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There was a hesitant knock at the door.

Professor Lucas Wainwright swore softly, though it sounded loud in the stillness of his office. Refusing to be hurried, he finished the sentence he was writing, capped and put down his pen, and called, "Yes?"

The door opened, allowing a pair of young women to enter. Lucas immediately straightened in his chair and put on a winning smile. A blonde girl, a half-step ahead of her brunette companion, was tall and slender, with her hair cut in a flatteringly classic style, her make-up understated and simple, her charcoal grey pleated skirt falling just above her knees. Beneath her crisp white shirt, Lucas could make out the modest swell of firm young breasts, perfectly in proportion with her slim, graceful frame. He looked up to see her watching him, and she smiled warmly. "Good afternoon. My name's Sarah," she said. "Sarah Hathaway. It's a pleasure to meet you, Professor."

"And I'm Rachel Templeton," added the brunette, shooting her companion a hate-filled glance. If Sarah was the epitome of refined elegance, Rachel was an altogether more straightforward young woman: she was four or five inches shorter, her body rounder and less lean than Sarah's, her breasts large and prominent beneath her tight black sweater. Her dark hair was short and choppy, a boyish style that Lucas found very attractive.

"We're members of the Foreign Studies Group," said Sarah, ignoring Rachel. Lucas nodded in understanding. The Foreign Studies Group was a prestigious extracurricular organisation, attracting the very best and brightest of each year's intake. Indeed, it had done so for so long that it had become an elite society within the university - membership of the group not only gave each student many opportunities to expand their learning and experience, but was an extremely desirable thing for a graduate to have on their curriculum vitae.

"A pleasure, ladies. What can I do for you?"

"Rome," said Rachel bluntly, and Lucas frowned thoughtfully. He knew that the Group was co-ordinating a spring tour of Rome, including the opportunity for the students to contribute to an archaeological dig on an previously-unexcavated site. If the thought of springtime in Rome, away from the cares of home and with a steady supply of local wine, great food and lithe, tanned Italian men and women was not temptation enough, involvement with the world-famous archaeological dig certainly was. Spaces on the tour had filled up quickly.

"What Rachel means," Sarah explained, with a censorious glance at her friend, “is that there are a limited number of places on the expedition. We spoke to Professor Turner this morning, and she told us there was only one seat left. We both want to go."

"Well, I'm sympathetic, my dears, but I really don't see what -"

"Professor Turner said that you should make the decision," interrupted Rachel. "There's nothing she can do, and you're in charge of extracurricular events, so..."

"So it's your decision," finished Sarah.

"I see," said Lucas heavily. "How generous of Professor Turner to pass this on to me. Well, perhaps it would fairest if I make the decision based on your academic achievements -"

"Professor Turner already thought of that," said Rachel with a sour expression, "but we're identical. We're on the same course, and we’ve got exactly the same grades in each of our examinations."

"I see. I suspect a random means of choosing between you would not be satisfactory."

"It's a school expedition, Professor," said Sarah persuasively. "It should be based on merit, not luck."

Lucas pushed his chair back from the desk and sighed. "Well, it seems that we are at an impasse. I can think of now fair and efficient means of choosing between the two of you. I imagine that a peaceful negotiation between you is impossible?"

Rachel shook her head. "We both want it," she said flatly.

"But I want it more. You know, Professor," said Sarah sweetly, "if I got to go on the trip, I'd be ever so grateful."

"Oh, you would?" asked Lucas innocently, removing his glasses and looking up at her.

"Awfully grateful," Sarah whispered huskily. It took every ounce of Lucas' self control not to laugh out loud. These girls thought they were so sophisticated, so worldly - and truly, there was something clumsily charming about their attempted seduction. Rachel seemed more hesitant, a little more shy, but Sarah was certainly perfect for his enjoyment. He made a show of considering her words.

"I see," he said thoughtfully. "So, for example, you'd... oh, I don't know, you'd wrap those pretty pink lips around my penis and suck me off?"

Their eyes widened, and they shared a glance.

"Oh God, yes," Sarah replied with a wicked grin.

"You fucking slut!" exclaimed Rachel heatedly, then fell silent as Lucas raised an eyebrow at her.

"I do not care for language like that in my office, Miss Templeton."

"I'm sorry, Professor," Rachel stammered, "it's just -"

"I understand. Emotions are running high. You want to be a part of the expedition team, but Miss Hathway has offered to provide an intimate service which you could not possibly bring yourself to match -"

"I didn't say that," protested Rachel.

"But you didn't say you would match her offer, either," Lucas pointed out.

