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Paula, Meredith, Nick and Mom  


The Uncut, Uncensored, Original Story of Paula's Next Day at Meredith's
I lay naked in bed on my stomach with hands rubbing my back and moving across my naked little butt. I love the feeling of someone touching my ass. Nick’s hands moved in all the right ways. He moved down my thighs while Meredith massaged my back and shoulders. I sighed as their hands caressed my skin, moving slowly across every inch of my naked young flesh. Nick’s hands carefully inched up between my thighs. My feet were crossed as I usually do when I’m lying in bed. His hands moving up toward my sweet private little sugar box made me uncross them and open a little. I wanted him to touch me, to put his fingers inside me. Meredith’s sensuous lips tickled my shoulders with tiny kisses. Her hot breath made my secret kitten purr with its own hot juices. Nick’s fingers playfully teased my sensitive moist little clitty.
Fuck! I was damn close to leaving a puddle on the mattress!
His fingers felt so good caressing the raw flesh of my teenage pussy but he was playing with me, teasing! I wanted him to finger me! I couldn’t stand all this teasing. I wiggled my bootie, lifting my little heinie into the air so he could get better access to my dripping wet kitty.
Meredith’s long hair lightly brushed across my back. It made my skin come alive everywhere it touched. I felt soft naked flesh against my flesh, the unmistakable feeling of breasts and Meredith had enough for both of us. Her hard nipples clung to my skin, bouncing slightly as she moved them across my back. I felt them rolling and jumping on my skin.
“God, please. Oh please put something inside me.” I begged.
They didn’t answer. I felt them pull away and I found myself alone in a strange bedroom with blankets pulled away from me and the warm summer sun peering through the large windows. Voices drifted up from downstairs, female voices. I sat up in bed and tried to clear my head. Apparently I had fallen back asleep after Meredith had promised to return and ravish me again.
Maybe it had been real? I couldn’t tell. My brain was a little scrambled from falling back asleep.
“Paula” Meredith called.
I didn’t answer right away. I was afraid of who the other voices were. For a moment I thought it could be my mother! My mother! Ha! That was crazy! My mother wouldn’t be casually chatting with Meredith if she thought I was over here! Plus none of the voices I heard sounded like her bitchy smoky voice.
“Paula!” Meredith called again.
“Yeah?” I answered.
“Come down here, would you? I have some friends that I think you'd like to meet.” She said.
I sat in bed afraid to answer. Oddly the sheets had been removed from the bed and nothing in the room was my own. My clothes were still downstairs by the washer. It was just little me, naked and curled into a tight ball on Meredith and Nick’s bed.
“Paula! What are you doing?” Meredith called again.
I couldn’t go down naked when she had company! Maybe Meredith thought that she had left my clothes in the room? Maybe Meredith and the other women were also naked? She was a nudist or so I thought. God, how do I get myself into these situations?
I jumped up and ran to her dresser, opening drawers quickly. Where was a t-shirt or anything close? No way would Meredith get mad at me for putting on one of their shirts. First drawer, underwear and bras, this was Meredith’s stuff! I opened and shut the other drawers but couldn’t find anything that would cover me quickly! Panicked, I found it hard to see through the tears streaming down my face.
“Paula, come on honey, what are you banging around up there?”
“I’ll be there in a minute!”
I ran to the closet but it was all dresses and shoes and things that I couldn’t wear without fear of Meredith getting made, not to mention it wouldn't fit. My bladder suddenly threatened to explode! I was shaking horribly and crying, hardly able to think or see! I would do anything for Meredith but did she really want me to come walking downstairs completely naked? I didn’t have a choice, she sounded a little snippy the last time she called. Maybe she thought I was trying to go through their stuff? Oh damn it all! I would just have to walk down in my birthday suit.
“Paula!” Meredith said.
“Oh dear lord!” One of the women at the table said.
“Paula, what are you doing naked?” Meredith asked.
“Where are your clothes? When I said you could sleep over I didn’t say you could walk around my house naked!” Meredith said.
