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By five o'clock on a cold winter's afternoon, the interior of St. Stephen's was warm, welcoming, and filled with any number of partially-inebriated students celebrating the imminent end of the university term. Over the muted thump of the music, voices were raised in convivial chatter, punctuated by laughter and the occasional squeal of delight or excitement.

Lucas ducked through the low doorway into the main bar, unbuttoning his heavy winter coat and pulling his snow-spotted scarf from around his neck. Looking around the crowded interior, it took him only a moment to find Nancy. The dark-haired girl was alone in a booth opposite the main bar, sipping a honey-coloured drink which doubtless contained far more sugar than alcohol. Feeling the need to stiffen his resolve, Lucas stopped at the bar and ordered a large brandy. From the relative safety of the bar, he watched Nancy through hungry eyes, devouring every curve of her impossibly nubile body. In his long history of seduction, he had never encountered a girl who spoke to his desires on such a powerful, instinctive level. Perhaps it was that frisson of danger which had driven him to meet her; that, or the blatant promise of more mind-blowing sex.

A moment of silent contemplation passed, and the barman delivered the brandy. Lucas passed across a five-pound note, waved away the change, and steeled himself. The girl was under his skin, he knew, but he couldn't find the strength to turn away and leave. Instead, he strolled across the crowded bar and touched her lightly on the shoulder.

"Miss Spencer?"

"You can probably call me Nancy now, you know," she replied, looking up at him with a welcoming smile. An image flashed through Lucas' mind: this delightful creature on her knees by his desk, feasting eagerly on his thick cock while he coolly arranged a re-sit for her Psychology examination.

"Well then, it's nice to see you again, Nancy."

"You too, Professor."

He smiled at the polite formality of her tone and sat down opposite her. "Call me Lucas, please."

She eyed him over the rim of her glass and smiled wickedly. "No, I think I prefer calling you Professor. It reminds me that this is... what was the word you used? 'Improper'?"

"Indeed," said Lucas heavily, then chuckled. "I enjoyed this afternoon."

"Good. Me too. Want to do it again?"

"You're very forthright," Lucas observed wryly, taking a long slow sip of his brandy. "Do you have a lot of sex?"

"No more than you do," replied Nancy cheekily, "seducing your female students and fucking them for better grades, indeed!"

"It's not quite that simple -"

"No, don't be offended, I think it's a great idea. Do you make them beg for it before you fuck them, Professor?"

"No," replied Lucas. "They're willing partners. It's a fair exchange."

"Hm," murmured Nancy thoughtfully, sipping her drink. "I would have thought that making the little sluts want it was the best bit."

"In what way?" Lucas asked, his curiosity piqued by this relentlessly perverted young woman.

Nancy swirled her straw in her drink, then licked a droplet from the end. "You know," she said at length, "making them hungry for you, making them beg for you even as they're disgusted with themselves for being little whores. Sounds like fun to me."

"Well, I wouldn't know," replied Lucas with a light chuckle, trying to conceal the desire the girl's words had ignited in him. "I coerce no-one."

"Would you like to?" asked Nancy suddenly, tilting her head to one side in a girlish gesture.


"Never mind that - would you like to manipulate someone into fucking you, Professor? Will you make her hate herself and beg for your cock at the same time?"

Lucas swirled the brandy in his glass, and took another long, reflective sip. There had been so many girls over the long years of his academic career; virgins and sluts and everything between. "Yes," he said at length. "Yes, I think I'd enjoy that."

"Great," said Nancy, swallowing the last of her drink and getting to her feet. "Come on."

"I thought I was supposed to buy you a drink -" Lucas protested feebly. The girl was unstoppable.

"Later," Nancy said with a winning smile. "Professor, If it's a choice between booze and fucking, I know which one I'd rather have."

There was nothing Lucas could say to that. "Where are we going?" he asked, getting to his feet and finishing off the brandy, bemused by the girl's energy and enthusiasm.

"Back to my flat. There's someone there you just have to meet." Without a word, Nancy skipped out of the bar, and Lucas followed afterward, struggling into his long winter coat.

Out on the streets, the snow had worsened, and the energetic brunette clutched Lucas' arm as he led her to the faculty car-park. He held open the passenger door of his classic Jaguar as she scrambled inside, then ran around to the driver's side, fumbling with the handle with his cold-numbed fingers.

