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RedTails : A Night Out, A Night In - Chapter 4  


While finishing up their bath, Hansen tells Karma and Thissle the tale of his and Shaasta's capture.
RedTails: Awakenings

A Night Out, A Night In



Chapter IV : Cinnamon and a Spicy Tale

Thissle bent over and felt around the tub's floor until her hand touched an iron ring. She gave it a tug and pulled out the cork stopper it was attached to. As the hot soapy water started its slow exit to the sewers beneath Mistport, she hoisted her wet body out of the large cedar basin and took one of the soft cotton towels to dry herself off. Hansen was attending to Karma, vigorously rubbing another towel through her waterlogged fur. The Rabbit stood with her arms out and big bunny feet spread while the Squirrel methodically worked her over from the top down. He started with her long ears. Then using both hands, he scrubbed her sunny blonde hair from drenched to merely damp. Hansen used lighter strokes on her brow, cute little muzzle, and over her fluffy cheeks; then gently patted her chin, neck, and shoulders dry before resuming the more vigorous strokes for her arms, breasts, and stomach.

The Rabbit closed her eyes and smiled naughtily as the Squirrel worked on her lower half, buffing the cotton over her wide hips and thighs, down to the tops of her feet, and back up to gently swab the tender mound of her sex. Finally, Hansen padded around behind Karma and lovingly kneaded the towel all over her plush butt, pressing and kneading vigorously over every square inch of the Bunny's fur-clad, jiggly derriere, between her soft southern cheeks, and finishing with a brisk scrubbing over the top and underside of her teardrop-shaped tail.

Once Karma was dry, she took up a fresh towel and gave Hansen the same treatment. He squirmed a bit as she worked the cloth down his sides. "Ticklish are you?" Karma asked, reaching around to land a playful swat on his still wet bottom."

He giggled, "Just a little bit, love bunn," he admitted, "Don't tell Master, please?

Karma laughed with him, "Don't worry, fuzzbutt. You're secret is safe with me. Besides, I don't think Frelic is into tickling anyway, not much at least." She continued working on getting the Squirrel's fur dried out. Naturally, when she worked on the treasure zone between his thighs, his cock emerged from its sheath again. She smiled naughtily, took the hard shaft in her hand, gently stroked it a few times, then leaned forward and ran her tongue along its length, top and underside. Hansen closed his eyes and gave a tortured moan as the tongue bath the Bunny gave his maleness caused him to sway back and forth, weak kneed. Clear lubricating fluid dripped from the tip of the pulsing shaft, which Karma lapped up. Before his loins could erupt with his seed, the Rabbit backed off, then had him turn around so she could finish drying him off.

Thissle, finished grooming her mane, was watching the little drama taking place between the two. She smirked and laughed, "Silly Rabbit. You are such a terrible tease. I swear, you are going to end up driving the poor Squirrel to insanity if you keep that up without letting him boink you soon."

Karma stuck her tongue out at Thissle, then gave Hansen's rump a friendly squeeze followed by a stinging flick of the wet towel as she finished the rubdown. "I just might do that," she said, "Shaasta said he is a real pleasure to couple with. But, I don't want to tire him out before Frelic can use him first."

Hiding his embarrassment, Hansen picked up a hard-bristled brush and started working it over Karma's soft pelt, using short firm strokes to smooth out her fur. While he did that, Thissle took her brush and worked on the Rabbit's silky hair, brushing out the damp tangles.

"So tell us, furball," Thissle said, "How did you and Shaasta, of all people, manage to get yourselves captured by slavers?"

Hansen gave her a sheepish grin, shrugged, and brushed smooth the gold and blue fur of Karma's rump, teasing it to chinchilla-like softness, "I'm ashamed to admit; we were taken completely by surprise."

"No way!" the girls exclaimed in unison.

"That simply doesn't happen," Karma insisted, "A pair of highly skilled rangers, one of them an Elf no less, you never get ambushed."

"Yeah," Thissle chimed in, "That simply defies every single law of reality on the books, and possibly even a few laws of surreality as well." She finished fixing the Rabbit's silky locks and idly ran the brush through her own mane a few more times, "You and Shaasta are the best in your class, so attuned to your surroundings that you know the enemy is out there even before they know."

"So how could you possibly get caught with your armor down?" Karma demanded.

The Squirrel chuckled and gave her a playful smack on the ass with the back of the pelt brush as he finished grooming her. He handed the brush off to her and presented himself for his turn. "That, dear ladies, pretty much says it all. We literally did get caught with our armor down."

Karma worked the brush down his chest and nodded, "I get your meaning, but let's hear it anyway."

