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The door opened without warning, and a sweet feminine voice said, "Professor Wainwright? I think I'm your four o'clock."

Lucas looked up irritably from the pile of papers he was reviewing, then removed his spectacles and took a longer look at the pretty young woman who had entered his study. Long dark hair, cut in a simple fashion, framed a face noteable for it's strong jaw and generous lips. Her eyes were a light brown, and seemed to glow like amber in the afternoon sun that filtered through the diamond-glazed window overlooking the quad. Her body was trim and athletic, with pert, well-formed breasts and slender, boyish hips. She carried with her an air of absolute confidence.

"Ah. Come in, please. I'm sorry, I didn't hear you knock -"

"That's okay," the girl replied casually, settling herself in the 18th-century wingback chair opposite Lucas. "My name's Nancy Spencer, and I'm a first-year Psychology student under Doctor Monroe."

"Yes, I know Gregory well. What can I do for you, Miss Spencer?"

"I screwed up my exam, Professor. A few things got on top of me - personal things, you know - and I thought I'd do okay without studying. I was wrong, and I failed it. I'm going to have to re-enrol into the first year of the course, and it's not fair. I know the material, and I know I can do better if I get another chance."

Lucas leaned back in his chair. "And what, my dear, would you have me do to ameliorate your misfortune?"

Nancy smiled slightly, a knowing, worldly twist of her lips that caught Lucas' attention. "Well, you could authorise the re-sit for me, Professor Wainwright. In return, I'd be happy to spread my legs and let you screw me."

Lucas chuckled at the girl's candour. "Oh, you would?"

"Of course I would. I've heard a few of the girls talking, Professor Wainwright, so I know what you like. I'll do you right here, right now, any way you want it. All you have to do is arrange my re-sit."

"You are certainly direct, my dear."

"I'm just honest. I'm also the best fuck you'll ever have," the girl replied with no trace of modesty, flicking her long dark hair over shoulder.

Lucas tapped his lower lip with his pen, then carefully replaced it in the holder and picked up the telephone. He punched a four-digit number and stared, unblinking, at Nancy. "Gregory? It's Lucas Wainwright, over in English. Oh, passably well, thank you. And you?" He managed to keep the surprise form his voice as Nancy suddenly got to her feet and came around the desk. Kneeling by him, she expertly unfastened his belt. "Glad to hear it. I'm calling because of a student of yours, a Nancy Spencer... yes, that's the one." Nancy's questing fingers closed on Lucas' hardening prick and pulled it free of his trousers, the glistening tip rising toward her pretty face. "I understand she didn't do terribly well on her exam, and I was wondering if it would be possible to arrange a re-sit. No, of course, I understand, but I received a letter from her parents outlining some domestic problems which were undoubtedly weighing heavily on her mind." Her slender fingers tight around his rigid cock, Nancy began to pump her fist up and down the steely shaft. "I believe, given a level playing field, Nancy could easily improve on her grade. Ordinarily, of course, I wouldn't trouble you with - no, well, that's very kind of you to say so. I haven't had the pleasure of teaching her myself, but my understanding is that she's an intelligent young lady who can look forward to a bright future. It would be a shame if something like this interrupted her admirable progress." Nancy grinned wickedly at the remark, but didn't lift her gaze from the tip of Lucas' penis. Her pink tongue moistened her generous lips, then swirled over the head of his swollen prick. Suddenly, she squeezed the tip of his cock into her mouth and tightened her lips around his shaft, her mouth filled with the hot, spicy taste of his thrusting, pulsating flesh. "Well, thank you for that," Lucas said into the telephone, his voice enviably calm. "I'll let you get back to it. Thanks again, Gregory. Goodbye."

Looking up from his crotch, half of his throbbing penis in her mouth, Nancy met his gaze. "You have your re-sit, my dear," Lucas said in a satisfied tone, then sighed in pleasure as she squeezed the base of his penis in her fist and clamped her lips around the generous shaft even more tightly than before. Slowly pulling back, sucking every inch of Lucas' dick, her tongue circling the salty tip, Nancy finally pulled his length from her mouth with a wet pop. "Thank you, Professor. I knew you'd be able to help me."

