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To avoid any more encounters with Rana and Naresh John Allen moved to a far off place in the London suburb. He settled himself there and returned to his original self once again. John was a man again. He joined a gym for toning up his body to develop self confidence. John again developed relationships with women. Though he would sometimes miss Om in his life but anyhow he was enjoying the change.
John was shopping at a grocery store when he bumped into Kishan, Om’s cousin whom he had seen at the airport. They apologized and he went his way. Kishan stopped and kept turning and looking at him. He had recognised John. Kishan called him.
John stopped taking a deep breath and prayed that he doesn’t recognise him.
Kishan came up to John and stared at him.
‘Seems I have seen you somewhere.’
‘Me?’ John appeared to be ignorant.
Kishan kept looking at him and said ‘You are John. Right? Om’s friend!’
John was puzzled at how to avoid him.
‘Ah y..y..yes! And you?’ John stammered.
‘I am Om’s younger brother. Remember? We met at the airport. You were there to see him off!’
‘Oh yesss!’
‘What are you doing here!’
‘I am here for some shopping.’ John answered his query.
‘You are living somewhere nearby. Don’t you?’
‘Ahhh….’ John was thinking of how to dodge him.
Kishan scowled and looked at him questioningly.
‘Y..Yeah!’ John could not think of anything and the truth ultimately came out. ‘Two streets down the road.’
‘Wow! I am also not far off then. So we are neighbours. Come to my house.’
‘I will.’
‘No wills, Mr. John’, He was adamant, ’Right now! Come on!’
Kishan grabbed his bags and held his hand and started pulling him, ‘Come we’ll have a drink together.’
John tried to avoid but just could not resist him. Kishan literally dragged him off.
Kishan kept talking about Om and himself. He was three years younger to Om, so in that way he was five years younger to John and living alone there.
They reached Kishan’s flat. He lived two streets off John’s. Anyhow John hoped for the best and that he doesn’t turn like Om.
Kishan unlocked the door and they entered. The house was nicely arranged and maintained. John praised him for that.
‘Oh! My ex used to keep the house in order. She has moved away!’
Kishan went to the other room and returned wearing a vest and a lungi wrapped up around his waist covering his strong legs upto his knees. His vest tightly fit his robust body with fur on the chest oozing out. He had a little flabby waist. But robust chest and shoulders and well developed torso.
They settled for the drink.
Kishan seemed to be a drunkard just like Om. He kept gulping in peg after peg. John felt heavy and intoxicated and slipped off the sofa and sat on the floor trying to regain his consciousness. John rested his head on the table. Kishan stroked his hair. John looked up and rubbed Kishan’s hand and kissed it.
John’s hidden desires were arousing seeing the massive man in front of him. Kishan was all hairy just like Om. As Om would interpret - the woman in John was getting stronger and he moved towards Kishan and held on to his strong legs and rubbing his face against them he kissed his leg. In the wave of emotion John passionately kissed Kishan’s hairy legs upto his feet. Leaving a wet imprint on his foot John moved in between his legs. Kishan moved away the cloth off his thigh. John moved up kissing his enormous thigh. Kiushan pulled John’s head towards his pubic region. He was swept and moved into his stinky and hairy pubic and kissed his penis covered with his underwear. It was hard and expanded.
John realised that he was not doing right and moved away. Kishan held his arm.
‘What happened?’ Kishan asked in his robust voice.
‘Ah nothing! I am sorry I didn’t intend to do it. I dunno what happened to me.’
‘I know about you and Om.’
John was shocked and then realised why he had brought him here.
‘Uh..N…No… are mistaken…’
‘I know you are not a good cock sucker. But I enjoyed what you did. You act like a slave, a woman… and as long as you are a woman I am perfectly okay!’
‘No… I must leave!’ John was afraid.
‘Now carry on my darling’ Kishan pulled him up.
John landed on the couch. Kishan pulled off his ‘lungi’ and John’s tee. He embraced John in his huge arms and planted a wet kiss on his lips.
‘Om is correct! Your lips are just like those of a lady.’ Kishan winked at him.
Kishan again grabbed John up and gave a nice kiss. John struggled to free himself, but the more he tried the more he was clutched up in Kishan’s arms. They were liplocked. Kishan tried to pierce his tongue into John but he resisted. He kept wetting up John’s mouth with his saliva in a desperate effort to suck me up.
Gradually, John lied down with Kishan all over him. Kishan raised up his head a bit and looked at John.
‘I want to give you a nice smooch my lady. Don’t make me force you into this. We’ll have a nice and rocking time tonight.’
John was feeling awkward and intimidated when he addressed him a woman. Kishan was again kissing him and sucking his lips. Kishan was rubbing and caressing John as if John was a woman. As John gasped for breath Kishan’s tongue entered him and Kishan got wild. Kishan’s legs had moved John’s legs apart. John was buried under him and was beginning to melt since he saw no escape.
John started responding to his lust and began caressing his round shoulders and wide back. Kishan put his arm under John and was crushing him against his hard body. He kept adjusting the position of John’s head to suit his convenience. John caressed his stout and strong neck running his fingers on his unshaven face and was getting electrified feeling. John was aroused. But he still wanted to get off. He was in Kishan’s grip and had no say. John was just satisfying him.
Kishan raised up and sat on his knees between John’s thighs. John lay panting. Kishan quickly threw off his vest and again rode over John drilling his lusty tongue into him transferring his lusty liquids into him. Kishana’s body was diffusing his warm aroma intoxicating John. Kishan’s hairy chest began rubbing John’s smooth and clean chest churning up butterflies in him. Kishan was wild and mad. The massive man was riding him and smooching him like a passionate man on his lady.
Satisfying himself he raised on his elbows and stared at John.
‘You are delicious my woman.’ Kishan kissed John’s neck saying this.
‘Ssss…’ was all John could utter.
He got up and pulled John along. They stood in front of each other. He held John’s waist. John couldn’t look him up in the eyes. He fixed his eyes on Kishan’s sexy chest and began caressing his chest running his fingers in Kishan’s chest hair.
Kishan unbuckled John’s pants, unzipped it and let it drop off. John got out of the pants. Kishan now picked him up. John again got back his senses and jumped off his arms. John tried to run away but Kishan was quick and pulled him by the waist and held him with John’s back rubbing against his chest. He kissed John on the neck passionately.
‘I wont let you go tonight.’
His cock was erect and John could feel the hardness on his butts.

