at medium charge across your bottom is the standard street sentence for a class C offense like you are guilty of."

The Rabbit gave a frightened whimper, her whole body trembling nervously, "That seems a little harsh for something so minor and harmless."

"That's our law. We don't fuck around, and the people who work and play in this part of town understand and accept this arrangement. However, you could decline the street sentence and choose to spend a night and a day in the Regency Court's dungeons. But I would not recommend such a choice."

"Why not?" Karma asked.

"Because during your confinement," the Tiger explained, "you would still be subjected to physical punishments, most likely much less desirable than a mere spanking. And additionally, you would also be assessed a rather heavy fine."

"In other words, I can have it quick, humiliating, and painful; or drawn out, expensive, and even more painful." Karma gave a resigned sigh, bowed her head, and raised her tail again, "And then Firefly would roast my ass some more afterwards for costing us so much scarce money. Okay, fine. Let's go with the quick and painful choice. My ass is for your pleasure, Warden Arlin."

The Tiger gave her a sympathetic smile and patted her trembling flank, "Indeed it is, Karma of Arborvale. Indeed it is." He rubbed the crop over her bottom. The energy flowing through the rod caused a nervous shudder to course through the girl's body, and the fur on her rear to stand on end. She inhaled deeply as Arlin swung the rod up high over her wide behind. "Ten at medium charge," he repeated, then brought the rod down in a graceful arc towards its vulnerably exposed target.

The riding crop connected dead center across Karma's butt, landing with a dull smack that was followed by the buzzing snap of electricity being transferred into the Rabbit's nether flesh. The impact caused her to suddenly exhale, and the shock made her gasp, while her back arched and her legs spasmed helplessly.

Arlin raised the crop again and gave a warning gaze to the crowd that was gathering to watch this Bunny whore get her beautiful bottom spanked. The spectators backed off a few paces, and then the Tiger swung the crop down again. This time, it struck only the left side of Karma's butt, with another buzz-snap as it again discharged its electrical payload into her wide, plush rear. Karma's haunches flexed delightfully, and she gave a soft whimper, blinking back tears that threatened to dampen her cheek fluff as the Warden's crop did its job on her bottom. This was followed immediately by a matching blow on the right side of her ass.

The fourth stroke of the crop, like the first, struck dead center across her rump, inflicting its punishment equally on both cheeks, and harder than the first two. The Rabbit yelped loudly as the electric fire burned through her ass. Her paws took a tighter grip on the back of the bench, and the insides of her long ears began to warm up with embarrassment. She smelled the distinctive scent of arousal coming from the curious bystanders who had gathered to watch her get her butt spanked. And despite the intense punishment, Karma herself felt a touch of moistness forming under her thong and between her thighs. She yelped again as the riding crop struck, this time along the lower curve of her bottom.

Five down, five to go. She sighed and closed her eyes tight, gritting her teeth against the unfathomable pain coursing through her south end as the Tiger relentlessly carried out his task, maintaining a smooth and steady beat, each electrified swat as hard and biting as its predecessor. After what seemed like an eternity in which not a single square inch of her bottom escaped the kiss of the electric riding crop, the tenth and final stroke impacted across the center of the trembling Bunny's sorely abused butt, much harder than the previous nine. A final burst of electricity shot through her rear, and then it was over. Her street sentence had been carried out in full, and as she held her position, awaiting the Tiger's instructions, she vowed to herself to never do anything stupid enough to suffer this painful and humiliating punishment ever again.

Arlin gave the handle of his riding crop a gentle squeeze, and it retracted into itself like a stiff cock going back into its sheath. He put the crop back on his belt, and gave Karma a gentle pat on her burning rump, "You can get up now, miss. Justice has been served."

Still sobbing softly as the intense stinging in her backside lingered on, Karma stood upright and gingerly rubbed her sore bottom. While Arlin made a few more notes in his datapad, she couldn't help but blush as she noticed the prominent bulge in his tight leather pants. She couldn't really blame him for getting aroused, considering the nature of the punishment he had just administered on her furry butt, but it was still rather humiliating knowing that he had enjoyed carrying out his task, and that the bystanders, judging from the expressions on their faces and muzzles, thoroughly enjoyed the little street show at her expense. The Tiger finished his incident report and handed Karma's i.d. card back to her. She stashed it in her pack, then accepted Arlin's proffered arm, and he escorted her across the busy street.

