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Progressive Dinner Part 1 F/M  


I had graduated from college and was now working a job in an advertising company. My parents had recently retired and had moved to another city. I could now afford a house and so I moved out to the suburbs. I wanted to meet people so I started to attend certain social functions at a near-by church.

The church decided to have a progressive dinner, and I signed up for it. Each part of the meal was served at another person's house. This is why it is called a progressive dinner, since you go from house to house. This way you got to see each other's house and to eat with a new group of people. Mine was the second house that everyone stopped at, and the first house had the appetizer. I was in charge of the meat and potatoes. Since I wasn't used to cooking for a group of people, I guess I sort of made the meat a little to well done, and I didn't have enough potatoes for everyone. But they saw my house, and everyone was very polite and forgiving of me.

We went to another house for the vegetable, and the last house was the dessert. A retired schoolteacher lived there. Although she was just in her early fifties, she had lost her husband due to an automobile accident and her three kids had grown up and moved away. She had taught school all of her life and thus was able to retire at an early age.

Before we ate desert, she showed us her house. Compared to my house, it was very clean and organized. When she showed us her office, it had a large wooden desk and two school type desks. She told us that she tutored students all of her life, and was still tutoring some students. What caught my eye was a glass cabinet she had in the room that contained paddles and other spanking implements. The cabinet was very tall, and you couldn't help but notice it when you were in her office.

Her office was also right next to her bathroom. Since I was so fascinated with the cabinet in her office, I made several excuses to go to the bathroom so that I could look at and examine the spanking implements that she had.

After we ate the desert, we sat around and talked a bit, and then everyone left except for me. I wanted to stay around a little bit longer and talk privately with Mary about her spanking implements.

"Clyde, your still here! Are you going to ask me about my office? I saw you sneak in there a few times." Mary said.

"I didn't think I was that obvious. I was just curious about the cabinet in your office." I said.

"Yes, it contains paddles and other things that I have used to spank my students and my family. Were you ever spanked when growing up?" Mary asked.

"Yes, I was spanked in elementary school and was spanked at home until I went away to college." I replied.

"I used to spank my students in school, but that hasn't been allowed for the past ten years. The students were better behaved back then when they knew that they would be spanked if they got into trouble. I also spanked my kids until they went away to college. My husband even enjoyed being spanked by me when he was naughty and was disrespectful to me. I do miss spanking him." Mary said.

"I do believe a good spanking kept me out of trouble." I said. "Now that my parents have moved away and I am older, I still sometimes wonder if a good spanking would help me concentrate on my job." I said.

"What line of work are you in?" She asked.

"I work in advertising. I write and produce television and radio commercials, so sometimes I need to put in long hours and I need to make certain deadlines. So I need to keep my concentration in focus for what I am doing. I guess I miss someone, other than myself, that I can be accountable to." I said.

"So are saying that maybe I could help you?" Mary asked.

"Yes! When I saw the paddles and the other spanking implements, I thought back to school when my parents and teachers would keep me on track by giving me a spanking. They helped me do very well in school and college, and helped me get my present job. My parents have moved away, so I miss a support system. Would you be willing to help me?" I asked.

"I guess we could set up a monthly schedule where you could see me every week. We could discuss how well you are doing and what you could improve. If I felt it was needed, then I could spank you. Is that what you are wanting from me?" Mary asked.

"I guess it is." I replied. "I would even be willing to pay you for your time."

"No, that is not necessary. I miss spanking my husband and my children." Mary said. "But you would have to follow my rules, and you would be treated like a naughty schoolboy when you are spanked. Is that understood?

"Yes!" I replied.

"First, you can started by calling me 'Mrs. Jones'. Now follow me into my office." Mary said.

"Yes, Mary. I mean, Mrs. Jones." I said. I felt like a naughty little boy again as I followed her into her office.

"The first thing we need to settle is what you did tonight. Your house was messy, the meat was burnt, and there wasn't enough potatoes. Is that anyway to treat your friends?"

"No, Mrs. Jones." I replied.

"Well, I think you deserve a spanking. So let's get it over with. Walk over to the edge of my desk and drop your slacks."

"Yes, Mrs. Jones." I walked over to her desk, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper, and soon my slacks were around my ankles. I felt sort of embarrassed showing her my white briefs.

