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Mom Tastes The best- Part 1  


I always enjoyed watching my mom's curvy fair body specialy since the age of 15 when I first started reading about incest and mom son sex stories online. I am Rajiv 22yrs old from delhi, my mom's name Lata 42 yrs old divorced working as a corporate executive. She and my dad seperated when I was 10yrs old, since then she has had many linkups with different men and why not she is so attractive and beautiful, but none of them went well for her. My mom has a little aggresive attitude (but not with me) and is very free and independent, she hates to be controlled and men usually like to take charge of there wives or girlfriend.

I havent seen her with any man or heard of any new relationships since last 4yrs. I once asked her about it, she said she has had enough of egoistic rascals and now she just want to concerntrate on her work and my future. I started masturbating thinking about her from the age of 15, she wears very free and revealing clothes at home even today, she is a regular spa member and takes her spa sessions almost every weekend. Her skin glows under yellow light like gold. I used to peek at her boob line, nipples and ass (specialy when sometimes her night gown stucks in her ass crack) but all of that only over those thin night wears I never saw her nude untill that one fine midnight..

I usually sleep with a bottle of water with me at night its a habit for me, but that special night I forgot to take one and even my mom forgot to keep one in my room as she usually does if I miss. I woke up around 1 am in the morning with my mouth completely dry maybe because of the tequila shots I had with my friends at a local pub few hours back that night. I walked very casually to the kitchen had a couple of glasses of water took one bottle from the fridge and started getting back to my room, now my mom's room is first from the kitchen on my way back I heard moans like the ones from a porn flick when a woman is about to cum, i got an instant hardon listening to it. I couldnt stop myself from enquiring whats my mom doing? I left the bottle at the kitchen counter and went for investigating with a hardon. To my surprise my moms door was actually open a little, but i cudnt see her from that much opening so I pushed it a little more and I was shocked and so turned on that I felt I was about to cum already.

My mom was stark naked her bed side lamp was on her TV was on too with some business news channel on but she wasnt watching it her body was sweating and that bedside lamp made her glow like an heavenly angel her boobs were flaunting her perky light brown nipples and she had a very well trimmed pussy hair patch like the ones playboy playmates have, a big pink dildo was all the way inside her pussy her eyes were closed and her right hand was working like a diesel engine pumping that dildo in and out of her pussy her left hand was busy squeezing those boobs and pinching her nipples, both her inner thights were glistering with her pussy juices I believe she has had an orgasm few moments ago. Within a few seconds her moans became louder and in next moment my mom came so hard that I could even see her squirt a little, I so wanted to taste her juices then and there. She shivered from head to toe then when she caught her breath back she got up and I saw her keeping that dildo in the depths of her bedside drawer. I ran back upto my room and masturbated 5 times that night thinking about her.

Next day when my mom was in her office I came back from college a little earlier I opened the door with my set of keys and went straight to my mom's room to get her dildo. I took that dildo in my hand and smelled it, oh it was so good I got an erection almost instantly I got nude in her bed room and started mastubating on her bedsheet while smelling and licking her pussy juices off her dildo. I shot a big load of my cum which was so intense that it flew all across her bed. I didnt bothered to clean it up I turned her AC on and let my cum dry on her bedsheet. In the mean while I planted two mini cameras in her room one right infront of her bed beside her TV and other on the left lamp shade of her bed which she never uses. The following night my mom masturbated again but this time her room was locked so I cudnt get to see her live action but was happy because I cud still watch it tommorow. Next morning as soon as she went to take her shower I fetched those mini digital cameras from her room and copied all the data onto my laptop. That day I didnt went to my college I told mom today there are no proper classes and It would be a waste of time so I would stay back she said OK. I transfered her recordings to my pendrive and plugged it to the big screen LCD Tv in my bedroom.

I played the recording and OH there she was my mom with her legs streched wide apart, fondling and licking her boobs while fucking herself with her pink dildo. Wow what a sight I realy wanted to lick that beautiful well pampered spa body of my mom. I masturbated 4 times watching her recording on that big screen but still wasnt satisfied so after taking a break and eating a good lunch cooked by my mom I went back to do it again. Got completely naked on my bed and started stroking my cock hard within few seconds tensions started to buildup on my cock and I was about to shoot my load I closed my eyes and just and started to moan (Oh mom Oh mom).

