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My First Taste Of A Woman  


I grew up on my parents farm/ranch/zoo, working as a cowboy/stableboy. One summer day, my dad left me in charge of the stables while he went into town with my mom for supplies. No sooner did his truck disappear, a woman came up behind me and asked, "would you please round up my horse and get her ready to ride?" I turned around and was eye to eye with Gloria, an older woman in her twenties and a sophmore in college. She was also the local rodeo queen and champion barrel rider. I had often admired her from a distance because my dad always took care of her when she came to ride. I never got this close to her and I was quite startled at just how beautiful she was. She always rode in her rodeo outfit, with her skin tight jeans and that huge belt buckle. She wore her western style long sleeved shirt with snaps and fringe and topped it off with a straw western hat that wasn't able to contain her explosive blonde hair that seemed to try to escape from every angle. I wasn't able to speak, and just gave her a nod and spun around heading for my Mustang Stallion, Smokey, tied up in the corral. I grabbed his reins and preparred to do a rodeo style flying mount like the old west pony express boys used to do to save time. Smokey and I had practiced this mount more than a hundred times and had it down pretty good, but we had never done it in public. I stood near his front left shoulder facing his rump. I grabbed the saddlehorn with my left hand and gave his flanks a slap with the reins in my right hand. At the same time, I started to swing my right leg up and over his back. As he lunged forward, I slid right into the saddle and Smokey lit off at a dead run out into the pasture....very impressive! We found her young filly, Gypsy, cut her from the herd and chased her into the corral. I tied up Smokey and saddled up Gypsy, then offered Gloria a leg up onto her horse. As I finished adjusting her boots into the stirups, she spun Gypsy around and headed out the gate to the trail. Before she got to the gate, she turned her head and said, "I'm taking her for a LONG HARD ride, would you like to join us?" She didn't wait for an answer, she already knew what it would be. She gave Gypsy a swift kick in the flanks and took off at a dead run for the upper trail. I turned and ran over to Smokey, gathered up his reins and started a conventional mount using the stirup. Smokey wasn't paying any attention, he was looking at that fine ass on Gypsy as she rode away. He acted like it was another flying mount and took off at a dead run, dragging me along side, holding onto the saddlehorn for dear life, knowing full well that if I let go, I could be trampled to death beneath his flying hooves...or worse, have to face the embarrassment of having Gloria fetch my horse for me. Somehow, I was able to pull myself up onto his back and swing my leg over. I had just managed to gather up his reins as he was pulling along side. I settled him in just to her rear where I could watch her great looking ass in those tight fittin jeans, pound into the saddle seat with each stride Gypsy took. I was far enough forward to be able to see her unbridled tits bouncing under her truely was going to be a LONG HARD ride. We rode for the better part of an hour until the horses showed signs of tiring. I suggested that we cool them down in some shade before giving them water and heading back to the stables. I led her to a secluded watering hole that I often used. It was a canal, lined with Austrailian pine trees. I tied the horses up under a tree and unsaddled them to help them cool off quicker. I took a saddle blanket and spread in under a nearby tree nearer the water's edge and invited Gloria to sit and talk for a while. She talked and I listened, knodding my head and chewing on long stalks of grass....very cool! She talked about life at college and told me that I should consider college when I graduated in a few years etc., etc., etc. Suddenly, there was a comotion behind me and Gloria yelled, "get him away from her, I don't want her getting P R E G N A N T yet!" Yes, she said the "P" word. She might just as well said the fuck word, it would have had the same impact on my young mind. I turned to see my Stallion, Smokey, with a hardon the size of my little league baseball bat and he was intent on using it on Gypsy. I ran to him amd grabbed his reins, jerking him away from her. I led him to a tree some twenty yards away and secured him. I stayed with him, stroking his neck and jowls and talking softly to him to settle him down. Soon he went back to his other favorite past time, grazing. I turned and headed back to the blanket with my eyes glued to the tips of my boots. I was too embarrassed to look Gloria in the eye. When I got to the blanket, she wasn't there, only a pair of boots and a pile of clothing. I heard her voice call out, "come on in, the water's fine." I looked up to see her swimming neck deep in the dark cool water. I yelled back, "I can't, I didn't bring my bathing suit." She answered, "neither did I", and stood up in the knee deep water giving me my first look at her naked body. