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Me and My Chemistry Teacher!  


I was sitting in my chemistry class we was doing a lab with hydrochloric acid and Sodium i think anyways. I accendently drop the acid *which is very very very corricive* on the floor. My very attractive Teacher Mr. dunn told me to stop cleaning it up cuz he didnt want me to get hurt. I backed up and watched him clean up the mess. After he did so he told me that he wanted to see me after school so dont make any plans. I did what he said. at 2:15 when the bell rang i went to my locker then to then ladies room to change into sumthing really skimpy but sexy. I went to his room after words he was sitting at his desk marking the freshmens Physical Science I papers. I scared the shit outa him when i walked in and put my hands on his shoulders. He looked at me and mumbled sit on my desk. I did so. He put his cold hands on my knees. I got chills down my back. He starts to kiss my neck jus like if he knew where my weak spots were. I started to take his dick out of his khakis. As i starts to jack him off he starts to move down and take off my shirt and play with my tits. I jumped off of his desk and started to suck his dick. right before he started to cum he laid me down on his desk and started to eat me out. as soon as he touched my clit i came. He kept eatting me out till i came a 2nd.....3rd....and 4th time. After i came a 5th time he gentally slipped his 9 and a 1/2 inch cock in me. i started to moan as he pumpd his throbbing cock in and out of one of his brightest and most hottest chem. students. as soon as i started to cum i started to scream OH CHRIS CUM WITH ME PLEASE PLEASE CUM WITH ME! as soon as he came we both got dressed the next day we had a test on the day befores lab granted and garented i would got an A bymyself but because of last night after school i got a A on my test midterm and Final! I came up to him at the end of the semester and i wrote him a note it said...

Thank you for a wonderful semester. and heres my number and address of my house. I live alone so call me anytime u want. and thanks for letting me lose my virginity to one of the hottest and best teachers i know!
I still keep in contact with Mr. Dunn even tho i am a senior in college now every weekend he comes down and see me at my dorm and watches me perform with my band at local bars and clubs on friday or saturday nights. There was another night to this but that is in part two when i became a freshmen in college and got a F in chemistry! but that story will be on here next week!

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:03 pm