"Stand still while I pin your shirt up out of the way." I felt like a little schoolboy, about to be spanked. "I always give spankings to older students and adults on the bare bottom. So now I am going to lower your boxer shorts. Be sure to stay in position."

Then I felt the coolness of the air on my bare, and totally exposed bottom. She slipped my underwear down to my ankles and lifted one of my feet so that my slacks and underwear were no longer around my ankles.

"Now spread your feet apart." Mrs. Jones said. I spread them apart and was acutely aware that now my penis and balls were dangling between my legs. I felt a tap on my inner thighs as she said, "Spread them wider. You can do better than that."

Now I was bent over her desk, completely exposed from my waist down, about to receive a spanking. I didn't say anything to her, but I felt an erection with my penis. Then she laid three of the paddles next to my face so that I could see them.

"I'm going to start with this paddle to warm you up." She grabbed the paddle that looked like a ping-pong paddle. "Hold still and stay in position."

Then my spanking began. This paddle really didn't hurt that much, but it made my bare bottom feel warm. After about 25 swats with that paddle, she laid it down and picked up another paddle. This one was longer and thicker, and had much more of a punch to it.

After 25 swats with this paddle, I felt her hands rub my now sore bottom. "Your bottom is turning a nice pink color. I think I will end your spanking with ten swats from this paddle." She picked up a wooden paddle similar to the last one, but it had holes in it. "Please count these out loud and be sure to stay in position."


I stood up and quickly grabbed my sore bottom. I never knew that a paddle with holes in it would sting so much. "Bend back over the desk, again, and stay in position. Since you stood up, that swat will not count."


"One, thank you." I cried out.

"That's a good boy. Only nine left."


"Two, thank you." I said.

SWAT!! "Three, thank you." SWAT!! "Four, thank you." SWAT!! "Five, thank you." SWAT!! "Six, thank you." I couldn't see how I could stand four more swats from this paddle. SWAT!! "Seven, thank you." SWAT!! "Eight, thank you." SWAT!! "Nine, thank you." I said.

"Only one more left. Your taking your spanking very well." Mrs. Jones said.

SWAT!! "Ten, thank you."

"You may stand up now and rub your bottom." She said. Although I still had an erection and I knew I was putting on quite the show for her, I rubbed my poor sore bottom. It was really hot.

"Put on your clothes and I expect to see you here next Thursday at seven o'clock. If you are a real naughty boy, you will get to feel my cane."

I have now someone to keep me in my place.

Progressive Dinner Part 2

After Mrs. Jones spanked me, I had better concentration at work and everything seemed easier for me. I was suppose to report back to Mrs. Jones' house on Thursday, at 7:00 PM, when I got a call from her on Wednesday, after work. She wanted to know if I would take her out to eat, and this way we could get to know each other better. I couldn't see anything wrong with that, so I agreed to pick her up at 5:00 PM on Thursday.

Traffic was bad and I had a meeting that went longer than expected, so I was about ten minutes late in picking her up. Mrs. Jones was all dressed up, and had some very good smelling perfume on. I took her to my favorite steak house, where the food was excellent and I also had reservations. We were seated at a table with many people seated around us. This restaurant is well liked by many businessmen, so the place was completely full.

First, Mrs. Jones asked me a lot of questions about myself. I told her I had a good paying job, and since I was not married yet, I had plenty of income and not a lot of expenses. I also told her about my day to day job of making television and radio commercials. I also told her I stayed in shape by playing tennis and I tried to workout in a gym, twice a week.

Then I asked about her. She had taught school for grades 7 through 12, and specialized in English and Math. Up until about ten years ago, she was able to spank her students both during class and after class during detention. She said the spankings really helped the students improve in school, and made them better behaved. She wished that spankings were still allowed in schools today.

Next, she started to talk about my spankings. I was sort of embarrassed because I knew that the people around us could hear our conversation. The waitress also must of overheard what we were talking about, because she wrote, "Good luck on your upcoming spanking" on the check.

After dinner, Mrs. Jones had me drive her to a large national discount store. She said that she wanted me to buy some stuff that I should carry with me at all times. First, I got a gym bag to carry everything in. Then she put a large wooden hairbrush in the cart. In the housewares department, she got some wooden spoons. In the sports department, we got a Ping-Pong paddle. Finally, in the Men's department, I got three lounge pants with drawstrings and three T-shirts. Whenever I was to visit her, I was only to wear my shoes and socks, a T-shirt, and lounge pants. No underwear. It would make it easier to spank me and this would be a lot different for me since I was used to wearing my business suit. Also, I was to carry this bag with me at all times. She would explain why later.