"Yes, well," he continued, "me and Shaasta had just finished a nice long afternoon double-boinking, first in her Elf form, and then in her hawk form."

Thissle smiled knowingly, her hands sliding up her inner thighs and over the moist slit of her smooth bare mound; the mental imagery of the Furling pressed against Shaasta's down-covered undertail, his hard shaft nested deep inside her hot treasure hole, sent an electric tingle through her body, "Mmmm, a double-boinking. So, when Shaasta went to her hawk form, did you take her from behind, or did you have her spread eagle on her back?"

Hansen closed his eyes and let his thoughts fill with the sweet memories of that cool but hot afternoon that long month ago, while Karma firmly glided the pelt brush down his thighs; she then padded around behind him to groom the Squirrel's back half. "Oh, I took her from behind, both rounds in fact. For the first boinking, she was all Elf; down on all fours, legs spread, and those irresistible, round, blushing flanks thrust invitingly up." His cock hardened once more, and both Karma and Thissle were quietly squirming as the Squirrel relayed the encounter in fine, graphic detail; a sweet stickiness forming between their legs.

"She was like a wild, fire-maned pony in season," Hansen recalled, "and I rode her long and hard, bringing that girl to the summit of the Mink's Mountain twice before I allowed myself to fill her with my passion seed."

Thissle was now openly probing herself, three dainty fingers buried deep inside her burning sex, "Ooh!" she moaned, "Shaasta is one lucky Elf. Most other guys would be quite envious of your prowess and endurance, fuzzbutt," she complimented him. "Not many can bring an Elf girl to climax twice before unloading into her."

Hansen had to avert his gaze as the insides of his ears heated up. He really did bear an inner modesty that countered his outward brazen tendencies; talk of his sexploits was difficult for him unless receiving heavy encouragement such as that currently coming from the two heavily aroused ladies now interrogating him.

"Well I hate sounding like a sailor or some village pretty boy, spinning drunken yarns to compensate for certain shortcomings," he said, "but I have had a number of steamy years with Shaasta to hone my skills and finely attune them specifically to her needs. In fact, if you ask her, she will vouch for me and admit that I had her begging for me to fill her with my seed. She was thrashing about like a wild filly by the time she reached the summit the second time and my hot juices flowed into her like flood waters from a shattered dam."

"Oh, I don't doubt a single word," Karma assured him. She gave his furry bottom an understanding squeeze, then went to work on making his tail bushy again. "Shaasta has told us countless tales every time the two of you paid a visit to WraithHold during one of your adventures."

"You and Shaasta are hearth legends to the Halflings of Pinevale," Thissle informed him, "Both the lads and lasses there see you two as heroes of sorts."

"Yeah, you have quite an impressive crowd of fans," Karma giggled. She finished his tail and brushed smooth the fur on his rump, then her ears dropped back alluringly, her tail twitched, and a suggestive glimmer flashed in her large, liquid eyes, "And two of your biggest fans are right here in this room with you." She teasingly ran a fingertip around the rim of his tight little treasure hole before applying a firm smack to his ass with the paddle side of the brush, signaling that the grooming was complete.

Karma padded over to a low bench and lay face down with her legs straddling the seat, ready for the next phase of their preparations for their evening out. Her legs spread, and her soft pillowlike bottom flirted temptingly in the air, Hansen wanted nothing more than to cover her body with his and give the Bunny's tight love channel and even tighter little butthole a much needed boinking. He could have freely taken her right then and there, and Karma would have gladly received him. After all, she was just as much Furling as he, and almost always willing and ready to drop everything at the flick of a tail for a quick fucking. But now was not the time. The three had a busy night ahead of them, he with his Master here at the Hightail, and they with Shaasta at Hot Summer Nights. There would be plenty of time later to slip his cock into these two sweet ladies.

Thissle stepped over to a table and picked up a small basin filled with steaming, fragrant, soapy water, and a pair of thick, round shafts made of smoothly polished wood, measuring approximately twelve inches from end to end. Half the length of these were wrapped with a thick sponge.

Hansen recognized these wands of course, and could not help but give a naughty smile while patting Karma's upturned bottom. "Ah, a rectal scrub. Planning on a bit of tail diving or other uptail fun tonight?"

"That's always a possibility," Thissle said, "But this is mostly because we may be doing lap dances this evening; and well, that is normally where we prefer to receive our tips."

The Squirrel dipped the sponge end of one shaft into the water and pressed the tip against the waiting opening between the Bunny's southern cheeks. Hansen was intimately familiar with the procedure, having performed it on Shaasta's butt regularly over the years. Though nowhere near as effective as gehennite, a rectal scrub, if done right, provided a cleansing more than sufficient for a hot evening of uptail play.