Suddenly she was straddling him, her short skirt pushed up around her hips, her panty-clad pussy grinding against his swollen cock as her tongue delved deeply into his mouth. Caught somewhat by surprise, Lucas responded to the kiss eagerly, cupping the young woman's round buttocks in his hands, lifting his hips to press the shaft of his tumescent penis against her slit. She broke the kiss with a satisfied sigh, then reached around behind her and pulled her panties to one side. Lucas was helpless as, with a twist of her slender hips, she swallowed the tip of his cock into the slick confines of her snatch. Instead, he pushed up her top and began to lick kiss between her beautiful breasts. As Nancy twitched her hips, driving his cock deeper and deeper inside her, he could feel a single droplet of her hot juices running down the veined shaft of his penis. His lips sought her nipple, and he hungrily sucked the swollen bud into his mouth. "Oh, fucking more," Nancy breathed hoarsely. "Use your teeth. Mark me." Buoyed up by his lust and the girl's explicit requests, Lucas closed his teeth around the nipple and squeezed, gratified to feel the girl's body stiffen beneath his roving fingers.

Lifting her legs up to allow better access to her slippery slit, Lucas began to pound her gaping hole in a steady rhythm, each stroke a little harder than the one before. Nancy growled, deep in her throat, and thrust downward with her hips, her slick snatch eagerly devouring every inch of his iron-hard shaft. "Fuck me," she demanded. "Take me, use me, just fuck me with that big cock of your, Professor." Pumping harder, his fingers spreading her buttocks and lifting her bodily from the shaft of his proud penis, Lucas tried to comply with her ever-wilder demands and exclamations, her words igniting a supernova blaze of lust and desire in the pit of his stomach. Riding his cock eagerly, Nancy groaned, "Pound my fucking twat, you fucker, stretch my cunt!"

Lifting her off his cock was not easy, particularly when she moaned in anguish as the thick shaft slipped out of her slick pussy. His hands strong and firm on her creamy flesh, Lucas turned the young girl around and made her place her palms on the top of his writing desk, then stepped back to survey her heaving, desperate body. Bent over the desk, her few remaining clothes in disarray, the smooth curve of her bottom and the tempting moistness of her pussy clearly visible, it was all Lucas could do to stop himself from howling at the sky. Grasping her boyish hips tightly, he slowly massaged her tender lips with the salty tip of his proud cock; then, with a groan of deep satisfaction, he slid into her buttery hole.

"Oh, Professor - damn it, stick that dick in my fucking cunt!" Hurrying to comply, Lucas plunged deeper, Nancy's slippery pussy easily swallowing his generous cock. He tried to measure his strokes, but the horny young student had other ideas. "Deeper, you dirty old fucker, fuck me so I can feel it! God, fuck me!" Throwing caution to the winds, Lucas thrust upward with all the strength he could muster, almost lifting the slender young woman off her feet with the violence of the penetration. Again and again he pounded his thick, throbbing cock into her, stretching her oily labia wide, filling the hot, velvet-lined cavern beyond. Nancy responded eagerly to the desperate fucking, pushing backwards to meet each savage thrust, trying instinctively to stuff more and more of the Professor's generous cock into her hungry hole. "Fuck me with that fucking cunt-buster!" Nancy snarled. "Fucking pound me, you dirty old bastard! Fill me up! I want to be fucking stuffed!"

Looking down, Lucas could see her slick lips clutching at his shaft as he withdrew, preparing for the next vicious thrust. Shifting his balance slightly, he swirled the index finger of his right hand through the ocean of her juices, and began to circle her anus as he fucked her. "Don't fucking tease me," Nancy panted, pushing back as hard as she could, meeting his every thrust with a hot slap of flesh-on-flesh. "I've had more cocks in my bum than you've had prissy little virgins, you old fucker. If you want to finger my arse, do it like you fucking mean it!"