Once inside, the elderly heater turned to full, they drove quickly through the darkening streets. Nancy navigated in the haphazard manner of the habitual pedestrian, until they finally arrived at a row of large town houses from the early part of the 20th century which had been converted into apartments. Without a word, Nancy climbed out of the car and ran up a short path, opening the door and beckoning at Lucas to follow her. Locking the Jaguar securely, and wondering what exactly he had wandered into, Lucas obliged.

From a wide, airy hall, they climbed a staircase to the second floor, arriving at another door. Nancy slid her key into the lock, turned around to kiss Lucas passionately on the lips, then pushed the door open. "Follow my lead," she whispered, then stepped inside.

Lucas followed uncertainly, and found himself in a large, high-ceilinged lounge. Two large bay windows looked out onto the snowy streets, and between them was a wide-screen TV with an impressively modern-looking DVD player and media center beneath it. Opposite this was a large comfortable-looking couch flanked by low coffee tables.

The sole occupant of the room was a young woman in her late teens. Lucas instinctively inclined his head, an archaic gesture somehow fitting in the presence of this regal, elegant girl. Her blonde hair, almost white in the artificial light of the apartment, hung well past her shoulders, cut in a simple style that did nothing to hide her beauty. Her eyes were large and icy blue, her cheekbones high and pronounced. She was, with no word of exaggeration, one of the most astonishingly beautiful women Lucas had ever laid eyes upon. She stood up quickly, revealing a lithe, willowy body.

"Hello?" she said hesitantly. Her accent, the deep resonant tones of Eastern Europe, was thick but undeniably attractive. "Nancy, who is this?"

"Hi, Katya. This is Professor Wainwright, of the university's disciplinary board. Professor, this is Katya Verovshkaya, an exchange student from the University of Moscow."

"A pleasure to meet you, Miss Verovshkaya," Lucas said charmingly, taking her slender hand in his own and holding her gaze for a long moment.

"And to meet you, Professor," replied Katya uncertainly. "Are you a friend of Nancy?"

Unsure of the correct response, Lucas glanced at the mischievous brunette, who tried to look sombre. "Not exactly," she said heavily. "Like I said, Professor Wainwright's with the disciplinary board. He's, uh - he's here on business."

Katya's eyes widened further, and for a moment Lucas thought that she would flee. "Why is disciplinary board visiting us?"

Nancy sighed. "He found out about Saturday," she said, here eyes downcast. "Didn't you, Professor?"

"I certainly did," Lucas agreed, wondering again what Nancy's plan was.

"H-how?" Katya stammered, her face ashen.

"Men can sense these things, Kat," Nancy said softly. "I'm so sorry, I didn't know this was going to happen."

"What? You didn't know what would happen?" Katya demanded.

"The University has a very strict rule against... against this sort of thing," Nancy explained, glancing fearfully at Lucas. He had to bite back a smile. If nothing else, the girl was a natural for the Drama Club. "If Professor Wainwright tells the discipline board that we did - you know, those things we did - then we might be expelled."

"Expelled? No, it cannot - I am not of be expelled!" Katya wailed, her English collapsing under the strain of Nancy's revelation. "I cannot be go home, Nancy, please!"

"I know, I know, I'm sorry," Nancy said miserably. "But unless Professor Wainwright tells the board we did nothing wrong, then we don't have a choice."

Katya looked at Lucas desperately, her eyes full of tears. "What will you say, Professor? What will you tell board?"

"Well, that depends," Lucas said patiently. "Before I can compile a report, I'll need to have more information. Why don't you tell me exactly what happened on Saturday night?"

"You don't know what happened?" Katya asked, her expression brightening. "Is only rumour or -"

"I do know," Lucas corrected her severely, "but if you tell me what happened, then I will be able to tell the board that you co-operated fully with my investigation. Do you understand? Honesty is the best policy, Katya, believe me."

The pretty Russian girl nodded mutely, her eyes fixed on the floor. Over her head, Nancy grinned at Lucas and licked her lips salaciously. "Why don't we make ourselves comfortable?" Lucas suggested, choosing a heavy wing-back chair by the window. Nancy sat demurely on the couch, her contrition almost theatrical, and Katya sat next to her. "Now, perhaps we can start at the beginning. Nancy, why don't you give me a little background?"