When we got to her house, she had me put on one of the T-shirts so that she could measure where the new hem should be. Then while I was changing clothes, she got out her sewing machine and changed the hem of the T-shirts. I felt very vulnerable with no underwear, with just my shoes and socks and this thin loungewear pants. She had completed one of the T-shirts and had me try it on. Now the hem was very high, and it only went down to my navel. I was told to stand in the corner while she completed changing the hems on the other two T-shirts. This way I was to think about my upcoming spanking because, first of all, I was ten minutes late.

After Mrs. Jones was had completed the sewing, she took me by the arm and led me into her office. "You know the routine, bend over the desk."

I bent over the desk, and then I felt her hands on the drawstring of the lounge pants, and soon they were around my ankles. I was now completely naked from the waist down, and with the new hem on the T-shirt, there was nothing in the way from giving a bare bottom spanking.

"Whenever you bend over the desk, I will always want you to spread your legs." Mrs. Jones said. "This may mean that you will need to step out of your lounge pants. It allows me to spank your most tender parts of your bare, and unprotected bottom." I stepped out of the lounge pants, and spread my legs. "You can do better than that! Spread them a little further." Now I felt a little embarrassed, because I could feel my penis and balls dangling completely exposed, between my spread apart legs.

"You won't be needing these for a while." Mrs. Jones said as she picked up my lounge pants from between my legs and put them somewhere behind her. She then reached into her glass cabinet and pulled out a wooden paddle. She laid it next to my face and said, "Since you were ten minutes late, I will start you out with twenty swats from this paddle. Stay in position."

Then she started to spank me. I felt like a naughty little schoolboy, being punished again. These first twenty swats of the paddle made my bottom warm up, and also gave me an erection, which I hoped she didn't notice. After the twenty swats of the paddle, she had me stay in position while she pulled a wooden ruler from her desk drawer. After she pulled out the ruler, she pulled her large wooden chair away from her desk and sat down on it. She then pulled up her skirt to reveal the tops of her hose and her garter belt.

"While we talk about the next part of your spanking, I want you to bend over my lap with your penis between my legs. Hurry up!"

Now I felt even more vulnerable, as I felt her strong thighs squeeze together to hold my penis in place. My feet and hands were on the floor, and my naughty naked bottom was sticking straight up in the air. "Unless you hear otherwise, always spread your legs apart when you are about to be spanked." So I spread my legs, and she said, "Now that is much better."

Then she asked me specific questions about how I treated women in the office, and also women that I would meet on a social basis. Depending on my answer, she would swat me with the ruler several times. Then she would suggest to me how I should change my behavior around women. Since I was single and I grew up with a not so good father figure, she said I needed more guidance in how to treat women with respect. As she spanked me with the ruler, she said she was sure that these spankings would help change my behavior. It felt very strange, feeling the nylons on her legs, the smell of her perfume, and the warmth of her body next to me while being spanked.

Then I was jolted back into reality as she said, "Since you have treated women so badly this week, it's time to introduce you to the cane. So stand up a minute, and you can rub your nice red bottom."

It felt good to stand up, and I rubbed my bottom and I was aware that my penis was sticking straight out in front of me. Mrs. Jones stood up from the chair, repositioned her skirt, and moved the chair to another location in her office. "Clyde, I want you to bend over the chair with your hands on the bottom rung of the chair, and your head on the seat." I did so and now I could smell her perfume and her unique female scent from her sitting on the chair. She surprised me by tapping the insides of my thighs with the cane and said, "Remember, spread your legs and put your feet on the outside of each leg of the chair."

In this position, I could actually see her standing behind me between my well spread apart legs. "Have you ever been caned before?" She asked.

"Only paddles were used on me when I was naughty." I said. "I have read in books that the cane can be very painful."

"Now you will be able to experience it yourself, so you can see why naughty school children never wanted to be sent to the principal's office for the cane." Mrs. Jones said. "I studied in Europe for three years, and learned the proper use of the cane. Once you have been caned, you will never forget it."

