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Mom is Son's Slave  

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Still squeezing, I said, "Don't forget which one of us runs the show. Now put on your dog collar and high heels, then go make us some breakfast, and nothing too fattening for you. I'm going to take a piss," then released her warm soft cunt.

With a sigh of relief she uttered my favorite phase, "Yes master."

I strolled into her bathroom, quite pleased with myself and kicked up the toilet lid with my foot. Mom walked in, wearing her costume of the day, and knelt at my feet to watch me pee.

Just as the stream of urine began to slow down, the dirty old slut grabbed my cock and shoved the head of it into her mouth. She eagerly drank the last of my piss, sucking hard to get every drop.

The raw animal decadence of it thrilled me and brought me to an instant erection. Mother didn't stop sucking and sliding that fabulous mouth along the length of my prick until she had drained every drop of cum from my balls.

"Jesus H. Christ," I said in exhausted confusion.

"I just wanted you to know how nasty a slut I am willing to be for you. I am placing myself completely in your hands and I don't know what my limits are, so I want you to set a high standard of kinkiness for me."

She took a deep breath and continued, "Right now you have opened up a Pandora's box. You see, I've always been submissive, but I've never really let myself go. I think that's because I was afraid of how far it would go before I screamed 'Uncle'. Your father was the only person that I trusted to take me there, and I loved him dearly for all that we did. I'll tell you about that later, but know this. Mike never took me far enough. You've seen me when I'm hot. You know that I need extremes."

"When I fuck you it is incest. And that, in and of itself, is a huge turn on for me. But I see in you someone like myself. You're someone who needs to push the erotic envelope, to see just where it might take us, but do it with caution and love and trust. I might be more of a slut than you want, so we will explore those areas together and when you have reached your limit, we will call it mine too, just like I did with your father. I'm not sure that I have a limit."

She bent down and kissed my feet, then stood and left me standing there dumbfounded.

'God damn', I thought. What a responsibility to carry on my shoulders. Up until now I had been living out a fantasy. I had fully intended to be careful, but I never really thought of the fact that I would have complete responsibility for her life and every thing she did. Being a true master was one hell of a weight to bear. I wasn't going shirk it, but I would definitely have to be more thoughtful.

On the other hand, my beautiful, fat titted, hot pussied, cock sucking, piss drinking, dirty slut of a slave mother had just opened a whole new realm of possibilities. If I was creative and took precautions, then this was going to be one hell of a ride.

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Chapter 4

The morning after that first night with Fred, we didn't get up until noon. I had mom dress in garter-belt, stockings, high-heels and the French bra. This left her nipples and pussy exposed. We then had her apply her makeup with the most exaggerated and sexy look that we could think of. Fred and I grabbed at her constantly, but she didn't seem as happy about the attention as she had the previous night. We took her to the kitchen and put her to work cooking a big breakfast, because we had worked up a powerful appetite.

Mom whipped up fried eggs with bacon and biscuits for us, and she had the usual plate of fresh fruit. She ate like the lady that she was, but Fred and I wolfed down the grub as though it was our last meal. She still finished before us because we insisted on seconds.

When she placed my plate in front of me again, I massaged one of her breasts as she leaned down. Taking her nipple between thumb and forefinger, I slowly applied more and more pressure until I knew that the pain must be quite severe. She never even tried to pull away. She stood in place, with her eyes closed and tolerated my harmful abusing of her tit.

Fred must have felt left out because he said, "Hey, what about me."

I ignored him. After all, she was my slave, not his.

As I released her throbbing nipple from my grip, I had an idea that should please him and me.

"Slut, I think Fred and I would like some entertainment while we eat. Get up on the table. I want you to squat, with your legs spread wide so that we can poke at your pussy. And I warn you, I don't know why, but I'm in a mean mood all of a sudden."

Mom looked angered by my comment, as she carefully used a chair to climb onto the tabletop. I pushed some things out of the way and pointed to a spot in front of me. She awkwardly lowered herself until that hot hairy hole was directly in front of me. She used her hands to hold her legs apart and asked, "Is this how my master would like me?" But there was sarcasm in her voice.

I nodded my head in the affirmative then began twisting the dark hairs of her pussy, taking delight in the winces of pain that shook her body as I did so.

"You know something, Fred?" I asked, "I just love the way her bosoms jiggle when I give her cunt hair a tug." Then I pulled especially hard and was rewarded with a yelp and the bouncing tits that I so loved to see.

"Hey, I want to play too, you know."

"Of course my friend. Mother dear; take your nasty cunt over to Fred so he can have a few pulls on the old pussy."

