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RedTails : The Misbehaving Lynx  


Short Story : Lynx seeks Eagle's help in sorting out her feelings after spanking her Elven student.
RedTails - Immortal Glows The Misbehaving Lynx



Standing upon a narrow ledge, Lynx nervously gazed up at the summit of Spirit Mountain, her soft feminine curves covered by nothing more than her fur. Her voice echoed to the peak above her, "Lord Eagle! I seek your guidance and wisdom!" A majestic eagle peered down from the lofty peak. Mighty wings spread wide, he soared down to the ledge. A bright glow engulfed his body. When it faded, he stood before her in his humanoid form. She knelt reverently and purred, "My liege." "Arise, Lynx," Eagle commanded. She stood to her feet, legs spread and paws clasped behind her back. Eagle looked her over, taking in her beauty, then crouched so he could look into her eyes, "I sense a mix of confusion and guilt within you, Keeper of Secrets." "You are correct, my liege," Lynx admitted, "I have engaged in behavior unbecoming of an Immortal." "Explain. Confession is good for more than just our mortal companions."

"It started a year ago by our reckoning. I used a traditional mortal technique to discipline one of my young bond-mates." "That was when you paddled that Elf lad for a full hour. Correct?" "Yes, my liege. I intended for the spanking I gave Frelic to be nothing more than punishment, a reminder to never neglect his training here in the Beastlands." "And it worked." "However, I found spanking his bottom to be a pleasurable experience," Lynx averted her eyes, trying to hide her shame. Eagle nodded his feathery head, "That is no cause for shame. Many people, mortals and Immortals alike find pleasure in administering pain upon the bottoms of those under their control." "But that is not all," Lynx confessed, "Ever since, I wanted more. To accomplish this, I have purposely guided Frelic into situations where his mortal mistress and her associates have had to spank him. I observe these sessions through my scrying mirror in my den, and pleasure myself to orgasm." "I see," Eagle replied, "And this is why you feel guilt, as well you should. You have manipulated your young mortal for your own pleasure and lust." Lynx bowed her head, "Aye. That I did." "And to absolve yourself of your guilt?" She sighed, "I wish to be spanked as I spanked my Elf." A wooden paddle, like she used on Frelic, appeared in her paw. "Then so shall it be," Eagle took the paddle and sat down on the ledge. He pulled Lynx over his lap, rubbing the paddle over her upturned bottom. She trembled at the feel of the hard wood caressing her soft, furry rump. He lifted the paddle high in the air, "Two minutes by mortal reckoning." "Aye, my liege." Without another word, Eagle brought the paddle down on Lynx's lovely butt. The impact echoed throughout the Beastlands below, as did her cry of anguish. The paddle danced all over her bottom with a fast but steady pace. An hour later, her ass felt like it was on fire. Yet her sex was tingling and moist with passion. "Well well," Eagle chuckled, "I see you found pleasure on the receiving end of the paddle, just as you found pleasure on the giving end." He ran his talons over her sore rump, and down to the dampness between her thighs. "I think we need to do something about this. On your feet." Lynx arose and smiled as she saw that Eagle was now sporting an impressive hard shaft between his powerful thighs, "Did you find my bottom a pleasure to spank?" "Indeed I did," Eagle admitted, "I said that this is normal for both mortals and Immortals." He stood and gazed down at Lynx, "I believe you know what to do." Lynx submissively got down on all fours, her aching ass thrust up in the air, revealing her tight sex, "My tail is for your pleasure," she purred. "Indeed it is," Eagle agreed, "Indeed it is." He knelt behind Lynx and mounted her. "Now, we give all of your bonded mortals a special little gift..."

Posted : 09/07/2011 10:19 pm