"Well," Nancy said thoughtfully, "I suppose the story starts two months ago when I moved in. I've always been a good girl, but right from the start I thought that Katya was really sexy." Katya raised her gaze questioningly, and Nancy did an excellent imitation of an embarrassed giggle. "Well, I did. Blonde girls are so... you know, Professor. Yummy. Anyway, I didn't want to get in trouble, so I hoped that nothing would happen between us. Then, on Saturday night, I arrived home from the bar about eleven and Katya was - well, she was..."


Nancy looked at Katya, and said, "You'd better tell him."

Katya shifted uncomfortably in her seat, and looked out of the window. "I was... undressed, Professor. In here."

"Why were you undressed in the lounge, Katya?" asked Lucas gently.

"Nancy left -" she began, then paused. "Nancy went out and there was a DVD in the... in the machine."

"What sort of DVD?" Lucas asked.

"Girls," Katya said, her cheeks burning with the shame of her admission. "Girls making sex."

"Having sex," Lucas corrected absently. "I see. And you were aroused by this DVD?"

"Yes," Katya replied.

"And you were... what, masturbating?"

"Masturbating," Katya repeated, then added a word in Russian. "Yes. I am sorry, Professor, but -"

Lucas raised a hand, and the blonde girl fell silent. "So you were naked when Nancy returned from her evening out, and you were masturbating in front of a pornographic DVD - I assume the DVD was pornographic, Nancy?"

"I should bloody well hope so," muttered the brunette, then hid a smile and nodded. "Uh, I mean, yes, Professor. It was called Hot Nasty Girls Fucking. Number seven, I think."

"Well, the contents of this DVD may well be relevant to my investigation," mused Lucas. "After all, if the girls on the screen were particularly 'hot' or 'nasty', it might go some way to explaining your subsequent behaviour, Katya. Do you have the DVD right now?"

"I do," said Nancy, jumping to her feet. "I'll get it."

She ran from the room, and Katya gave Lucas an embarrassed look. "Professor," she said, her voice thick with fear and shame, "I did not mean to break rule. I did not know it was unallowed for girl to make sex."

Lucas summoned up every scrap of his natural authority and shook his head sadly. "Ignorance of the law," he intoned, "is not an excuse, Miss Verovshkaya."

"Here it is," announced Nancy, re-entering the room with a tattered DVD case in hand. She knelt by the television, popped open the case, and put the silver disc into the player. A moment later, and the screen was filled with the image of a busty blonde woman in her mid-thirties in the hot rush of an orgasm. The camera moved down her heaving, trembling body to reveal a nubile teenage girl in what appeared to be the remains of a Catholic school-girl uniform. Strapped to the schoolgirl's groin was an enormous rubber phallus that she was slamming repeatedly into the busty woman's drooling sex, all to a soundtrack of groans, moans and hissed exhortations to fuck "harder, faster, deeper". Lucas, no stranger to hardcore pornography, shifted in his seat and glanced at Nancy. This was hard, visceral, nasty fucking at it's most invasive. Katya refused to look at the screen except in short bursts, and her cheeks burned with shame and humiliation, while Nancy was watching with a cool fascination, her hard nipples clearly visible through her thin shirt. Content to let the damning evidence do it's job, Lucas watched with mounting excitement as the schoolgirl was forced to pound the older woman's willing pussy as her partner moaned thrilling encouragements about "filling her mommy's cunt". One vocal orgasm followed another, until, as the teen girl was lustily watching the blonde suck her own juices from the immense rubber dildo, Nancy reached over and stopped the DVD. "That was the bit she was watching," the brunette explained contritely. "The bit where the older woman was sucking the strap-on. It's my favourite bit too, actually."

"Is that true, Katya?" asked Lucas gravely. "Were you masturbating while the actress in the film sucked the prosthetic penis?"

"Yes," Katya confessed, her eyes downcast.

"I see. And what happened next? Katya?" he pressed, when no answer was forthcoming.

"Nancy came into room and asked what I was doing. I was ashamed, Professor - no-one had ever seen me undressed until Nancy, and to be caught doing... what I was doing, I was ashamed."