Kishan once again picked John up and advanced towards the bed and very softly put him up on the bed. John lied there unresisting, as there seemed to be no use struggling. Kishan kept looking at him rubbing his hairy chest with lust. John was getting nervous imagining Kishan over him, rubbing, crushing and fucking him.

Kishan took off his underwear. His penis was very dark but hard erect. It was very large and stout. He stroked it while gazing at John. John was feeling awkward. Kishan got on the bed and lay beside him. The massive and hairy body brushed John and sensationalized him. He rested his face in Kishan’s enormous and hairy chest and rubbed it with his hand. John was aroused wanted Kishan to fuck him now. Kishan put his arms around him. His penis touched John. It was steaming hot and discharging the precum. John twitched with excitement. He was rubbing Kishan’s chest with his face and palms.

Kishan thrust John between his thighs. John’s lips touched the burning rod of Kishan’s lust and he quickly licked it. Soon Kishan’s enormous cock was into John’s mouth, stretched to accommodate its enormous girth. John sucked it like a lollypop. Kishan would make some pelvic movements now and then to shove his penis in John’s mouth. But he was not imposing this forcefully. John was hungrily sucking up Kishan’s majestic dick holding it with his hand. Kishan had crouched his massive thigh over John’s shoulder and was drawing hime closer into his pubic region. Kishan’s penis was completely in John’s mouth and John was sucking it passionately. Soon John was panting. Even after John sucked Kishan’s dick so intensely Kishan had not ejaculated. He slipped it out and lay there, his face in Kishan’s pubic region and his heart beat fast. Kishan’s penis, still hard and expanded, rubbed John’s lips.