She was not happy with the turn of events and didn't try to hide it. There was anger on her face, but she did as she was told, pivoting to her left and giving full access to her wide-open loins. Fred's hand dove in between her thighs and mother was quickly yipping and bouncing to our delight.

Finally, she could take our assault no longer. So she knocked his hand away, closed her legs and stood up, loudly protesting, "God damn it, enough is enough. I enjoy being your play toy, but there are times when I just don't feel like it and you're just going to have to live with that."

As she quickly scrambled to the floor, I ran the scene though my mind and realized that she wasn't really into this slave thing like she was last night. It was an attitude that she had carried with her since she had climbed out of bed this morning, but I hadn't gotten a handle on it until now. She wanted to be my slave all right, but she actually only intended to act as such when she wanted too. Man oh man, was I pissed! I hadn't worked at this for so long and hard to have her cop an attitude whenever it suited her.

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My reaction was born of instinctive anger. I slapped her just as hard as I could. She went flying across the kitchen and landed hard on her ass.

She was hurt, but still very mad. I had trembled in fear at that look from her when I was younger, but now I was a master and not about to have this bitch defy me. But she was determined to gain the upper hand.

"Listen to me, sonny boy, I've played along for now, and we've all had some fun, but this has gone far enough. If you lay another hand on me, I'll have your ass in a sling."

A cool calm washed over me. When I glanced at Fred, his look was one of shear terror. I knew then that he would never be a true master. I also knew that I was a real master from the top of my head down to my toes; and that mother was a submissive slut who would bend to my will, if I forced her to do so.

I walked toward her with deliberate steps and, just as she was standing up, I stuck her in the abdomen with the heel of my hand. It was a perfect blow, right in the solar plexus. I heard the air rush out of her lungs as my open hand went deep into her belly. She almost lost consciousness, as she lay on her side with a stunned look on her face.

"Fred, run upstairs and get me two large bath towels. Don't ask any fucking questions and don't be a fucking wimp, just do it."

The fright that was written all over his face, told me that he was near panic. I hoped that he would respond to my strong orders and fall into step as I commanded. He opened his mouth to speak, but I immediately raised my hand with the finger pointing to the stairs. He sighed and took off to do as he was told.

I grabbed mom by the hair and the wrist of one arm then dragged her into the den. By this time, I had a supply of toys stashed in there for mom and me to play with. So, when Fred came into the den, he found mother with a ball gag in her mouth and her hands bound together. He still seemed nervous, but he was going along with me on this and I knew that he was committed now.

A few minutes later found mother hanging from the bookshelf, as I had done to her before. Her hands high above her head, her legs spread wide and held up with the bath towels, her naked pussy open and vulnerable. Her tits, from which I had removed the bra, swayed nicely as she yelled at me through the gag.

I stood before her and slowly removed my clothes. I ignored her pleas and with a deliberate move, I took the whipping strap from the desk and wrapped it around my hand.

She was shaking her head no and begging for mercy through the gag, but I was not in a merciful mood. I moved in close and gave her a short speech.

"I'm very disappointed in you mother. You know full well that I'm a true master and would never accept this behavior from any slave. You acknowledged at the beginning of this training period that you now belong to me and that I could use you as I saw fit. Furthermore, you and I both know what a submissive slut you really are. Perhaps you thought that I could be easily controlled when you didn't feel like 'playing', to use your word, but you were wrong. I was quite serious in my explanation of our relationship, and I was quite serious about the ramifications of disobedience. You deserve to be punished. You have embarrassed me in front of my most trusted friend and now you will suffer."

When I finished talking, she was in tears, but she nodded her head yes. I knew that she had accepted the inevitable, so I decided to use that to calm Fred down.

"You do agree that you need to be punished, don't you?"

A muffled "Yes Master," through the gag.

"Apologize to Fred for causing such a ruckus. Just say it in plain language, we'll understand you."

She looked over to Fred, who stood mesmerized, and mumbled something about being sorry and how she did deserve to be punished. I understood very little of it, but it sounded very apologetic, so I was satisfied.

I was pissed for two reasons really; first, because she had copped such a shitty attitude, and second, because we had worked her over the night before. I just didn't want her to be damaged beyond her current state. Nevertheless, discipline was called for, and if I carefully applied the lash, she would suffer plenty.

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"Bosoms," I yelled out at her. Then I sent the wide strap crashing into her left breast. Ignoring her scream through the gag, I swiftly laid another on her right. I would pause for a few brief moments, and then go after those fat knockers again and again. They weren't welting so much as they were turning a bright red. From mother's screams, tears and muffled pleas, I knew that it must be very painful.