"I do hope you learned a valuable lesson tonight about our laws and customs, Miss Karma," Arlin said, as they walked together, arm in arm.

Karma nodded and sniffled, "Indeed I did, Warden. I will be much more careful of where I operate here in Lovenmusk from now on. And I will be sure to download the city ordinances to ensure that I don't fuck up like this again."

"That is a wise idea, m'lady. You definitely do not want to cross odds with the Street Hunters again. Because a second offense would result in twenty strokes, plus a series of rectal shocks, light setting but still quite painful. And a third incident would land you in the dungeons for three days."

The Rabbit shuddered and protectively placed a paw over her butt as she thought about how such a punishment would feel, "Oh, trust me. There will never be a second offense from me, Warden."

They reached the other side of the street, and Arlin released his gentle grip on Karma's arm. "Well, here we are, miss. Now you are free to sell your tail all night."

She nodded and smiled at the big Tiger, "And my offer still stands, Warden. I'm sure that after spanking me in front of all those people back there, you could use some relief..."

"Perhaps later," Arlin cut her off, "I am on the hunt tonight, and really must get back to my mission."

Karma pouted, then gave him a tender kiss on the cheek, "Well, I'll be out late anyway. So you should be able to find me if you change your mind. Good hunting to you tonight, Warden Arlin."

"And good hunting to you too," Karma, Arlin replied, "May you return to your lodgings with a buttload of coin and cash." He started to turn away and head up the street, then turned around and gave the Rabbit a curious gaze. "Oh, Karma? I have just one other question for you."

"Fire away, Warden," she said.

"Your info shows that you are a decker on a Shadowglider," Arlin stated, "However, your info also shows that you have no neural socket, which is a critical trait for a decker. Does this by chance mean that..."

Karma giggled and blushed, her ears flattening down against her back as she interrupted his questioning, "Yes, Warden. It's true. I have no neural interface socket. That is something I never had a desire to get installed, too intrusive for my tastes. Instead, as you have guessed, I use one of those new ventral interfaces."

This time, it was Arlin's turn to blush, "Er...well...isn't that just as intrusive?"

She shrugged and smiled, "Yeah sure. It might be. But it is intrusive in ways that I don't mind."

The Tiger nodded understanding, "I see. Well anyway, again, good evening and good hunting." He turned around again and padded down the busy sidewalk, his thoughts still filled with the images of the Bunny's plush bottom upthrust for all to see as it received the full measure of the street sentence. Depending on how his hunt tonight went, he decided that he may very well seek out Karma later and purchase her services for an hour or two.

This part of town was even busier than normal tonight, Arlin mused as he waded through the crowd. He paused occasionally to take a peek inside various night clubs and bars, then continued on his way when he did not detect the scents of his quarry. As he made his way deeper into the heart of the Techno-Leisure sector, angry curses were heard coming from up the street. The source of the disturbance came into view in short order. A sleek, four-passenger road speeder raced past him, its hoverlifts keeping it knee-high off the ground as its driver, an Ornith Crow, expertly maneuvered the car through the heavy, slow-moving traffic. Close behind the fleeing speeder, a Street Hunters cruiser matched it move for move. The cruiser sported the markings of the Regency Court, and Arlin recognized the pretty Furling Otter lass at its controls.

Denali was one of the newest recruits in Arlin's department, and the girl was already proving to be one of the hottest Street Hunters in Regent Tormanin's service. She was naturally skilled with the controls of her street cruiser, not even needing a neural interface or any other biohardware to enhance her abilities. She also bore an investigative instinct that put many of the veteran Hunters to shame. But as is common with most young, raw recruits, Denali's innate talents and enthusiasm for her work were tempered by brash impulsiveness and the recklessness of youth.

The cruiser swerved to the left, narrowly avoiding a head-on collision with a public transport hover train. Denali ended up over correcting by just a small margin, resulting in her clipping a street lamp with the rear end of her cruiser, and also taking out a parked powerbike as well; leaving its pissed off owner, a Furling Ferret, swearing like a Goblin and shaking her little fist in its wake. Fortunately, the Otter's recklessness could and would be corralled and reigned in over time, with frequent disciplinary sessions. In fact, Arlin determined that first thing in the morning, Denali would have one of those sessions over the Tiger's knee, and she would experience the first of what would probably be many meetings between her pretty bottom and his paddle. This was one of the fringe benefits of the Court Warden's job, and it was no secret that the Tiger absolutely loved this delightful duty which he unfailingly and vigorously carried out with great enthusiasm on the bottoms of his subordinates. He allowed himself a brief smile as he thought about tomorrow's proceedings, then turned his attention to the latest police business at paw.