Lucas didn't hesitate, but pressed two moist fingertips against her tight opening, roughly violating her body at the same time as he slammed his prick into her drooling pussy with a sharp, aggressive thrust. "Oh, fuck yeah, you know how to ride a cunt, don't you?" hissed Nancy. "Fucking do me, Professor, fuck the shit out of me. Use me! Fucking break me!" Summoning every ounce of his strength, Lucas pounded his hot prick into the girl's slender body, each violent thrust making her gasp in ecstasy. Her bottom swallowed his fingers easily, the tight hole lubricated by errant droplets of her pussy's sweet liquor. Grinning cruelly, Lucas added a third insistent finger to the slick entrance, thrusting them into her velvety depths with a single swift movement that tore from her a sweet cry of pleasure.

"Oh, fuck! I'm almost there - fuck, I'm almost there, you cunt-fucking bastard! Pound my fucking holes! Tear me up, you fucking fucker! Fuck - oh sweet Jesus fuck!" she cried as, with a final, desperate lunge, Lucas buried the full length of his prodigious cock inside the young woman's well-trimmed twat and unleashed a mighty blast of sperm that flooded her wildly contracting pussy. At the same moment, her anus squeezed his fingers tightly, her explosive orgasm ripping through her sweet young flesh.

They held each other, their bodies pulsing and throbbing in the bright ecstasy of their shared orgasm, for what seemed like an eternity. It was almost a disappointment when, finally, sensation returned and they collapsed to the floor, Lucas' softening prick slipping from Nancy's hot slit. Their breath coming in ragged pants, their skin flushed and glistening in the aftermath of their shared pleasure.

"Mmm, that was good," Nancy breathed in his ear, then lightly nibbled the lobe. "Want to go again?"

Lucas chuckled. "The spirit and the flesh, my dear: the one willing, the other weak."

"It didn't feel weak to me," Nancy replied, her fingers tightening around his balls. "It felt so good I think I want some more."

"This may be the first time in my life I've ever met an actual, clinical nymphomaniac," Lucas observed dryly, and Nancy giggled.

"Yeah, that's what I am, a little cum-sucking nympho slut. I told you I'm a psychology student, didn't I? My specialty's going to be human sexuality."

"You clearly have a great deal of natural talent."

"And I practice a lot, too," she added with a lurid wink, then got to her feet, paused, and looked at Lucas thoughtfully. "You know, I enjoyed this. Maybe you'd like to meet for a drink sometime?"

Lucas shook his head sadly. "My dear, I would like that very much, but I'm afraid it would be most improper."

Nancy grinned wickedly and gestured at her abused body, at the thick rivulet of sticky spunk dribbling down her thighs, at the bright red spank marks on her thighs and buttocks, the red welts Lucas' eager teeth had left on the pale, creamy skin of her breasts. "More improper than this, Professor?"

"I'm afraid so, my dear -" Lucas began but Nancy interrupted him coolly.

"You fuck better than most guys half your age. I came up here expecting some limp-dick old fart, but you - God, Professor, you really did me," she moaned sexily, the fingers of her left hand seeking out her pert nipples and twisting them sharply. "When you jammed your fingers up my bum, I thought I'd fucking explode. I liked it, and I want more."

Lucas opened his mouth to reply, then laughed affectionately. "I've never met anyone like you," he confessed.

"And you never will again. I'm a one-of-a-kind sort of girl."

"I can see that," Lucas agreed sincerely.

"Well," Nancy said, pulling on the tattered shreds of her clothing, "I'll be in the St. Stephen's in an hour, and I'll be looking for someone to buy me a couple of drinks, then take me home and fuck my tight little pussy until I cum like a volcano. I hope I'll see you there, Professor Wainwright." She pulled open then door, straightened her top, and winked at him. "And thanks for arranging the re-sit. I appreciate it."

"Any time, my dear," replied Lucas as she pulled the door closed behind her. "Any time at all."

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