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Misbehaving Husband gets punished  


Part 1: Wife punishes husband for first time

My Mistress/Wife, Betsy, has dominated me for our entire 32 year relationship. We have both been totally committed to each other our entire lives, and we took away each other's virginity on my 18th birthday.

Mistress Betsy and I have been married for nearly 23 years, and have three adorable daughters, ages 19, 17 and 14.

Mistress Betsy is 50 years old, stands 5' 6" tall, weighs 122 pounds and has a 36D-23-34 figure. She has long black silky hair that flows to the top of her firm little rear and has big brown eyes. She has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry, and is
extremely charming and has a great sense of humor.

I am 48 years old, stand 5' 7" tall and weigh 145 pounds. My hair is black and eyes are hazel in color. My circumcised cock is under 1" in length and extremely narrow when flaccid. My balls are also undersized. I have a Ph.D. in Mathematics.

Mistress Betsy was, until recently, the only woman to see my genitals since I've been old enough to bathe and dress myself.

Usually, I will end up doing inconsiderate 2 or 3 times a month. This upsets Mistress Betsy, and she will punish me as follows. She will order me to strip, after which she will securely tie my hands behind my back. She will then strip as well. She will then give me a "French" kiss and hug, as well as a knee to the groin. I am then taken over Mistress Betsy's lap for a bare ass spanking administered with a ping pong paddle at the rate of 30 swats per minute. She
hits me hard. And the spanking lasts for approximately one hour. During the spanking, about every 5 minutes, she will reach up between my legs and squeeze my balls real hard. After a spanking, I am told to lick her until she's
satisfied. This usually takes another hour and until she's had at least had 6 or 7 orgasms. Licking her to orgasm is my favorite activity. I am left tied up for hours afterwards, and denied any additional sexual gratification.

About 4 months ago, I upset Mistress Betsy so much, she invited her beautiful, lovely sister, Mistress Carol, over to our house to punish me. Mistress Betsy knew I would be really bothered by Mistress Carol's punishing me.

Mistress Carol gave me my usual punishment, but the spanking lasted for 3 hours. Talk about a sore ass!!!! Mistress Betsy and Mistress Carol were really hot from punishing me, and had me to lick them both to multiple orgasms.
Mistress Carol then untied my hands and forced me to jerk off twice. After cumming each time, Mistress Carol would force me to lick up and swallow my own cum. This really bothered me, but both my Mistresses thought this was funny.

They then escorted me to a nudist camp, where all three of us stripped and toured the grounds. They each held one of my hands so I couldn't cover myself up. I was TOTALLY humiliated due to the fact all these ladies there were viewing my grossly undersized genitals. Every time a lady would see me, she would smile. Several of these younger ladies even broke out into a laugh. Each time one of these ladies would find my under-endowment funny, Mistress Betsy forced me to approach every lady that found my size funny, and talk to her to be sure I was embarrassed.

Mistress Betsy would hug and kiss me, as well as "feel me up" at the camp, in order to try and get me erect. But due to the severe humiliation and that I had already cum twice that day, I remained flaccid during the entire visit. While I
find this whole experience to be embarrassing to "no end", it made me hornier than hell, and also taught me to be more careful in the future.

Part 2: I thought I had already learned my lesson

I thought I had learned my lesson. After my wife Betsy and her sister Carol had totally humiliated me with the visit to the nudist camp with my grossly undersized genitals, I thought I had finally learned to play by Betsy’s desires
and demands.

Well, I made a big mistake last week when I failed to perform the duties around the house that Betsy had expected me to perform, and instead found me going places on the Internet that she had placed off limits.

As promised, for my next misdeed, Betsy invited five of her closest lady friends over to our house last Saturday at 9 AM for a full day of enjoyment for them and suffering for me. These very attractive, sexy ladies visit our home regularly, and had no previous knowledge of my tiny genitals or that Betsy had total control of me.

Betsy had me strip and had tied my hands behind my back before any of the ladies came over, and had still not told me what she had planned. When Nancy, the first of her friends arrived, and I was taken to the front door to greet her, it was obvious I was in "trouble".

When Nancy asked if Lisa, Michelle, Susan or Kym had arrived, I realized I was in for a severe day of embarrassment at the "hands" of these ladies.

Since it had been five days since Betsy had given me any relieve, I was very horny, and already had a hard-on when Nancy arrived. Nancy looked at me, and was peeved I already was hard. She slapped me hard, and just gave me a lecture on being overly excited too early in the game.

Within the next ten minutes the other four ladies arrived, and they along with Betsy, all striped and began taking turns playing with me. They warned me that if I ejaculated without permission. I would receive severe punishment.

For several hours, these ladies played with my tiny genitals, slapped me, spanked while over their laps, and taunted with embarrassing comments about my size whenever I lost my erection.

