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Only for Mom  


"So Mr. Jones, if you come to our school I'll promise you the best experience ever," yet another recruiter said as left my house.
"I swear, if another recruiter promises me the best experience ever I'll punch him, sometimes I wish I wasn't so damn good in football," I mumbled to myself as I waved bye to him.
It was hard deciding which college to go to, harder when your the most recruited player in the nation. I had heard from every school in the nation, and still couldn't decide which one to go to. I had one last visit left to a big school in the Florida, one of the best in the nation. I always hated leaving for these visits because my mom always gave me her usual talk.
"Henry, I really think you should go to school here, it's much closer to home and you wouldn't have to move out," my mom said as I walked out the door.
"Mom, what is there here, it sucks, anyway, what could possibly keep me here that other schools don't have," I said as I picked up my stuff.
"I don't know, but I would appreciate it if you did stay," she said.
"Bye mom," I said trying to finally end the conversation.
I left my house and went to the airport and took of to my last college visit. When I got there I was greeted by a man in a suit. He looked like a likeable guy.
"Hello Mr. Jones, we are pleased you've come, please follow me," the guy said as he led me to a limo out in front.
We both got in the limo and sat down. He started talking about the school and how good the education was. He went on talking about the football program and how they needed a receiver ever since they lost there's to the NFL draft.

When we got to the school he showed me around and I met the with coach and the staff. They seemed like nice guys but I still had my doubts. We finally finished the tour and then went back to the limo, but this time there was a pretty fine young lady in there to.
"If you come here Mr. Jones we will give you anything you want, I wanted to give you a little sample of what was to come, so I bought one of many girls who would love to have you here," he said as he pushed me into the limo, threw a condom in, and closed the door.
"Hi, how's it going, I'm Henry," I said.
"Hey baby, you sure are cute, I would love it if you came here to school, I could teach you a lot of things," she said as she leaned over me and started to unbutton my shirt.
"I think I would enjoy it too," I said as I leaned over and started to kiss her.
She was a spectacular girl. She unbuttoned my shirt as we kissed and then took it off. She then started to touch my chest and abs, leaning over and slowly kissing my chest, going down each time, getting ever so close to my dick. As she did this I took off her shirt, she didn't have anything underneath, so her nice tits just popped out as I took her shirt off. They were firm, nice, and perky, perfect in other words. She then did me a favor and also slid her skirt off, she revealed a nicely trimmed pussy. She was completely naked and then she got on my lap, crossed her legs around me, and started to kiss me, her tits were tightly pressed against my bare chest as I passionately kissed her.
As we kissed I rubbed her bare bottom, which was nice and big, firm too. She then got of my lap and unstrapped my belt and unzipped my pants. She slipped off my pants and underwear to show my hard dick. She then leaned over me and started to suck on my dick. She sucked my dick as I leaned back from the excitement. She stopped and then got back on my lap and, positioning her pussy right on my dick, so as she sat on my lap, my dick was in her pussy. She then started to lightly hop up and down while she was on my lap, so that the limo just went up and down. She increased her speed as she went on, her tits just bounced up and down as she fucked me. She moaned and screamed as I fucked her. As she was about to cum, she started humping faster, which made me want to cum to, she finally came as I came. She screamed as she felt my dick pulsating in her pussy.

"Well if that doesn't make you wanna come her, then I don't know what will," she said as she kissed me, put her clothes on, and left the limo.
The man took me to the airport and then I left back to my house. That was definitely the school I was going to attend. I got to my house and just said hi to my mom and then went to tell my friends what had happened. I got back home late and went to sleep.
When I had to write my letter of intent my mind was already set on the last university I visited, but before I went to my school to announce that my mom stopped me and said she wanted to talk to me.
"Henry, I think you should stay here, not go to that school, it's clear across the country, and anyway, you would have to move out," she said.
"Mom, that school had everything I want, good program, great teachers, great sex, I mean a great set of six coaches," I said, knowing I had screwed up.
"Oh, so that's why you want to go there for sex," she said as she looked me in the eye.
"No, of course not, it's only part of the cause," I said, not really caring what my mom had to say.
"So the only reason you would stay would be is if you could get better sex here than there," my mom said.
"Yeah so what, I can do anything I want," I said as she was getting on my nerves now.
"Wait up, what if I told you you could get better sex here, would you stay," she said slowly as I was about to leave.
"I know how these colleges work, I could give you better sex," she said.
"Are you serious," I said.
"Yeah, now come into my room," she said as she went into my room.