"I'll do it, if that's - I mean, if that's what you want, Professor, then I'm your girl."

"I'm your girl, Professor," whispered Sarah. "I'll make it so good for you..."

Lucas smiled, and raised his hands placatingly. "Perhaps, then, a civilised solution can be found for your problem. A contest, in which you will do your best to entertain me, with the successful candidate being awarded the place on the Rome excursion. Agreed?"

Sarah glanced at Rachel, and nodded eagerly, but her dark-haired friend hesitated. "Just oral? I mean, we won't have to f- uh, make love to you?"

"What you do once the contest begins, my dear Miss Templeton, is entirely up to you," Lucas assured her sincerely.

“Let it go, Rachel,” said Sarah, her pretty lips curled in an unflattering sneer. “If you don't have the guts to do it, you don't deserve to go to Rome.”

“I deserve it, you stuck-up bitch,” snapped Rachel, and Lucas shook his head sadly.

“Please, ladies – this behaviour does not become young women of your intelligence and dedication.”

“I'll show you dedication,” muttered Sarah, crossing the floor and kneeling in front of Lucas' chair. Her nimble fingers unbuckled his belt and pulled it free with a crack like a whip. She threw it on the floor, then turned her attention to his trouser button and zipper. Despite a career spent more in the lecture hall than the gym, and a prestigious job in a university famed for the quality of it's kitchens, Lucas had maintained a relatively youthful figure. Sarah's slender fingers delved into his underwear and pulled out his thick, rapidly-hardening cock. She regarded it with a look of surprise and lust, then licked her lips, and kissed the glistening tip.

Lucas sighed as the eager young woman expertly sucked his stiffening cock. She had clearly enjoyed a great deal of practice - her technique was a sophisticated blend of lips and tongue and teeth, her fingers alternately teasing and squeezing his thick shaft, her breath coming in short gasps, hot on his sensitive flesh.

“It's my turn,” protested Rachel, but Sarah simply ignored her and sucked harder on his throbbing cock. Rachel pouted adorably, her full lips sweet and tempting. Looking around for inspiration, she eventually settled for pulling off her black sweater, and her sheer black bra, and pressing her large, well-formed breasts into Lucas' face. He met them willingly, his tongue and lips stimulating her nipples while she presented herself to him. As if sensing her competition, Sarah redoubled her efforts, sucking in more and more of Lucas' prodigious prick, her fingers eagerly massaging his heavy balls. He moaned in pleasure, his teeth nipping the soft bud of Rachel's nipple, causing her to hiss in surprise and delight.

All at once, Sarah was on her feet, pulling Lucas out of is chair toward her, Rachel watching the blonde temptress with suspicion and contempt. Kissing Lucas hotly, slipping her pink tongue deep inside his mouth, Sarah leaned back against his walnut desk, spreading her legs wide and pulling her candy-pink panties to one side, exposing her shaved slit. “Eat me, Professor,” she gasped, and Lucas had no choice but to obey. Leaning forward, he eagerly tasted the juices moistening her beautiful labia. Somewhere, unseen, a pair of lips engulfed his cock, and he knew Rachel had taken up the job her rival had abandoned.

If Sarah's intention had been to arouse him even further, it was successful. Her pussy was perfect, the creamy skin smooth and unblemished, her lips soft and spicy with her slippery juices. Lucas pressed his tongue deeper, swirling the tip into the blonde girl, making her moan. "Fuck, I love oral," moaned Sarah to herself, and Lucas redoubled his efforts, gently stroking the margins of her snatch with his manicured fingernails.

Surrendering himself to these nubile nymphets, Lucas began to thrust with his hips, slipping his cock further and further into Rachel's willing mouth. Sarah's fingertips found her large, sensitive clitoris as he tasted her hot sex, and she rapidly brought herself to boiling point, her moist fingers a blur, the smell of her arousal pungent and divine. Deeper he licked her, his tongue penetrating her slick, tight pussy as Rachel worshipped his cock with her mouth and hands. Suddenly, her fingers slipping past his tongue to penetrate her beautiful snatch. Her entire body quaked as, without warning, her body exploded into orgasm. A hot surge of her juices coated Lucas' tongue, and eagerly swallowed the young blonde's nectar. Sarah, her moans and cries loud and shocking in the quiet room, shook violently and collapsed back onto the desk, her fingers gently stroking her sensitive pussy.