Midway through the afternoon session, while Kym was stroking me, I came all over her. That was the beginning to the end.

At that point, they huddled, and finally decided on what they were going to do to me. When they finally "broke huddle", they all had smiles on their faces.

First off, Betsy informed me that I wouldn’t be receiving any "satisfaction" for six months and that she was going spank me every other day for those six months.

Nancy, Lisa, Michelle, Susan and Kym told me that during that six month period, they were going to take turns coming over to our house on the off days, when Betsy wasn’t going to give me my bare ass spanking. They promised to abuse me sexually and provide me with verbal humiliation about my size. They are to take turns, and to widen the circle to include a number of their lady friends.

To think that the these ladies, aside from Betsy, will be taking me over their laps on a regular basis and tanning my behind scares me. And to think that I have no control to stop the spankings or from the circle of ladies from
widening, has me shaking in my boots.

They then promised to some day soon, bring by a digital camera and take pictures on my genitals and post them on the Internet with my identity. Betsy was excited to about this fact.

Part 3: Punishment report after first week

Well, my daily punishment has now been in force for a week now. And damn are my genitals and behind sore. And my ego is not fairing very well. Betsy and her friends have been very unforgiving in punishing me. I’ve on occasion spoken out, saying something wrong, and been given a knee to the groin.

The weeknight sessions have lasted anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. And these sessions have been intense. The weekend sessions have been all day affairs and have been a tad bit less intense.

My session with Lisa yesterday (Saturday) was the most embarrassing, painful day of abuse I feel I could ever endure. It began at 8 AM and didn’t end until just before 7PM when Betsy was due to come home with our three daughters.

Lisa brought over three of her friends: Karen, Jessica and Lori. They brought along a camcorder and filmed our entire session. They promised to make copies for Betsy and several of their lady friends.

Michelle’s turn was today, and the session just ended at 10 PM. It began early, at 3PM. This was a special seven-hour session. There has always been a lot of sexual tension between us, something I’ve resisted because of my love and respect for Betsy.

Well, today I had no control of what went on while I was under Michelle’s total control and Betsy was out enjoying the time out with our daughters.

Michelle decided we were going to have sexual intercourse. She had said early on today that she had always wanted to bed me, and this seemed to her to be the opportune time. She told me that she felt that I must have something going for me in bed, despite my small genitals. She said that if Betsy could hang in there for all these years of marriage, and give me three children, I must be something going for me.

Michelle, who at 32 years of age and single, told me she wouldn’t mind at all giving me a child, so she insisted on no rubber, and also informed me she wasn’t on the pill. The first two hours together consisted of very passionate
intercourse with my cumming inside of her.

Michelle had two of her lady friends along as a live audience. Michelle’s friends, Beth and Heather, seemed to have a real good time today. Michelle promised them they could attend our next session. They have been told they could
also invite some of their lady friends to join us next time.

Beth and Heather are in their mid twenties, so the group of ladies tormenting me is getting larger and larger. They are also getting younger and younger.

So, as of today, four of the five of Betsy’s friends have had their first individual day with me. Susan is due on Tuesday, and she had promised me a week ago Saturday that I was in for a day of torment I won’t forget if I lived to 100 years of age.

And I am waiting to see what happens when Betsy decides how I should be punished for having intercourse with Michelle.

Part 4: Week Two Punishment report

Here we are nearing the end of the second week of my six months of punishment. Betsy’s friends having been telling us that they’ve really been enjoying themselves and almost always bringing different young, beautiful, sexy lady friends along during their sessions with me.

They (Lisa, Kym, Michelle, Nancy and Susan) tell me that these ladies are there to make sure I cooperate. I am informed that they are also there so I am exposed to as much embarrassment as possible. Their friends do in fact participate, first hand, in the punishment.

Lisa, Kym, Nancy and Susan have been talking about making love to me. They are saying they too wouldn’t mind becoming pregnant with my child, as long as the child is a girl. They say their concerned any boy I may father will be as grossly under endowed as me. They then point at my crotch and laugh.

Betsy had already ordered a digital camera online, which is due to arriving within several days. She told me that she is having second thoughts about posting pictures of me, but Nancy told her yesterday that they are all looking forward to using the camera and posting the pictures.

Nancy says they plan on forcing Betsy to take the pictures and forcing me to getting them posted. She says they (she and Betsy’s other friends) get real joy from the thought of getting Betsy and I to do things that will further my

The initial punishment I received at the hands of Susan (and the four ladies she invited along) lasted from 5PM until nearly Midnight, and was so severe I passed out twice. Aside from the verbal assaults about my size, I was treated to the usual hard face slaps, over the knee spankings, groin kicks and groin pulls. They put their entire strength and power into the physical punishment. They were very unwilling to hold back a little like the other ladies seemed to be doing.