When he saw that John was no longer able to continue with it, he turned dragging John under his thighs. Kishan once again shoved his majestic cock into John and began mouth fucking him. John held on to Kishan’s thighs and enjoyed Kishan fucking him. John kept feeling Kishan’s thigh muscles twitching over him as he made pelvic thrusts. The strong thighs moved wildly over John. Soon John was filled with his hot, sticky and salty fluids that he had unleashed in his mouth with a strong and powerful stream. Kishan relaxed over him with his dick completely drilled into John’s Kishan’s penis still into John’s mouth scraping his throat. Kishan’s semen slowly trickled down to John’s throat and he swallowed every drop.

John was exhausted by now, but Kishan wasn’t. His dick still was still burning hot in John’s mouth, still hard. Kishan moved away and lay sideways, his erect penis was still brushing John’s cheek and transferring its sticky lust on it. John raised his head and kissed the beastly dick. At this Kishan was ecstatic and he pressed his head into his pubic area and stretched his mighty legs. He kept stroking John’s head. After sometime he got up rubbing his dick nicely. He stood up and caressed his chest with lust while gazing at John.
John looked at him and he winked with a lusty smile. He then turned and went to the table and made out a drink. He lit up a cigarette and kept sipping his drink relaxing on the couch. John got up and moved into the washroom and washed his face nicely. When he got back into the room, Kishan was still having his drink, spreading his leg on the table.
Just then John’s cell phone rang up. It was Chris. He wanted to collect some documents from John and he gave him Kishan’s address.
‘Why did you call him here?’ Kishan enquired, advancing John his glass.
John took a sip.
‘For you!’ John answered.
Kishan laughed. ‘You are not doing right with your friend.’
‘Even he likes this.’ John replied, ‘He had several intercourses with Om.’
‘I know that, but he hesitates a bit, gets aggressive.’ Kishan said, ‘And I don’t like this thing. In that case, he will get nicely bashed up by me.’
‘No! It wont happen. You treat people very softly and don’t impose yourself. I like this quality of yours.’ Saying this John sat on Kishan’s thigh and caressed the strong and mighty bulges on his chest and ran his fingers in his soft chest hair that tickled John.
Kishan wrapped him up in his arms again and gave him a nice smooch. John reciprocated and Kishan’s tongue again drilled his mouth filling him with his man’s saliva. They were passionately engaged for quite sometime. Kishan picked him up again in his muscular arms and they were on the bed again.
Kishan pulled off John’s underwear, the last piece of cloth on him, and squeezed and crushed his butts in his rough palms. John sighed and moaned. Kishan’s hands then moved all over his body arousing him, and finally grabbed the bulges of John’s chest and he crushed them, like he was pressing a woman’s breasts. John cried with ecstasy holding his palms, trying to stop him. But, unfazed, Kishan kept it up according to his desires. By now John was lying with my face down on the bed and Kishan was riding all over him, both of them naked. His hard penis was touching John’s ass.
Kishan filled John up in his arms, pressing him tightly against his robust body. His lips were wetting up John’s neck and his thighs desperately and forcibly stretching John’s legs apart to widen his hole. Kishan’s penis head now rested on John’s asshole, trying to get in and shred John.
John was in pain, with Kishan’s tight hold gripping him against his rough and hairy body. It seemed to scrub John as he moved.
Kishan was now applying force to drill John with his penis. His lower body was moving with powerful jerks and John was oscillating to and fro due to that. Kishan was sweating profusely and they were all wet with his sweat. His sweat body odour was intoxicating John. And Kishan was tasting him with his tongue running around on John’s cheeks and neck.
A very powerful push made his penis head enter John’s ass. His hole was stretched wide and caused a great deal of pain. John was shrieking meekly as Kishan kept applying more and more pressure.
‘Ohh…. Please….no…. Kishan…. Leave me … Let me go…. Aah…aah….ooooh…. nooo….!!!’
Kishan’s stout penis was slowly moving deeper and deeper into him expanding his asshole very painfully. John felt the hard rod stuck in him and advancing forward gradually. Kishan’s pelvic thrusts were getting more powerful. John was being fucked hard by this Indian man. John tried to move himself to ease up a bit, but it was impossible in Kishan’s powerful hold. John could do only what Kishan wished. John tumbled his legs and tried to comfort himself by rubbing on Kishan’s hairy legs, but in the process their legs got tangled up. Kishan had pushed his dick almost completely into John and with one last very powerful one it was completely in. He lay over John for a moment. Then he raised his pelvis and pulling out his penis slowly. The friction was unbearable for John. The walls of his asshole were being scratched and scrubbed with Kishan’s enormous piece of the hard and burning lusty flesh. He didn’t pull it out completely, he paused a while and then again pushed it in. His motion was slow and very painful. John was dying of the hurt and fumbled. Kishan was getting into rhythm and his majestic tool was moving to and fro in John’s ass. He got wilder and wilder. They were tossing and turning on the bed. Kishan had become a beast and was fucking John really hard. John had never experienced this with Om.
Kishan’s pelvic thrusts kept moving his large dick into John’s ass and kept vibrating him. John was completely tired and wished the game to end up. But Kishan kept banging him very fiercely. After some time, Kishan stopped and pushed his enormous penis completely into John and then a powerful and extremely hot stream of sticky liquid struck John and filled him up with loadful of Kishan’s semen.
Kishan lay like that for quite some time and then pulled out his somewhat loosened penis out of John. Kishan turned him and held him tightly against his body, John’s face brushing the majestic man’s massive chest.

