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She was quite beautiful, at my age of 11yrs i think she was around sweet sixteen. I don't remember much how she started touching me and at what age of mine but these all stopped suddenly after her marriage when i was 13yrs old. I use to go to her place, it was a large family and my mother is quite worried to not to allow girls and boys to sleep together or even in a single room as i think she understand the desires.But then too i don't know how i and my bro who is a year younger to me and they four, NITI being the eldest slept together. She used to open my shorts and put my legs between her thighs and use to sandwich them with her legs, i really felt gr8 about it at that time. At the same time she used to open her BRA and guided my hands to he boobs which i used to pump and also used to suck it with my mouth but unfortunately nothing came out of it. Then i use to take my hands to her HAIRY pussy that much i remember that there were some hairs at her pussy and guided my fingers inside it. She never resisted it and i think taking my leg between hers she used to masturbate. It was really a nice experience for me at that time too. I being a child of just 8-12 yrs does not know anything about sex and what she is doing with me but then also i remember that i enjoyed it!

But now i am mature enough to understand much about sex but after her marriage i am not Abel to have her and feeling thirsty about sex.As after her marriage she shows no interest in me and i m thirsty for sex. I m one who masturbates 2-3 times a day on avg. and this is no joke and a fact to me. I enjoy doing that, I am ready to fuck anybody and today also when i see NITI i feel quite aroused but then too she is not as beautifully as earlier and i m dying to have something with her or anybody else.

Posted : 04/03/2011 7:11 am