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Mandy`s new bike  



Mandy lived between Headcorn and Pluckley right in the heart of the Kent coutryside.She lived with her stepmum as she had lost both her parents at a young age.
Mandy did have a stepdad but in recent years he had left and deserted the relationship,some people said it was due the eccentric behavior of his wife,who had also become even more reclusive and eccentric after his leaving.Rumours had been talked over among the country folk about Mandy`s step mum for quite a while now, and some had said she even practiced witchcraft.Whatever happened in private,no one could deny Mandy and her stepmum shared a close, loving mum and daughter relationship.
To be fair Mandy`s stepmum did care for her and with Mandy just turned eighteen, she began to worry that Mandy had never had a boyfriend as it is perfectly normal for a girl of that age to have.Maybe the local boys were scared off by the rumours that abounded in their local country neighbourhood.
Mandy was not overly good looking, in fact at best you could say she had a rather plain face.But to be fair she did have fit body, rather shapely in fact with a perfectly formed and pert bottom.
Last saturday was mandy`s birthday,and her stepmum had given Mandy a brand new mountain bike as a present,Mandy didn`t drive anyway so she was grateful for her new mode of transport.That afternoon she set of on a little ride into Headcorn to pick up some groceries for her stepmum,and not least to try her new bike out.The saddle had been seperate from the bike when she recieved her gift.It was in a plain brown cardboard box.A little strange thought Mandy,but this was no problem to a practical girl like Mandy.She just went out to her stepdads old shed and found all the neccesary tools and fitted the saddle in minutes.
Anyway on her return journey from Headcorn, as she pedalled her way down the quiet country lanes on this sunny summers afternoon. Mandy noted that the saddle must be one of these state of the art women`s saddles that holds a womans lower regions very snugly.Infact thought Mandy it cradled her twat a little too snugly.
As she continued her pedalling homeward,Mandy felt a tingling in the pit of her stomach,a bit like butterflys as though she was excited about something, ignoring it she rode on.
The sun was shining, It was a beautiful summers day in Kent,why shouldn`t she feel good.
But no, this was different,Mandy didn`t just feel good,she was feeling a bit turned on, a bit horny in fact.
Still Mandy continued, and and by now what had been a rather nice sensation between her legs became stronger.Almost like she was being turned on even.
Mandy didn`t understand in fact she was a little scared at first.But small waves of pleasure were building to bigger ones and she was starting to enjoy it.
It didn`t make any sense to Mandy but it was as though the bike saddle had a life of it`s own. It can`t have,it was impossible.But she couldn`t deny it, the bloody saddle felt as though it was masturbating her.
By the time Mandy had covered the next half mile, the poor girl had started to sweat profusely and her face had got a bit of red glow to it.
She had to get of the road it would be so embarrasing for someone to see her like this. So she turned of into the woods a little way and stopped amongst the trees.
There Mandy pulled up her jersey and put her hand down the waistband of her lycra shorts, underneath she wore no knickers, but put her hand on where her gusset would have been. Sure enough Mandy found her pussy was soaking, her thick curly pubes were all matted with her sweat and copious amounts of her own natural vaginal lubrication.The good feelings just kept on coming.
Mandy felt she was rapidly approaching orgasm and didn`t want the sensation to stop.
Although the saddle did not seem to be physically moving Mandy somehow knew that to dismount the bike would bring it all to an end and she was too far gone to stop now.
Mandy leant forward and began to gently slide her swollen pussy back and forth along the saddle, the saddle seemed to respond by by caressing and kneading her inflamed gash.
Starting to get desperate for her come,Mandy felt not only her cunt but her sweaty little anus was being pleasured as well.She closed her eyes threw her head back, half opened her mouth and moaned softly, she let the blissful sensations take her over."Aaah, aaah, aaah," she cried as she frantically slid her crotch up and down the saddle. Her lovely bottom tightly clad in her black lycra shorts showed her buttocks clenching rythmically in time with her thrusts.Bucking like a wild thing Mandy rode the saddle.
Then it hit her, a giant crashing wave of sexual release.Starting at her proud, blood engorged clitty spreading the sexual exstasy to every nerve ending in her body.She cried out like a wounded animal, a sort of half scream that died away as the red mist of orgasm passed before her eyes.
Mandy had to sit on the ground for a few minutes,she felt absolutely drained.She had made herself come before in the past,but nothing like that.
Eventually Mandy pulled her self together and regained some form of composure, after which she continued on her journey home,though her cycling was somewhat more wobbly than usual.
Upon arriving back to her stepmum`s cottage she put the bike in the shed, grabbed the shopping and hastily ran indoors. Hoping she could get to her bedroom and change, so her stepmum did not see the wet patch
between her legs that had soaked through from within her lycra shorts.
"Have a nice ride dear" called out a voice from behind the net curtains at the kitchen window.
A knowing smile was just discernable on her stepmum`s face.

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