"Okay now," he said, "On the count of three. Ready?"

Karma nodded her head, her tight little hole clenching and relaxing in anticipation.

"One, two..." he took a firm grip on the wooden shaft, and in one smooth motion, he impaled the Rabbit up the ass, causing her to give a sharp gasp despite her readiness as the sponge-wrapped rod filled her rear channel. "Three."

Hansen pumped the scrubber for several seconds inside Karma's butt, then rotated it left and right non-stop for a full minute, thoroughly swabbing her rectal wall with the hot soapy sponge. He gave it a few more pumps, working it in a little deeper, and with one final twist, pulled it back out, eliciting a sweet sigh from the Rabbit. He set the wet-sponged shaft aside, picked up the second scrubber, and looked over at Thissle.

"Thissle, do you need me to give you a scrubbing too?"

"No," she replied. Thissle was busy preparing a perfume spritzer bottle, concocting a mix of cool water and a very powerful cinnamon-scented oil, "I only need a deep cleansing after uptail play."

"Oh, that's right," Hansen said, "I forgot that even in your Human form, you still retain that Dragon metabolism. I envy you Drakie types sometimes." He turned his attention back to Karma's ass and inserted the second sponge, without wetting it down, deep up inside her. The Bunny was of course thoroughly enjoying this. Her bottom was thrust up high, and a sweet sticky moisture coated her sex, matting down the fur of her mound as the Squirrel expertly worked the shaft in her bowels. Hansen used slow, meticulous strokes, taking his time as the sponge pistoning inside her soaked up the soapy dampness, leaving Karma's rectal wall clean and dry.

Between gasps and moans, Karma whimpered for Hansen to finish his story, "Okay, furball, you still haven't told us how you and Shaasta managed to get ambushed."

"Right, so anyway," he continued his little epic, "there we were, coupled together out among the coastal pines, Shaasta on her hands and knees, and me draped over her wide ass. Other than our heavy breathing and contented moans as we basked in the warm afterglow of our shared bliss, the only other sounds were the chirping of songbirds and chittering of small forest creatures." He pulled the sponge-wrapped shaft from Karma's depths and slipped two fingers up her butt.

"Deciding it was time to continue our trek, as I wanted to cover as much ground as possible while we had plenty of daylight left, I extracted myself from Shaasta and started to gather up our gear. But that Elf brat had other ideas."

He swabbed his fingers around Karma's rectal wall, then probed deeper; his thumb and third finger joined the first two and formed a fist inside of her. Her bottom clenched hard around his arm while Hansen pressed onward with his story.

"I was about to get dressed, when I heard Shaasta call my name. I turned around, and there she stood atop a large flat boulder, her arms spread and her eyes glowing a soft emerald green. She flashed an alluring smile my way, then a green aura matching her eyes shimmered around her body, and she transformed. When the emerald halo about her faded, Shaasta had fully shifted to her hawk form. Her large wings gracefully spread wide for balance, she perched daintily on that rock. She didn't waste any time. Despite not being able to speak while she was a bird, Shaasta's motions and mannerisms left no doubt in my mind what she wanted."

He pulled his fist from the Bunny's butt, slipped his fingers into his mouth, and savored Karma's unique flavor as if sampling a fine wine. "Perfect," was his assessment, "clean enough for the deepest taildive."

Karma giggled, then gasped and tensed up when Thissle knelt behind her and probed her tongue deep up her freshly cleaned rear chamber, the copper-haired girl's face buried between the plush hills of the Bunny's bottom to test Hansen's claim. Satisfied with the Squirrel's work, she pulled back, sat down on the bench beside Karma, and gave the Rabbit an approving slap on the rump, "Delicious," she declared, "You should be able to carry a buttload of coin under your tail by the time were are finished for the night, boink bunny."

Hansen nodded, "Now, where was I? Oh yes, Shaasta had transformed and was now in her hawk form. Her body language more than made up for her inability to speak. She turned her ass end towards me, and with her wings spread, she leaned forward so that her front half was pressed against her rocky perch and her back half was flirted up in the air before me, tailfeathers fanned out and raised to expose the soft creamy white down of her bird butt with its tight little opening pulsing and flexing, awaiting fulfillment."

Karma started to get up, but Thissle stopped her, pushing her back down on the bench, "Not yet, Bunny," she said. She picked up the spritzer bottle she had prepared earlier and attached a long, round applicator tip, with a hole in the end as well as a number of smaller holes along the surface, to the flexible tube sticking out from the top. "We're going to try out this cinnamon scent oil I bought at the apothecary today." She motioned for Hansen to resume the tale while she worked the Rabbit's tail. But the Squirrel was too distracted by what Thissle was doing to Karma to continue just yet.