Rachel took full advantage of her rival's temporary incapacitation. Getting to her feet, she half-pushed, half-guided Lucas across the floor to the large black couch by the window overlooking the quad. With a playful slap to his chest, she sent him back onto the couch, then pulled off her black panties. Approaching him with an exaggerated swing of her hips, she knelt before him and deftly unrolled a condom onto his throbbing meat. Meeting his lusty gaze, she stood straight, squeezed her tits hard, then straddled him and slowly lowered herself until the head of his cock was pressed firmly against the slick lips of her moist cunt. “Beat this,” she snarled at Sarah, then firmly thrust her hips downwards, forcing Lucas' fat penis inside her. They both groaned in desire and pleasure as her young body struggled to accommodate him. She fucked him slowly, with a regular rhythm accompanied with a grinding twist of her hips that plunged his cock into her slightly faster, and slightly deeper, than he was prepared for. This, he knew, had less to do with his pleasure or the Rome expedition, than with her rising passion.

He sensed more than saw Sarah kneel between his outstretched legs, but he certainly felt her hot little tongue got to work on his balls and the base of his cock, licking up Rachel's spicy juices. More than once, he was sure, Sarah's tongue came into contact with her companion's dripping slit, causing Rachel to quiver as if electrified. He began to lift his hips, meeting Rachel's insistent thrusts with his own, feeling her tense and tremble as his proud cock plundered her velvet depths. Harder and harder she thrust herself onto him, fucking him with groing enthusiasm and passion.

His fingers grasping her buttocks firmly, Lucas twisted Rachel, swinging her around onto the couch until he was atop her, her ankles tightly crossed at the small of his back, his cock buried inside her hot depths. She stretched her arms luxuriously above her head as he began to thrust into her. Any sense of victory, however, was soon extinguished as Sarah swung her legs over Rachel and athletically brushed her delicate pink labia across Rachel's nose and mouth. "I licked you, bitch," Sarah hissed, but her friend needed no persuasion: Rachel's tongue was already busy exploring the folds and recesses of her friend's virgin snatch. For a moment, Lucas was jealous of the dark-haired vixen, remembering the hot taste of her friend's pussy, but then he focused instead on fucking the nubile girl properly, slamming his impressive length into her yielding cunt. Her friend's tongue deep within her, Sarah cried out in delight, squeezing her pert tits as she threw her head back.

The sight was too much for Lucas' self-control. He began to pound Rachel's willing pussy in earnest, his balls slapping against her pert buttocks like a metronomic accompaniment to her gasps of pleasure. He could feel her wet snatch tightening around his cock as a great orgasm washed over her, her cries all but muffled by her friend's drooling vagina. The pressure was too great, the vision of these lovely young girls too stimulating: finally, explosively, Lucas allowed himself to cum. His cock pulsed and throbbed, twitched and swelled inside Rachel, spewing gush after hot gush of potent spunk. Sarah's cries matched his, Rachel's fingernails biting deep into the soft, sensitive flesh of her thighs, until, with a shared groan of fulfilment, the three of them fell silent.

Panting with exertion as the last droplets of his sticky jism oozed into the bulging condom, Lucas pulled his softening prick from Rachel's tight pussy with an audible pop. His young lover sighed happily, a small rivulet of her juices dribbling onto the couch. Sarah, however, was not to be outdone. Moving with exaggerated grace, she climbed off the couch and knelt in front of Lucas' slippery cock. Deftly taking his length in her small hands, she peeled the condom off and held it over her pink tongue, catching the falling droplets of tepid spunk and swallowing them eagerly. Finally, with a sigh of contentment, she discarded the condom and leaned forward, running her tongue from Lucas' balls to the very tip of his heavy prick, before placing a hot kiss on the end of his glistening tool. Then, grinning wickedly, she leaned back on her heels and looked up at Lucas expectantly.

"Well, now. After such a sterling display of loyalty to this worthy establishment, I have two words for you young ladies."

"What, Professor?" asked Sarah.

"Which one of us gets to go?" interrupted Rachel, looking at Lucas over her shoulder, her lips and chin still glistening with Sarah's slippery juices.

"Ah," said Lucas, holding up a cautionary finger. "I said I had two words for you."

"Which are?" insisted Sarah.

"Discretionary," said Lucas, then held up a second finger. "Funding." He smiled broadly. "I think the planners of the excursion will soon find they have sufficient resources to take another student with them. After such a passionate display of your love of learning, it would hardly be fair to deny either of you the opportunity."

“We both get to go?” said Rachel, her eyes wide with excitement.

“Of course. Go, with my blessing – and I do hope that if you have any further trouble while you are studying with us, you won't hesitate to seek me out. I will, rest assured, do everything in my power to help you.”

"Oh, don't worry," said Sarah with a satisfied smile and a coy glance at Rachel. "I have a feeling we'll need your special kind of help from time to time."

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