I pressed my knees together and covered my chest with my hands. I could see the laundry area where my clothes were folded and on the shelf but I would have to walk past the women to get there. Running back upstairs and hiding flashed through my mind but then what? I hadn’t seen anything in the bedroom. No sheets, no towels, nothing! It was almost like someone wanted me to have nothing to cover myself with!
“Why do you have a little girl sleeping over at your house Meredith?” A dark haired woman asked.
“Paula lives near by and while her mother is out I said she could sleep over. She lives in the little house just up the hill. When is your mother coming back anyway?”
“I…I think…can I just get over…” I motioned with my eyes past them to the laundry area.
“What? The laundry area? Why would you need to go in there?” Meredith asked, “Just stand there and talk to us for a minute. Don’t be rude!”
“Stand here? But my clothes…”
Meredith rolled her eyes and said, “Paula, I can’t believe you are being so silly. I’ll find your clothes in a minute! You are the one walking around a strangers house naked!”
The dark haired woman looked slightly uncomfortable but her reddish-blonde haired friend seemed curious about me. She kept glancing over at me as Meredith continued to talk. The reddish-blonde haired woman lifted a finger to her nose and snorted something. Meredith glanced over at me and I saw for the first time that all three of the women seemed far too eager and their eyes just a touch wild. I didn’t know what they were doing much less why they were acting like this.
“I found that candles are…” The dark haired woman said, responding to Meredith.
“Oh you use candles for everything. It’s always about candles with you.” Meredith snapped.
The dark haired women frowned. She was obviously hurt by Meredith’s remark and not at all comfortable with my standing there naked.
“Meredith?” The beautiful strawberry blonde asked.
“Yes Abby.” Meredith replied.
“How old is this girl?”
“Close to Eighteen, aren’t you Paula?” Meredith asked.
“I’m…” I tried to answer but Abby cut me off, “She looks more like twelve or thirteen to me.”
“No, I…” I tried again but Meredith said, “Paula, come here.” And she motioned with her hand for me to walk to her side. My bladder still ached to be released and I felt my insides flipping over as I walked toward her. If I hadn’t been so completely and utterly infatuated with Meredith I would have simply stormed over, grabbed my clothes and went home. Instead I walked over like a good little girl and stood bare-assed by Meredith. Meredith wrapped her arm around me and pulled me close. The strawberry blonde, Abby, enjoyed this. I could tell by the sly little grin and the way her eyes were literally raping me but more so by the way her high beams flicked on and threatened to rip open her top.
“Look closely.” Meredith said.
The dark haired woman faught to try to figure out where to look while Abby brushed a curled lock of hair behind her ear and leaned forward resting her chin on her hand. Abby’s eyes opened wide and then narrowed in concentration as she looked over my entire body. I had never felt so naked in all my life. Goose bumps stood out on my skin and my knees trembled. Abby was beautiful, not nearly as beautiful as Meredith but she had delicate freckles on her pale skin and a cute little nose above her cherry lips. Her tongue licked over those red lips and I shivered.
Meredith’s fingers brushed over my shaven crotch, lightly smoothing the area just above my puckered little pink labia. She did this several times and I couldn’t help but get aroused. While this was going on in the front, her other hand fell to my ass where she cupped her hand over one little cheek.
“See, razor stubble.” Meredith said.
“Ahhh” the dark haired woman said, obviously clueless to Meredith’s point.
“Ah what? God Jessica, you are so stoned you don’t even know what Meredith is talking about do you?”
“Hey!” Jessica said.
Meredith laughed a little too loudly and Abby joined in. Jessica looked uncomfortable before smiling crookedly while she continued to look between the two women and back at my naked little crotch. I think she was trying to see the razor stubble. There was none.
“Paula is a shaved little warrior princess. I call her my little goddess Diana.” Meredith said.
“Oh! Paula, you really should come out and be Diana for us! Are you a virgin?” Abby asked.
“Of course she is a virgin!” Meredith said.
“She’s a virgin but she shaves her...well she shaves her privates?” Jessica asked.
“Well she is a virgin in all ways when it comes to men, aren’t you Paula?” Meredith asked. I didn’t need to lie because she picked right back up with, “but I’ve introduced her to the pleasures of being with another woman.”
“Oh you dirty girl!” Abby said.
“Seriously?” Jessica asked.
