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Michelle and the Stewardess  


It all started when I was flying back home to Washington through a connection in Norfolk. The airline cancelled the last flight out and I was furious. As I approached the customer service desk I saw a beautiful white stewardess arguing with the black customer service lady. The stewardess was about my height (5’7”), and wearing a blue stewardess dress that nicely curved to her body and ended a little above her knees where her shapely blue stocking legs went the rest of the way to a pair of low heeled black pumps. She had long, soft, dark brown hair that was slightly curvy and went down to her middle back. The customer service woman was black, thin but muscular and had her hair pulled back. Oh, by the way, I am also 5’7”, 120 pounds and have dark brown hair that is styled in sort of a Bob, it curls in at my shoulders and has a curled bang in the front. Like the stewardess my body has an hourglass shape and my legs are quite shapely. I was wearing a dark blue skirt down to my lower thighs and a white blouse with a dark blue business suit-vest on top. I wore my white lace bra and panties with thigh-high waist-top garter-less white stockings. Usually I wear panty hose, but I wore my stockings to surprise my boy friend when I got back to Washington. I had a short white slip with lace on the bottom and wore a black pair of pumps.
Anyway, I could hear the stewardess complain that she wasn’t supposed to work that night and was quite upset that she got stuck in Norfolk. She was demanding that the customer service rep find her a room. The rep told her to wait and waved me on as the next person in line. When I arrived at the desk I told the rep the same thing and I demanded (in my best business voice) that the airline find and pay for a room for the night or, as a frequent flyer, I would raise hell with their home office. Suddenly, the black lady behind the counter looked at me differently. It was almost as if she was picturing me without my clothes on. Her tone changed from being very courteous to more stern and business like. The way she was looking at me made me feel very uncomfortable and vulnerable but before I could say something she said “ok maim, but all the rooms are booked, would you mind sharing with one of our stewardesses. I looked at the stewardess and said “that’s fine.” The black woman gave us the keys to the hotel and said she was giving us her room and there was no need t check in. She also gave us vouchers for dinner and recommended a decent place next to the airport. I felt so proud of myself like I was so important, but little did I know that I would be totally humiliated and taught the lesson of my life later on.
I introduced myself to the stewardess and she said her name was Ann. After dinner, and some girl talk, we walked to the dumpy airport hotel and found our room. It was a single room that was rather large with two twin beds. The rug was red and very seedy and the place in general was kind of filthy. However, sometimes when you travel you take what you can get. Shortly after entering the room the door closed behind us and we discovered there was a large black woman hiding behind it. I was so startled that I let out a little scream, Ann was startled too but demanded that there was a mistake and that she should leave our room. Suddenly the black woman threatened us with a large knife and said, “do you want to say that again bitch.” I was about to give her my money and ask that she not hurt us when she said, “now the mistress is waiting to see you.” Ann responded, “What are you talking about ‘Mistress’, who is that. The black woman said “Oh you know the mistress and she has a special night planned for both of you.” Now I was really starting to get scared. The woman was quite large and muscular and had almost a mans features. She was dressed in a leather halter-top and a tight leather skirt. I started to panic and said “what do you want, what are you going to do with us?” The large black woman laughed saying, “don’t worry, you two bitches just do everything you are told and you won’t get hurt… too much.” Then her voice got really angry and demanding and she said “NOW IT’S TIME TO SEE THE MISTRESS, MOVE IT BITCHES.”
She led us into the bathroom and locked the door behind us. Inside the bathroom was a similar large black woman identically dressed in leather and the black customer service rep that gave us the room. The customer service rep was dressed in a flimsy spiked leather outfight with a black see through bra and panties. She wore a black pair of stilettos and was holding a riding crop. Immediately, I noticed that there were a bunch of items laid out in the bathroom. I didn’t know what all these things were but I later found out that they were for torture, there were also many large oddly shaped dildos on top of the toilet. I also noticed a video camera that seemed to be recording us. I later found out that our entire ordeal was recorded and sold in adult video stores. The customer service lady said, “Well, well, if it isn’t the two uppity white bitches that think they’re better than me. By the end of this night the two of you will be licking my ass-hole and begging for more!” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and became so scared that I could barely keep from shivering. First I started to plead and then Ann joined in “please, we didn’t mean anything let us go you can keep the room.” “Silence! You will not talk without being told and when you do talk you will say Yes Mistress and No Mistress, otherwise you will be severely punished,” she demanded. She proceeded to say, “is that understood!” Both Ann and I like two little children responded “Yes Mistress.” Then she said that we are to do everything she says or face punishment and again we answered “Yes Mistress.” “Good,” she said, “Now strip to your heels and hose, all slave bitches in my presence must be naked.”
I couldn’t bear the thought of these people seeing me totally naked (after all they were black and should be serving me). “I will not!” I said with a stern voice. Before I knew it the Mistress slapped me across my face and said “strip or my girls will cut you up real good.” One of the other women started to come at me with a knife and I quickly said, “I’m sorry, please I’ll do anything you say.” She replied, “Good, then strip and both of you will be punished for this disobedience.”
