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My Date Part 21 Bachelor's Party  


Jane just had her wedding shower, and she invited me to it. To my surprise, they gave her a lot of spanking implements as gifts, and I was spanked in front of all of her friends and family. But now it was my turn to have a Bachelor's party. I invited Jane to my party to meet my friends and family. My party was a lot smaller than Jane's party. It was held in the basement of a bowling alley. Those attending my party were my brother, Charles from Chicago, he is also my best man; my best friend Tim, and my father, Bob. All of us sat around a small table and we were drinking beers. Somehow the conversation turned the spanking I had received at Jane's shower.

"Yes, I spanked Clyde in front of all of my family and women friends." Jane said. "When Clyde proposed to be, he agreed to be spanked by me or my friends at any time or at any place. And that's what happened to him."

"Well don't you think what is good for the goose is good for the gander." Tim said.

"You have spanked Jane, before? Haven't you?" Charles asked.

"Several times. But never in front of anybody." I replied.

"Well I think you should spank Jane right now." My dad said. "This will show her that you are also in control of the household."

"But I don't want to be spanked!" Jane exclaimed.

"Either you submit to a spanking, or we will help Clyde spank you." Tim said.

"Clyde submitted to a spanking in front of my guests, I guess I can submit to a spanking in front of his guests. How do you want me?" Jane asked.

My dad pulled out a chair and placed it in an open area in the room. "Clyde, you sit here and spank Jane. Jane, go over to Clyde for your spanking." My dad said.

"I'll find something to spank her with!" Said Tim as he ran out the room.

Jane had on a nice short dress on. "Hold your arms up so that he can take off your dress," Charles said. Jane's arms went up and soon she was standing before me in just her bra and panties.

"I'll hold her arms up while you slip down her panties." Charles said.

"Can't I leave on my panties?" Jane pleaded. "They don't give me much protection, anyway."

It was true; they were very skimpy bikini panties. But since I was spanked on the bare I said, "You spanked me on the bare, so you will be spanked on the bare, also." Then I slowly pulled down her panties, and took off her high heel shoes as she stepped out of her panties. Before us was Jane, standing with Charles still holding her arms above her head, with only her bra on.

"Please spank me and get this over with." Jane said. "It is so embarrassing being exposed like this!"

"See, now Jane is begging you to spank her!" My father said.

"Charles, let go of her arms and now Jane you can lay over my lap for your spanking," I said.

Now her nice, upturned bottom was over my lap. It was nice to be the one doing the spanking instead of the one being spanked. I first ran my hands over her soft, white bottom. Jane squirmed a bit and said, "Don't play with my bottom, just spank it!" Then her spanking started.


"It is so good to see a woman spanked, especially right before she is married." My father said.


"You have chosen a lovely wife." Charles said. "And she has a lovely ass!"


"I think she is beautiful, even when she is being spanked." I said.


Then Tim ran into the room carrying a ruler. "This is the only thing I could find to spank her with. I hope it works well." Then Tim handed me the ruler. He looked down at Jane and said, "You sure are getting a good looking wife."

"Thank you!" I said. Then I started to spank Jane with the ruler. WHACK!

"Ouch! That hurts!" Jane exclaimed.

"It's only a ruler. You have used worst things on me than a ruler." I replied. It did leave a nice red spot on her bottom.

WHACK! This time Jane's hands came up to protect her bottom from the sting on the ruler. Charles immediately came over and held her arms so she could not protect her bottom from the ruler.

WHACK! "Do you have to spank me with that?" Jane pleaded.

WHACK! This time Jane started to kick her legs. "I'll come over and hold her feet in place." Tim said.

"When you hold her feet, spread them apart a bit. She always wants my legs spread when she spanks me." I said.

"Please don't have him hold my legs like that." Jane pleaded. "It is bad enough being spanked in front of them, but it is just awful for him to hold my legs like that."

WHACK! "Be quiet, or else your spanking will even last longer!" I said.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Her bottom cheeks were now turning a nice pink color and Jane was squirming about.

WHACK! "Does anyone else want to spank her?" I asked.

At this point Jane was almost crying when she said, "Please don't let anyone else spank me."

"You let your friends and family spank me, so now you will see what it feels like. Now stand up!" I ordered her.

Tim quickly sat down where I had been sitting. "Jane, bend over my lap so that I may spank you."

Jane lay over his lap and her spanking began again. We started to grab her arms and legs and Jane cried, out. "Please don't hold me in place. I'll be a good girl and stay in place for my spanking>"

Then Tim started to spank Jane with the ruler. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Jane was being real good and she kept her hands away from her nice pink bottom.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "You can stand up, Jane. Does anyone else want to spank her." Jane rubbed her bottom as Charles seated himself.

"Over you go again." Charles said. As he rubbed her bottom, he said, "Her ass is also getting nice and warm. Jane will make a nice wife for you!" Then he proceeded to spank her with the ruler.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! "I better let Clyde's dad spank you, before you can't take any more. Stand up, Jane, so that Clyde's dad can spank you."

Jane was almost in tears when Charles got out of the chair and my dad sat down. "Please ask me to spank you." My dad said to Jane.

"Please spank me, Sir." Jane replied.

"I'd be happy to. Now get your sweet little ass over my lap." My dad said.

WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Then he started to spank her with the ruler. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!