"Because you have never felt the cane before, I will give you only six strokes. You are to stay in position and count each stroke and say, 'Thank you, Mrs. Jones.' If you stand up or forget to count, the stroke will be administered again. Do you understand. Clyde?"

"Yes, Mrs. Jones." I replied.

"Just relax a bit. It will make the caning easier to receive."

I heard a swishing sound, then CRACK! It felt like a hundred bees had stung me in a straight line on my already sore bottom. I quickly stood up and rubbed my poor bottom.

"You should not of stood up, which means you will receive that stroke again. So bend back over the chair and stay in position." Mrs. Jones said.

Swish, CRACK!

It was hard to stay in position, but I said, "One. Thank you, Mrs. Jones."

I held on to the last rung of the chair as tight as I could.

Swish, CRACK!

"Two. Thank you, Mrs. Jones."

"You now see why the cane is so effective in changing behavior patterns. Get ready for number three."

Swish, CRACK!

"Three. Thank you, Mrs. Jones."

Swish, CRACK!

"Four. Thank you, Mrs. Jones." Now my whole bottom felt like it was on fire.

Swish, CRACK!

"Five. Thank you, Mrs. Jones."

"This last stroke will be the strongest. Be sure to stay in position even after you have been given the stroke. Do not rub your bottom or stand up until I tell you to do so." She said.

Swish, CRACK!

"Six. Thank you, Mrs. Jones." I was so glad my caning was over with.

I saw her go over to her desk and pull out a bottle of lotion and some paper towels from one of the drawers. "This should help sooth the pain." She said. "Stay in position." Then I felt her rub the cool lotion on my poor red bottom. It felt very good. I started to move about a lot as I felt her hands go between my legs.

"I told you to stay in position!" She said. "For your moving out of position I will give you two more strokes of the cane. Bend over the chair."

Swish, CRACK!

"One. Thank you, Mrs. Jones."

Swish, CRACK!

"Two. Thank you, Mrs. Jones." Now I have had nine strokes of the cane. Six strokes plus an extra at the beginning and two extra at the end for getting out of position. Even with the lotion, my bottom still felt on fire. But I stayed in position as she applied the lotion all over my burning bottom.

"Now stay in position," Mrs. Jones said as she started to use the lotion between my legs on my penis and balls. She stroked me over and over again until I finally exploded into the paper towel. "You can stand up, now, and get dressed. I suggest you take a shower and get dressed in your lounge pants and T-shirt. Be sure and talk with me before you leave."

It felt good to shower, and in the mirror in the bathroom, I could see and feel nine parallel red welts on my poor bottom. I dressed again in a modified T-shirt and lounge pants with no underwear. I felt my underwear would be very uncomfortable on my recently spanked and caned bottom.

I said to Mrs. Jones before I left her house, "Thank you for the spanking and caning. I will be sure to treat the women in my life a lot better. But why did I need to buy those things at the store and why do you want me to always carry them with me?"

"I have some girlfriends who would also love to spank you. I have given them your cell phone, work, and home phone. I expect you to allow them to spank you at any time and any place. This way, you are always ready to receive a spanking. Otherwise, I expect to see you next Thursday at 7:00 PM, and don't be late!"

Now I didn't know what to expect.

Progressive Dinner P3

After the spanking and caning from my last visit to Mrs. Jones, the welts from the cane could still be seen for about three days. The welts served as a good reminder to me that I should treat women with more respect and I should concentrate more on my work. I hadn't realized on how my goofing off attitude and actions affected other people around me.

Besides my briefcase, I was now also carrying with me a gym bag that had in it the clothes I was to wear for a spanking, and some spanking implements. This way I could be spanked at any time and any place.

I was working late on a television commercial for a client when I finally decided to take a break and eat. It was a weeknight around 8:30 PM when I decided to eat at my favorite steakhouse where I had taken Mrs. Jones. It is located only a few blocks away from where I work, so I decided to walk there. I was able to be seated at a table very quickly, and to my surprise, I had the same waitress as I had with Mrs. Jones. She quickly got a drink for me, and took my dinner order. About ten minutes later, to my surprise, she came to my table and asked if she could join me. She was now dressed as a businesswoman; short black skirt, white blouse, and black jacket.

"You probably do not realize this, but I am a co-owner of this restaurant." She said. "I work now and then as a waitress so that I can get to know the customers and have a better feel on how the business is doing."

