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Pleasures Found  


Nancy, a young woman of 17 and John a man of 25 ran off to wed before their child was born or before her ex-lover could force poor Nancy to give up the child conceived out of wedlock. They managed to escape from London and make their way to a distant country side area where they were able to stay in an innkeeper’s barn since he had no room in his inn. Nancy bore a son in the barn in the hay and amongst the animals the man kept.

John loved Nancy from the first time he ever met her and after only knowing her for a day, they became lovers. Nancy, though young, was not as innocent as she appeared for she was actually a lady of pleasure from a well known gentlemen’s club in the city. She was well educated in the art of sexual pleasures. She had come to town hoping to find work or become some man’s mistress in order to make money. Unknown to her at first she was pregnant with her previous lover’s child but didn’t wish to go back to him so she pretend that the child was John’s.

John, being a slow and slightly dimwitted man believed Nancy and proposed to her. She didn’t accept the proposal until she heard that several men from the gentlemen’s club were looking for her. It seemed that her former lover learned that she was carrying his child and wanted the child to raise with his wife since the misses was barren and longed for a child of her own.

Outsmarting the ex-lover, they found shelter in a barn where the child was born. The child was a burden in the eyes of his mother for she never wanted a child but her choice of protection had failed her. She was forced to bear the child though she wanted to rid of it but could not bear doing such a thing that could endanger her lifestyle.

With the child born, the two could continue with what they enjoyed the most, something that made it worth being married to the imbecile. Sexual pleasures were rather enjoyable with a man who lacked brains but made up for it with a long and thick penis that could fulfill her needs, wants and fantasies.

The lovers lay in the hay and the sweat of their bodies shone in the moonlight. They were not alone for the animals of the barn fed on the same hay that they engaged in sexual acts. A cow's gaze fell upon John as he got up and made his way over to her. From behind he mounted her and forced his swollen and ridged member into her.

Nancy, naked on the hay, got up and approached the cow. She, on hands and knees went under the cow and licked and sucked on the animal’s udders. With one hand, Nancy touched her clit and rubbed it until she was moaning in pleasure.

John pushed the cow out of the way and came back to his whore. Spreading her legs, he entered her and ran a hand over her buttocks while with the other he squeezed her breasts, causing milk to extract from the nipples. He thrust his hips and moaned in pleasure while Nancy wrapped her legs around his waist, forcing him to enter her more fully.

With John’s thrusts becoming longer and faster Nancy soon reached the height of her sexual peak and John shortly followed afterwards. Both were flowing with their juices and as they mixed their cries and moanes mixed together as well.

The two cried out in pleasure and while still clinging on to one another they rolled over allowing the woman to be on top. She bounced up and down upon the erect penis and continued to touch herself. The lovers ignored a noise across the barn. Their loving making had enfolded them and nothing else mattered at the moment.

When satisfied, Nancy got off of John and got to her hands and knees. John smiled and then thrust his erect member into her ass as he ran his tongue along Nancy's back once he was in place. With each thrust their cries of enjoyment and pleasure rang out in the night. Thrusts and moans became more intense as their sense of pleasure rose. One hand slipped between the whore's legs to fondle the tender nub that gave her pleasure while the other sought her nipples. Squeezes and pulls confused Nancy's senses and gave her the feeling of her soaring through the sky.

The intensity of their lovemaking came to a closure after they reached their orgasms and then they fell onto the hay and lay side by side. Embraced in one another's arms the man ran a hand over the woman's stomach and said, "I am glad that that bastard was finally born. He has wrecked havoc on our sex life all those months. At last we can engage in the way we are more comfortable."

Nancy's gaze fell to the corner of the barn where a basket filled with hay rested. "Yes, it is good but now I have tender breast for who knows how long."

“Then I shall have to relieve you of this pain," he said. John got to his knees and straddled Nancy's waist. He bent his head and began to suck on her nipples, relieving her of her milk. She moaned in pleasure but was interrupted by the squalling sounds of a child.

John's head shot up but Nancy shook her head and with her hand, pulled his head back to her breasts. “Leave him be. We have more important things to do."

The lovers soon made love within the hay once more and created another child. The thrusts of his hips force his seed into her womb still tender from having been free of a child for only several days. Her body craved to have him within her and could not survive without him no matter how short a time they were apart.

Remaining in the barn, they tended to the animals as their way of repaying the innkeeper. The innkeeper had no idea though of what Nancy and John meant by tending to the animals. John groped and fondled the animals while Nancy lay under the male animals and forced them to fuck her with their huge penises. They also had orgies with the keeper's sons as well, though none ever told the keeper what all the moaning and animal noises were really caused by.

With time, the two learned that the ex-lover had been killed in a duel with another man and that put an end to them running away. They left the barn and all their fond memories to continue on to find a home of there own with a barn where they could reenact their adventures as they pleased.

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