As soon as I shot my first load my mom barged into my room and right infront of her I shot my next 3 loads, she was taken aback with all what she saw. Her nude masturbation video on the LCD playing and her son masturbating looking at it. She shouted my name aloud (Rajiv what the hell are you doing?) I just looked at her embarassed with loads of cum all over my tummy. My mom closed the door harshly and went back to her room. I realised that day was a saturday it was her half day, and even though I locked the main door she must have used her set of keys to unlock it.
It was around 3 pm in the afternoon, I was so scared and embarassed that I locked myself thoughout the afternoon and the evening, but during the dinner time my mom called me to the dining table and I was scared to death listeing to her voice but when she called me again with an even louder voice I opened my room door and walked slowly towards the dining table keeping my head low and avoiding any eye contact with her. She served me dinner we both were extremely quite, as I was about to eat my mom asked my to get that pendrive I was watching on the Tv, I lost my hunger listening to that and brought that pendrive back and gave it to her with shivering hands. I realised she did served me the dinner but her plate was empty she went straight to her room with that pendrive probably to play it on her LCD or laptop so that she could know what all is on it.

She came back after few minutes sat on her chair served for herself and started eating her food, without looking at me she asked me...

MOM: have you uploaded it on the internet too? or shared it with anyone? tell me and tell me the truth!
ME: no mom I would never do that.
MOM: When was the first time u saw me doing all that and how?
ME: few days back I woke up to get some water and your bedroom door was open.
MOM: and since when are you recording me?
ME: this is the only recording I have of u I sware.
MOM: Alright I believe you! but u listen to me young man I do what I do to vent out my sexual frustrations of my love life, you are a handsome college going lad you can get all the girls you want, masturbating watching nude recordings of your own mom maturbating is not a healthy sexual orientation you will have to stop it. OK?
Me: No mom I cant stop now you can take away my pendrive but you cant take away my thoughts of you masturbating, I promise I wont hide cameras again in your room but please dont ask me to stop thinking about u while masturbating infact no one can make me cum now other than you.
MOM: Rajiv shut up! what the hell are u saying I am your mom for god sakes!
ME: I know mom and I am your son thats why I will not break your heart like other men did I will never hurt you like other men did. I know I have intense lust for you but I promise I will only keep it to masturbation only and will never try to touch you or rape you.
MOM(holding her head in her hands): Oh beta you could atleast lie to me you wont do it again and could have continued masturbating thinking about me! now you have made it complicated even for me I might think about you while masturbating.
ME(having a huge boner listening to what she just said): No mom I cant lie to you about all this and It would make me happy if my mom thinks about me and only me while masturbating.
MOM(smiling and caressing my cheeks): You like me so much baby!
ME: I love you so much mom!

Listening to that my mom got up, I got up too and she got a peek at the tent in my sports-lower she didnt said or made any expressions to that just collected all the plates went straight to the kitchen. When she came back she told me to goto bed now and asked me to promise her that I will never talk about her masturbation to anyone. I assured her and promised that I will never talk about it to anyone BUT UNDER ONE CONDITION suddenly there was tension in the room again..

MOM: Condition?? what condition?
ME: If you let me masturbate in your room beside you while watching you masturbating!
ME: Mom we both have seen eachother masturbating and even seen us both cumming too, then what are you so shy about? I promise I wont touch you! and you know I will keep my promise with you.
MOM: but beta...
ME(holding mom's hands): what mom think about it we both can satisfy ourselves much better by watching eachother its better than masturbating alone in our rooms. please mom please lets do it once, if u dont enjoy it we will stop and no one will know about it too...
MOM: OK! but u promise not to talk about it with your frends or anyone even with your wife whenever you get married!
ME: I promise mom this will be our little secret till death.
MOM: alright but you will get back to your room as soon as we are done! OK? You r not sleeping in my room.
ME: fair enough! I will get back to my room mom I promise.
MOM: alright getinto my room and wait till I finish cleaning the dishes, we will start as soon as I am done.
ME(smiling and hugging my mom): oh thanx a lot mom I love you so much....

What happened next will be more than just masturbation as we both mom and son found out that we both have a common fetish "ANAL FETISH!" If you liked the story so far then plz give your comments and anyone can contact me or chat with me on yahoo at my id (goldlund). Next part will be up in few hours!

Posted : 06/12/2011 11:41 pm