Arlin padded over to the Ferret girl as she mournfully looked over the wreckage of her bike, and presented his identification, "Pardon me, miss," he began, his voice low and calm, "Warden Arlin, Regency Court at your service. On behalf of our Security Forces, I wish to express my sincere regrets over your most unfortunate mishap and..."

"Regrets?" the enraged Ferret chittered at him. Her sable fur bristled as she gave the Tiger a chilling glare that could make any of the Infernal Realms freeze over, "Unfortunate mishap? My sweet musky ass! I'll tell you where you can stick your regrets and condolences, law boy..."

"Please please," Arlin interrupted, unshaken by this girl's understandable rantings, "try to calm down for a moment or two. I am here to help you."

"Calm down?" she huffed and looked up at the gathering crowd of curious bystanders, "Calm down he says! Why the fuckity

"My bike gets totaled by one of your hotshot Street Hunters, and all you can offer is regrets? Well fuck that! Your regrets can't replace my ride or protect me from the roasting my daddy's gonna give my butt when he finds out about this. He paid an assload of goldcreds to buy this bike for me, and now look at it. It's fucked beyond repair!" She circled around the bike, surveying the damage once more before continuing her rant.

"How the fuck am I going to get around this city now, or get home next week? Sprite Lake is a fuckuva long way from here y'know, and not easy to get to by land unless you have a good powerbike that can handle the wild mountain terrain, which I had up until your high and mighty Street Hunter came along. I mean, fuck in a fountain! What the fuck is it with you people? It's like you think that you rule the streets instead of your precious Regent! I swear, you Court Security guys are a bigger menace than the gangs that skulk about Lovenmusk." She huffed indignantly and resumed her icy stare. Arlin took advantage of the moment of tense silence and cleared his throat.

"M'lady," he began, "rest assured that I am indeed here to aid you. My department will assume full responsibility for the damages and any associated personal inconveniences that this incident may cause."

The Ferret began to calm down and her expression softened. Warden Arlin had learned long ago how to effectively work sub vocal subliminal tones into his speech, which could soothe even the most irate or strung out citizens. This situation control technique had served him so well over the years, that he could barely remember the last time he had been forced to resort to any of the harsher and more primitive methods such as: pulse nets, Skunk Mist, stun wands, or tranq darts.

Arlin gently placed a massive paw on the girl's shoulder and crouched so that he was face to face with her. He detected a faint scent of mild arousal, which caused the insides of his ears to heat up. It wasn't coming from the Ferret, however, but from several passersby who slowed down behind him to check out his muscular, leather-clad thighs and rump. After they had moved on, the Tiger looked the Ferret over and gave her a warm smile that calmed her even further. For all her feistiness, this girl was a cute one, no doubt about that.

Typical of her species, she stood at most, all of four feet high, barefoot on shapely digitigrade legs which made her look as if she was in a perpetual crouch. She was covered from head to toe by a plush pelt of sable-colored fur, with darker fur along her forearms, the undersides of her cheeks, and around her eyes like a Raccoon's mask. A silky mane of dark red hair, streaked with green highlights that matched her eyes, framed her face and dropped in a thick, single braid to the middle of her back. Her small, lithe body was clad in a shiny, light blue, sleeveless minidress made of a very flimsy material that molded itself to her feminine curves. It showcased quite well the swell of her small, but more than adequate breasts, and was low cut to display a generous amount of fur-covered cleavage. A narrow belt of dark blue leather cinched the dress around the Ferret's waist, causing it to properly skirt out over her hips. In addition to being low cut on top. The girl's outfit also had a hemline that displayed plenty of thigh. And in fact, it just barely provided a minimal amount of up front modesty. But as Arlin had discreetly observed while she was mourning the loss of her ride, it was short enough in the rear to show off the lower curves of her cute, furry, pantyless bottom.

"Now, m'lady," he began again, "I am here to help you. You do want my help. Am I correct?"

The girl sighed, and nodded her head.

The Tiger smiled, "Good, but for me to be able to help you, you have to help me. And to help me, I need for you to remain calm and quiet, and to do as I say. Understand?"