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I had always found my mom fairly attractive, but never expected this. She was good looking and only in her late thirties. She had a good body as she was also a good athlete and still participated in sports. In reality the thought to this being my mom never popped into my mind, just the word sex.
I went into her room and found her in a little red teddy, which showed her curves clearly and left almost nothing to the imagination. She then told me to get close to her, so I sat next to her. She then went towards my back and started to massage my back. She started to take my shirt off and started to rub my back and kiss my neck. She then got of the bed and then went kneeled down and started to take of my pants. She then got grabbed my dick and started to suck on it. She would lick it all and then put it all in her mouth and suck on it, while she played with my balls.
"Oh yeah mom, suck on it good, I don't think you want me to, uhh, leave, do you," I said as she started to suck even harder on my dick.
She then stopped sucking on my dick and looked me and the face and said," Son I want you to stay here, if you stay, I'll be your sex slave, I want you to tell my what to do."
This immediately made up my mind and suddenly gave me a ton of ideas on how to handle this situation. This woman was completely willing to do anything that I wanted her to.
"Well mom, I really would like to tie you up to the bed and fuck your brains out," I said.
"Well go ahead son," she said as she went to the closet and handed me a rope.
I got her arms and tied them around the bedposts, then I got her ankles and tied them too. She laid there naked on the bed, her legs spread apart and she couldn't stop me from doing anything.

She gave me a big grin as I approached her. I then went over and ripped the little teddy she had. I left her right there, naked. Her tits were big and her pussy was shaved. I then slipped up to her pussy and started to lick it. I licked all around it, and sometimes would occasionally flicker my tongue in her pussy.

"Oh Henry, give your mom a good licking," she said as I ate her up.

I then stopped and then slipped up to her tits and started to fondle them. I slowly started to suck on her left tit and then finger her pussy with my free hand. I then moved to her right tit and started to suck on it. I then got up and stood in front of my mom.

"Son why did you stop," my mom asked.

"You'll see," I said as I started to take the rest of my clothes off.

I then got on her, on her stomach, and took both of her tits, put my dick in between them and started rub my dick with her tits. I continued to do this for a while then I again stopped.

I then got up, untied my mom, turned her around, and tied her back up.

"What are you doing son, I really don't like dicks up my ass son, so why don't you untie me and I could satisfy another way," she said as I started to rub her big ass.

"Sorry mom, I want to fuck your ass, and I am," I said as I started to stick my finger in her ass.

"Stop it now Henry, I don't want this, stop it or I'll scream," she said in a very serious tone.

"I don't give a fuck, your gonna like it bitch," I said as she started to scream.

i then stuck my finger in her asshole and started to move it around as my mom screamed in pain. If this hurt her, I bet my dick would make her hurt even more, I thought to myself. I then moved on top of her and started to rub my dick around her asshole, not going in. She continued to scream as I did this, she even started to cry.

I then finally took one of my hands, spread her asshole a little bit wider for my dick and started to push it in. She continued to scream in tremendous pain as my dick continued to go inside her asshole. I pushed in harder every time she would scream. I was finally all inside of her tight and sweaty asshole. She started to calm down and suddenly just laid there, with tears streaming down.

I kind of stayed in her asshole for a while, and then she suddenly, quietly said," Fuck me hard you son of a bitch, I didn't go through all of that for nothing."

This kind of shocked me but gave also relieved me. I started to pump my dick in and out of her asshole. She suddenly as joined me and started to bounce on the bed in order to help me cum. I pumped her hard and fast, she suddenly started to moan as she started to enjoy the ass fuck.

I suddenly felt her ass muscles grip my dick as my mom started to orgasm. As I tried to go in and out I felt my dick getting ready to cum in her asshole. I suddenly felt my dick cum, shooting out all my cum which was plenty.

I had to wait till my dick wasn't hard anymore till I could take my dick out of her asshole. I untied my mom and let her go and clean up.

"Mom, I'm definitely going to college here, especially with a great woman like you," I said as I slapped her sore ass.

"Well, I knew you would, I'm always to good to resist, and thanks for the ass fuck, it was great."

I enrolled in the local college and get rewarded for it every day.

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Enjoy some hot momĀ

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