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My first experience with role playing  


I would like to tell you the story of my first encounter with role playing
One evening when I was about 17 I was over at my boyfriends house. He was
always very kinky in bed , liked for me to wear a lot of make up and dress
up for him. Well this particular night we decided on a little black satin
tank with matching crotchless panties. we always had the red light bulb
on in his bedroom a sign for his father to hopefully notice through the
cracks so that we would not be bothered. on this night he donned some
rope and blindfold and I was going to be the one tied. He made me lay on
the bed while he tied my hands to the bed post and then he placed the
blind fold over my eyes. It started to become apparent that he intended fo
for me to be his whore for the night.
He started licking my nipples gently, pinching one while sucked the
other. He soon started sucking hard, shooting little surges of pain all
over my body I was moaning from pleasure and that is not what he wanted.
slowly he moved down my body kissing my stomach an the inside of my thighs.
nuzzling my pussy he started lickin me softly and then faster stopping
every once in a while to tease me with his pinky finger. then he jammed
3 fingers into my hole and I jumped. Ramming me with his hand and licking
my clit, my entire body was shaking, feeling my orgasm starting to bubble.
Then I felt a finger inching towards my virgin asshole. slowly he worked
open a little at a time. Pretty soon he had 2 fingers all the way inside
of my asshole, I wanted to scream in pain and pleasure but he told me to
keep my mouth shut and don't make a sound.He was not trying to pleasure
me he was pleasuring himself only. He then flung my legs up on his shoulders
and preceeded to pound my cunt with his very thick cock. He plunged it as
far in me as he could in and out as fast and as hard as he could. I couldn't
help but love every minute of it. but then he stopped and he held me up as
high as he could he then took his cock and slowly thrust it into my ass.
Pumping my ass , my hands still tied and blindfold still on I could feel
myself ripping apart. I wanted to scream but this was his fantasy and
I didn't want to ruin it for him. finally stopped and pulled his dick out of me
and moved up on the bed so that he could remove my blindfold and stick his huge
cock in my mouth. I started to suck him and this was something I loved
to do. and he knew this and started ramming his cock down my throat making
me gag. He fucke my face for about 10 minutes until he could take it no
more and then he came all over my face and tits, he was shooting his load
all over me...After we both calmed down for a minute he untied me and
gave me a long deep kiss and said thank you and slipped me a twenty as a joke.
The next night I wasnt the one tied up.......

Posted : 09/07/2011 7:56 pm