“Paula, come lay over my knee. I want to let the girls see how delicate your little vagina is. Honestly, I think that Paula is the sweetest little thing I’ve ever tasted, so adorable. Remember when we were talking about anal sex the other day Abby? I was just thinking that Paula should have something up her ass before she ever has it in her vagina, don’t you?”
“Well, it would keep her intact if we are going to use her as Diana. Paula have you ever had anything up your ass?”
“Oh Abby! God, the poor girl hasn’t had anything up her ass yet, she’s too young. Lord knows you know that Nick would want to be…”
“Nick! God, you don’t want to send the girl to the hospital do you?”
“I really don’t think we should…” Jessica tried to interrupt but Abby and Meredith were obviously on a high and unstoppable in their conversation. They talked while Meredith’s hand kneaded my ass cheek and slipped into my crack from time to time to press against my little buttonhole. I felt so horribly afraid that I was doing something wrong. Jessica seemed worried. Abby and Meredith chatted like old friends and I stood naked and ready to pee on myself at any moment.
“Paula, lay over my knee.” Meredith said sternly.
“I…but…Meredith please.” I looked back and forth between the women. My face burned with shame. I didn’t want to be treated like this. I wanted Meredith to love me, hold me in her arms or even let me sit on her lap and have her wrap her arms around me. I wanted to feel her soft breasts again, to kiss her sweet lips and have her tell me how adorable and sweet I am. Instead she looked pissed so I bent over her knee and exposed my ass to her friends.
Meredith caressed my ass with her hands and gave it a swift slap! I heard Abby giggle and saw from under the table she had stood for a closer look. Meredith shoved my legs apart by banging my thighs with her fist. I felt a little dribble escape. I bit my lip. Meredith grasp a bootie roll in each hand and spread ‘em!
“See, isn’t it cute?” She asked.
“My, my, I see what you mean and so delicate. Look how her labia are so soft and thin. I really didn’t believe she was a virgin but she is cute, very cute. She would make a lovely little goddess to worship next solstice. You are right Meredith, a little slut like this is just perfect for our ritual.”
“Ritual?” I asked looking behind me. Meredith pressed me back down.
“Oh don’t worry, it’s no big deal. You will be showered with attention, you’ll love it.”
“Look!” Abby exclaimed, “She is getting excited I think. Look at that spot of little white cream about to drip! My god, she is turned on by this! What a little slut! I think she likes being over your knee Meredith.”
“Of course she does, I never said she was a good girl.” Meredith said.
“No, she isn’t.” Abby said.
“Are we? Are you guys going to…” Jessica asked.
“Yes, I think we are.” Meredith said.
With this Meredith rubbed a finger along my slit. I closed my eyes and I clinched my cheeks tight. Sure I was turned on but this wasn’t what I wanted. It was weird and I still had to pee. But Meredith was paying attention to me. Meredith was focused on just one thing. I could feel her warmth even lying naked across her lap. I was turning Meredith on and, despite my shame, this got me hot. She pressed a finger inside me and I leapt off her lap!
“I…listen…it’s not that…” I tried to explain, but there was nothing I could say. I was trembling from head to foot. I would do anything for Meredith but if she started this then I wouldn’t be able to stop and I couldn’t take it. I wanted Meredith to love me and it seemed weird that the other women were there.
“Get back DOWN!” Meredith yelled. Jessica jumped and her eyes darted from me to the floor and then to Abby. Abby even looked slightly uncomfortable.
“Paula, get back in my lap before I spank you!” She said.
“Meredith!” I cried.
“NOW!” Meredith yelled.
I dropped back across her lap and clinched my legs tight. Meredith spanked my ass hard! Not just once but several times, like a mother would spank a child! I tried to hold it but my bladder released all over!
“What the!?” Meredith scream.
“I’m sorry…I…”
Abby literally fell out of her chair laughing while Jessica’s eyes threatened to pop out of her head! Meredith’s jeans were soaked! I put my fingers in my mouth and backed up slowly before running for the front door!
“Paula!” Meredith called.
