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My Slave - Part 2  


We had been texting most of the afternoon. You had become rather horny throughout the day, so I decided tonight I would give you another lesson in being my slave! An almost evil grin grows across my face. I text you saying that I want you to eat my pussy, suck my tits and I want to hold and suck your dick and suck your nipples. I tell you that tonight; I will give you some more training on how to be a good slave. Lets face it you need it! My afternoon is spent thinking of what I will do with you.

I have dinner cooking as you come in from work and as I finish off, I tell you to get down on your hands and knees and eat my pussy as I cook. You go straight down and start to bury your face between my legs. You know there is nothing I like better than a good pussy munching. As I stir the sauce your tongue is licking in and out of my pussy. It works in and out of me, and flicking over my clit. It doesn’t take too long at all before the familiar feeling wafts over me. I bend myself slightly backwards as I hold your head harder into me forcing you to drink every drop as I cum all over your face before I allow you to come up for air. You take your cue and work on my clit harder. I climax and cum. I feel the pulsing over and over again and can feel you down their working double time to lap up all my juices. I finish; you slowly lap to clean me. I tell you that you better not come back up till your sure that I am clean! I walk to the sitting room, leaving you to bring in our dinner.

We sit and watch a bit of television while we eat our meal. When we finish, I tell you to take out the plates and go to the bedroom to ready yourself for me.

You come back to the sitting room with only your jumper on. I could hear the jangle of your collar, but when you come in I see don’t have it on, just that jumper you were wearing earlier. I just look away ignoring you and carry on watching TV. You keep hinting that you want me to put on your collar. I ignore you still. I am waiting to see if you have remembered anything from your first lesson.

You haven’t because you finally ask me to put on your collar. I tell you your memory isn’t too good and to take your collar back to the bedroom where you found it and think back to your first lesson. You go, but bring back your collar in your hands. I shake my head and tell you to be careful; you’re getting me cross.

I tell you to go back to the bedroom, and put on your ‘uniform’. You are to put on your own collar but bring me your leash. You finally come back in, but still have on that jumper. I tell you that’s it! You look puzzled, but it’s not my place to explain myself. I have you remove the jumper. You are now just wearing your collar and a smile. That is how I expect to see you from now on I tell you. “Do you think you can remember?” You just grin.

I grab you by your dick forcing you in my direction and across my lap. I will start soft, so I only swipe your ass twice with my hand, hard. You bring your head up to protest and I slap it back. You get another two for that mistake.

I push you off my lap now and clip on your leash. I order you sit down next to me. While I finish my cuppa and watch the news, I have you insert your fingers in my pussy and make me wet. You part my lips and insert the first finger, then two, then three, and finally you have four fingers inside me. Your thumb is gently playing on my clit. I finish my cuppa and just sit there to enjoy the moment with my slave.

I tell you to finish and sit up. I have my feet across your lap and with them I gently play with your dick. Every time you close your eyes, I stop. I tell you that you are there for my enjoyment, not the other way round and keep your eyes open.

I decide to do some work on the PC. I clip back on your leash and tell you to get on the floor between my legs and start licking. You know how I like to feel your tongue in my pussy while I work. You drop down to the floor and get under the computer desk and start to work on me with your fingers. I reach and slap you on your thigh and remind you to listen to what your told. “You were told to use your tongue.”

You bury your tongue deep inside me and start darting it across my clit, and in and out of my love hole. I leave you there to work on my pussy as I type. For half and hour, you lick my pussy lips, diving your tongue inside me and sucking on me.

I tell you to take a break. You sit up but I warn you to keep your fingers working. You reach over to the table and ask if you may have a chocolate finger. I tell you that you are allowed and one. You dip it into my pussy and out again a few times, before putting it in your mouth. Then you continue with your task of finger fucking me. I decide to take a break myself now from typing. I sit back and have you suck my pussy again this time to make me cum.

I tell you that I want a nice hot bubble bath. You’re ordered to go turn on the taps and pour in some foam. Once ready, you come to me, and let me know. I clip on your leash and lead you to the bathroom behind me like a dog. I chain you to the taps, get undressed and put my hair up. I stand close to you, with my pussy almost within reach of your mouth, but I never stand quite close enough for that tongue of yours to reach.

I step into the hot water and lie amongst the bubbles. I can see you are itching to get in with me, but this is my bath. I tell you, that I want washing. I need washing inside as well as out.

You kneel up to the bath and take the soap and sponge. You lather it up and begin to work on my back. You wash my gently all over before I lean back so you can wash my front. You clean every inch of my skin, including in-between my legs, my pussy and even insert a few fingers just to make sure you get every part of me clean.

I announce that I have had enough and stand. I wait a few seconds to see if my pet slave will use that pea sized brain of his and fetch me the towel. You look to me wanting instruction. I hold my stare. Sheepishly you realise what I am waiting for and grab the towel quickly saying how sorry you are. As I step out of the bath you dry me all over and I remind you I like to be oiled once out of the tub. You reach for the oil and have to strain as your leash still bound to the taps of the bath wont let you. REACH I order as you try again. I lean over towards your back and a swift spank on the butt and you soon reach and take hold of the oil.

