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Look but don  


When we get back home after dropping off the kids you ask me to take out the garbage. I say "It's not even half full." But you give me "the look" and I take it out anyway. When I get back, all the lights are off except one coming from up stairs. I follow the light up to our room and find you on the bed wearing a very sexy, very sheer nighty. I get excited and start toward you and you say, "STOP!" You say, "Were going to play a game. The rules are simple: you cannot touch me or the bed." "Really?" I say knowing full well that I am going to lose this game because I already want to do more than just touch you. "Also, you are not allowed to touch your cock," you say with an evil seductive look in your eyes. I don't think I've ever seen that evil seductive look in your eyes before. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever heard you say "cock." You start to un button your loosely fitting top and I start toward you to help and you say, "Look but don't touch!" You slowly pull your top down over your shoulder. You are enjoying teasing me too much. You move it down further and I think I can see your right breast. My eyes adjust to the light and I can definitely see your breast but I can also see your fingers making circles over it. Your movements are fluid and definite, like you have done this before. I am starting to get jealous because what you are doing is my job. You pull your top all the way down around your waist exposing your other beautiful breast. You begin massaging that one too. Once again, out of instinct, I move to help you take car of those lovely erect nipples. You put your hand up to let me know that I am not yet needed. You rub your breasts until they are both firm and both nipples are erect. I notice you are now moaning quietly. You lay down on your back and pull your nighty off over your legs. For the first time I realize that you are not wearing panties. You look at me and say, "I know you want to watch me play with myself. Tonight I am going to be naughty just for you." There is that evil seductive look in your eyes again. I want to say, "You are going to tease me like never before and it is going to drive me wild." But all I can manage is a nod.
You grin because you can see the glazed look in my eyes and you know I am under your spell. My cock, that has been standing up since you pulled your top over your shoulder, now begins to throb with growing anticipation. You lick your fingers and move them down between your legs. Slowly and methodically you begin to rub your pussy. You start to moan again. Quietly, at first but it gradually gets louder. I notice your hips are now moving in rhythm with your hands. You move from rubbing your whole pussy to just rubbing your clit. When your fingers touch it the first time you let out a gasp. Your hips and your fingers are starting to move faster but keep in time. Your moaning is now really getting me hot. You stop suddenly and reach over your shoulder to get something. A dildo, "Where did that come from?" I wondered but at the same time didn't really care. You put it in your mouth and move it in and out. I wonder if you are going to tease me further by making me watch you give it a blowjob. For the time you have forgotten I was there and are more concerned with just getting the dildo wet so you can use it on your pussy. You turn the dial to make it vibrate and rub the dildo over your pussy and moan loudly every time it touches your now swollen clit. You work the dildo inside your pussy and start slowly moving it in and out - in and out. You are using it so the dildo will rub your clit as it goes in but I can tell that it is not good enough. You sense I am about to come join you and tell me to stay. You start moving the dildo in and out faster and faster, and you are now using your other hand to massage your clit. Your hands and your hips are moving like crazy and your moaning keeps getting louder. I know you are in total ecstasy right now. Your bucking hips are pulling the sheets off the bed. I know your orgasm is coming soon and I can't wait. You let out a squeal and your body stiffens but you keep bucking your hips against the dildo which you are now pounding in and out of your pussy. The orgasm is just beginning. I want to be involved in it but I can seem to move, my eyes are fixed on your body writhing with pleasure. The orgasm climaxes and you start slowing down your movements to fully enjoy it. When its over you put the dildo aside and motion for me to come to you. "Now its your turn, " you say.
You roll over getting on your hands and knees and I enter you from behind. I seem to understand that I am to pick up where you left off so I begin to ram my cock in and out of your pussy. You immediately start moaning again confirming my intentions. You reach under and stroke my cock and balls before turning your attention back to your clit. I feel your body start to stiffen again, knowing that another orgasm is not far off. You remove your hand from your clit and start bucking your pussy hard against my cock. You arch your back and let out a long moan from a pleasure deep within you. The contracting of your pussy during your orgasm sparks a feeling in my groin and soon I am squirting my load deep inside you. We hold together until the orgasms stop then collapse on the bed.

Posted : 09/07/2011 8:00 pm