I ignored her and threw myself against the door all the while afraid that she would catch me and pull me back. I struggled with the door desperately trying to get it open before she could catch me. I was so ashamed! I hadn’t meant to do it! I hadn’t meant to do anything. I finally got the door open and Meredith’s hands never came. I stumbled out onto the front porch. I ran down the long drive. As I was about to cross the street for the safety of the woods that lead to my house, Nick turned into the drive. I turned sideways barely avoiding his car. I must have been some sight. I could just imagine what he thought when he saw me running in front of him in the buff and crying.
“Paula!” He called out to me.
“NO!” I yelled. The only thing I wanted was the safety of my room and my stuffed animals and my bed. I would curl up and cover myself in my sheets and never come out again. I ran to the edge of the woods but Nick caught me. His big arms surrounded me and pulled me into him. I screamed and flailed about trying to break free!
“No! God damn it! Get the FUCK off me!” I yelled.
“Paula! Paula, it’s me, it’s Nick!”
“No! No! Let me go!” I yelled. Exhausted, I gave up and let him pull me into his arms. I didn’t fight. He led me to his car but I couldn’t see anything. Tears blurred everything.
“Tell me what happened.”
“No! I can’t go back! Please don’t make me go back inside.” I screamed.
“I won’t, I promise. Seriously I won’t. But we can’t have you running down the street naked. What would the neighbors think?” He said smiling.
I laughed despite my present state of mind. Nick opened the door and I got inside. He walked around to the driver’s side and stepped in. As much as I felt naked and vulnerable in front of Meredith and her friends, I felt twice as naked now. Nick’s eyes, despite his sweet voice and gentle manners, lingered on my little nubby breasts and body. I didn’t try to cover myself. I just shoved my hands between my legs and pressed my knees together tightly.
“Can you take me home?” I asked.
“Of course but you have to tell me what happened.”
“I…please just take me home.” I said.
“Ok. But can I come over later and check on you?” He asked.
“Yes.” I said.
“Your mother still isn’t home?” He asked sounding a little worried.
“I don’t think so.” I said.
“Ok, let’s get you home and then I’ll be back to check on you. You shouldn’t be home by yourself like this. I’m sure whatever is going on is just a misunderstanding. We’ll work through it, I promise.”
Nick’s smooth voice reassured me that anything was possible. I trusted him to make things better. Maybe if he came over later I would tell him everything and he would understand. He would get Meredith to forgive me and understand that I was just scared. I already felt a little silly for reacting like I had but I wasn’t able to muster the courage to face Meredith and her friends after having done what I did.
Nick’s eyes continued to move from my small, almost nonexistent breasts to my crotch and then back up again.
“See, you already seem better.” Nick said and put a hand on my thigh.
I smiled and felt heat center around where his hand rested on bare skin. We lingered there with his hand on my thigh and me bare and completely vulnerable. I pressed my arms together tighter and pulled my shoulder up so that I could peer at him from behind it. He took a deep breath as if resolving himself to some task he felt he must do and backed out of the drive.
Home seemed so far away.

I did exactly as I said and ran to my room. I didn’t dress, I didn’t want to. I just pulled my big stuffed Blackie, the polar bear, under the covers with me and hugged him tight. Hugging Blackie the polar bear tight to my chest, I tried to figure out my life. I didn’t care that I was being childish and silly. I’m was a teenage girl! I had a right to be childish and silly from time to time. I think almost being raped by three hippies gives you the right to be a little childish. Of course peeing on the hottest woman I’ve ever known made me feel a bit stupid. I laughed inside the safety of my sheet covered world.
I never heard the door open or close but Nick’s voice sounded at my bedroom door and I jumped.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” Nick said moving to my bed and sitting down at my feet.
“It’s ok. Did you talk to Meredith?” I asked holding the blanket and Blackie over my bare flesh.
“Yeah and she feels horrible.”
This made me start to cry.
“No, don’t cry. Why are you crying?” Nick asked.
“Because you guys hate me! I’m so stupid!” I said.
“No, don’t be silly. No one hates you. In fact I think it’s just the opposite. Meredith, Abby, and Jessica were just happy that I drove up when I did. They were worried that you were going to get hurt or into trouble. They were trying to find your clothes and come after you when I found you.”
I gave him a suspicious glare. He wasn't carrying my clothes.