When I finally quit the breast torture, I went over to Fred and handed him the strap. He took it. The understanding look that he gave me, and the tent in his trousers, told me that he would love to be a part of this disciplinary process.

I whispered to him, "Strip! Let her see that you enjoy hurting her, but don't damage her. Remember, we did a number on her last night and I don't want her to take forever to recover, but make sure she suffers. Then, we're going to fuck her brains out, making sure that she doesn't come. That's important, Fred. That's part of her punishment." He nodded in agreement.

Turning back to her, I said, "You offended Fred as much as me. He will lash your cunt until he is satisfied and I expect you to offer it to him to show your sorrow at having been such a selfish bitch."

The weariness in her body was evident by the way she drooped in the restraints. She didn't look good at all and I was concerned for her physical well-being, but she had brought this on herself, and I couldn't back down now. I backed away from her, giving Fred room to maneuver. He moved in, ready for action.

I was going to say one last thing, when Fred spoke up. "I had a great time with you last night. You made my fantasies come true, and then you ruined it all this morning, with your rotten 'cunt' attitude. I'll accept nothing but your screams and tears as an apology, so put that pussy out here, where I can really lay into it.

I was surprised and proud of my buddy. He was smart and caught on quick. You had to dominate this woman or she would dominate you.

With a grunt, my mother lifted her hips in the towel support which held her in place, and then she pushed out her pelvis to offer her sore pussy for Fred's punishment.

He wasted no time in sending a powerful blow directly between those incredible thighs. I watched as the strap disappeared into the folds of her puffy outer lips and was followed by the usual high-pitched scream of pain and horror that she involuntarily offered to us as her testament of her contrition. Fred spent more effort working around her pussy, by strapping the area close in on her thighs. But, he sent several relatively harsh whacks upon the swelling cunt of my lovely slut and slave.

Fred threw the leather strap to the floor, stepped up between my mother's legs and drove his hard cock deeply into her abused tunnel. I had wanted to fuck mom before him, but I could understand his impatience. If I were closer, I probably would have been inside of her first. As it was, he finished after a dozen or so strokes, screaming out his pleasure as though he was experiencing mother's pain.

Mom, by this time, had begun to show signs of interest at this activity. She was thrusting her hips down onto his cock, as he shot his load and she pleaded for him not to stop now. She was hot again, just like I wanted her to be.

Fred pulled out, and turning to me, he said weakly, "Sorry man, I couldn't wait. I had to fuck that slut."

"No problem. You did just fine. Now it's my turn."

I moved in close to mom, and then removed her gag. I looked down at her badly swollen pussy and could detect a small amount of Fred's sperm leaking through the crack. Last night I had overcome my squeamishness at fucking her when her cunt was full of some one else's jizz. As puffy as her poor abused loins looked, I was glad that there was something to lubricate that thing. I didn't want the cunt of my slave damaged anymore than it was, and I damn sure didn't want to rip the skin off of my dick, as I plowed through the dry, blood engorged lips of her pussy.

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"Mother dear, I'm going to fuck you now. But, I want you to know that I'm not going to allow you to come. That is part of your punishment. I expect you to deny yourself the pleasure of a climax. No matter how hot you get, you must refuse to have pleasure. Will you obey my command?"

I had never seen so many emotions on a persons face, as I witnessed on mother's that morning. I could read desire, hope, fear, desperation, anger, disappointment and finally understanding.

"As my master commands, so shall it be. I want you so terribly and I need so badly to come with you, but I'll fight like hell to avoid an orgasm. My master is harsh, but fair. It is no less than I deserve."

There are times when a slave can make a master feel like a god. It was with the elation of being deified that I plunged into my mother's swollen, red cunt. I had intended to make this a long, drawn out affair, but I just couldn't contain myself. My desire was at the breaking point as I exploded into her, shouting loudly what a great fucking whore that she was. I don't think that I lasted as long as Fred had. Still, as I held onto mother's tits in the waning moments of my ecstasy, I could tell that she was very aroused and fighting to maintain control of her lust. She was a good and obedient slave.

I eased my deflated prick out of her and whispered, "I love you mother. I love you slut. I love you slave."

She whispered back, "You are everything to me. I live for you, now. I devote my existence to you."

Fred and I carefully removed her from the bookcase to the sounds of her moans and yelps of pain. I placed one of the towels on the leather sofa and had her lay down on it and then had Fred fetch an ice bag for her pussy. I was glad to see that it wasn't bleeding, but boy had it swelled. Mom's labia must have been at least twice their normal size.