Ann and I started by unbuttoning our blouses, I felt so ashamed as I slowly slipped off my blouse with those terrible women glaring at me. Then we dropped our skirts. I was in my bra and slip, but Ann had no slip and was exposed in her black bra and panties with her blue pantyhose over them. One of the women said “Oh la la this is going to be fun.” We were ordered to take off our bras with the words “Now show us those tits bitches.” We removed our bras but kept our hands over our breasts only to have them forcefully removed by the two large women. They glared at our breasts for a long time licking their lips, I felt so ashamed and scared of what was next. The Mistress had one of the other women cut Ann’s panties off from under her hose. Then two small holes were cut in her pantyhose to expose her vagina and ass hole. By this time my slip was off and the Mistress said “what are you waiting for, drop those panties bitch.” My panties went down exposing my freshly shaven vagina and I was left in nothing but my white stockings. For a while they just let the two of us stand there naked while they looked us over. I noticed that Ann had a nice shaped body but her breasts were a little flat and floppy. My breasts are perkier and come up to a point at the nipple. Both our nipples were a little tight, as the room was cold.
“Now, before your punishment I will give you your names and explain how you are to talk,” said the Mistress. She pointed to Ann and said, “Your new name will be Sludge Hole”. Then she pointed to me and said my name would be Shit Hole.” Both of us said “Yes Mistress.” Then she told us that from now on we are to refer to our breasts as ‘Bobbles’, looking at me and noticing the shape of my breasts she commanded me to call them ‘Banana Shaped Bobbles’. She then said that our vaginas are to be called ‘Wet Willows’ and our ass holes ‘Poop Holes’. Finally, she said we must call our feet ‘stockinged feeties’. If we used any other words for these body parts we would be severely punished. She then told us to repeat the following words. Ann repeated first saying “please what are you going to do to my naked bobbles, wet willow, poop hole, and stockinged feeties” Then I said “please what are you going to do to my naked banana shaped bobbles, willow hole, poop hole, and stockinged feeties.” They all started to laugh and I just wanted to die. I couldn’t believe the two of us were naked and being forced to say these things.
The Mistress than proceeded to tell us that it was time for our punishment for not stripping when she told us to. Ann protested since she wasn’t the one that gave them a hard time, but the Mistress said we are both to be punished and took Ann first. She laid Ann across her lap and told me to watch closely because I would be getting twice as much. Then she took a paddle and proceeded to paddle Ann’s pantyhosed bottom for what seemed like forever. Ann was pleading and crying while her bottom grew red and the Mistress finally stopped. I couldn’t believe that I was going to get that and worse. Ann got up and crouched in the corner weeping uncontrollably while she rubbed her bottom. After getting across the Mistress’s lap the two other women took what I now know to be breast clamps that had small chains attached with heavy metal balls at the end. They clamped my breasts (oops, I mean my banana shaped bobbles) as they hanged over the mistress’s lap and I would immediately feel my banana shaped bobbles being stretched and pulled by the weight of the hanging balls. Then the mistress proceeded to spank me, I cried but said nothing as I knew it would lead to more punishment. Then the two other woman came over to me as I was being spanked and started swinging the balls on my breast clamps opposite each other, causing my banana shaped bobbles to swing with the balls like two pendulums. It was so painful and humiliating that I finally screamed ‘Owwww, please Mistress my banana shaped bobbles can’t take anymore, and they all started laughing again. “Are you going to listen to everything I say from now on bitch”, “Yes Mistress”, I replied and she stopped and had me stand up. I immediately, grabbed the metal balls and tried to support the weight with my hands.
The Mistress grew angry and said “did I tell you to touch those balls, let them hang or they’ll be on you all day bitch!” I slowly lowered the balls and my banana shaped bobbles flopped down as the balls pulled my nipples towards the floor. The Mistress then said, “I didn’t hear you”. I quickly replied “yes Mistress” after which she had the clamps removed. I grabbed my banana shaped bobbles and rubbed them. My bottom was sorely hurting me also, but my breasts (oops, my banana shaped bobbles) never went through such pain before. The Mistress said, “how do those tits feel now bitch.” I replied that my nipples still hurt and the Mistress told me to say it again but to call my nipples ‘nipply-poos.’ I repeated, “my banana shaped bobbles feel ok, but my nipply-poos still hurt.” They laughed again and I felt so humiliated and didn’t know how much more of this ridicule I could take. Then the Mistress instructed both of us to call our nipples ‘nipply-poos’ from now on; and we said “Yes Mistress.”
Next the mistress pointed to the bathtub, which I now noticed was half filled with water. She instructed us to get in and both of us slowly stepped into the water. As soon as my stockinged feetie touched the water I could tell that it was ice cold. We both stood in the cold water all goose bumped with our nipply poos popping out to the point of pain. The Mistress instructed us to sit down and hold each other breast to breast (oops, I mean bobble to banana shaped bobble), which we were happy to do as our mutual body heat helped to keep us warm. Then we were instructed to kiss each other. I never kissed a woman before and the thought repulsed me, but I knew that my fate would be much worse if I didn’t. I kissed Ann the way I usually kiss a man and we continued kissing until the Mistress told us to stop. Then the two other women left the bathroom and just the Mistress remained. I thought she would belittle us a little more than then leave. Little did I know the pain and humiliation was just beginning.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:37 pm