John lay with his face on Kishan’s hairy chest for quite a while and he kept caressing it softly with his palm. His lips brushed Kishan’s nipples covered with hair. Embraced in the strong arms of his Indian man John lay forgetting that he was a man.
The door bell rang.
John straightened as Kishan got out of the bed and wrapped up his lungi, covering his mighty thighs. He went out of the room and opened the door.
It was Chris, John’s friend, whom John had called up. Chris was very fair skinned, blue eyed blonde. He wore a blue denim shirt hugging his nicely worked out body and a jeans that fit his well developed thighs.
Seeing the tall, dark and extremely robust man in front of him, Chris got somewhat puzzled and asked for John. Kishan asked him to get in. closing the door, Kishan lead him into the room where John was lying on the bed, enjoying his feminism.
Chris was in awe. He looked at Kishan and then at John.
‘Why the hell do you get me all into this again and again.’ Chris yelled at John.
Kishan had poured out a drink and lit up his cigarette. He offered his drink to Chris, which he refused.
‘See man! I am not a game for this.’ Chris pleaded Kishan, ‘Let me go!’
‘I will make you a game tonight, darling!’ Kishan said in his heavy and authoritative tone.
‘Please! Its no fun… no joke!’ Chris meekly said with folded hands.
Kishan gulped off his drink and puffed up his cigarette. He put the glass on the table aside and held Chris’ hand and rubbed it on his hairy chest. Chris resisted but Kishan held him by his waist and dragged him closer to his body. He advanced to give Chris a kiss on his pinkish lips.
‘You are smelling of tobacco, intensely. Its stinking.’ Chris scowled.
Kishan dominatingly grabbed Chris and kissed him entering his tongue into him, swirling and diffusing his saliva into Chris. Chris struggled to unlock but it was all in vain. His man had his will. He was all tasting and adulterating Chris.
When Kishan freed him of the smooch, Chris lay down on his knees, holding on to the majestic man’s mighty thighs and begging him to let go.
Kishan took off his lungi and bared his beastly penis of enormous size and girth. It was dark brown, covered with pubic hair, hard, hot and erect. It was ready to get wild and unleash its lusty desires onto Chris.
Chris now understood he had no choice. The man was going to get wild and fuck him up fiercely if he didn’t listen to him. Chris looked at john, who was watching them. He did not say anything, as it would have annoyed Kishan.
‘Suck up, darling’ Kishan said dominatingly to Chris.
Chris got up a little and took Kishan’s hot and hard fleshy rod in his hand. He looked up at Kishan, he was watching him. He pulled Chris, and Chris’ lips touched Kishan’s mighty penis. He felt a sensation and kissed it. He kissed it again and then again.
‘Don’t keep kissing it, take it in. Suck it up nicely.’ Kishan again said dominatingly.
Chris rolled out his tongue and licked the gleaming hot penis head. He slowly put it into his mouth. He had to stretch his mouth wide open to accommodate it inside. Kishan then pulled Chris holding his neck and Kishan’s penis was all into Chris and Chris’ lips brushed against the pubic hair at the root of the erect piece of flesh.