"Very interesting." I said. "Tell me more!"

"My name is Carol, and I also have a masters degree in business, and I also have a degree in nutrition. But we have something in common."

"What is that?" I replied.

"Well, I had trouble with my grades in high school, and Mrs. Jones helped me out. So I also have been spanked by her."

Now I really became interested in Carol's life. "Tell me more!" I said.

"With her help, I was able to graduate from high school with honors, and I also did very well in college. She has helped me to become what I am today. Now that I am a co-owner of a business, she has taught me the other side of discipline. Mrs. Jones has helped me take control of situations, and also give discipline to others when needed. I am now married with two boys, and I regularly spank my husband and my two boys. It has really helped my marriage and my boys are doing very well in school. I talked to Mrs. Jones after you had dinner with her, and she told me that she spanks you. Is that correct?"

I was a little embarrassed in the way that this conversion was going, but I said, "Yes, she spanks me."

Then another waitress delivered my dinner. As I ate my food, Carol continued, "All of my waitresses have complained on how badly you treat them when you are here for a business meeting. I have also experienced your poor treatment as your waitress. So I believe you have earned a spanking from me. Mrs. Jones also told me that she had you buy things for a spanking bag, and you were to carry it with you at all times. So could I look at it?"

"I don't have it with me. I have it at where I work, a few blocks away. I didn't think I would need it while I was eating." I replied.

"Well, that is your second mistake. After you get done eating and pay the bill, I want you to return with your spanking bag. I also want you to be dressed in your spanking attire, that is your cut off T-shirt and lounge pants with no underwear. Since this is an upscale restaurant, I want you to enter through the employee's entrance in the back by the alley. Go downstairs to the storeroom and wait for me. How long will it take you to walk to your place of work?"

"About three minutes, or six minutes, roundtrip." I replied.

"I will give you seven minutes to meet me downstairs. Six minutes for the roundtrip and one minute to change your clothes. Be sure to pay your bill and leave a big tip for the waitress." Then she asked the waitress for the bill and I put down enough cash for the dinner and a big tip, and quickly walked out of the restaurant.

I got to my office building in about two minutes, but the cleaning staff was using all of the elevators. After waiting a minute or two, I finally used the stairs. My suite is on the fifth floor, so it took me a while. I grabbed my spanking bag, but the restrooms on my floor were being cleaned. So I ran down the stairs real fast, and found a restroom on the first floor that was open. I put my suit and underwear into the bag, and put on the cut-off T-shirt and lounge pants. Although it was evening, I felt sort of embarrassed about walking through the business district in my spanking attire and no underwear. I hoped that people thought I was going to a gym for a workout, although there was no gym in the area. I finally found the back entrance to the restaurant, and ran down the stairs. When I entered the storeroom, Carol was waiting for me and looking at her watch.

"Now you are in even more trouble. Instead of seven minutes, it took you twelve." Carol said.

"I can explain! The …"

Carol cut my explanation off by saying, "Excuses won't help you now. Stand in front of me with your hands on top of your head, and bring me your bag." I felt I had no choice but to follow her orders. "Don't say a word unless I ask you a question. Now stand perfectly still." Then she untied drawstrings on my lounge pants, and they fell to my ankles. With the bottom of my T-shirt being waist high, I was now completely naked from the waist down, and standing before a woman who I had just met. "Please step out of your lounge pants, they will only get in the way."

I stepped out of the pants and she neatly folded them and placed them on a box. "I want to examine your butt before I spank you, so bend over these boxes." She led me over to some boxes that were stacked about waist high and pushed down on my back until I was bent over. Then I felt her hands and fingers on my very exposed ass cheeks.

"Clyde, you do have a very spankable butt. I think I will enjoy spanking you. Now lets see what's in your spanking bag." Then I heard her open the bag. "You must have been in a hurry to change your clothes because your suit and shirt are all crumpled up in here. I'm going to take them out of the bag and place them on the boxes so they don't get all full of wrinkles." Then, to my embarrassment, she pulled out my underwear, which were white briefs. She examined them very thoroughly, and said, "I think I will keep your briefs as a souvenir of your spanking. I can also show the other waitresses who work for me as proof that I spanked you. I also see that you have a ping-pong paddle, wooden spoons, a cutting board paddle, a ruler, and several hairbrushes. These should do nicely for your spanking. Are you ready to be spanked?"