Once you have oiled me all over paying attention that it is all rubbed in (I don’t want to loose my grip on you later) I ask for my robe. You place it round my back, as a Queen would expect. I give you a command “DOWN”. You drop to your knees, I smile, and you have pleased me that I didn’t need to repeat or punish you. I take you leash from the taps and command “HEEL” as I walk you to the sitting room.

I ask for a cold drink, which you quickly get up to fetch for me. “DOWN” I command and you drop to your knees before crawling out of the room. I hear you pat into the kitchen and then stand to make my drink. I wonder how you will work out to bring the drink in to me on your knees!

As you leave the kitchen and return to where I wait, you get on your knees at the door and shuffle in towards me caring not to spill a drop. At my feet you wait with the drink in your hands for me to take it. I wait a while; I like to test your patience.

I take the drink and pat the seat beside me. You stand up and try to sit next to me. DOWN I command. You may crawl onto the seat next to me animal and lay your head in my lap. I wait a moment before I pat the cushion again and you do as I ask. While I sit back, I drink and stroke your hair soothing you. You nuzzle your head into me and we just sit a while in silence enjoying.

Once I hear your breathing slow and I know you are now relaxed, I command “DOWN” as I sit forward. You immediately crawl to the floor and sit waiting for your next instruction. I stand in front of you, with my hands on my hips. “I am going to give you a choice now, decide what you want now, but don’t waste my time. The choice is, you can either be my slave, no not. It’s very simple. Now which is it?” Without a moments hesitation you reply that you want to worship me, all who I am and all that I am. You say you want to be my slave more than anything else in the world and what ever I ask you will do. I warn you once you agree fully; there is no turning back. I ask you again. Again you repeat that you want to be my slave.

I tell you to clear the coffee table and place it in the centre of the room. Still standing with my hands on my hips I tell you to climb onto the table and wait on your hands and knees. With your head down you do as I say.

“Now animal, I am going to give you some rules with which you will abide, or face the punishments. Do you understand?” You answer that you do and I start. “My rules are as follow, but I may change, or add as I see fit. You will receive notice before hand though. They are:

1.You will always refer to me as Mistress from now on when you’re allowed to speak.
2.Any order that I give, you will obey. I don’t care if you like it or not, that’s not your choice any more.
3.When you return from work each day, you will undress at the front door, place on your own collar as I sign of giving yourself to me and bring me your leash.
4.You will only move in my presence on your knees unless told otherwise and if you have no order, you will sit on your knees at my feet, eyes down.
5.You will not look me in the eye till I see fit.
6.Remember at all times, I own you!
7.You are not allowed on my furniture unless permission is granted.
8.You will not enter MY bed unless I permit it. I may refuse, but you may ask.
9.Assume nothing. If I want it, I will ask for it.
10.By 9pm you will have a daily slaves journal written and presented to me.

That should do you for now. Lets see if you remember what I have told you. Think about what I have just said. I leave the room and leave you on the table on all fours.

After a short while I return with a book and pen. I order you while sat on the table in front of me, you are to write on the first page my 10 rules, and then go on to writing in your first entry into your slaves’ journal. You fidget while you try to lean and write in the small space you’re allowed to work in. I just sit and watch. Once finished, you close the book and put it with the pen down. I reach for the book and tell you may get down from the table. When the table was put back as it was sit down and pat the cushion next to me.

You hop up and I read your first entry. While I read, I stroke your face and hair; it was only moments before your deep breathing told me you were falling asleep. I let you doze as I read continuing to stroke you.

I see that although you think I was too strict, you liked the feeling that you have lost all to me. I like what I read. You write that you will do all to please me, no matter what I say, ask, order or do. I close the book and yawn. As I stretch, you wake. “Down” I command you. You drop to the floor and sit with your eyes down. I tell you to turn of the lights in the sitting room while I wait at the door for you. You do as I ask and get to your knees where I wait. I clip on your leash and lead you to my bedroom. I lead you to the foot of the bed and have you “SIT” while I undress and slip under the covers. I wait a while to see if you will dare ask me if you may join me in bed.

I didn’t have to wait long before you did. I tell you no. There is a box with blankets laid out for you beside my bed. “That is where animals belong,” I tell you. Your head drops and you crawl to your new bed. You can’t get comfortable and I listen to you moving so you may get to sleep. I wait till you have gone quiet and listen to your breath slow and deepen as you drift to sleep. It is then that I call for you. Your head pops up immediately and you crawl to me. I pat the bed and pull back the sheets. You climb in beside me and nestle to me so our bodies seem like one. I cradle you in my arms and stroke you face softly, sending you into a beautiful deep sleep. I smile and watch you sleep till my eyes close.

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:08 pm