"I think Jane has had enough!" I said. Jane's poor bottom was now a bright red. "Please stop, Dad."

My dad helped Jane into a standing position and then she ran over to me. We embraced and she cried a little bit. "Now I really know what it is like for you to submit to spankings from me and my friends. You have been really good about accepting being spanked. My spanking, today, should really help our relationship."

"I better go now with Jane." I said to the group. Jane slipped on her dress, but didn't even attempt to put on her panties over her sore bottom. She just threw them into her purse and I drove her home. We actually had a wonderful lovemaking session that night. Tomorrow is our wedding. I guess both of us will now be walking down the isle with sore, red bottoms.

My Date Part 22 Wedding Night

Well, the blessed event finally happened. Jane and I are now married. The wedding ceremony went well, and we had a good reception. Although both of us walked down the aisle with hurting bottoms from our recent spankings, with had a passionate kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony.

The family provided us with a limo to take us to one of the nicest hotels in town. We got the honeymoon suite, which had a large king size bed, a sofa and chairs, and a bottle of champagne. The next morning we would be flying out to Hawaii, to spend our one-week honeymoon.

I am so glad that I am now married to Jane. Not only is she a beautiful woman, but I like how we think alike, value the same things in life, and are so compatible. Jane has been the only woman who has understood my sometimes crazy behavior, and loves me just as I am.

Although I was a bit surprised when Jane first spanked me, I now feel that it is her way of letting me know she loves me. It also puts us in intimate physical contact, which I enjoy. I don't enjoy having a sore bottom for a couple of days after my spanking, but the spankings show that she really cares about me.

I have also spanked her a few times. I think after her last spanking that she has a better understanding how I feel when Jane or her friends spank me. My spankings have shown me that I need to totally respect Jane and other women. I had never met a self-confident woman until I had met Jane. This is why I have agreed to be spanked by Jane anytime, and anyplace. My spankings help me to always remember to respect women.

Jane and I had a wonderful dinner at the hotel, then we went up to the room for some champagne. After each of us had a glass of champagne, Jane said, "Wait out here while I get ready for bed. I have a surprise for you!"

So I waited outside of the bedroom while Jane got ready. Jane can be very creative at times, so I didn't know what to expect. When she finally opened the door, Jane was wearing a very flimsy and revealing red nightgown. She took me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. On the bed were three paddles. One was wooden and had holes in it. One was a leather paddle, and the last one was like a ping-pong paddle.

Jane sat down on the bed and said, "Before we consummate this marriage, I want to spank you. Please put your hands above your head so that I may prepare you for your spanking." Then Jane slowly took off my tuxedo, slacks, underwear, and even my shoes. After she put two pillows in the center of the bed, she said, "Please lay on the bed so that your bottom is raised high by the pillows." Once I was in this position, she got out wrist cuffs and secured my wrists to the bedposts. "Spread your legs." Then she secured my legs to the bedposts. Now I was spread-eagled on the bed, with my bottom raised by the pillows. "You will get 25 swats from each paddle. Please count them out loud."

I always hated counting out the swats of the paddle. It made me acutely aware of each swat that I would receive. Then my spanking started. Jane started with the paddle that was like a ping-pong paddle. It didn't hurt too badly, but it did warm up my upturned bare bottom. Next came the leather paddle. This paddle did sting me a lot more. I was still able to count aloud the 25 swats.

Then came the wooden paddle with holes in it. This paddle really stings my bottom. After only five swats, I was squirming about, but was unable to move very much because I was secured spread-eagled on the bed. "Stop moving about or else you will receive 30 swats from this paddle," Jane said.

It took all it had in me from moving about, but Jane delivered the 25 swats to my poor upturned bottom. Then I saw her reach over to the nightstand next to the bed and grab a jar. I next felt soothing cold cream on my burning bottom cheeks. Usually Jane has never rubbed anything on my bottom cheeks after a spanking, so this was a pleasant surprise for me.

Jane then kissed me and was releasing me from the bedposts as she said, "I love you, Clyde, and I look forward to spanking you many more times."

I sat up on the bed, and then to Jane's surprise, I forced her over my lap. She was wearing very thin red panties that matched her red nightgown. I quickly slid her panties down, grabbed the leather paddle and began to spank her.

"What are you doing?" Jane asked.

"I know that I have agreed to be spanked by you during our marriage, but I also want you to know that you will be spanked by me when I feel that you have been naughty." I said. I kept spanking her as we talked. It was nice to see her bare bottom turn red for a change.

"But I didn't agree to be spanked before we got married. You were the only one who agreed to be spanked by me at any time and at any place." Jane said.

"But since we are now married, this is how it will be unless you want a divorce." I said.

"No, I don't want a divorce." Jane said. "But I want to make it clear that I will do most of the spanking. Ouch! Is that understood? Ouch! Ouch!"

"You are in no position to made demands." I said as I kept spanking her. "But yes, I will honor our agreement and will be willing to be spanked by you at anytime and any place."

Then I reached over and grabbed the jar of cold cream. I grently spread it over her nice soft, but red bottom cheeks. Jane purred as I rubbed the cold cream into her warm bottom. My fingers wandered between her legs and felt her warm moist sex.

"Let me up so that we can make love." Jane said.

So I let her up, Jane took off her nightgown, and we made passionate love into the night. I am looking forward to a wonderful marriage with Jane.


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