"I guess so." I replied.

"Well, for your spanking, refer to me as Mrs. Smith and not Carol. Only talk when spoken to or to answer a question, and always stay in position. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do." I replied. But then I felt her spank me with the paddle.

"You should reply, 'Yes, Mrs. Smith.' Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Smith." I uttered.

"Since you need to be disciplined for three major reasons, your spanking will be in three parts. The first part for forgetting your spanking bag, the second part for being late, and the third part for treating my waitresses very poorly. I'm going to sit down, and I expect you to lie over my lap for an over the knee spanking with the hairbrush. Please lay over me with your erect penis between my legs. This part will last about five minutes and will be for forgetting your spanking bag."

When I turned around, she was seated on the chair with her skirt hiked up and her legs apart. I could see the tops of her nylons, her white garter belt, and her pink panties. She also must of put on some more perfume, because she smelled very clean and wonderful. As I lay over her lap, her thighs came together to hold my penis and me in place. Since Mrs. Jones always wanted my legs spread apart for my spankings, I spread my legs apart for Mrs. Smith. She must have noticed because she said, "You spread your legs without asking which is very good. I see that Mrs. Jones has trained you very well. Now get ready to be spanked with the hairbrush."

Then she started to spank me with the hairbrush. I had strange feelings as she spanked me. Although I felt the sting of the hairbrush on my naked, upturned bottom, I was also feeling pleasure with her warm body next to me. The feel of her soft skin and the texture of her nylons in my pubic area, and the smell of her perfume and her womanly scent. As she spanked me, I felt my whole bottom warm up and become very sensitive.

"Stand up and bend over the boxes for the second part of your spanking. This will be for being late and spending too much time getting your spanking bag. I will use the ruler and this will also last about five minutes. Now be a good boy and spread your legs far apart." Mrs. Smith said.

Then my spanking started. I felt very embarrassed with my legs spread so far apart, because it left my penis and balls dangling out in plain view and unprotected. Mrs. Smith also used the ruler to hit me on the insides of my upper thighs, and now and then she would touch my penis and balls with the ruler. This would make me squirm around and then she said, "Clyde, stop moving about or else I will add another five minutes to this part of your spanking." So I stood as still as I could while my bottom was feeling hotter and hotter, and while she played with my penis and balls.

"Your butt is turning a nice shade of red." Then I felt her hands on my bottom. "I can also feel that you are warming up quite nicely. Stay bent over while I get something for the next part of your spanking." She went over to the corner of the room and brought out a seven-foot stepladder and placed it next to me.

"Since the last part of your spanking will be more severe, I want you to stand up and stand by the ladder. Your legs should be spread apart and on the outside of the ladder's legs, and you hands should be up as high as possible, and gripping another rung." I assumed the position she wanted on the ladder, and this made my body completely exposed for the next part of the spanking. I couldn't move because of the other rungs of the ladder, and my erect penis was completely exposed between the rungs. "I have heard many complaints from waitresses how badly you have treated them. You have also treated me poorly when I was your waitress. Now you are going to pay for it. You will get the paddle for ten minutes."

Standing in this position made my already spanked bottom very sensitive. As Mrs. Smith spanked me, I raised my legs to help me release my pain. "Stand still, or should I secure you to the ladder?" Mrs. Smith asked me.

"Please don't secure me! I'll stand still." I said.

But after a few more spanks, I kicked my legs again and rubbed my bottom. "Get back in position while I find something to secure you to the ladder." She said. Reluctantly, I grabbed the high rung of the ladder and spread my legs apart. Then Mrs. Smith came over with a roll of duct tape. "This should keep you in place." She said. Then she wrapped the duct tape around my wrists and the rung so I couldn't move. She went over and grabbed my ruler and said, "Before I secure your legs, I want you to lift up one of your feet." After doing so, she hit the bottom of my foot with the ruler. It really stung. "This will teach you to stay in place. Now give me your other foot." Then she smacked my other foot with the ruler. Next I felt the duct tape in my ankles as she secured my legs to the ladder.

"That she keep you in place. Your ten minutes will start all over again starting now." She said. Now I had no choice but to stay in place. Then I heard a knock on the door and I heard the door open. It was one of the waitresses.