"I told her she had no reason to be embarrassed," added Nancy softly. "I came over to her and hugged her, then kissed her cheek, then I took her fingers in my hand and kissed them, too. They still tasted of her pussy," she added with a tremble of desire. "I started to suck them - I couldn't stop myself, Professor. You can see how sexy she is."

"She certainly is," Lucas conceded, feigning thought. "Perhaps the situation here is not as dire as I had first imagined. There is, after all, nothing wrong with one girl playfully kissing the fingers of another. Why don't you show me what you did, Nancy, and I can see if it did, in fact, contravene the university rules?"

"If you think it'll help, Professor," Nancy said, hiding a wicked grin. She sat on the couch next to Katya and took the slender blonde's right hand in her own. "Is this all right, Kat?"

"If it will help to prove I am not breaking rules," Katya mumbled, her eyes wide as the brunette girl's pink tongue began to circle the very tip of her index finger.

"This one was the wettest," Nancy said and she licked and kissed the elegant digit. "I think it had been inside her pussy, Professor. The others were - oh, they're just so delicious."

"And what happened next?" Lucas pressed.

"When I couldn't taste her juices on her fingers any more, I kissed her wrists," Nancy said, then demonstrated. "Then her elbows," she added, moving further up the blonde's body.

"Nancy, stop!" protested Katya, pulling away. "We can't - not in front of him!"

"Miss Verovshkaya," Lucas said severely. "My time is extremely valuable. Let me put it plainly: if you do not take off your clothes and show me exactly what you did with Miss Spencer on Saturday night, I will be forced to assume that you broke the university's laws against deviant behaviour, and I will have you expelled and deported. Is that absolutely clear?"

Katya blanched. "Yes, Professor," she whispered.

"Then take off your clothes. Now," he added darkly. The Russian girl glanced at Nancy, and they hastened to comply with his order. Moving slowly, they shed their clothes until they stood there naked, the warm light gleaming on their perfect skin and long, smooth limbs. Katya was, Lucas realised, an inch or two taller than Nancy, and her body was more slender and delicate than her friend's lean athleticism. Their breasts were almost equal in size, though Katya's nipples here smaller and higher than Nancy's. All in all, they were a pleasing match, and the blood pounding through Lucas' veins was testament to their beauty and sensuality.

"Now, I can imagine that the two of you fucked one another on Saturday night, that you used your fingers and tongues in the most inappropriate fashion. Is that true?"

Katya nodded, and Nancy grinned happily, then looked contrite.

"Show me." Katya, her expression one of appalled indignation, opened her mouth to reply, but Lucas raised a finger of warning, and she fell silent. "I must see what you did to judge if you were breaking the rules. Unless you wish me to make a decision now - a decision which would not be in your favour Miss Verovshkaya - then I must insist you show me exactly what you did."

Katya hesitated, but Nancy stepped toward her and put her hands on her shoulders. "Don't worry," she whispered to her frightened friend. "I'm here with you."

Nancy leaned forward with infinite patience, and the two girls slowly kissed. At first, it was a chaste pressing of the lips, but soon Katya's tongue was slipping in and out of Nancy's hot mouth, and a passionate electrical charge was building in the warm room. Nancy was, predictably, the first to touch, her hands sliding around the Russian girl's waist and cupping her buttocks, but Katya responded instantly, seemingly oblivious to Lucas' attention, massaging Nancy's bottom and hips with her long, graceful fingers.

The kiss intensified, the girls' passions raging through their tender teenage bodies, before Nancy finally broke it and sat down on the couch. "That was how it started," she said to Lucas. "But it wasn't how it finished." Lifting her arms up above her head, she spread her toned legs wide, presenting her moist pussy for Katya's inspection. "Show him what you did, baby," Nancy breathed. "Show him how you made me cum..."

Katya shook her head, but Lucas cleared his throat and pointedly looked at his watch, and the Russian girl sobbed in shame and fear. Kneeling by the couch, she slowly brought her face closer to her friend's drooling sex, until, with an expression of humiliation and disgust, she stretched out her tongue and tasted Nancy's quivering cunt. "Deeper," Nancy hissed, and Katya took a deep breathe, then licked harder, the tip of her pink tongue circling Nancy's prominent clit. Katya swallowed nervously, then licked again, pressing deeper, her lips brushing against Nancy's moist labia. Deeper and harder the girl pushed her tongue into her friend's sex until, finally, Nancy erupted in a wet orgasm that left her panting and trembling.

