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Pressure Point  


Today began like any other day, except it was my birthday. I just turned 20 and was excited for my parents promised me to buy me my first car.

Around 3:30 pm, my parents called and told wished me a happy birthday, then they informed me that my cousin,Tyrone was going to bring my gift to me later on that day. My parents were out of town for the week and I had the house all to myself. After calming myself down, I began to clean up the house (which was not that dirty since I only stayed in the living room). Then I put in one of my favorite tapes called "Cum and Ride with Me." After sitting in the lounge chair, I took the remote into my hand and turned the t.v. on. There stood a black girl, with big tits sucking a big cock. I then felt myself getting hard, so I put my hand on my cock and started rubbing it on top of my clothes. Man, the rubbing started to get to me along with the moans that was being heard from the t.v. I then, closed my eyes fantasizing that that was me on t.v. and the girl on me goin up and down. A moan excaped my mouth as I fell deeper and deeper into my fantasy, until I felt a hand on my shoulder. Startled, I jumped up to see my cousin, Tyrone and his girlfriend staring at me. I started to blush from being embarrassed by what they saw (see I am a mixed boy who tends to be seen as white sometimes. But my 11" cock shows the black side in me), I start making excuses for why I was doing what I was doing. My cousin then laughs at me and tells me no problem and sits down. I begin to look at his girlfriend for a reaction, but all I see is her smiling face looking down at my cock. I then sit down again and put a pillow on it. She sits down beside me and ask me if she can give me the birthday present that she gotten for me. Stuttering, I reply with a yes. She stands up in front of me, looks at Tyrone, then back at me and takes off her shirt. O' my she was not wearing a bra. And her tits were perfect to the point. Then she takes off her skirt, and I notice that she wasn't wearing any panties either. I start to feel myself grow even more as I look over to my cousin to see what he was going to say about this. But he seem to be more interested on what was happening on t.v. than on us. I then looked down and noticed him stroking himself, then my gaze turned back to his girlfriend, whose hands were already stroking me through my clothes. I let out a low moan of anticipation as she takes my hand and puts it on her wet lips. Aw, man her bald lips felt soo good that I just wanted to taste them. She, then put her opened up my pants and pulled my cock out and before I could say anything, she had it in her mouth while her hands were playing with my balls. Aw, naw, it felt too good. All I could hear was her sucking on me and the girl moaning on the television. Then she started to deepthroat, taking all of me in. I begin to look down on her and see her head going up and down on me. I started to lay back in the chair as I felt my head swelling in her mouth. Thats when I sprayed all my cum in her mouth. Loads after loads, till some started dripping out of her mouth. Once done, she stood up and crawled on the chair. She took her legs and spreaded them on the arms of the chair so that her lips were right to mine, and demanded that I suck. I begin to lick the outer parts of her lips, tasting the juices that were already gushing out. Then I took my fingers and parted her lips letting my tongue play with her clit, and taking two fingers into her. She grabbed the back of my head and pushed it into her as I let my tongue go back and forth on her clit real lightly. With my free hand, I started rubbing my palms back and forth against her nipples feeling both of them tense up. She started moaning as I picked up speed with my tongue and fingers. Slipping my two fingers in and out of her while licking started to make her shake, then out of nowhere, she let go and all her juices then poured into my mouth. I sucked and sucked till there was none left. She got off of me, turned around, got into a doggystyle position and told me to pump. Acting real fast on what she said I did what I was told. Once down there, I noticed my cousin came towards us and stood right in front of us. I began to tense up thinking that he was mad with what just happened, but instead of hitting me, he reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. He pulled her face to him as she began to suck on him like a lollipop. His hands found her tits as he begin carressing them. I ran my hands up her pussy feeling her juices again and put my cock into her. Aw, she was sooo wet and felt sooo good, as my fingers rubbed against her clit. I turned to the t.v. to see what was on. There were two girls and a guy on there. One girl was eating the other pussy while the other girl had the guys cock in her mouth. Feeling too excited by what I saw, I started grinding against her hard, feeling her insides rub against my cock; feeling her tip hit my tip. I then turned and saw that she was sucking my cousin and playing with his balls. He begin to moan really load and push his way in and out of her mouth really fast. This made me get even faster as I let my fingers twirk her clit. She couldn't take it any longer as her insides began to swell against my cock, then she let her juices flow down me, but I was not done. I grabbed her butt and begin to jam myself in and out of her with the first time taking it all the way out. With my eyes closed all I could hear was the moans off the t.v., the smacks of her butt hitting my body and the moans she would produce every now and then. It felt too good. Then I heard my cousin give way and heard his cum squirt inside of her mouth while she sucked him dry. Then I felt myself swell soo much that I couldn't take anymore, so I pulled out of her and into her one last time, pushing her so hard into me then taking it out just as quickly as my cum started to pour out on her butt. She then turned to me and said Happy Birthday, and with that my cousin gave me the keys to my new ride (which was a BMW). This was a birthday that I knew I would never forget.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:03 pm