She nodded again, "You have my full attention, Warden. What'cha want me to do?"

Arlin held out one paw to her, and with his other paw, removed the datapad that was clipped to his belt, "First, I need to see your identification."

She reached into a pocket in her dress, pulled out her i.d., and surrendered it to Arlin. He looked it over, comparing her face to the small portrait in the upper right corner beside her name, then inserted the card into the reader slot on his datapad.

"You are Miss Kata Narisk, only daughter of Narisk Koriev of Sprite Lake, I presume?"

"I am Kata Narisk, yes," she confirmed.

"And it says here that you are a student at Pixieglenn Academy," he continued.

"Aye, that I am. I'm in my second year at Pixieglenn, studying arcane healing."

"Ah, so you are aspiring to become an acolyte. That is certainly an unusual vocation on our world nowadays, and not an easy path to follow," Arlin advised her, "Why not psionic healing? Your records show that you have the aptitude for it, an exceptionally high aptitude in fact, judging by your psi test scores."

Kata shrugged, "What can I say? I've always had a fascination with the old ways, with all those elaborate acolytical rituals and spells."

Arlin nodded his head and suppressed a knowing smile as the faint scent of arousal betrayed one of the true reasons for her arcane ambitions, "Ah yes, the siren call of good old-fashioned fuck magick." He checked the registration on the bike and noted that it was tagged only a mere three days ago in her father's name.

The scent of the Ferret's embarrassment filled the Tiger's big black nose, and he failed to suppress a smile as she indignantly corrected him, "It's called boink magick, and it just so happens to be the most effective means of generating the intense mystical energies needed for our spells and rituals."

"Boink magick, fuck magick, whatever," Arlin chuckled and then sniffed at the scent sample on Kata's identification card, "I do know enough about you mystic types to know that there is more than just sex involved. I do hope that you are prepared mentally, physically, and emotionally to engage in other disciplines equally as important to your path as magick."

He thought for a moment to recall some of the bits of lore he had learned back in his post-primary general education years, "I hope you are prepared to subject yourself to disciplines such as submission, pain, hunger, solitude...Erm, Kata, what are you doing?"

The insides of the Tiger's ears showed a soft reddening beneath the thin white fur, and a telltale bulge was forming in the front of his tight leathers as he looked up from his datapad. The sight before him threw the Warden completely off his guard. While he had been busy tapping notes into his datapad, the Ferret had positioned herself over the seat of her bike. Her legs were spread and one paw was holding her narrow, furry tail up to give everyone around a full, unobstructed view of both the tight, slightly moist slit beneath the thin down of her mound, and the even tighter opening of her aft passage.

Arlin chuckled and gave Kata a friendly pat on the rump, "Well, I see you have already mastered the afore-mentioned submission discipline. And although you are doing a most admirable job of tempting me, it pains me to remind you and myself that I am on duty right now, and do not have time to help you practice your magick."

The Ferret sighed and gave him an exasperated look over her shoulder, "Don't you need to match my scent with the sample on my card?" she asked, "I mean, isn't this how you Street Hunters normally do it?"

"Not always, m'lady," Arlin laughed. He reflexively gave Kata's cute, upturned bottom a firm slap, "We typically reserve that particular technique for particular types of suspects, when a touch of humiliation is in order. And you are not a suspect in any type of crime."

"So you'll put your nose up some street whore's ass," Kata retorted and huffed indignantly, "but mine isn't good enough for you?"

"That is not it at all!" the Tiger defensively replied, "As I was trying to explain, the undertail technique is used for its humiliation aspect, keeping the suspect in a submissive state, which is critical if the arresting officer wishes to maintain control."

"It's alright, Warden," she persisted. She arched her back to thrust her butt up higher, "I really don't mind. And anyway, the perfumes in my fur might improperly mask my true scent. So go ahead and humiliate me. That is the only way to get a proper reading, don'cha know?" She gave him an embarrassed smile and coyly fluttered her eyelashes.

Arlin sighed and knelt behind the brazen girl, "Very well, if you insist, m'lady. We are here to serve the needs of our citizens." He took a firm grip on Kata's rump and buried his wide, feline muzzle between her plush aft cheeks.