"Well," Lucas said with a satisfied air, "that certainly answers some of my questions."

"Then you will tell that I did nothing wrong?" asked Katya desperately, getting to her feet, her lips still moist with her friend's slippery juices.

"Perhaps. There is an important distinction that must be drawn, however. The university rules allow for a certain amount of... well, shall we say 'sapphic indulgence'? On the other hand, out-and-out lesbianism is severely frowned upon."

"But I am not lesbian!" protested Katya, then looked down at her naked body and flushed with shame. "I like boys!" she cried out.

"Perhaps," Lucas said again. "Obviously, Miss Verovshkaya, I have no evidence that you are not entirely homosexual," he said with an air of distaste. "To prove otherwise, I think a demonstration is in order."

"A demonstration?" Katya stammered. "What?"

"I'm sure you can use your imagination," Lucas told her with a cold smile.

Nancy smiled behind her friend's back, then adopted an expression of fearful subservience. Crossing the carpet, she knelt beside his chair, then beckoned to Katya. "Come on," she said, "it's the only way." Turning back, Nancy tugged at Lucas' belt, and pulled down his trousers, freeing his erect penis from his underwear in a single, deft motion. Moving much more reluctantly than the nymphomaniacal brunette, Katya knelt by her friend's side.

"Suck it, Kat," urged Nancy. "Do it, and he'll help us, won't you Professor?"

"Of course I will," Lucas agreed.

"But is dirty," protested Katya, eying his thick penis as if it were a venomous snake. "I put it in mouth?"

"Put it in your mouth and suck it," said Nancy, "like this." Without hesitation, she grasped the thick shaft and eagerly slid her lips over the bulbous head. A few short sucks, and she released it with a wet pop. "See? It's easy!"

"I do not think -" Katya began, but Nancy frowned at her.

"You don't have a choice!" she insisted, then presented the tip of Lucas' cock to her. "Suck it, and he'll let you stay."

Her eyes filled with doubt and fear, Katya lowered her head, inch by reluctant inch, until the salty flesh of Lucas' penis brushed against her lower lip. Instinctively, she licked her lips, tasting a man for the first time, then, her eyes tightly closed, opened her mouth and began to suck on the cock. Lucas groaned happily - she was inexperienced, but the pleasure he took from defiling such an innocent young mouth was immense. He met Nancy's lust-filled gaze, and grinned.

The Russian girl sucked a little harder, taking more of Lucas' prick into her mouth, while Nancy knelt behind her and slipped her arms around Katya's slender waist, her fingertips firmly caressing Katya's pert breasts. Katya moaned in pleasure, and the vibration made Lucas' cock twitch inside her mouth. "Enough," he gasped, pushing Katya away from him, desperate not to shoot his creamy cum over the girl's pretty face.

"Did I do bad?" Katya asked, fearful of the answer.

"No," Lucas panted, trying to compose himself. "But I've decided that your mouth isn't enough."

"What do you -"

"Having seen for myself the kind of disgusting and depraved things you did with Miss Spencer, here, I'm not prepared to settle for filling your mouth with my cum. If you want to stay at this university, then I want to fuck you."

"Fuck..." the girl breathed, her face ashen. "No, Professor, I am good girl, I have not made fuck before with man. I cannot -"

"Katya, you have to, please do it," begged Nancy. "I don't want to be kicked out either, please!" Taking advantage of her friend's confusion, Nancy pulled her to her feet and turned her around, presenting her flawless bottom to Lucas. Gently guiding the Russian girl's elbow, Nancy encouraged her to lower herself onto the thick meat of Lucas' erect penis. Lucas, in turn, grasped the girl's slender hips and pulled her gently toward him, until the tip of his cock pressed gently against her labia.

"No," Katya moaned, followed by something in Russian. "I cannot - I am good girl!"

"A good girl wouldn't have fucked her friend after watching porn," Lucas observed coldly. "You're already a dirty slut, Katya, and you just need to do one more thing before I'll let you stay."

"Please, please," Katya begged as Lucas pulled harder on her hips. Nancy moaned with desire and bent to her friend's ample chest, taking Katya's right nipple between her lips and sucking hard. Katya moaned again, her desire at war with her shame.

"Come on, Kat, you have to do it! Let him fuck you!"

