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My Two friends


I go to college and have 2 good friends called Preeti and Urvi. We did a lot many things together but never sex. This incident happened when all of us were 18 years of age. We were at Preeti's place for a project. But talks lead to sex. Both of them asked me whether I would like to do it with them.

In response I couldn't help staring at Preeti's tits which had grown stiff under her T-shirt. Soon, I was kissing her. I put my hand under her T-shirt and started playing with her boobs. By this time Urvi had gotten naked and had also unzipped my pants. She brought out my already stiff cock and put it in her mouth. She earnestly started sucking it. Soon we all got out of our clothes. Preeti laid me on my back and joined Urvi.

Both were playing with my cock One was sucking on my cock while the other took my balls in her mouth. The feeling was great. I couldn't believe it. I was fucking two of my best friends. I was enjoying it. Then I told Urvi to sit on my face. We got into a 69 with she on top of me. I started licking her pussy. My tongue went deep into her pussy. I inserted a finger into her asshole and butt-fucked her with my finger. My tongue and finger got her excited and she started moaning with pleasure. By this time, Preeti took over the cock-sucking. Soon Urvi's juices started flowing and I too hurriedly lapped them up. But, now I wanted to insert my cock into the holes that they were offering me. Preeti got out a dildo which Urvi strapped onto herself.

Urvi laid on her back and Preeti inserted the dildo in her cunt. She started moving up and down on it. I got down and played with both of their boobs. I sucked on one's while pressing the other's. Then I got behind Preeti and positioned my cock at her asshole. I caught her by her shoulders and thrust my 10" cock inside her asshole. Preeti screamed out in pleasure. Preeti got excited with Urvi cunt-fucking and me butt-fucking her at the same time.

At the same time I was pressing Preeti's boobs. Preeti was soon cumming, but we continued fucking her and made her cum three more times. I hadn't cum as yet. I took my cock out and we changed positions. Now Preeti strapped the dildo to herself. I laid on my back with Urvi on top of me and my cock in her cunt. It was Preeti's turn to butt-fuck her. Urvi laid on top of me and I started kissing her.

Preeti was working on her from behind. I was playing with Urvi's boobs. Urvi started cumming in a few minutes. My cock had gotten well lubricated with her juices and was comfortably moving in and out of her tight cunt. I made her cum twice more. Now both of them wanted to make me cum. I got up and inserted
my cock in Urvi's tight asshole. I started butt-fucking her with great vigour. Since we were fucking in a doglike fashion, Preeti got under Urvi in a 69 and both the girls started licking each other's wet pussies.

I was clutching to Urvi's boobs. I soon felt myself ready to cum. I sprayed a load of hot cum in Urvi's ass. With two spurts inside her I took out my cock and tried to held back till both of them were ready for more of my cum. I spurted my cum five more times which both of them swallowed. While they were doing this I fingered both of them till they came once more. We went on for 3 more hours till my cock and their assess and pussies became sore. Now we get together whenever we get a chance.

We have never stopped having a good time from then on. We experiment a lot with different positions and have a great time.

Posted : 07/03/2011 10:36 am