“No, honestly! Meredith just wants to know you are ok and that you aren’t mad at her. Are you mad at us? We…well we care about you.”
“Of course I’m not…how could I ever…”
Nick kissed me. No ordinary kiss, a full force kiss with passion that made my lips hot and my face burn. He ripped the covers away from me and we both tore at his clothes trying to get them off. I yanked his zipper down stripping it completely. We both lifted his shirt off and Nick threw it across the room. He pressed himself over me and I spread my legs eagerly, ready for him to take me. His huge cock pushed against the closed mouth of my swollen and eagerly hot little pink kitten. I opened my little legs wider to accept his thick hard dick inside me. Fuck I wanted that thing in me, no matter how horrible it hurt! Nick was just as eager to fill me with his virile rod.
“God, oh fuck, Paula, I just want to be in you, I just want your little tight pussy wrapped around me.” Nick said.
“Oh Nick, please, yes fuck me, fuck me. I’m yours.” I moaned.
Nick didn’t need more encouragement. Our lips collided. His huge erection pushed past the folded skin of my moistened labia to force his way into my warm and willing walls. He was hot and HUGE! I felt every bit of his thick hard cock as it penetrated the tight little wetness of my kitty.
“Oh god! Oh it hurts!” I said.
“Oh Paula, you are so tight. God I love you.” Nick said.
“Oh Nick, I love you too.” I said.
The love of the moment, passion of sex and of course I was too young to know any better. Nick had only started his violation of my cunt. His full length had yet to break open the close quarters of my heated passion box. He thrust full down inside and I screamed in pain!
“Oh….my….GOD!” I managed to exclaim holding the bed and breathing in sharp quick shots.
“Paula, I don’t think I can last. You’re…oh god…you’re so little and so…”
“Yes my love, cum. I want you to.” I said.
Nick thrust forward again. I gasped and nearly removed sections of the bed as I tried to bite back the pain. He pulled out and I felt a release of pressure only to have him thrust forward once more and explode a full load of his jizz into my tight little cunt. I came with him. My hips thrust up to meet his every jolt of orgasm, his sperm filling every corner of my creamy little hole. Every gushing penetration left me feeling loved and needed. Every hot blast inside me made me feel more whole. I wrapped my legs around his tight dancer’s body and he collapsed on top of me.
“I…I don’t think I’ve ever cum that quickly.” He gasped.
“I think I’ll be feeling it for weeks.” I said.
We both laughed and he kissed me again.
“Do you still love me?” I asked.
“Of course Paula but you know I’m married.” Nick said.
“Duh! Nick, I did just have sex with your wife!” I said.
He smiled and sat up. I tried to hold him but he gently pushed me back down.
“Well now that you’re feeling better I should get back to Meredith, she’ll be relieved to know you aren’t angry. I think that the girls want you to come to some sort of thing they are having some time soon.”
“So…am I going to see you guys again soon?”
“Of course, of course.” Nick said as he pulled on his clothes, “Mind if I use your toilet?” He asked.
“Sure.” I said a little confused. I wanted to believe that Nick loved me but now he was rushing out and I could still feel the pressure of his cock inside me. He had stretched me and made me sore in only a few strokes. Even as I heard his pee hitting the water I felt his cum slowly leaking out of me. I tried to hold it in but only managed to squeeze more of it onto my sheets.
Then I heard it! The sound of my mother’s car pulling into the drive!
“Nick! Nick! You’ve got to go!” I screamed.
“What? What’s wrong now?” He asked a little annoyed.
“My MOM!” I said.
“Oh, ok. Well calm down you have the look of a girl who’s just had sex. Remember, parents only know what you let them know. Just relax and let me do the talking. Oh, and you may want to throw some clothes on unless she is used to you being naked around guys.”
“Ok.” I said panicked.
The whole thing felt dirty but sneaky. I liked the idea of my older boyfriend coming to the door while my mother walked in. The whole thing made me want to throw it in my mother’s face.
“Paula, you here?!” My mother yelled.
Nick and I walked into the living room and my Mom stopped dead. The look on her face was priceless. She even dropped her keys. Then her look changed. Surprise quickly moved to anger and anger quickly changed to rage.