"Sorry to interrupt you, I just need some more napkins for tomorrow." The waitress said.

"That's okay. I am spanking Clyde, one of our clients who treats our staff very poorly. Come on over here." Mrs. Smith said. Now I felt very embarrassed. I was naked from the waist down and secured to the ladder and couldn't move. I recognized the waitress. She was about ten years younger than me and had been my waitress many times.

"Please don't let her see me like this!" I pleaded.

"You are not to speak unless spoken to, Clyde, so that will earn you an extra two minutes of spanking." Mrs. Smith said. "This is Jill, and she is one of my best waitress. She has also complained to me on how you treated her, so I think I will allow her to help in your spanking."

"I would be delighted to." Jill said. Then I felt her hands on my already well spanked bottom. "I see you have turned his ass a nice shade of red." Next, she went around in front of me. "He may have a sore ass, but he must be enjoying this because he has an erection."

"We'll take care of that at the end of his spanking." Mrs. Smith said. "In the meantime, here is a paddle for you, and both of us can spank him for twelve minutes. This is for how lousy he has treated the waitresses."

Then my spanking started again. It felt different being spanked by two women at the same time. If I wasn't secured to the ladder I know I would have not stayed in position since it really stung my poor bottom.

After twelve minutes Mrs. Smith said, "His twelve minutes are up. Go around front and see if he still has an erection."

"He still does." Jill said. My bottom was sore but it was still exciting to be spanked by two women at the same time.

"Stay in front and milk him while I continue to spank him." Mrs. Smith said. "Use some napkins so it doesn't get messy in here."

Then my spanking started again as Jill stroked my penis and balls. I couldn't help it, but soon I was squirting my cum into the napkins. I was feeling both the pain from the spanking and the pleasure from having just cum.

"Clyde, I will now release you from the ladder, and I want you to get dressed back in your lounge pants." Mrs. Smith said. "Remember to put your suit and all of your spanking stuff back into your bag. Also, be sure to bring your bag with you when you eat at this restaurant. I will inform the other waitresses that they can take you down here and spank you for the bad way you have treated them. Now thank Jill for spanking you."

"Jill, thank you for spanking me. I didn't realize that I had treated you so poorly." I said. Then I packed up my bags and went back to my office building.

Progressive Dinner Part 4 F/M

It was now Thursday at 7:00 PM, and I was waiting at Mrs. Jones' front door, for my weekly spanking appointment. I am dressed in the cut-off T-shirt and lounge pants. Mrs. Jones doesn't say a word and escorts me to her office. She sits down on a chair, undoes the ties on my lounge pants, and they fall to my ankles as she bends me over her lap. As she starts my spanking, she says, "I heard from Carol that she gave you a good and well deserved spanking. I can see by how red your bottom is, that she did a good job. That should teach you to always have your spanking bag with you. Are you doing anything important on Saturday?"

As my hand spanking continued, I answered, "No, I'm not busy this Saturday."

"Then I want you to go to the Southdale Shopping Center and shop around the Sear's store on the first level. You should be dressed in your business suit coat, with a red tie, and of course your spanking bag. Be there between nine and ten o'clock. Someone will watch for you and contact you via your cell phone."

"I'll be there." I replied as my spanking continued.

"Since you are going to receive a very good spanking on Saturday, and the results of Carol's spanking still can be seen on your naughty bare bottom, you can get up now." Mrs. Jones said.

"Thanks!" I said as I pulled up my lounge pants.

Quickly, Mrs. Jones pulled down my lounge pants and had me over her knee, again. This time she grabbed a nearby paddle and spanked me ten times with it. "You need to learn how to thank someone for spanking you. And leave your pants at your feet until I tell you that you can get dressed again." She gave me two more swats from the paddle; "You can stand up, now."

"Thank you for spanking me, Mrs. Jones." I said.

"That's better. You can now pull up your pants and be sure to be at Southdale by ten o'clock."

I quickly pulled up my pants and left her house. I made sure that I had my spanking bag with me at all times all week, just in case someone wanted to spank me before Saturday.

Southdale is a large, multi-level enclosed shopping center with many stores and lots of people. At nine o'clock, I was on the first level by Sears. I had my suit with my red tie on and was carrying my spanking bag. I visited a few stores around Sears and waited for my cell phone to ring. Around ten o'clock, my cell phone rang.

