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lawn chairs  


It was early June and extremely hot outside. Me and some friends went out to a party and got pretty wasted- usual summer fare. Greg was driving and he decided to drop me off at the end of my street. Then came one of the most erotic experiences of my life.
I am six feet tall, I play soccer, and I have many cock fantasies. I have several thongs that my ex-girlfriend bought me, and I occasionally wear them out when I feel a little crazy. Tonight I was wearing a red thong.
I started to stumble down my street. The street light kept flickering, making my vision terrible because I was also rather drunk. I didn’t see the two black guys running up behind me until it was to late.
“Get that punk!” I felt someone shove me to the ground, fortunately I fell on the grass. I was simultaneously kicked in the head and the ribs. I lay motionless, nursing my wounds as the assailants caught their breath.
“You sissy white punk, who the fuck do you think you are?”
“Yeah, always drivin’ your BMW around this neighborhood like you own the place.”
These must be some of those kids that live around the corner, I thought. There was no way I could do anything. My head was killing me.
“So, you think your better than us?”
I groaned. It was the best I could do.
“Hey, look Jerry. This white motherfucker is wearing a thong, and it’s red!”
“He must like it in the ass. You like it in the ass you little fag?” He kicked me in the side again.
I felt them grab my arms and haul me over to a lawn chair. I couldn’t resist, I could barely move. They moved away and I could hear whispering.
After a couple of minutes I could hear them come back.
“Listen here, you little bitch. If you do everything me and Jerry want, then we might not screw your face up too bad.”
“OK,” I managed to murmur.
“What’d you say?”
“Say ‘yes master’, you white fag motherfucker.”
“Yes, master.” What the fuck was I saying? I couldn’t believe what was happening. I wondered where Greg was. Thank god for this lawn chair. Then I felt my pants being tugged off. The warm summer air hit my ass and I sighed. Then I felt hands. They pulled my ass cheeks apart. I groaned.
I opened my eyes when I heard a zipper go down. In front of me was the largest cock I had ever seen. It was semi-erect, and deep ebony.
“Are you going to suck my cock?”
“OK.” I managed to say through my drunken haze.
“What???” He slapped me hard.
“Yes, master.”
I opened my mouth and tasted his sweet precum. His cock bobbed up. I slowly sucked on the head.
“Damn, I never seen a white bastard suck cock before.” I heard from behind me. “I just can’t wait to tax this ass.”
I felt the thong get moved aside as rough hands began kneading my asshole. I felt more hands grab the back of my head as the boy in front of me began fucking my face. His cock must have been at least eight inches long, and his was forcing his hot phallus deep within my gullet. I would’ve gagged if I could’ve.
Then I felt another cock at my virgin backdoor. I tried to squirm away, but strong hands held my hips in place. I felt the head pushing against my hole. The boy fucking my mouth began to quicken his tempo. His cock was flying in and out of my mouth, making squishing sounds as it hit the back of my throat.
Tears ran down my face as I felt the huge black cock behind me begin to enter my ass. Soon I was being fucked from both directions like porn star whore. My thong had since been ripped off and I was butt naked in someone’s front yard being raped on a lawn chair by two black boys. I could feel the cock deep inside of me as my rapist’s balls slapped hard against my own balls. My cheeks reddened as I felt my cock grow hard.
The cock in my throat pulsated as the black boy in front of me grunted. I felt hot jets of African sperm shoot down my throat deep into my stomach. Groans from behind soon ensued as the rough fucking I was receiving grew more hurried. The smacking sound of my ass against the boys pelvis increased. I heard him moan once more and my bowels were filled with his cream. Then they were gone. I looked around, cum running down my chin and out of my ass, but I couldn’t see anything.
I rolled over. I swallowed the remaining fluid in my mouth. My clothes were gone. Those bastards. I grabbed my rigid cock and began to beat off when I heard a voice.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” A flashlight blinded me and I realized a cop had pulled up. “Public drunkenness and indecent exposure- you’re gonna have to give me the best blowjob of my life to get out of this,” the officer said with a grin, taking off his pants and releasing a large, white prick.

To be continued….

Posted : 09/07/2011 9:04 pm