“What the FUCK is going on here!” She said.
I instantly became 7 years old again.
“Hi Mrs. Creech…”
“Don’t you ‘Hi Mrs. Creech’ to me Mister! If you think you can just roll out of here after what I KNOW you two were doing…”
“I’m your neighbor Mrs. Creech, I just came over...”
“What the FUCK has that got to do with anything?!” She yelled, “Get the fuck out of my house before I call the cops you Son-of-a-BITCH!”
“MOM!” I yelled.
“Don’t you dare ‘Mom’ me!” My mother yelled.
“Ok, well I had…” Nick tried to calm her. He obviously didn’t know my mom.
“Oh just get your sorry ass out of my house you fuckin’ pervert! Don’t try to act like you ain’t done nuttin’. I know my daughter! Do you want to know what this little slut has done! Has she told you about all the guys she’s fucked? I hope you didn’t just dip your wick in my little tramp of a daughter because the fucking thing will rot off!”
My mouth dropped open. I looked from Nick to my mother and back to Nick. I had to say something but I couldn’t find words.
“Oh my fucking god! Is that what I think it is?” My mother was looking at my little shorts. I looked down and saw a wet spot.
“Mrs. Creech, really…”
“Oh you should really be getting out that door Mister! I’m about to call the fucking cops and have your sorry ass thrown in jail.”
“MOM! Nick loves me and I’m plenty old…”
“HA!” She jerked her fists to her well rounded hips and then repeated, “HA!”
“No one can love a skinny little shit like you! He just wants a piece of that boney ‘ol pootang! What is up with you and old men? You want to fuck Daddy?! Is that it?”
“Mom, please…” I said crying. I knew she was really angry if she was making fun of me being skinny. She hated skinny women.
“Oh poor baby, you going to cry now? Cry cause I’m telling the truth? Opening your legs for my boyfriends not enough, now you have to go fuck the neighbors too?”
“Mom I was just...”
“Oh bullshit, you knew exactly what you were doing! I don’t care what you say, you knew! You knew.”
My knees went out from under me and I couldn’t bring myself to look at Nick. I knew he had to believe her. How could he believe anything else? The door shut. Nick was gone. I tried to stand but my mother slammed me hard across the face. I tried to get up and away from her but she repeated blow after blow with her open hands.
“MOM!” I screamed holding my hands up as a shield.
“YOU…” Slap! “Dirty…” Slap! “..little fucking…” Slap! “WHORE!”
“MOM! Please!” I cried.
“God damn it Paula! I can’t even leave for ONE fucking weekend? I mean GOD DAMN IT! I work all week and just want a little time to myself and you use my house as your personal whore house?!”
“It’s not…”
“BULLSHIT! I know you are a little fucking… I know you and men, you and your ‘Daddies’! I’m sure you probably fucking invited him over! Can’t you fucking keep your GOD DAMN legs closed for just ONE fucking weekend!?” My mother screamed.
“Mom, I…”
“Fuck you! FUCK YOU! Just get out of my sight! Just GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!” She screamed.
“Mom! Please”
“This is MY house, not your house. Those are my clothes! I paid for those clothes! You want to be a whore then here…” She ripped at my clothes and we fought. I lost my shirt but was able to keep my shorts on before getting out the door and away from her. She slammed the door but it didn't catch and opened again. Furious she yelled out, “Hell! I thought you were a fucking lesbian anyway... with all that 'fucking your little best friend' and all! Here everyone! Get a good look at my dyke daughter!”
She slammed the door shut, catching this time.
I went around back and got on the old rusted swing behind the storage shed. It creaked as I swung back and forth. The neighbor kids were in their back yard and kept finding ways to peek at me through the trees. I just let them look. After this I didn’t care if some kids got their jollies seeing me topless. Nothing there to see anyway. I would sneak back in my bedroom window after dark anyway. Tomorrow she wouldn’t care if I was back in the house. She would ignore me for a few days and then just walk around muttering things under her breath. I knew she had a boyfriend in Jacksonville anyway. She wouldn’t be home much longer and tomorrow was a school day. I would be able to see Tina and no one would know about my weekend with Meredith and Nick but me. My little secret.

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