The Ferret's scent was sweet ambrosia to the Tiger. Her aft end bore a gentle, feminine muskiness that hinted at arousal and excitement as she anticipated her upcoming nighttime activities. Arlin could not help but purr as he took in Kata's sweetness. The stiffness between his legs pressed harder against his tight leathers. All around him, onlookers cheered him on, some with drunken taunts, others with genuinely earnest and enthusiastic encouragement.

"You go, lawman!"

"Give her a tongue lashing!"

"Yeah, you know she wants it!"

"You know what to do! Just like you'd do your sister!"

"Just like I do your sister!"

"Step aside and let a pro show you how to do her right!"

"Tail dive! Tail dive!"

The Tiger's ears flattened outward in embarrassment as the rowdy crowd coaxed and coached him onward. He really was tempted to taste a sample of Kata's flavor, but professional courtesy stayed his tongue.

:: You can if you wish, Warden, :: Kata assured him.

She was now talking to him via the psionic technique known as sending. Time seemed to dramatically slow down around them as her thoughts flowed directly into his mind.

:: Don't worry, I had a deep cleansing at Alien's Probe just a few minutes before you arrived here. ::

She gestured with her muzzle towards the storefront right in front of them. A sign above the door read Alien's Probe Full Body Salon, and had a rather rude animated holographic image of a Furling Skunkette down on all fours, being attended to at both ends by a pair of lizardlike creatures. One was working her hair, and the other was gleefully ramming an ultrasonic cleansing probe up her ass.

:: Miss Kata, :: Arlin telepathically replied, :: I will admit that I am truly tempted by your generosity, but i feel that it would be most inappropriate to take advantage of your... ::

:: Oh, cool it with the chivalry act, Warden! Why the fuck you maintain this double standard is beyond me, :: Kata chided him.

:: And what would you know about my standards, Miss Kata? Do you have some special psychic ability to know all there is to know about one's personality and convictions within minutes after meeting him? ::

:: No need for any special powers when the street cameras see and tell all. Your little scene with that Bunny whore provided plenty of entertainment in there. We all could tell that you totally enjoyed spanking her butt and checking her scent. And had you not been outside the Playgrounds, you would have taildived her right then and there. Yet here I am, bent over the seat of my bike, with your muzzle buried under my tail, freely offering my assets for a quick sampling, and you suddenly pull this high and mighty chivalry nonsense on me? Yeah right, give me a fuckin' break, Warden. I can sense that you want this as much as I do. ::

She paused briefly in her telepathic rant, which gave Arlin the moment he needed to finally get a thought in edgewise.

:: You are quite perceptive, young lady. I can see that it is difficult to keep any secrets from one of your talents. So then, if you really do want this, I will oblige. After all, as I said earlier, I am here to serve. ::

:: As am I, :: Kata replied, :: You are helping me after my unfortunate mishap, as you so blandly put it. Therefore, I feel it is only proper that I do something nice for you in return. This little gift is the least that I can do to repay your kindness... ::

The Ferret's thoughts were abruptly interrupted as the Tiger's moist, rough tongue pressed itself effortlessly deep up inside her tight, warm tailhole. She gasped softly, then gave a sultry moan which betrayed the Tiger's actions beneath her tail to the surrounding crowd. The small gathering of curious onlookers responded with the expected cat calls and wolf whistles as Arlin expertly probed Kata's sweet depths with his tongue. But at this moment, the Warden did not care, and would not have cared even if his own mother had been present among the spectators. From the instant the Tiger's tongue entered the Ferret's butt, his mind entered into an altered state of awareness filled with animalistic desire and magickal passion unlike any he had ever known before. The shear heat of unbridled lust even surpassed that he experienced when taildiving hot Furlings such as Allisson or even dear sweet Amanda. He wanted nothing more at this instant than for this brief moment in time to never end, to remain in this position until the end of the universe, his tongue buried deep up inside the rear passage of this delightful young Ferret lass, taking in her sweet scent and even sweeter flavor, both of them oblivious to the rest of the world around them.

But alas, he knew that he could not neglect his responsibilities like a strung out sensory-chip addict who had lost all contact with the real world. His rough tongue slid firmly and slowly along Kata's rectal wall, and then Arlin reluctantly extracted his muzzle from her plush bottom. He gave her rump a friendly squeeze and then arose to his feet, adjusting his leathers so that his still hardened cock lay as comfortably as he could make it inside its bonds. He gave the amused crowd a warning gaze, and one by one they dispersed to resume whatever activities they had planned for the night. When he and Kata were more or less alone, he assisted her to her feet and gave her an embarrassed smile.

