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Janine had been flirting with me shamelessly from the corner of the bar where she sat with her fiance. She came over to talked to me several times and finally left her phone number on a napkin so that she could have a final fling before she got married. It was the first time we had ever met, but I was apparently having a big effect on her horniness.
When the karaoke DJ got set up, her boyfriend was the first to sing. Janine quickly walked past me and told me to meet her at the pay phone near the bathrooms. I sipped my beer and followed her out to the strains of "The Gambler". Kenny Rogers did a better job.
As I turned the corner, I was met with a deep and passionate kiss. I thought she was going to swallow me! She quickly took my hand and led me to the ladies room which was deserted. We shut the door of the toilet stall and Janine wasted no time in unzipping my fly and pulling out my stiff cock. Without missing a beat, she had her mouth, lips and tongue swirling around the swollen head of my cock. All the time she was stroking the shaft like she was jerking me off. She only stopped for a second when she looked at me and told me to cumn in her mouth.
It only took a few more strokes before I filled her mouth with warm cum. She swallowed every last drop and sucked hard like she was trying to drain my balls. If a couple of girls hadn't come in just then, she might have gotten the chance. But I thought it was safer to get out before I was thrown out. I made it back to the bar just as boyfriend was taking his final bow. Janine walked past me, licking her lips, over to her finace and kissed him long and deep. I wondered if she gave him a surprise?

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:58 pm