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My first bi/couple experience  


I didnt always know I was attracted to women, but my husband and I would watch porn together, and those parts really excited me. So one night I told my husband I wanted to have sex with another woman, of course, he didnt object. We started going to a local swingers club, and met a couple we really liked. She was beautiful, with long red hair. She was really petite like me, but had bigger, more beautiful titties. She really made me hot. As wed sit and talk shed put her hand between my legs and rub my clit, i would almost cum sitting right there in the club. One night, she danced with my husband, and I decided I wanted to watch him fuck her, which meant I would in turn get to fuck her husband. We made arrangements to meet one night. We met for dinner, and then rented a motel room. She had come straight from work and wanted to take a shower. She called me in and asked me if I would mind handing her a towel. I said sure, and stuck it inside the shower. She threw the curtain back and said "dont be shy, you can look". She had the most beautiful body. Perfect round tits, a flat stomach, and her pussy was very pretty. She had just a little bit of hair right in the middle of it, and it was red, like her hair. Then she asked if I wanted to suck one of her tits. I was a little shy about it, I had never done that before. So i started licking it real slow, and as she moaned, i started to really get into it. I was sucking her tit, and then put my finger in her pussy. Then her husband comes to the bathroom door and says he wants to watch. So we decide to take it out to the room. She told me I had on way too many clothes, and took my shirt off. Her husband was behind me and unsnapped my bra. I glanced over to my husband and he was laying on the other bed, I could tell he was really enjoying this. He was rubbing his cock through his pants. They got my bra off, and she started sucking my tits. She said they were perfect size to be sucked. As she sucked my tit, she started unbuttoning my pants. I could feel the wetness in my panties. She slowly pulled my pants down, then pushed me down on the bed and pulled them the rest of the way off. Then her husband took his cock out of his pants and told me to suck it. I started sucking his huge cock, and felt her pull my panties off. I lifted my waist so she could get them. I was sucking his dick, and then she put her finger in my pussy. "oh, youre so wet" she said. "I want to taste it" then she stuck her toungue in. Her husband took his cock out of my mouth and held my head where I could watch her eat my pussy. She licked it up and down really fast, and then licked it really slow. I was grinding my pussy into her face, wanting more. My pussy is shaved, and I could see her toungue touch my clit, and it would make me jump. She stuck her toungue back in my pussy, then rubbed my clit with her fingers. I felt myself start to cum, and I started moaning. That made her lick harder and rub faster. Before I knew it I was cumming all in her mouth. She sucked my pussy juice out, then told me how good it was. Now I wanted to eat hers. Her husband wanted to fuck the pussy his wife had just eaten. I didnt want to leave my husband out. I looked and he had his long cock out stroking it. They turned me long ways on the bed, and she sat right on my face. First I really didnt know what to do, but she rubbed her pussy against my mouth and i started licking it. Her husband stuck his fat cock in my pussy and I yelped a little. He was fucking me slow, but hard and she was rubbing her pussy all over my face. Then she called my husband over and started sucking his cock, she was really taking it all too, i could hear her gag on it some, but she kept right on sucking him. I licked her pussy, and put my finger up in her. She felt really tight. Her husband was fucking me harder now, and I felt myself about to cum again. All of a sudden he rammed his cock way into me, and I came at the same time her her husband did. When he moved out of me, she stopped sucking my husbands cock and leaned over and sucked her husbands cum right out of my pussy. Then she got on the bed doggy style and my husband went to her and stuck his long cock in her pussy. She was so wet from me licking her, it went right in. He fucked her really hard for a minute, and she started to scream out, that made him cum. And as he shot her full of cum, i could see her body tense up as she came too. We all lit a cigarette, and sat around rubbing each other and talking. As good as my first experience was, i couldnt wait for my second!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:08 pm