I told her that we were going to leave her alone for a while, but that she hadn't quite finished with her chores. Fred and I each took turns straddling her face so that she could clean our cocks with that hot sucking mouth. You might think that erections were called for, but after the sexual marathon that we had experienced over the last eighteen hours, we were toast. The cock cleaning was merely a duty to be performed by a good slave.

We left her to recuperate and went upstairs to rest our selves. We thought nothing of the fact that we were both naked as we plopped down onto mom's bed and dozed off.

Fred woke before me. He poked me in my side as he said, "Hey man, let's go see how your mom's doing."

"You know Fred, when we're alone with her, we need to refer to her as slut or whore. If you want to call her by her name, do it in a demeaning way. She's in the early stages of slave training and she needs to be reminded at all times as to her status. We don't necessarily need to hurt her to punish her. Command her to do something degrading. That's just as effective and it doesn't damage my slave."

"OK! I've had a few thoughts on that very thing. Some of my ideas may seem silly, but they're certainly not normal adult behavior and that should mean that the slut would be embarrassed by them."

We shared ideas about what we could require of her, anything that would be demeaning, but nothing that would do anymore damage to her. We both had a love of sexy, lacy lingerie, so keeping her dressed in something like that was a given. I told him that I had purchased nipple and pussy clamps and that, while we couldn't use her cunt for the moment, we could place them on her tits and hang weights from them. Fred added some good stuff to our plans for the day. Basically it would be centered on her performing a variety of nasty little tasks that would further cement her position in the house as that of an obedient slave.

We each donned a pair of shorts and shirt and then went down to see how my slave was doing. She had fallen asleep and hadn't moved since we left her. I gently removed the ice pack from her loins and had a close look at the damage. Some swelling had gone down, but it still looked awfully sore and puffy.

Our activity brought her around and she rolled her head as she opened her eyes. Mom swallowed a few times, and then asked, "Do I still have a pussy?"

"Oh yeah, you still have one. It's swollen, but looking better and still beautiful. It's a shame that you had to be punished, but you must learn that you have to comply with my demands, even if you hate them."

"I certainly don't want to go through this again, master. I'll do the best that I can, but if I fail you again, I know that I shall be punished severely. I sincerely apologize to you and your friend for being such a rude bitch and I hope that I never disappoint you again."

"Apology accepted. Now get on your knees in front of me, I have to piss."

The disgusted look on her face spoke volumes as to her feelings about my command, but she eased her sore body off of the sofa and onto her knees at my feet. As she tilted her head back and opened her mouth she said, "Your toilet is ready master."

I opened my shorts and pulled out my cock, as Fred said to her, "You really are a dirty fucking slut, aren't you?"

Mother's cheeks flushed and she squeezed her eyes shut tight as though to block out the humiliation in Fred's statement. Then she opened her eyes and looked in his direction and said, "Yes sir. I'm a dirty nasty piss drinking slut."

I placed my penis at the entrance to her mouth and let loose a flood of urine. My need to unload was pretty intense, so I just let it rip, but she was unable to handle it all. It went into her mouth, but much of it flowed down her face, onto her tits and belly, then onto the floor.

"Drink as much as you can my slave. You'll have plenty of time to clean the carpet later, after Fred has pissed down your throat."

Fred's piss was soon flowing down her face and puddling on the carpet. Later that day we would have her clean it up, but not now.

"I adore your nipples slave, so I've brought you a little present for them, to enhance their appearance."

I held up before her eyes the clamps that I had purchased; she recognized what they were and understood their purpose immediately. Using both hands, she lifted her breasts up toward me and said, "I'm sure that you intend to place them on my nipples master, so allow me to offer my big tits for your enjoyment."

I must admit that I was very pleased with her ready acceptance. One at a time I placed a clamp over the tip of a nipple and tightened it in place, but not so tight that she was in any real pain. After all, she had been tortured enough for now and she was being obedient. I had her stand so that I could take each of her clamped nubbins into my mouth and suckle it briefly. Fred too, wanted in on that action and my slut was glad to oblige him.

"Now slut, place your hands behind your back and do what you were supposed to do before we had to punish you. I think it's important you realize that you can't avoid some unpleasant task by suffering a little punishment. Go to Fred and offer him your pussy."

The look of fear crossed her lovely face and she cast a pleading glance at me, but I merely stared at her with sullen determination. Without comment, she moved to Fred and squatted slightly then pushed her pelvis at him.

By agreement, Fred and I felt that this was necessary and that he would be gentle with her poor aching cunt. The idea here was to make a point, not to do any further harm to her damaged loins. So he massaged the outside area that was so badly swollen, and then gently inserted a finger into her pussy. She was very apprehensive and even yelped with surprise as his finger worked its way into her, but she made no effort to resist.

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