Thissle inserted the applicator up Karma's butt and squeezed the bulb on the spritzer, sending a spray of cinnamon oil and water into the warm depths beneath her tail. Karma gave a soft moan at first, as the solution coated her rectal wall, feeling pleasantly cool but with an underlying tingle that sent shivers through her body. But soon, the coolness gave way to a burning that filled her entire nether passage and turned her pleasured shivers to agonized writhings so intense that Thissle had to hold her down. She gave the Rabbit a second dose of the fiery potion, then pulled the tube from her butt and continued to hold her until the burn faded to a mildly stinging warmth.

Thissle gently stroked Karma's rump, silently comforting her and inviting Hansen to taste again the Rabbit's tail. He knelt behind her as Thissle had done and pressed his muzzle between her cheeks. The strong aroma of cinnamon mingled with Karma's own natural scent filled the Squirrel's nose and renewed his arousal. His tongue entered the hot opening of the Bunny's ass and lapped at the spicy oil coating her inner flesh. "All I can say is amazing!" he declared, as he looked back up at Thissle and licked his chops, "her taste was exquisite before you spritzed her. But now, her flavor is pure ambrosia. I bet Master would be quite pleased if you cinnamoned my butt."

"I know he will be quite pleased, fuzzbutt," Thissle replied, as she removed the used applicator from the spritzer and replaced it with a fresh one. She handed the perfume bottle to Hansen, helped Karma to her feet, and took her place on the bench; face down, perky breasts pressed against the wooden seat, feet on the floor, and ass in the air.

"Cinnamon is one of his favorite flavors. But before you get it, you have to finish the story of how you and Shaasta got caught with your armor down."

Hansen buried his muzzle in Thissle's bottom and moistened her butthole with his tongue. Her natural scent was like the sweetness that permeates the air right before an electrical storm. He inserted the tube up her butt and gave the spritzer's bulb two squeezes, spraying the stinging cinnamon mist into Thissle's back passage just as she had done to Karma earlier. Unlike the Furling Rabbit, however; Thissle's moans and squirmings were of pure pleasure from beginning to end.

The Squirrel set the bottle aside, sampled a taste of Thissle's ass, then finally resumed his tale of tail. "So there was Shaasta, looking every bit as hot in her bird form as she does in her Elven form, her beautiful feathered ass presented invitingly for stuffing. I knelt behind her and slipped my tongue into her hot, pulsing opening to get her properly slicked up, taking care to probe as deep as possible; I knew from extensive previous experience that this was going to be an unfathomably tight ride."

"That really got her squirming, and even moreso when I primed her by planting a good dozen open-handed swats under her tailfeathers. By the time my paw struck her down-covered ass that twelfth time, that feathered honey was more than ready, chirping and squawking frantically for me to take her."

"You know," Karma advised him, "you really should keep a journal of your adventures. The way you tell them, you could easily make a fortune with your tales."

Thissle sat up, the cinnamon perfume now properly absorbed into the inner flesh of her nether chamber. She agreed with Karma, "She's right, y'know. In fact, not only could you be a best seller for your hot steamy epics, you could also do well writing text books and educational quarterlies for the Mink's Elite. That's something to think about, at least."

Hansen smiled and blushed at the suggestions, "I may do just that one of these days. But anyway, as I was saying, after I warmed her feathered butt with a spanking, Shaasta was primed and ready for stuffing. Not wanting to keep my squirming lovebird waiting any longer, I gently draped my body over hers, wrapped my arms around her, and pulled her close to me." He paused briefly and closed his eyes, nearly coming to an orgasm as he let his mind recall every last vivid detail of that moment in time.

"I slid my cock to the hilt up inside her, and rode her for at least a full thirty minutes or more. And I must say, as an Elf, Shaasta is one of the sweetest pleasures imaginable, and Master is indeed most fortunate to have her as his pet. But Shaasta the Elf pales in comparison to Shaasta the hawk." He reached down between his legs and gave his hard, pulsing shaft a firm squeeze.

"That girl has tremendous talent that puts the Order of the Mink's lads and lasses to shame. Her nesting chamber is incredible, so wonderfully hot and such a tight fit, I actually had to fight hard to keep from planting my seed in her the instant her treasure hole closed around my cock and I plumbed her ornithian depths. Over that half hour, we glided to the summit of the Mink's Mountain together three times. In fact, we not only went to the summit, we soared high above the peak each time; by the time we landed, her love chamber was full of Furling passion juices."