It turns out that Susan was already upset with me. She was just looking for the chance to hurt me. She and her friends also worked a huge dry dildo up my virgin ass while trying to rip my balls off. I kept begging Susan to stop, or at least ease up, but she would just laugh at me.

At the end of the day, she said she was upset because I apparently ignored her when she had tried to seduce me several years ago. I told her I didn’t remember the occasion, but was sure I was just being faithful to Betsy. She said she didn’t want to hear my excuses, and that she was hurt by that experience of rejection.

Part 5: Punishment from college coeds

Well, it had been months since I had done anything bad enough to receive punishment from my wife, Betsy. The punishment at the hands of Betsy’s lady friends had stopped. So, I had at made. I had finally learned my lesson, but

Our three daughters knew of the stories and pictures of me posted on several adult web sites. The postings bothered the girls, so they asked the web masters of the sites to remove the postings. And providing each of them with my approval, they were removed.

Well, Betsy found out several months later upon visiting one of the sites. This bothered her enough to send a request to the each of the sites, asking for the stories of my punishment and pictures of my tiny genitals to be reposted. Her
request was successful.

Betsy works at a local university. She looked for and found four separate lovely coeds she didn’t even know to come over to our house for a weekend. She made a particular effort to find the most beautiful, sexiest, first or second year

The four ladies who accepted her invitation were all either 18 or 19 years of age. She knew that my being punished by teenage ladies would add a special flavor to my torment. They were each asked to bring along four lady friends a

In all, there were 20 lovely, young, sexy ladies ages 18 and 19 involved. They were at our home from 6:30 PM on Friday through 11 PM on Sunday. For the most part, they did nothing to me that Betsy’s lady friends had done to me, but coming from such young ladies "freaked" me out. The punishment was non-stop the whole weekend, with the ladies taking turns to rest. But I was not permitted any rest during the whole weekend.

I was stark naked with my hands tied behind my back the whole time. The ladies all striped upon entering our home. What a scene!!!

They would knee me to the groin hard, give me hard slaps to face and the balls, as well as take me over their laps for bare ass spankings. I hadn’t ever dreamt of receiving such tough punishment from such young, innocent and sweet looking young ladies.

Since my hands were tied behind my back, I couldn’t do anything while they’d rub their soft, tender bodies against me, while giving me hugs and tender kisses. This made me so damn horny, but I was never allowed to cum during my punishment weekend. This occurred four months ago, and to this day, Betsy had not permitted me any sexual relief. But, yet she has made me lick her to multiple orgasm every day since then.

Part 6: Surprise attacks from college coeds

My wife, Betsy, has been quite satisfied with my behavior the past month, so we are back to engaging in martial relations. She says I may have finally learned to stop misbehaving, leading to the sever punishment that has been mine the better part of two years.

Betsy’s lady friends were willing to forgo the full six months of punishing me for sake of their friendship with Betsy, and to satisfy a request from our daughters. They still tease me verbally whenever they get the chance, and that hurts my ego, but at least the physical abuse has stopped.

But… Something happening two nights ago that frightens the heck out of us. My last punishment, several months ago, took place at the hands of 12 beautiful, sexy eighteen and nineteen year old coeds from a local university.

These 12 lovely coeds came over to our house unannounced. They brought along about 20 other lovely young ladies, from the same university. They busted into the house when Betsy answer the doors at about 7 PM. Approximately 30 young women were overwhelming us.

They striped Betsy, and our 18-year-old Wendy of their clothes and tied them up. I was next. In trying to protect my ladies, the coeds proceeded to kick me in the balls several times. While doubled over in pain, they ripped off my clothes as well, and tied my hands behind my back.

Our two other daughters were over at friends homes, thank goodness. They were spared this surprise attack.

The coeds brought the three of us, Betsy, Wendy and I together in the master bedroom. By this time the coeds were also stark naked, belittling me for my tiny genitals and my inability to protect my family. They tossed Betsy and I into bed together, and placed Wendy at the foot of the bed and made her watch as they forced Betsy onto me.

They had Betsy play with my genitals until I had an erection. At this point, they had Betsy mount me and begin humping me. Several of the coeds had joined us in our king-size bed, and had their hands all over us both. Finally I deposited my cum inside of Betsy. They pulled Betsy off of me and instructed Wendy to make disparaging remarks about my performance and size.

Several of the college coeds took my balls in their hands for solid squeezes while giving me tender tongue sucking kisses. Several others strapped on dildos, and proceeded to give them to me up my ass. All without any lubrication.

Finally, Wendy’s hands were untied. They then made Wendy take me over her lap and spank my bare, sore behind. After about 45 minutes, when Wendy’s hand was too sore to continue, they made her grab my balls and yank on them several times.

At this point they got dressed and informed us this sort of thing will happen several more times again soon, and that if we called the authorities, I will be castrated and force fed my genitals. And worse.

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