Chris’ mouth got salty as Kishan’s penis had started secreting the pre cum. Chris held on to Kishan’s hands holding him and urged him to loosen his grip. Kishan stroked Chris’ cheeks and let him get free of his hold. Chris now relaxed holding Kishan’s legs. He took out Kishan’s penis out of his mouth. It was still erect. He lay panting, on his knees, holding Kishan. Kishan sat on the bed dragging Chris along. Chris was between Kishan’s legs, resting his arms on Kishan’s hairy thighs. Kishan’s erect penis was pointed towards Chris’ face. Chris was feeling helpless. Kishan held his penis and stroked it. The penis touched Chris’ lips as Kishan was fiercely stroking it to and fro. Then Kishan held Chris’ face and put his penis on Chris’ lips. Chris, knowing that he had no other option, opened his mouth and let the fleshy tool penetrate into him, again leaving its salty pre cum. Kishan stroked Chris’ head as he obediently sucked it. Now, Kishan pulled John’s hand and grabbed him in his strong arm. John struggled but he was in Kishan’s irresistible hold. John held Kishan’s round and robust shoulder and rested his other palm on Kishan’s chest to keep his balance. Kishan looked at John hungrily and got him into a liplock. Kishan was now enjoying both Chris and John. Chris was sucking Kishan’s penis and Kishan was smooching John.

John was caressing Kishan’s wide and hairy chest, and Chris was licking and sucking up Kishan’s penis. As Kishan reached orgasm he ejaculated a powerful stream of his hot and thick creamy semen into Chris. Chris who had no choice swallowed it up. Kishan pulled out his penis and again a loadful of hot semen spattered on Chris’ face. Kishan pulled John down and holding his face onto his thighs he inserted his enormous penis into John’s mouth and the released the remaining semen into him. John also swallowed it up. John was thrashing up his legs.
Chris was exhausted. He wiped up Kishan’s semen off his face and licked all up as Kishan had instructed him to do. Kishan had dominated Chris completely. Chris sat on the floor clinging to Kishan’s legs.
John was already under Kishan’s dominance and already tired. He lay on Kishan’s lap with his face into Kishan’s pubic region kissing his balls and Kishan’s penis on his face.