"Thank-you, m'lady," he said, ever the gentlefur, "Thank-you most sincerely for such an unexpected and unorthodox gift. This moment, as well as your sweet scent and most delightful taste will be forever seared into my memories."

Kata smiled and blushed, a light crimson glow visible beneath the thin white fur on the insides of her ears. "The pleasure was as much mine as it was yours, Warden. Just as your Street Hunters are sworn to serve the people in your own way, we of the Order of the Mink are sworn to serve in our own way. And if you are not otherwise occupied later tonight after you are off duty, I would be happy to show you more of our ways."

"I would be honored, Miss Narisk," Arlin replied, "However, I do have a previous engagement. And I know not how long that will take."

"Oh. Would it by chance be with that Bunny whore you spanked earlier?"

Now it was Arlin's turn to blush again, "Well, yes. I was indeed planning on buying her services tonight after my mission is completed."

"So then, you will most likely be occupied with her all night long," Kata concluded, "I know how those Rabbits are. We have several of them in my class, and whenever it is time to pair up for boink magick sessions, other students are always falling all over each other to get one of them for a partner. Good choice, Warden."

"You're welcome to join us if you like," the Tiger offered, "I'll even pay your way. That is, if you don't mind a threesome."

Kata smiled, "Oh thank you so much. I think I would like that a lot more than you realize."

"It's a date then," Arlin agreed, "Now, back to business." He tapped a few more bits of information into his datapad, then removed Kata's identification card from the reader slot and handed it back to her. "I have encoded a pass for free use of Lovenmusk's public transit system, which is valid until such time as your bike has been replaced, and is good for anywhere within the Regency," he explained.

"Thank-you, Warden," Kata replied. She put the card back into her hip pouch, then motioned for Arlin to lean down close so they were face to face, after which, she placed her arms around his neck and planted a firm, grateful kiss on his mouth.

When their muzzles finally parted, the Tiger added, "Also, you will find encoded on your card an invitation to breakfast tomorrow morning at first light at the Regency Court, after which, you will personally get to witness Street Hunter Denali, that's the Otter girl who totaled your bike, receive her much deserved disciplinary action for tonight's unfortunate mishap. I think you will enjoy the proceedings."

"You mean you are going to give her a spanking, I presume?" Kata guessed.

"But of course. How did you know?"

She shrugged cutely, "Ah, it wasn't too hard to figure out, Warden. I can tell that you like spanking cute tender bottoms, judging by the way you dealt with that Bunny. Can't say as I blame you though. After all, that particular pastime does seem to be a highly revered and deeply ingrained aspect of Lockkian culture."

Arlin nodded thoughtfully, "Yes, it is indeed. I never really thought about that before. But now that you mention it, people the world over do seem to have a primal interest in paddle-warmed bottoms. I may have to look deeper into this phenomenon some day."

"When you do," the Ferret advised him, "be sure to look me up. Spanking is an important aspect of the Order of the Mink. In fact, legend says that our founder and her brother, who founded the Order of the Falcon, were the ones who first invented spanking as well as other physical, bottom-oriented punishments and pleasures many millenia ago."

"We can discuss this later," Arlin said, "For now though, I must get back to my hunt. This really is an urgent matter to which I must attend. A towing droid will be along shortly to haul the remains of your bike back to our headquarters. And remember, be at the Regency Court at first light tomorrow."

"Good luck then, Warden," Kata said, "And thank-you again for aiding me. When you are ready for me later tonight, you should be able to find me at the Crimson Duck."

"I'll find you, Miss Narisk. Now, good evening."

This time, the Tiger managed to cover another full block and a half before he was interrupted yet again by another Furling lass, one with whom he was quite intimately familiar. This one was a Raccoon, provocatively clad in a suede micro mini skirt and matching lace-up bustier, both of which accented her modest figure in immodest ways.

"Hiyas, Arlin," she chirred, placing a paw gently on his arm and gazing seductively at him through half-closed eyes. She smiled knowingly as she lowered her gaze down to the Tiger's crotch, which still sported a distinctive bulge through the tight leathers, "I see that you are ready to have a naughty night, eh what?"

The Ringtail's other paw teasingly caressed the stiffness between Arlin's thighs, causing him to huff out a frustrated sigh. At the rate his mission was proceeding, he was going to have to put in a double shift tonight if he wanted to track down his prey.

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