"No, I will - I will not!"

"Take it, you little bitch," hissed Nancy, her lipstick smeared on her friend's pert nipples.

"No - God, I'm good girl!" moaned Katya, writhing her hips against Lucas' insistent cock. "Am good, not - ah! - not bitch."

"If you don't fuck him, you're going back home, Kat," insisted Nancy, planting a lingering kiss on the blonde's sweet red lips. "No more fun, no more school, just back to your parents. You want that?"

"No, I - oh, just like that!" she gasped, as the tip of Lucas' penis pressed once more against her tight cunt. "No, take it out! Professor, take it out!" A long stream of Russian followed, then, as Lucas thrust forward and Katya sat down hard, the overlarge head of his swollen cock popped between her delicate lips. Katya stiffened and wailed in tortured pleasure, sinking to the very bottom of the shaft, swallowing every sweaty inch of Lucas' mighty cock. "Fu-uck!" the innocent Russian girl screamed, a cry that was quickly stifled by Nancy's tongue and lips. Lucas threw his head back and let out an exultant cry; the teen girl's pussy was easily the tightest he had ever penetrated, but so wet from her unwilling excitement that it felt like velvet against his painfully throbbing penis. Eagerly, responding to Nancy's kisses and eager touches, Katya began to move up and down, her protests silenced under the waves of pleasure that crashed through her body. First an inch, then two - it was all Lucas could do to stop himself from filling her pussy with squirt after hot squirt of his jism as she began to bounce enthusiastically, his straining cock being released from the greedy pussy, then devoured once more.

"Please, no!" Katya wailed, simultaneously grinding her pelvis down onto Lucas.

"Say you want it, bitch!" hissed Nancy in her ear. "Tell him you want to be fucked."

"I do not - I am good girl - I do not want him to fuck me!"

"He's fucking your slutty cunt so good now, isn't he?" pressed Nancy, tweaking the blonde girl's nipples between finger and thumb. "It feels good, doesn't it? You want him to stuff that cock so deep in you that you can fucking taste it, don't you?"

Katya responded only with a wordless cry of lust, and began bouncing even more vigorously. Lucas cried out too as her pussy tightened yet further, squeezing his generous cock like a vice. "Fuck him, Kat, screw his dirty fucking cock until he creams in your slutty cunt!" yelled Nancy, squeezing her tits tighter, digging her nails into the pale flesh, causing her friend to scream out and thrash her head from side to side.

"Fuck," Katya groaned in her thick accent. "I am good girl, I want the fuck!"

"You want it?" Nancy insisted.

"I want the fuck!" Katya replied. "I want the hot slut fuck of cunt!"

"Then fucking take it, bitch," replied Nancy cruelly, slapping her friend hard across the face. The pain burned through Katya's body, and before she could stop herself, her abused body exploded into an orgasmic supernova. Tears ran down her face, her breath coming in hot, ragged sobs as she pounded herself down onto Lucas' prick, pressing her tits hard against Nancy's lips and teeth, so hungry for satisfaction that reason deserted her. "Fuck me," she screamed as her nerve-endings flashed with liquid fire, "fuck me!"

Lucas could contain himself no more. Katya's body trembled above him as he squeezed hard on her hips and jammed his spurting cock as deep into her perfect body as he could. Thick ribbons of sticky cum exploded from his engorged cock, filling her impossibly tight pussy and spraying out onto her thighs.

Finally, Katya could take no more. Fucked into a trembling stupor, she leaned forward and fell to the floor, Lucas' cock slipping from her tight pussy with a wet slurp. There, the Professor's creamy cum leaking from her well-fucked hole, she curled into a foetal position and fell into a deep sleep.

Panting for breath, Lucas got unsteadily to his feet. Nancy, kneeling by her friend's body, dipped a finger into her cum-soaked pussy and sucked on it thoughtfully. "Was it good?" she asked, looking up at Lucas.


"What now?"

Nancy threw her head back and laughed, a long, sweet sound that made Lucas smile in return. "Now, Professor, you come to my room and you give me some that delicious cock. And I'll tell you what - you won't even have to make me beg for it."

Without another word, she skipped from the room, her tits bouncing adorably. Lucas' smile broadened to a grin, and, with a final glance down at Katya's sleeping body, he set off after her, eager for another adventure

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