After a while, Chris got up and moved to the washroom. John moved to a side on the bed. And the man, Kishan moved towards the bottle of scotch, lighting up a cigarette he poured out a drink. As he sipped his drink, Chris came out of the washroom, cleaning up his face. Kishan expanded his arm over the back of the couch and looked at Chris.
‘Had fun?’ Kishan asked Chris.
‘You must have had fun. You are a man and extremely robust and manly and macho one. You were playing your natural part. I, inspite of being a man, was a woman.’ Chris cried.
‘Hmmm. Come sit here. Have a drink.’ Kishan said.
Chris went to him and sat beside him. Kishan handed him a drink.
‘You have a nicely built body.’ Kishan said as Chris sipped his drink.
‘Yeah! I work hard for this.’ Chris said. He began to remove his shirt to flaunt his assets. Removing his shirt he looked at his chest, then he looked at Kishan. ‘But you are so rough and tough! You are THE MAN.’ Saying this he ran his palm on Kishan’s chest. ‘Your chest is so attractive, with all the hair on it. You have a majestic penis, I mean the size, its enormous. I had to open my mouth wide open to accommodate it.’ Chris sipped his drink.
‘Want to get fucked?’ Kishan replied, ‘I am very wild and beastly.’
‘Uh! I think that’s enough for today!’ Chris was uneasy.
Kishan wrapped up his arm around Chris’ waist and dragged him close to him. He put his hand on curvaceous bulge of Chris’ chest and caressed it like a woman’s breast.
‘Ah! What are you doing? Aah… No… please…!’ Chris shrieked.
Chris was once again liplocked with Kishan. Kishan was squeezing Chris’ chest and Chris was trying to ease up by holding Kishan’s hand. Kishan had unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his jeans. Chris struggled to leave and freed himself off the liplock. Naked Kishan was now holding Chris from his back and running his tongue all over Chris’ neck and cheek, wetting him up. Kishan had pulled Chris on the couch. Chris was lying down with his chest on the couch and Kishan all over him, furiously pulling off his jeans.
Chris was pleading and urging Kishan to leave him. But Kishan was excited and aroused. Chris’ jeans stuck up into his legs. Chris struggled and thrashed his hands and legs and kept yelling and crying.
Kishan got off the couch as he couldn’t take off Chris’ jeans. He lift Chris in his arms holding his waist. Chris’ back rubbed against Kishan’s chest. Kishan raised him further up so that Chris’ waist was at the height of his chest. Kishan removed Chris’ shoes and had to struggle it as Chris was moving violently in order to resist him. Kishan moved towards the bed and kept trying to take off Chris’ jeans. Finally Chris was stripped off. Kishan threw Chris on the bed and leapt on him like a hungry beast. John, who was lying there, moved aside to let the game go on. Now Kishan had grabbed Chris’ underwear and tried to take it off. Chris held on to Kishan’s hand gripping his undies. Kishan shook off Chris’ hand and slipped it down revealing the cleavage of Chris’ ass cheeks. Chris again pulled up his underwear. Kishan now applied his strength and tore it off. Chris was hapless and tired of struggling and was left with no option now. He gave in to Kishan’s lust and lay down. Kishan raised him, holding his waist and made him lay in doggie style. He separated Chris’ legs wide apart to let his ass hole expand. Kishan was on his knees he asked John to get up. Tired John got up. Kishan pulled John by his hair and dragging him into his pubic region he stroked his penis a few times while John cried of the pain. Kishan shoved his penis into John’s mouth. John dragged closer and holding Kishan’s thigh he started sucking it up. As John sucked it, Kishan’s penis expanded and got hard and erect again. Kishan pulled it out and pushed John away. He spit on Chris’ ass hole and asked John to lubricate it. John did what was told. Kishan spit again and John once again rubbed it into Chris’ ass hole. Chris shrieked due to the pain. Now pushing John away he tried to insert his large penis head into Chris’ small hole. It did not get in, again Kishan tried to shove it in with a wild jerk. Chris moved due to the jerk and penis head got a little into his hole but stuck there. Kishan again applied greater force and it slipped a little further in. Now Kishan kept applying more and more force and vibrated Chris along. Slowly Chris’ ass was expanding and Chris could feel the heat of throbbing lust penetrating and shearing him. Chris cried of the pain. Now Kishan lay all over him grabbing Chris’ chest bulges and pressing them like boobs. Chris fell flat on the bed unable to bear Kishan’s rough body brushing him, Kishan’s hands squeezing his breasts and Kishan’s penis pumping his lust into him. Kishan was riding over Chris. Kishan’s penis had drilled Chris completely and now was eager to make his next move. Kishan started moving slowly pulling his hard rod back. Chris was crying wildly as it caused great pain to him. Kishan slowly pulled it just to the edge and again shoved it in. Again he did this and again. He now got faster and faster, wilder and wilder. The ferocious beast, Kishan, let loose his wild desires on hapless Chris. Kishan’s penis started moving to and fro wildly, like a piston. Kishan fucked Chris like a wild beast. Chris was torn apart. Kishan’s thighs banged against Chris’ legs as Kishan fucked Chris. Kishan kept moving wildly and Chris kept vibrating under him. Finally loadful of Kishan’s hot semen steamed up Chris’ ass with full force. Kishan then pulled his penis out, and taking it in hand pulled up John and inserting it into John’s mouth unleashed his remaining heat into him. Kishan pulled Chris over and lay on him with his chest rubbing Chris’ face. He lay over him and his penis was into John’s mouth.
After sometime, Kishan relaxed on the bed with Chris in one arm on one side resting his face on Kishan’s wide and hairy chest and John on the other side with his head into Kishan’s hairy underarm and lips brushing Kishan’s hair covered nipple and caressing Kishan’s wide chest with his hand. All three tired and exhausted.

