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It all started when I put an ad on the internet about spanking. “40 SWM looking for a female to spank. I am experienced spanker, and I will honor your limits.”

I didn’t expect a reply, but within a week, a woman replied to my ad. As we exchanged e-mails, I found out that she lived in the general area and that we shared many of the same values. What was even better, we had the same likes and dislikes as far a spankings go. She was also experienced in receiving spanking and was able to withstand spanking for a long time period. We even exchanged pictures over the net and made comments about them.

Eventually, we talked to each other over the phone. We would talk for a half hour to an hour just about spanking and our other mutual likes and dislikes. Finally, she thought she knew me well enough and we met at a local restaurant.

Her name was Kathy, and I told her to wear a pleated plaid skirt with a white blouse. Also to bring along with her a small paper or plastic bag. I would be wearing a blue shirt and black slacks. We agreed to have lunch together, and take things from there.

I arrived at the restaurant about five minutes early, and Kathy arrived shortly afterwards. It was really nice to put a face to her voice. I’m about six feet tall, and Kathy was about three inches shorter than I was. She looked very spankable in her pleaded plaid skirt and her white blouse. She looked about thirty, and she wasn’t overweight.

Soon we were seated, ordered our meal, and began to talk. At first we talked about everything but spanking. We found out that we shared even more ideas and values. Then I asked her, “Now that we have met in person, do you agree to be spanked by me?”

“You put me at ease and I do trust you! So Yes, you can spank me.”

“Good! As we discussed and you agreed to on the phone, I believe in spanking females on the bare skin. Are you still okay with that?”

“Yes I am.” Kathy answered.

“And do you wonder why I had you bring that small paper bag?”

“Yes, I brought a small paper bag with me. What am I suppose to do with it?”

“I want you to get up and go to the restroom. Once you are in there, take off your panties and put them in the paper bag. Then bring the paper bag out to me and stand beside me. Since I always give spankings on the bare skin, I want you to be ready for your spanking even before we leave the restaurant. If this scares you too much, you can walk away right now.”

“Okay. I’ll do it.” Kathy said. Then I saw her head for the restroom. After a few minutes, she came out of the restroom, handed me the bag, and stood by me. I looked in the bag and saw a small pair of red panties.

“Stand still, I want to make sure that you really aren’t wearing any panties, and that you didn’t put another pair of panties into the bag from your purse.” Then I took one hand and ran it under her skirt and felt her bare ass. Now I knew for sure that she wasn’t wearing any panties and that she would submit to a spanking.

I took my hand out from under her skirt and said, “You can sit down, now. You have shown me that you really do want to be spanked by me, so why don’t you follow me to my house for your spanking.”

She agreed, I paid the bill, and away we went to my house. Once we arrived, I showed her around the house. She had to go to the bathroom before we started, which was understandable. I sat down on the couch and waited for her.

Once out of the bathroom, Kathy came over to me and said, “I am ready to be spanked. now.”

“Good! Please bend over my knees for the first part of your spanking.” Once over my knee, the pleaded skirt made it easy to lift it out the way to see her cute bare ass. “I’m going to start you out with a hand spanking.”

Then I started to spank her. Kathy had a nice firm ass, and I spanked her first on one cheek than the other. I was able to feel the nice curves of her ass, and I was even able to feel her moisture on my fingertips as I spanked her. After I had her ass looking a nice pink color everywhere, I said, “Please stand up and take off your skirt for the next part of your spanking.”

While she was taking off her skirt, I went into my bedroom and pulled out a paddle, and a hairbrush. When we had talked on the phone before she met, Kathy had said that she wanted to be spanked with these. I came out of my bedroom and put them on the couch.

“For the next part of your spanking, I want you to bend over the end of the couch.” I took her by the hand and lead her to the end of the couch. I put down a pillow with a towel on it, to raise her ass even higher. When she bend over it, this put her nice ass high in the air. “Now spread your legs a little bit for me.” Kathy spread her legs a little and now this gave me a good view of her glistening sex. “I am now going to give you a spanking with the hairbrush.”

Then I started spanking her again. She made little noises as I spanked her, and stayed in position. Now her ass was going from a pink color to a red color. Also, in this position, I also spanked her a little bit on the back of her legs. After I thought she had enough for a while, I put the hairbrush down and began to rub her ass. My spanking, so far, must have been effective, because her ass felt nice and warm.

“Ohh, that feels so good,” she said.

After I rubbed her ass for a while, I said, “Now I am going to give you 30 swats with the paddle. These will be a lot harder, and I want you to count these out loud. I also want you to say, ‘Thank you, Mr. Jones,’ after each one. Do you understand.?”

“Yes, I do,” Kathy answered.

I gave her a swat of the paddle.

“Yes I do, Mr. Jones.” Kathy answered.

“That’s better!”

“Okay, here’s number one!”

SWAT “One. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

This continued this way until we got to 26. Kathy was beginning to move around a bit and even stuck a hand up to protect her now red ass.

“Keep your hands on the seat of the couch,” I said. “And if you move around much more, I will increase the number of swats you get. Here comes number 27.

SWAT “Twenty-seven. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

She was starting to move about, again. SWAT. “Twenty-eight. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

“There’s only two more. Hold your position.”

SWAT. “Twenty-nine. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

“This will be the last one. Stay in position until I tell you that you can stand up.”

SWAT. “Thirty. Thank you, Mr. Jones.”

Now her ass was a bright red. The paddle must of really stung her because she was shifting and moving about. I went into the bathroom and came out with some lotion to put on her red burning ass.

As I put on the lotion, she said, “Ohh! That really feels wonderful.” I continued to caress and rub the lotion into her firm ass.

“Open your legs a bit more so that I may rub this lotion into all of your tender parts.” I said. She spread her legs a bit more, and then I was able to rub her by her sex. Kathy made a moaning noise, and soon I had my fingers between the lips of her sex. She just wiggled and moaned some more. Then I caressed the insides of her thighs and down her legs. I made one more sweep upwards, again putting my fingers inside the lips of her sex.

After I was though caressing her ass, I said, “You can stand up, now.” Once she stood up, both of us noticed a large wet round spot on the towel that was covering the pillow. Then Kathy came over to me and gave me a big hug. Either she wasn’t wearing a bra or else it was a skimpy bra, because I felt her large hard nipples against my chest. I also had an erection, and I am sure she felt that.

Then she ran off to the bathroom. In a couple of minutes, she came out again. I pulled her skimpy red panties out of the paper bag and said, “Don’t forget about these.” She pulled on those red panties right in front of me, and then put on her plaid skirt.

As I lead her to the door, I said, “I hope I can see you again, when you feel like you have been a naughty girl.”

“I’m sure you will!” Kathy said. Then she left my house. What wonderful memories she left me about spanking her.

Posted : 09/07/2011 11:04 pm