"Is this Clyde?" A female voice asked me.

"Yes it is." I replied.

"Well, my name is Dana, and I am watching you right now. I want you to go to the restroom, which is nearby, and change into your spanking clothes. After you have changed your clothes, sit on a bench close to Sears and I will introduce myself to you. Don't say a word and hurry up and change your clothes."

The restrooms were down a nearby hallway, and I quickly changed my clothes. Since I was now wearing the lounge pants with no underwear underneath them, I was glad to sit down on a bench and put my spanking bag on my lap.

After about five minutes of sitting there, I was wondering when I would meet this woman called Dana. I carefully watched every woman around me, wondering who would be Dana. Then a woman walked up to me and said, "I am Dana. Don't say a word and follow me." She was short with nice flowing black hair. She wore a white blouse and a short black mini-skirt. We walked through an 'employees only' door and up and down several corridors. Finally, we arrived at a door marked 'Security", and Dana unlocked the door and turned on the lights. There was a table in the middle of the room with many straps on it. There were also many cabinets and other wooden structures on the walls. There was also a sink and towels in one corner.

"This is a room which we no longer can use. We used to use it to do strip searches on possible shoplifters, and also as a punishment room after a shoplifter was caught and confessed. With the new laws and recent court rulings, we are now unable to use this room, but I think this room will work out great for what I have in store for you. Don't say a word, and go over to the table, bend over it, and stretch your arms far out on either side of you."

She quickly secured my arms to the table with many straps. Another wider strap held me down at my waist. "Keep your head turned to the left." There were mirrors to the left of the table, and I could see everything that Dana was doing to me. Next I felt her undo the ties on my lounge pants, they were pulled down and she helped me step out of them. "Spread your legs wide." Soon straps secured my legs wide apart, and I felt very vulnerable with my exposed penis and balls dangling between my legs. I was now secured so well to the table that I was unable to wiggle.

"This is the table that we used to use for strip searches and punishment. But before I spank you, I want to make sure that you are not hiding anything from me."

At first I didn't know what she meant until I saw here go over to the sink and put on some latex gloves. She also carried over to the table a tube of K-Y jelly. In the mirror I was able to watch her as she spread my ass cheeks apart and I could feel her spread the K-Y jelly into my asshole. Then I felt her finger go inside of me and search my most private area. "You seem pretty clear down there, but let me check you with two or three fingers." Next I felt first two, then three fingers inside of me. The pressure also made me have a very big hard-on. But I felt very vulnerable because I was unable to unable to move. She withdrew her fingers from inside of me and went over to the sink, again. She picked up a small jar and put some on her fingers. "This is a safe but hot jelly. This should help remind you that you are completely under my control as I spank you." My cheeks were spread again, and then I felt this very hot jelly around and inside my asshole. It made me very aware of vulnerable I was in this position, and made my whole groin area feel very warm.

Then she went over to the wall and grabbed a large wooden paddle with many holes in it. "This should give your ass a nice red color" And then my spanking began. As she spanked me, she told me that she had known my Mrs. Jones (or Mary) because Mary had worked with her in security at Southdale. Since Mary taught school, she would usually work on weekends and on some evenings. So my Mrs. Jones (or Mary) and Dana were long time friends.

After about twenty swats from the paddle, I heard a knock on the door. I felt really embarrassed for anyone else to see me completely naked and strapped to the table.

Dana answered the door and said, "Mary, it is good to see you. I am in the middle of spanking Clyde. Come on in and see." Then the two of them talked as they examined my red bottom and talked about spanking me. "Why don't you grab a paddle and then both of us can finish spanking Clyde."

"Good idea!" Mary said.

I saw here grab another paddle from the wall and then both women started to spank me. It was different to feel my paddling go so fast and to watch both women paddle me in the mirror. At the end of my spanking, Dana went over to the sink and pulled out a condom. She put it over my erect member, and then while Mary spanked me, Dana stroked my erect penis and fondled my balls until I finally exploded into the condom. Although my bottom was very sore from the spanking, I felt a very good internal glow inside of me.

Then the two women released me from the table and I was allowed to clean up by the sink and to put on my regular clothes.

Before I left the room, Mrs. Jones reminded me, "Remember, you could get a call any time, at any place, for another spanking. Also, I'll see you Thursday evening for your weekly spanking."

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