John got up in the morning and found himself in the pubic region of Kishan, and Kishan’s beastly dick was resting on his face secreting the sticky fluid on his cheeks. John wiped it with his fingers and licked it and holding Kishan’s majestic hairy thighs he again rested his face on the mighty penis. He kept caressing his hairy thighs. Just then Chris opened his eyes. As he moved his face brushed against the hairy bulges of Kishan’s chest and he felt himself pressurized. Kishan was pushing his head downwards and straightening his legs.

Soon Chris’ face was between Kishan’s hairy thighs and into his hairy pubic region. Chris raised a little and found Kishan fast asleep. He then looked at John who was licking Kishan’s big cock and smiling.

‘how was it Chris?’ John enquired.

Kishan had thrust Chris into his pubic, straightened his penis and stroked it a few times and run his fingers on Chris’ lips.

‘He is directing you to suck it.’ John said.

‘Oh!’ Chris sighed and licked Kishan’s dick oozing out the manly fluid.
‘You didn’t answer Chris?’


‘How was the night?’

‘You see I used to enjoy the two way fun. But here the matter is unilateral, it seems like he is the master and we the slaves.’

Just then Kishan moved and turned to Chris’ side, shoving his penis into Chris’ mouth he began giving his power pushes, holding his head in his strong and rough palm. Chris lay holding the muscular and hairy thighs of his master, getting fucked in the mouth. Discharging his lust into Chris Kishan calmed down.

‘You see.’ Chris said panting.

‘It feels ecstatic to be overpowered.’ John exclaimed.

‘To you.’ Chris said disapprovingly, ‘But not to me. I want an equal status.’

‘I feel like a woman, how his lady would feel in his arms, so secure.’

‘Yes. I also felt as if I was a woman. But that’s not great. Why did you get me into this?’ Chris said, ‘I can still feel his hard and hot penis into my ass, my mouth, my throat, my whole body, moving commandingly, tearing me up. The taste of his salty semen is not going to fade for days. But his body sweat gives out an aroma.’

‘That means you liked it. Because when body odour feels like aroma, it means you are in love with the person.’

‘Ah! Maybe you are right John.’

‘Why are you caressing his thighs if you are not in love with him?’

Chris felt awkward at this as he had not noticed that.

..... to be continued..........

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advancing the story a little further! Want to know your reactions!

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Nice Story, OMFG - Kishan and John 😉

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Thank you!

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If anyone can help me continue the story?

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The story needs some spice! Every thing seems repetitive! Maybe the duo John and Chris are trapped on an abandoned island with The MAN Kishan and they evolve into woman as in Darwin's theory of Evolution.

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I want these encounters to proceed further too. Please continue............. John and Chris and their MAN 'OM'.

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