Thissle smiled and was blushing at the graphic details Hansen was providing of his avian sexcapade with Shaasta, "Yeah, I've heard bird boinking is an experience like no other. We've had Cloud Rangers from Aquillia visit Pinevale, and their tales of how they have to frequently service their mounts matches your experiences with Shaasta. And a few of them have told me that in my small Dragon form, I am a match for their feathered lovers."

"I will have to test that claim soon, you know," Hansen warned her, then went back to his story, "Still fired up, Shaasta was writhing and squawking under me, wanting more. So I extracted my shaft from under her tailfeathers for a brief moment, then slipped it back into her treasure hole, thrusting even harder than before."

"Another half hour and another five trips above the summit, and we were both spent at last. I pulled out of her, sat down on the rock, and cuddled her on my lap for a few minutes. She was cooing like a dove and nuzzling her beak over my face and neck, gently preening me while I stroked my fingers through her feathers; down her breast and thighs, and her soft undertail."

"After we recovered, she leaped to the ground and became an Elf again. Still reeling a little from the after effects of our passion high, we were taking our time getting dressed. That was when I heard Shaasta shout out a pained cry. I quickly turned around to see what the problem was just in time to watch her crumple to the ground with a dart pierced deep in her rump. I rushed over to her, crying her name. But before I could reach her, I felt a sharp pain in my bottom, like the sting of a Sprite Dragon, then felt a deep, numbing heat spread out through my body from where the dart had struck me. The world swirled around me, and all went dark."

"Ooh," Karma said, "tranq dart in the ass, that's the most effective way to take down an otherwise elusive prey like you and Shaasta." She patted him reassuringly on the shoulder, "So don't feel too bad about it. Even if you had been fully alert, it would still have been difficult to avoid being taken down like that."

Hansen shook his head and sighed, "We could have easily avoided it," he argued, "All we had to do was take Frelic's advice he gave us before we set out to heart, and avoided traveling along the Northwest Coast."

Thissle gave him a comforting hug, "Don't punish yourself over your decisions, fuzzbutt," she popped him on the ass with one hand, "Leave that to us. And look on the bright side. Had you not been taken by slavers, you would not have become Frelic's pet. And from the way you have been behaving since Master brought you back from the Southern Rose, it looks to me as if you really do like this new life you have entered into."

He smiled as Thissle guided him down onto the bench, and positioned him with his bottom thrust up, ready to receive the cinnamon oil, "Yes, I suppose you are right," he agreed.

"I'm always right," Thissle reminded him. She replaced the applicator on the spritzer bottle and knelt behind him while Karma held his tail up out of the way so she could slip her tongue into his southern star.

"And I will admit," he continued, "watching Master play with and discipline Delilah, and hearing the heated tales of when he served as Mistress Triniti's pet and lab assistant aboard the Bloodlust, and Shaasta's own stories of her years serving Triniti, made me fantasize about serving a stern but loving mistress myself. I always figured when the time came, I would offer myself to Shaasta. I never thought I would serve a master though. But when Frelic was probing and prodding us there at the shop, I realized that it didn't matter who was on the giving end of the paddle. I could serve as a pleasure girl to either a master or a mistress."

"And Frelic will thoroughly enjoy using your cute little bottom too, furball," Karma replied, "Also, you may not be aware that in addition to his full Elf, full panther, and Furling Panther forms, during his service as cabin boy to Captain Sasslyn and lab assistant to Master Kairo on the Svelte Lady after his rescue from the Bloodlust, Frelic managed to perfect his shapeshifting ability to where he could also transform into a female Furling Panther as well."

"So if you please him well enough," Thissle cut in, finishing the thought for Karma, "you may yet get a chance to serve a mistress occasionally after all." With that, she inserted the tube up his butt and squeezed the bulb three times, thoroughly coating his rectal wall with the cinnamon spray.

"Oh!" he gasped, as the spicy mist burned inside him, "that feels absolutely wonderful, even sweeter than the ginger roots Corporal Wheaton would stuff up our butts in his attempts to discipline us before he sold us to Master Varo."

Thissle laughed and gave Hansen's bottom another slap, "You really are an incurable pain slut," she removed the tube from his butt and replaced it with his rose from the pet shop. "You and Delilah are really going to have fun playing together at WraithHold. Now, let's go present you to Master."

Karma helped Hansen to his feet, clasped his collar around his neck, and planted an affectionate kiss on his muzzle. She then attached his leash to the collar and taking a firm hold on the other end, she followed Thissle back to the suite's outer lounge with the Furling Squirrel submissively in tow.

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