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when I saw, for the first time, her pussy lips....I need to pause and give you a little history on me. I grew up with three sisters, two older and one, a mistake, much younger. The only time I had ever seen them naked was when I would "accidently" burst into the bathroom when I heard the shower being turned off and the shower curtain being pulled back. They had to reach clear across the room for a towel. They would scream and cover their tits with the towel and let their dark brown patch of pubic hair cover their pussy. When I saw Gloria, her pussy lips were fully visable. I vaguely remember a few thoughts running thru my empty head..."did she lie about her age and hadn't reached puberty yet?" one glance at her very ample tits told me that was wrong. "Did she shave her pussy?" I didn't know that pussies came in different colors and that blonde pussy hair was transparent when wet. My mind shut and I jumped out of my clothes and stood there for a moment, embarrassed at the sight of my small cock sticking straight out in front of me. I thought it was small, after all, I only had Smokey for comparison. I ran to the water's edge and dove in to hide the source of my embarrassment....BIG MISTAKE! The water was only a couple of feet deep and I dug a trench in the bottom that you could have planted corn in. I imediately jumped to my feet and grabbed the damaged digit with both hands and squeezed tight. I had my eyes closed tight so I couldn't observe the damage. Suddenly, I felt Gloria's hands remove mine and I opened my eyes to see her giving my cock a close inspection. She looked up at me and smiled and said that there was no visable damage. She turned and started out toward the deep water, pulling me along by my cock. When she got to where the water was just under her tits, she turned to me and said, "this is a one time thing we are about to do, I just want to show one man how to please a woman before he learns it from his peers." She took her hands and placed them under her tits and offered them to me. I held them, marveling at how good they felt. She instructed me how much to squeeze and fondle them, then told me to take one of her nipples in my mouth and told me how to lick, nibble and suck on it to make it hard. She told me to do the other one and then she layed her head back and closed her eyes while making moaning sounds deep in her throat. She then told me to support her ass cheeks in my hands and she leaned back and floated. She took her legs and placed them on either side of my neck and used her heels in my back to bring me closer to her pussy. As she pulled me in, her knees spread apart and her pussy started to yawn. My eyes were just inches from her pussy. She reached down between her legs and spread her pussy lips apart and gave me the grand tour. When she was done she told me to take her clit into my mouth and do exactly what I had done to her nipples. As I licked, sucked and nibbled on her swollen clit, I felt her thighs start to vibrate on my ears. her head went back and under water and she came up gasping and choking. She reached down and grabbed my cock and led me to the canal bank. She laid on her back and sloooowly rasied her legs, then just as sloooowly, spread them apart. I needed no more instructions! I positioned myself between her legs and placed my cock at her entrance and pushed....nothing! I tried again....nothing...again and again and again...same results. She sensed my frustration and took over. She had me lay on my back and she straddled me, placing her pussy on the top of my hard cock. She used just a little of her weight to push down and then used her keigel muscles to squeeeeeeze the head of my cock and held it for ten seconds and relaxed. I watched in amazement as my cockhead disappeared inside. She squeeeeeezed again and held it, then relaxed and I saw another inch of my cock disappear. She repeated this several more times until she had the entire cock inside her, then she did it two more times and I could feel her pussy getting bigger. Next she started to slide very slowly up and down my cock, then she would speed up a little until she was bouncing clear off my cock and slamming her pussy back down again. I soon got that 'ol familiar feeling and announced to her that I was going to cum. She rose up and took my cock in her hand and stroked it a few more times until I exploded. When I opened my eyes, there was globs of cum everywhere, dripping off her tits, on my chest, chin, forehead and the bushes above my head. She looked directly in my eyes and took her fingers and finger painted her tits with cum. She then took her fingers and put them, one at a time into her mouth and gave them each a tiny blowjob. I must have passed out for a short time. I woke up with something pulling on my cock. I opened my eyes to see the back of Gloria's head where my crotch used to be. She rasied her head and I saw my cock sliding out of her mouth, then suddenly, it disappeared again. This happened several more times with increasing rythym until I got that 'ol familiar feeling and let her and the rest of the world know I was about to cum AGAIN! She must not have heard me because her head went even further down my cock and just stayed there. I had no choice...I exploded. I felt her mouth sucking my cum from my balls. Soon, too soon, she let it plop from her mouth to my tummy. She looked up at me and smiled. I could see traces of cum at the corners of her smile. She then started to work her way up my body, licking and kissing, stopping along the way at my naval and nipples, giving me some of my own medicine. She lunged upward and planted a cum soaked kiss on my mouth and gave me a dental exam with her tongue. I didn't care for the taste of my cum, but I didn't/couldn't complain. While she was getting dressed, I watered the horses, then she held them while I dressed and we started the s l o w ride back to the barn. When we got there, she gave me another kiss and said, "you mustn't tell anyone about this or I will get into very serious trouble." I promised, besides, who is gonna believe me anyway? I can never thank that cowgirl enough for what she did, I sailed right thru puberty and didn't have sex again until I was in college, unless you count the Clinton sex in the back seat of my car at the drivein movies or on a beach blanket. Well that's my story and I'm sticky to it!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:01 pm