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I blew out the candle. It was pitch dark as I tied the pure white, soft silk scarf around your head, covering your eyes. I led you to the bed and you lay down on your stomach. We did not speak. I turned up the Neil Diamond CD. You could not hear anything but the music and see nothing due to the blindfold. You felt warm and tingly after the bath.

I came and knelt over your back, a knee on each side of you, taking care not to touch you. I licked the back of your neck, your shoulders and down your spine. I kissed and licked your whole back, the back of your arms and your sexy bum. You started moving your shoulders, enjoying the feeling. Rocking and twisting your body as I kissed you, it turned me on more than ever. As I kissed your side under your arm, you rolled over, grabbing my hair, directing my mouth towards your sensitive nipple. I was lying next to you, nibbling, sucking and biting your breasts when you felt two soft hands on your thighs, pressing your legs further apart. Shocked and slightly confused in the pitch dark, you complied, soon to feel a soft tounge kissing the inside of your thighs. You felt down to feel a shorthaired head, with a material blindfold on, nestled between your legs, his tongue moving up and pleasuring your wet gash.

Pierre, the resort manager had caught your eye at lunch the previous day. He was tall, slim, short blonde hair, cleanly shaven and well tanned. The attraction between the two of you was obvious. You smiled as you talked to him and the bulge in his pants (which you noticed for a change) made it clear what you did to him. His blue eyes seemed to look right into you. He and I had made the arrangement: 2200 at our cabin, no speaking at all, he had to be blindfolded, and if you showed any disapproval, he had to leave immediately. If there was to be any penetration, it was to be with a condom…. I had set up your ultimate fantasy.

As you realised what was going on, you turned your head towards me and asked in a whisper if it was ok… I answered with a long kiss, feeling your breast with the palm of my hand, punching my tongue deep into your mouth as you lifted your cunt to meet Pierre’s tonguing. You loved it when I ate you, but to have a smooth shaven 20 year old, eager to please you, between your legs, together with me kissing you and feeling your tits and sucking them, was the best. You started to growl and groan. Twisting to the two men who you had made so randy. This of course made us even more randy for you. Pierre was only too happy to join in with my pleasuring you...he had told me that you were the most sexiest woman he had ever seen, and that he had masturbated over you while he spied on you sunbathing topless the previous day.
You shifted further onto the bed as you felt Pierre shifting around. Feeling downwards, your hand met his as he struggled to put a lubricated condom on his massive cock. You felt his fuck pole, softly feeling up the whole length and he gasped at your expert touch. You too sighed, at the feel of it. It was bigger than you had ever had before, thicker and veinier, a good twelve inches.

I could sense you in the dark feeling his huge, swollen cock, and I could feel your hungry breath on my neck. I pressed your shoulders back, laying you back on the bed and as I swiped my pre come covered head across your sensuous lips, Pierre penetrated you. You were wet and hot as he pressed his swollen cock head into your opening. The lubricated condom helped. His thick cock slid comfortably into your hungry hole as you took me into your mouth. As he pressed further into you, and built up a rhythm, I could feel it on my swallowed cock.

Never in your life had you felt so fanfuckingtastic. To Pierre, you fanny felt tight and wet He was fucking you with the whole length of his slippery pole and with your mouth full of mine, all you could do was croak and grunt. Never before had you felt so fucking horny and your swollen cunny was enjoying every inch. You started trusting and pushing to meet his rhythm of long slow pull out and thrust in.

You were reaching fever pitch when, as if it was orchestrated, I pulled my dick from your mouth and Pierre withdrew, turning you over onto your knees. Your pretty arse was presented to him and I positioned myself on the bed, sitting with my legs wide open, my cock head 3 inches from your mouth. You knew he was going to mount you doggie style, and to keep yourself from screaming, you filled your mouth with my love stick. You started to moan from the pain of his tool and being the gentleman I am, I reached for the KY Jelly, and smeared your entrance with half a tube of it. The jelly soon covered the length of his condom covered cock as it softly penetrated your love hole. As he fucked you from behind he rocked you, and hence your mouth on my cock moved in chorus. His balls slapping against your arse on every stroke started exciting you and I reached down and rubbed your clit as you took more of me into your delicious mouth.

Your moaning and groaning really started turning Pierre on. Never before had a woman made him feel so alive, so hot and so enlarged. He grabbed your hips, pulling you closer to his plunging machine as I continued rubbing your clit to the rhythm of his fucking. Your mouth on my cock met the same beat, taking in as he thrust in and sliding out as he too pulled out You were ecstatic with the kinky goings on
The attention from two totally erect guys made you realise that you really were so sexy as I had always told you. You gave in with total abandon, your head dizzy with excitement. Tightening your inner muscles to give the blindfolded Pierre even more of a greater sensation, he started pumping your sopping warm hole like crazy. You felt the arising orgasm starting deep inside of you. It felt like you had champagne in your veins as you started to come…Pierre and I both sensed it as you started screaming…”oooooh aaaahhh,” your body started shivering and you spat out my cock…I moved to the side, watching as you bucked and jolted as he fucked you to a screaming orgasm.

His legs were straining as he pushed into you harder. You had never come in this position before but the sheer kinkyness of the situation became too much. You came..gasping, shuddering, ”Fuck me harder “ you shouted at him. I took my meat and thrashed it….the kinky sight before my eyes just too much. Pierre came at the same time, filling the condom with jizz. You collapsed onto the bed as he withdrew from your tired hole after emptying his tight balls. . You and I cuddled together, breathing hard, but without talking and fell into a beautiful deep, tired sleep.

The warm sun woke us, shining through the sheer white curtains blowing in the morning breeze. We lay naked together, drinking coffee and talking for hours.

Later as we were getting ready to go for lunch, I packed away the 12” real life latex vibrator and the single white silk scarf I had hidden under my pillow the night before.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:41 pm